FUNMILY Elliptical Machine Reviews 2022

Yoga equipment is being replaced by elliptical machines in the commercial world. You would however be hard pressed to find elliptical exercise devices that meet the highest quality standards of the exercise community. It’s difficult to find suitable exercise equipment for indoor use. That is where we, the artists, come in.

Our aim is to separate the wheat from the chaff. As we go through our elliptical exercises today, we will discuss the Funily Curvy elliptical exercise machine. Let us measure how this against the competition.

FUNMILY Elliptical Machine Reviews 2021

The FUNMILY Elliptical Machine is a new generation of elliptical with a touch screen allowing direct access to entertainment applications such as Netflix, Kinomap, Spotify or Youtube, a real nugget.

The FUNMILY Elliptical Exercise Machine has a V-belt drive and a precision-balanced flywheel. The magnetic resistance has ten different degrees of strength.

With the support of the tension knob, you can adjust the tension. Adjust the non-slip foot pedals to match your scope. The pedals have beads on the surface to avoid slipping. Finally, tubular steel is used to build the components of the elliptical machine trainer.


The FUNMILY Elliptical Exercise Machine has a large digital display that shows all of the important workout statistics. Heart rate sensors are integrated into the handlebars.


The LCD monitor also shows your pulse as measured by the heart rate sensors. The system is compatible with the Qiber App, which includes pre-programmed workout scenarios to help you get in shape.




The magnetic resistance has ten different degrees of strength.

The Qiber App is designed to work with the training unit.

The big, non-slip foot pedals can be adjusted to match your scope.

The unit is quick to drive thanks to the transport wheels.

The machine’s tubular steel structure ensures its durability.

Negative aspects:


The computer is more difficult to put together than some of its rivals.

Some of its rivals give up to 16 levels of resistance.

Resistance Levels


Magnetic resistance is used in the FUNMILY Elliptical Exercise Machine. This means that unlike a belt resistance device, there is no friction. This makes working out on the elliptical machine smooth and quiet.


The ten levels of strength ensure that everybody in your family or space can achieve their fitness goals. When you find it easier to maintain a certain degree of strength. You have the option to advance to the next higher stage. This method makes it simple to gain muscle mass.


Data Collectors


A clear digital display is included with the FUNMILY Elliptical Exercise Machine. Since the numbers are high, you can quickly read the statistics. Your distance, time, speed, calories burned, heart rate, and current room temperature are all shown on the LCD monitor.


The current room temperature functionality isn’t found in many of its rivals. Its compatibility with the Qiber App further distinguishes it from the competition. App availability is difficult to come by at this price point.



Inertia (kg)

24 kg


Motorized magnetic

Of programs


Max user weight

150 kg

Amplitude (Length)

43 and 55 cm

Heartbeat taking

Touch sensors, optional chest strap





Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

N / C cm








85 kg

Carton dimensions

1.29 x 0.56 x 0.88 (L x W x H)

FUNMILY Elliptical Machine Reviews 2021
– Motorized magnetic resistance,
– With a simple pressure, instantly adjust the resistance on 16 levels. This allows you to increase the difficulty and helps you vary your workouts.

The TROOPER is a fully connected elliptical trainer and allows you to have fun during your workouts. Playing sports will be a real pleasure, your training will seem easier and more fun.

Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, Kinomap, Web browser.

22 pre-recorded programs:
– a manual program,
– 12 personalized programs,
– 4 HRC programs (55%, 75%, 90%, auto),
– 5 user programs.

KINOMAP : Turn your bike, elliptical, treadmill or rower into a powerful and fun fitness device. Choose a video from a wide selection and watch your icon move forward on the map. The resistance and incline change automatically depending on the course chosen.

7-inch (17 cm) high-definition color touch screen displaying:
– Time,
– Resistance,
– Distance traveled,
– Heart pulses,
– Calories expended.

The heartbeat recording system has been designed to tell you the heartbeat by simply touching your hands on the sensors located on the fixed bars of your Trooper. For more precision, choose the optional T31C heart rate monitor .

– USB port to charge your electronic devices,
– Manually adjustable stride of 43 or 55 cm.
– Audio port to plug in your headphones or headphones,
– Bottle holder: practical for hydrating you during your workouts.
– Two quick access keys using triggers to increase and decrease resistance. – Handlebars with multiple grips to work different muscles.
– Transport wheels make it easy to store your device after use.

– Adjustable level compensators.
– Mains connection, transformer included.

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