Handball Game: The Field

In order for each player to develop his technique and show his performance during the game, the latter must be on a field meeting the sizing standards and be equipped with quality materials and accessories. This information will be useful for both manufacturers and handball professionals.

The dimensions of the land
The measurements of each zone making up the handball field vary essentially according to the level of the competition and the size of the match. Thus, the following paragraphs display the dimensions of the spaces and elements that occupy the playroom.

  • International and national meeting PROD2M, LFH (D1F) and LNH (D1M): For this type of confrontation which is categorized class 1 , the playing surface must be 40 × 20 m², with an area of ​​evolution which must obligatorily be 44 x 22 m². Thus, the official competition area is 18 x 1.70. Finally, the lighting level should be 1200 to 1500 lux.
  • National meeting of young people D2F, N1, N2, N3M, N3F: In the same way as for a confrontation of international scope, the data are slightly similar here. The only difference in class 2 lies in the fact that the dimensions of 44 x 22 m² will not be compulsory, but recommended. Likewise, the level of illumination should reach 750 to 1000 lux.
  • Regional meeting (class 3) and departmental meeting (class 4): For a new room, the dimensions for the playing surface and that of evolution remain the same. However, for an existing room, this should be 38 x 18 and 40 x 20 respectively. The rest will not experience much difference apart from the 500 lux lighting.

NB: For any type of encounter, the floor must comply with standard NF EN 14 904 specific to the requirements relating to floors in multisport facilities . The same is true for the support which is governed by the NFP 90 202 standard relating to the characteristics of sports floor covering supports . Likewise, the ceiling height must be 7 m above the playing surface.

Accessories equipping the field
You should know that it is not enough to put on your jersey and put on your handball shoes to do physical handball training. The handball field must also have all the elements necessary for the smooth running of the match and the accessories adapted to the number of handball players. In all cases, it will be necessary to find:

  • A goal and a shock-absorbing net
  • An official table
  • A platform
  • A bulletin board
  • A grandstand (2 for a class 1 championship, and 1 only for the other types of matches).
  • A changing room area for players of 4 x 16 m²
  • A doping control room
  • A meeting room (compulsory for class 1, recommended for class 2 and optional for class 3 and 4)

The markings on the playing area
For a regulation handball court, the safety zone which surrounds the official playing area must be 44 m long and 22 m wide. The playing area consists of a touchline, a goal line and a center line in the full center of the field. According to the rules of handball, a 7m throw can be made by the player by positioning himself on the throw mark between the free throw line and the goalkeeper limit line.

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