Frequently Asked Questions About Elliptical Bikes

What is the elliptical for?

The elliptical is a machine designed to carry out a cardiovascular training an aerobic activity that allows you to burn fat and promote weight loss. 

Through regular use, the best Elliptical For Arthritis allows you to tone the muscles of the legs, buttocks, arms and shoulders and firm the abdominals. 

The movement produced by the machinery can also be useful in improving cardiac circulation and endurance, and provide useful support for the rehabilitation of those having arthritis or joint problems.

How is it different from a common exercise bike?

The elliptical comprises a structure similar to that of a common exercise bike. 

Unlike it, however, it has more sophisticated pedals that allow double rotation and features, besides the fixed knobs, also two longer handlebars of the movable type .

 These allow you to train the upper body (arms, shoulders and abdomen) simultaneously and just as effectively as with the legs and buttocks .

Can it be used seated?

Although the common use of the Best Recumbent Elliptical Bike For Seniors involves using it standing.

They equipped the more sophisticated models with a saddle , sometimes removable, which allows you to use the machine even when seated. 

This variant can be useful for interspersing high-intensity training sessions with lighter exercises: a valid option, for example, as a muscle cool-down.

How does it work?

The heart of an elliptical’s operation is the flywheel

This is the inertia wheel which, placed inside the machine, supports the rotation of the pedals. 

Depending on the position, weight and diameter that characterize the flywheel, it allows the user to make a more or less large movement. 

Typically, a heavier shuttlecock adds smoother motion . 

Because of the importance of this component, its weight is stated in the technical specifications on the package. 

However, it should be noted that, most of the time, the data reported does not refer to the flywheel itself, but to the entire flywheel mass (which includes the flywheel and the structural components connected to it).


What are the ideal flywheel and balance mass measurements?

To offer a pedaling that is harmonious and silent, which does not cause unnatural jerks of the lower or upper limbs.

It is preferable to choose an elliptical comprising a flywheel of at least 8 kilos and a flywheel mass greater than  15 kilograms .

Is it an easy to assemble machine?

Always refer to the instruction manual of the specific product . In principle, it is a tool with an extremely intuitive assembly and easy execution.

 However, it is recommended to carry out the assembly procedure in at least two people, and make sure that the appliance is firm in all its parts before using it. 

In this way, it is avoided that the incorrect assembly of some component causes the risk of accidents to people or things.

In what ways can it be used?

User action activated the elliptical on the pedals. It can achieve movement by pedaling both clockwise and counterclockwise .

 If you intend to train only the lower part of the body, just keep your hands on the fixed knobs : a fundamental precaution to guarantee the best conditions of comfort and balance. 

If you aim to also involve the upper part of the body, grip the mobile dumbbells and move them forward and backward continuously. 

The movement of the arms can be stopped, continuing to favor only that of the legs.

It involved What muscle groups in using the elliptical?

The elliptical is the fitness machine that allows you to work on the highest number of muscle groups. 

In particular, pedaling forward (clockwise) stimulates the action of the quadriceps , abdominal and gluteus muscles. 

Pedaling backwards (counterclockwise), instead, stimulates the muscles of the posterior thigh called hamstring . 

By moving the upper limbs with the help of the mobile dumbbells, the muscles of the arms, shoulders, and pectorals are trained.

 If you can pedal without using hand supports, they induce the body to use the abdominal walls as balance stabilizers: an action that allows you to work even more effectively on this muscle band, improving its tone and elasticity.

Is the resistance of the machine adjustable?

Like a common exercise bike, the elliptical also allows you to adjust the resistance in order to diversify the physical effort .

 The higher performance models offer a wider resistance range. 

The regulation can take place in two different ways: mechanical or electromagnetic. 

The mechanical resistance foresees a knob placed in the front part of the machine, to be rotated manually according to the needs. 

It instead regulated the electromagnetic one thanks to the buttons on the console or display.


Should a mechanical or electromagnetic regulation of the resistance be preferred?

Being more practical, electromagnetic resistance is typical of ellipticals which are more expensive.

 In terms of appliance operation, however, the type of change has no weight and is not decisive in the product’s choice, except from an economic point of view.

Is the inclination of the machine adjustable?

The adjustable incline function is offered by the most complete and professional elliptical models. 

This is a feature that can offer greater training combinations and diversify physical activity even more.

How can you brake?

The elliptical offers three brake system possibilities: mechanical, magnetic and electromagnetic. 

