10 Best Cross-Country Skis for Beginners [ 2022 Updated ]

For some, winter sports go hand in hand with: the unbearable cold, fractures of the knee and wrists, chapped skin, or even exhaustion. But for others, they are great ways to stay in good physical shape and keep fishing even when the temperatures are below freezing.

And among the sports with the most benefits, there is cross-country skiing. . Requiring no shovel or clearing, this activity is popular with most winter sports enthusiasts. The practice of the latter, however, is not beneficial if you do not have the right materials.

So, how do you choose your cross-country skis? By consulting a buying guide, you will know that in order to find them, you should base yourself on the size, the durability, but also the ease of handling of the product.

Salomon Equipe 8 which is specially dedicated to intensive training or even in the Rossignol Delta Course NIS and its superior quality sole finish.

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10 Best Cross-Country Skis for Beginners [ 2022 Updated ]

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet

To ensure performance on the ski slopes , it is important to know all the purchasing criteria that will allow you to know how to choose the best cross-country skis of 2021. Among them, the versatility and stability of cross-country skiing on the different field conditions you have to face.

With the Javelin Sidecut sidecut, but also the Densolite 3000 carbon and fiberglass core on this model, you can enjoy great stability no matter which ski slope you are on. Thanks to its lightness, this model is very popular with both amateur and professional athletes.

Giro Fixture MIPS Bike Helmet - Matte Black,One Size
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Considered the best cross-country ski by some, its low-pressure stone finish ensures a quick glide on all types of snow. If you want to invest in this equipment for intensive training or for racing, fear not, it will satisfy you on many points, without being limited to performance on paper.


Versatility: Where to buy the best cross-country skis? If this question is stuck in your head, you will be happy to find the foolproof versatility of this model. With this benchmark, performance is always there, whatever the ground conditions.

Stable: Wondering which cross-country skis to choose? If for you, stability is a criterion of choice of size, the carbon and fiber core of this model has something to satisfy you.


Non-mixed: This cross-country ski is, according to its manufacturers, a model mainly intended for men. Unfortunately, therefore, women will not be able to enjoy its benefits.

Troy Lee Designs Adult

Do you want to find inexpensive, but high-quality cross-country skiing? The Rossignol brand has something to delight you. This model was able to bring together all the features most expected by users, while taking care of the price offered to the general public.

Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Stealth Full-Face Mountain Bike...
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Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Stealth Full-Face Mountain Bike...
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Its sole finish and elongated spatulas greatly recall the flagship models of the brand. Offering a very stable and pleasant ability to ski, this reference also has the chance to benefit from a satisfactory quality of gliding.

Whether you are an average or an experienced skier, you can perform all ski techniques. Added to all this is a notable power on the downforce and sufficient rigidity to help with the thrusts. For those who expect a minimum of comfort, you will be well served here.


Efficient: The design of this model has been taken care of so that it is categorized as the most efficient on the market.

Comfortable: We do not always suspect it, but the excellent glide available to this model is an essential criterion for experienced skiers as for beginners.


Stiff: According to some users, this model is quite stiff in tension. Unfortunately, this then creates less accuracy when the user is online.

POC Kortal Cycling Helmet

Still not sure which are the best cross-country skis on the market? You will know it very quickly, once you have familiarized yourself with all the features of this product. Brand specializing in sports equipment, you can easily trust it, even blindly when you want to start buying accessories for skiing.

POC, Kortal MTB Bike Helmet for Trail and Enduro, Uranium...
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POC, Kortal MTB Bike Helmet for Trail and Enduro, Uranium...
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Allowing to take the maximum pleasure on the ski resorts, in winter, they are suitable for both beginners and those who have been practicing the sport for a long time. Thanks to a minimum weight and a well-studied stability, handling is very simple.

These skis are therefore the perfect alternative for skiers who want to indulge in a well-controlled glide, but also for those who are looking for an accessory that will allow them to experience the sensations of high speed.


Durable: As its frame is reinforced, this cross-country ski has a good lifespan. It is a smart, long-term investment.

