From what age can you ride an elliptical trainer?

Calling upon the arms, shoulders, back and legs at the same time, the elliptical trainer is a complete physical activity, which has many virtues. He often attracts children, who, seeing him working with one of his parents, wants to try. If the situation has arisen with you and tends to persist, you are probably wondering if it is not bad to let your offspring continue to perform a few sessions per week. At what age can you start using elliptical trainers? And under what conditions should this physical activity take place?

Is there a minimum age to ride an elliptical exercise bike?

Contrary to what one might think, it is not the cardiopulmonary function that will be lacking in your youngster. Children’s hearts are very malleable and easily adapt to the physical variations required.

His heart rate rises higher and faster than that of an adult, and also regulates more quickly when the effort is stopped. The lungs, more elastic than those of an adult, are also not very limiting.

However, you must be vigilant if your child tends to develop asthma or if the training conditions are difficult (extreme heat). It is imperative in this case to ask your doctor.

Muscles and joints are also very resilient. From 6 years old, the child has a musculature close to that of an adult: a progressive training will lead him to develop harmoniously.

Finally, the limiting point related to age will be the motivation of your youngster. The elliptical trainer is generally practiced solo, in a room, without excessive stimulation, it can quickly become boring when faced with another sporting activity that allows you to meet other practitioners, which promotes games or challenges.

To see if your child will keep sufficient motivation to train regularly on the device, following a defined program. However, avoid high intensity cycling sessions so that sporting activity is always a pleasure!

How do I get started with the elliptical exercise bike?

However, it is recommended to start this activity very gradually with the children. Start by setting the device to the minimum possible difficulty, and plan very short sessions at the start. The idea is to offer 1 to 2 easy sessions per week, which will be gradually lengthened and / or made more intensive as you progress.

How long is the session for a child?

Between 6 and 8 years old, you can start with a 5 to 10 minute session;
Between 8 and 10 years, the session can directly be 10 to 15 minutes … and beyond, 15 to 20 minutes.
Do not hesitate to vary the content of the session and to offer a motivating element at the same time or at the end of it (mini-challenge, presence of a radio or TV, games, etc.).

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