The mechanical system is the cheapest and noisiest, since  the friction of gears and belts brakes directly the flywheel. 

In the magnetic system  ,  special magnets, which give greater harmony and also a certain silence to the movement stopped the flywheel. 

The electromagnetic system works thanks to motorized electromagnetic brakes, functional to a precise change of the effort and more natural management.

Is it tiring to train with an elliptical?

Each piece of equipment can be tiring if you do not respect your physical characteristics and training habits. 

The fundamental rule for using this tools is always to proceed step by step , depending on what your physical resources are. 

Without prejudice to this general rule, the use of elliptical supports is less complex and tiring than other machines, regardless of the age and physical fitness of the user.

How many minutes per day can it be used?

The ideal average use is 30 minutes a day , calibrated according to your athletic needs. 

Beginners can also start with a daily 15-minute workout and, as they become familiar with the device, increase the time and intensity of the workout.

Can you fall off the machine?

When moving distractedly, you can easily fall off any machinery.

 I equipped the elliptical with pedals of suitable width, adjustable to the desired height to facilitate the ascent and descent of each user. 

A function also fulfilled by the fixed handlebars , which minimizes any risk of an accidental fall from the machine. 

Is it better to buy an elliptical or a stepper?

It depends on your personal training needs. However, we must keep in mind that the stepper was created to simulate the ascent of stairs.

 As a result, its capabilities are increasingly limited compared to those provided by an elliptical, of whatever caliber it is.

Is it better to buy an elliptical or a traditional exercise bike?

Both machines offer the same benefits from the point of view of cardiovascular training, weight loss and muscle toning. 

But the elliptical allows a more varied and interesting use, thanks to the possibility of training the upper limbs and the back, and to pedal backwards (which is not always possible with a common exercise bike). 

The traditional exercise bike represents the most prudent choice for those with reduced mobility and / or balance problems .

Is it better to buy an elliptical or a treadmill?

With both machines, it is possible to do maximum aerobic work. 

The only difference is that, while the treadmill allows you to reach higher levels of intensity in less time, the elliptical offers the possibility to train a greater number of muscle groups.

 For those who approach physical activity inconstantly, or are inexperienced, we recommend preferring the elliptical,.

It limits all the stresses inherent in the athletic gesture of running.

Are there any contraindications to using an elliptical?

Using the elliptical has no contraindication. Indeed, its use is preferable over other machines in the presence of some ailments, including: pain in the joints, recovery from injury, overweight, back pain, discomfort at the level of the meniscus, ligaments or joints. 

The utmost caution is recommended in using the elliptical, like any other fitness machine, only if the user has serious balance problems or pathologies of some importance. 

These include obesity, severe heart disease, acute low back pain, persistent pain in the spine, impairments of the lower limbs and inflammation of the muscles or tendons.

Can using the elliptical cause back pain?

Far from it. The elliptical is the most recommended cardiovascular training tool by experts for all those who suffer from back pain but do not want to give up moderate physical activity. 

The machine is, in fact, designed to minimize the shock of the back and ligaments during movement.

Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Certainly. Used regularly and moderately, the elliptical can be the most suitable tool for pregnant women.

 In fact, it allows you to keep fit, carrying out a varied but gentle workout without trauma to the back and ligaments: parts of the body already put to the test by weight gain because of pregnancy.

What is the maximum user weight supported?

For this data, it is necessary to refer to the information relating to the specific product . 

Professional ellipticals with a more stable and massive structure, can bear a weight of  180 kilograms . 

The machines designed for home training usually have a maximum limit of  120 kilograms .

I’m 190cm tell: which model should I choose?

For a very tall user, it is preferable to choose a professional model, such as to provide optimal stability even in the presence of heavy weight , as well as a good stride length (estimated around 51 centimeters). 

These are features offered in particular by ellipticals with front flywheel (technically called front drive ), which provide maximum comfort even to taller users, thanks above all to the greater distance between the pedals and the movable handlebars.

I love to run: which models do you recommend?

The best models are those consisting of a rear flywheel (technically called rear drive ). 

They simulate more the act of running, because they can offer a deeper stride, which induces greater closure and internal stress of the quadriceps, very similar to that which occurs during running.

Does training with the elliptical make you lose weight?

Certainly. Like any type of cardiovascular activity, even the use of an elliptical bike, used regularly and at certain rhythms , can play an important role in determining targeted weight loss

We can say with certainty that, to date, this machine is one of the most used for this purpose , both among the goers of gyms and fitness centers, and in home training (training at home).