Light: After a few hours of training, fatigue may be felt. With a special construction, this feeling is minimized on this model. Proof, climbs and effort will be minimal given that these cross-country skis are very light.


Incompatibility: Before purchasing these cross-country skis, you should know that they are only compatible with NNN and PROLINK boots.

POC Kortal Race MIPS Cycling Helmet

To progress quickly in cross-country skiing you need to be able to find the right materials. For those who do not have the time to sift through the main retailers of winter accessories, you can trust the models that we present in our comparison.

POC, Kortal Race MIPS MTB Bike Helmet for Trail and Enduro,...
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POC, Kortal Race MIPS MTB Bike Helmet for Trail and Enduro,...
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Suitable for both beginners and expert skiers, Salomon Aero 9 SKIN is a choice that will not disappoint. Offering increased performance, the shape of this cross-country ski makes it easier to control and therefore greatly improves grip. Equipped with Skingrip inserts, it will be easier for you to ski, without necessarily taking into account the various conditions of the terrain.

Also enjoy good grip and excellent gliding performance. And so that you don’t have to go through the various boring tasks associated with using a cross-country ski, know that it is not necessary to go to waxing, daily.


Stable: Are you looking for a point that will allow you to compare most of the cross-country skis on the market? Stability shouldn’t be taken lightly. Understanding the importance of this feature, Salomon made the Aero 9 SKIN as stable as possible.

Design: Graphic and colorful, this is the type of accessory that users who do not skimp on the aesthetics of the product will greatly appreciate.


Difficult in acceleration: A test on this model would have revealed that it is especially intended for professionals or skiers who want to train. When you first use this accessory, acceleration requires a certain skill from the user.

Fox Racing Bike

For the care it takes in the manufacture of each product it offers, Fischer is one of the favorite brands of skiers. If you are therefore looking for the model of cross-country skiing that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to take a look at the catalog of references of this brand.

Fox Racing Speedframe MIPS Helmet, Turquoise, Medium
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Fox Racing Speedframe MIPS Helmet, Turquoise, Medium
  • Proven MIPS impact protection system reduces rotational forces in a crash.
  • Optimized venting with channeled, in-molded EPS provides efficient cooling.

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Ideal for beginners and allowing average skiers to develop quickly, this is the type of ski that professionals will recommend. Easy to learn, it will allow you to perform the various techniques of beginners and experienced skiers.

As for dimensions, this model is available in several sizes. Whatever your size, you can be sure that you will find a pair of cross-country skis suited to your needs and expectations. With the Vario Crown system, the user will be able to enjoy an optimized glide.


Equipped: This model is fully equipped. This makes it an ideal choice for those new to the field as well as those who have been practicing cross-country skiing for a few years.

Efficient: The efficiency of this model is visible thanks to the various properties with which it is endowed: the XC Performance Classic NIS binding, the Wide Body technology or the Air Channel Basalite. Features that make Fischer the best brand of cross-country skis.


Not suitable for experts: This product may be the cheapest model on the market, but it is not the one that will win you competitions.

How do you choose good cross-country skis?

To help you find the best equipment for skiing, we’ve picked up some tips for you that we find helpful and necessary in this buying guide for the best cross-country skis that follows. First, you need to think about the type of cross-country skiing you want to do. Subsequently, discover the characteristics linked to each variant and finally learn about the factors to be analyzed according to your morphology and your level.

Purchase guide

The type of ski

Before making your choice in terms of equipment, know that there are 3 types of cross-country skis which each require an adequate equipment. So before you get into the topic of where to buy new cross-country skis, first know what you actually want to do.

In this regard, you have the classic skis which have the particularity of being domed in the center. Then you have the skate skis which are shorter and stiffer. However, they offer more speed. Finally, off-piste skis are known for their robustness and allow you to cross unusual slopes.

The characteristics of the material

To find out how to buy more value for money cross-country skis, read up on the specifications of the models you have in front of you. The quality of your movements will depend on it. It should be noted that each variant of cross-country skiing requires a specific type of equipment.

