The hack squat, or hack squat, is a technique that allows us to put our legs to work to obtain brutal quadriceps and perfect glutes. Although it is a fairly simple type of exercise, it has its tricks, and what many do not know is that you can injure yourself if you do not perform this exercise correctly.

 Therefore, today we are going to explain how to carry out the hack squat, and why it is important for the body. In addition, we will explain what mistakes you should avoid so as not to injure yourself, and end up with joint or muscle problems. Let’s go!


What is the hack squat and what benefits does it have?


The hack squat is a type of squat carried out on a machine, with a backrest and with weights, which allows you to demand much more from the muscles of the quadriceps and the gluteal region than other exercises.

 In addition, the hack machine squats are characterized by being an exercise that is carried out with an incline that is usually around 45 degrees approximately.

 In terms of benefits, it is mainly an exercise focused on both the quadriceps and biceps femoris muscles, as well as the knee and gluteal muscles.

 Now, how does this influence our day to day? Well, initially, working your quadriceps will not only give you much more robust legs, but it will also offer you better balance and strength when running. If you practice any discipline, this exercise will greatly improve your performance, regardless of whether you are a soccer player or a wrestler.

 On the other hand, strengthening the knees and buttocks prevent us from suffering serious injuries.


How to do hack squats correctly?


We already mentioned that doing hack squats is quite simple, and it is not a lie. However, there are many people who perform the process poorly, giving the probability of a serious injury to the knees, and even back, in a safer exercise. Apart from performing them on a machine such as a  multipower , there is also the hack squat with a bar or dumbbells. 

 Here is a small guide for beginners:


Common hack squats


Common hack squats are the ones that are performed front-facing. The ones we know all our lives: hack squat. Now, how is the exercise process carried out? We leave you the step by step:


  1. We sit on the leg machine and lift the weight. Don’t start reruns yet
  2. Check the head. It must be glued to the support
  3. Check the back. It must be completely glued to the back, otherwise you could injure yourself
  4. Attach the hands to the corresponding grips
  5. Take a breath before going down and compress it until you come down. Hold it until you come back up and finish a squat. Repeat the process with each one
  6. Now, we open the legs slightly, so that they are at the height of the shoulders more or less, and we fix the soles of the feet until we reach almost the tip of the base
  7. Remember to lower as much as you can, but be careful that you are not lifting the heel of the base
  8. Go down smooth, and go up smooth again. If you do it fast, you can injure yourself. When climbing, do not allow the knee to fully extend


Tip: If you want to put a little more intensity, you can try to spread your legs a little more, reaching even more than shoulder range.


Reverse or reverse hack squats


The inverted hack squat is similar to the previous one, but we will have to stand, and vice versa, looking at the machine. The biggest risk is putting too much weight on our back, and lowering too much. Here is a video that may be useful to you:



How do I know if I am doing hack squats correctly?


The trick is to keep an eye on the heel. If the heel doesn’t come up, you are doing the exercise well. Of course, the position depends on whether you lower more or less, and the ideal is to lower as much as you can to involve more muscles.

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