What kind of clothing should I wear?

As with all physical activities, even when using an elliptical bike, it is recommended to wear clothing that is comfortable and light. 

In particular, for women, it may be useful to rely on a top with built-in bra : a garment that, specially designed for fitness, provides the right support without sacrificing comfort.

 It is also important that all garments have a good transpiration capacity , which is necessary to avoid the onset of skin irritation because of excessive sweating.

What shoes are recommended for proper use?

The shoes recommended for the use of the elliptical are road running shoes . They offer excellent stability on all flat surfaces, and therefore also on the pedals of the machine. 

They support the arch of the foot, ensuring the right mix of cushioning and flexibility. Equally appropriate for the use of an elliptical bike are the shoes designed for the cross trainer . 

This specialty combines different exercise, derived from gymnastics and weightlifting, which presuppose a contact with the ground natural and fluid: the same one to aim for when using the elliptical. 

It is absolutely not recommended to use footwear for specific sports, such as football and tennis.

They do not offer the adequate plantar support required by the use of such machines.

How much space does an elliptical take?

I estimate the maximum encumbrance of an elliptical at around 2 meters, but it is mostly professional equipment for gyms and fitness centers. 

I estimate the limit length of a model for domestic use at around 180 centimeters .

 In with the machine has a footprint between  60 and 80 centimeters . 

The height, determined by the space occupied by the fixed or mobile handlebars depending on the model, is instead equal to approximately 160 centimeters .

I would like to buy an elliptical, but I don’t know where to put it. Are there any folding models?

Sure. On the market, there are several models designed specifically for home training and for those who do not have enough space at home to accommodate the size of a ready-to-use elliptical.

 They also equipped the best models with castors . 

These allow you to easily move the machinery from one room to another, with no effort by the user and avoiding the risk of movements that could damage external parts of the appliance or cause faults in its operating system.

Which models produce less noise during use?

The least noisy elliptical trainers are those equipped with a flywheel and flywheel mass with a consistent volume and regulated by a magnetic or electromagnetic braking system .

How is the on-board computer made? Is it easy to use?

This is the LCD display in the central part of the machine. Its position allows easy use even during training, with no need to interrupt the movement of the lower limbs. The best models offer full use in touch screen mode.

What data are detected and visible on the display?

I related the most common data that can be viewed on the display of an elliptical bike to: time , speed per hour , distance traveled and calories consumed . 

The best models also offer heart rate detection and several other options, including pre-set training programs.

Can the elliptical also monitor heart rate?

There are several models that allow to detect this data. The most commonly present function is called Handle Pulse and is activated by placing the hands on the optical sensors placed in the handlebars. 

When the system detects the heartbeat, the data becomes immediately visible on the display and can be monitored in all oscillations. 

This is a fundamental plus, especially for those who carry out regular cardio fitness activities. 

In the top of the range models, it is possible to find a real heart rate monitor with a chest strap which connects to the machine through a dedicated application. 

But these are mostly partnerships made ad hoc and periodically with leading brands in the sector such as Polar.

How do the pre-set training programs work?

Someone mainly based them on variations in resistance and inclination and their combinations. 

Using these programs is essential for beginners because they allow a progression of exercises calibrated both on their own personal rhythms and aimed at the athletic goals that they want to pursue. 

The more professional models also allow you to record and consult each training session and customize all the programs provided by the computer to your liking.

What maintenance and cleaning measures are needed?

After each use, it is recommended to unplug the power cord and clean all parts with a damp cloth. We should avoid solvents of any kind . 

I must take care that the cable does not end up under the machine or in any other position where it can be damaged. 

Every week, it would be advisable to vacuum the dust particles present under the machine, moving it with care and attention. 

Monthly, it is recommended to check the correct assembly of the bolts , which may fail with frequent and continuous use.

How much does an elliptical bike cost?

Prices vary depending on the basic structure, and the technical specifications implemented. 

For a model for home use, costs range between 150 and 500 euros . For a mid-range product, the price can vary from 500 to 1200 dollars.

 The elliptical trainers for professional use, more solid and rich in performance, can reach up to 2000 euros .

Which brands offer the best products?

The most valid ellipticals for home use are produced by Kettler , Klarfit and Diadora . 

These are compact, light and affordable models but equipped with excellent technical components. 

If you want a more complete and professional product, you can rely on the proposals of Life Fitness , Sportsteck and Toorx .

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