In this sense, check the characteristics such as waxing which facilitates the realization of the movements. Also consider whether you need more stiffness or flexibility in your skis, as ease of handling will depend on it. If they are rigid, for example, they will offer stability on difficult terrain. Otherwise, they will be easier to manage in their generalities.

Factors related to you

Before seeing the details developed in a price comparison, know that the type of ski practiced and the characteristics of the equipment are not the only criteria to take into account. Indeed, some information about you should also be taken into account. These factors relate to your skill level as well as your weight.

In this sense, know that the heavier you are, the more your skis must be rigid and a little more lengthened.

This will allow you to keep your balance. But your expertise in this area will also affect the length of these skis. If you are a beginner for example, opt for shorter skis. Their size may increase depending on your level.

How to use cross-country skis?

Cross-country skiing is an endurance sport that requires good control of breathing and movements.

To fully enjoy it, you must first train yourself to use the ski equipment you have just purchased. If you’re not sure where to start, follow our few tips below. They can enlighten you on the subject.

Take note of the information related to your skis

In cross-country skiing, there are two kinds of soles. First you have the waxing skis and then the scaled skis. While the former is advantageous in terms of speed, the latter offers more control and therefore limits falls.

So before moving on to your first lessons on the subject, first read the details that are related to your material. Maintenance will be easier and you will better understand how they work. This information can usually be found in the instructions for use.

Pick a good track

A good trail is one that is well prepared. This is a specific trail for cross-country skiing. In general, it is smooth and has parallel lines. These tracks represent the routes you must follow in order to learn to move forward with your skis.

In the event that this prepared trail does not exist where you are, choose a powdery, level surface. It is only when you are more comfortable on your skis that you will be able to go to the hinterlands.

Learn to stand on your skis

That’s it, you’ve found the trail you need. The next step is to learn to stand on your skis. To do this, practice on a firm ground first. Stand upright on your skis then bend your ankles and knees forward. As far as your bust is concerned, keep it straight and upright.

As for your pelvis, put it back. This position is the one that will give you balance. Repeat the exercise until you are used to it.

Learn to control the skis

Now that you know how to stand on your skis, it’s time to learn the basic movements of cross-country skiing. In this sense, stand on the track and alternately advance your legs while keeping the entire surface of the skis against the snow.

As you practice you will learn to control how much force you need to put into each leg. Try this exercise without the poles first and then once you gain control, move forward by pushing up on your arms and legs.

Rise up from every fall

It is normal to fall when skiing. The tricky part at the start is getting up from each fall. To do this correctly, first put the poles to the side and focus on the skis. So to get up, make sure to put them in parallel.

It’s okay even if you need to put yourself on your back to make it happen. Then place them in the snow and crawl until your legs are behind you. Now raise your back and start skiing again.

Most popular brands

Skiing is not just about sliding on high mountain snow. It is a sport that has several variations. In relation to this, there are a few techniques to follow for these different variations.

You have chosen to learn cross-country skiing, but you still lack the appropriate equipment. Well, in order not to make a mistake when choosing the brand, read these few lines, because the most popular houses in this field are developed there.

If Fischer is one of the most reputable brands in the cross-country ski market, it is for one reason only. It has a goal of becoming the best brand in winter sports.

Currently, the brand is already a leader in the field of alpine skiing and ice hockey thanks to the robustness of its articles. Since its inception 90 years ago, Fischer wanted to offer the best to board sports enthusiasts and this continues to this day.

And to achieve such quality in its equipment, the house has not skimped on the means to invest in research and innovation, but also in its human resources. The latter were also selected on the basis of their passion for winter sports. And all of those efforts finally paid off.

Have fun every now and then. This is the only advice given by the Salomon brand. Give yourself time to relax, have fun and rediscover the beauty of nature. For all these outdoor activities, whether running, skiing or even hiking, Salomon offers equipment adapted to each of these activities.

It should be noted that even if this brand maintains a family policy where everyone can feel at home, the quality of its products remains high. Indeed, the collaborators within the brand are uncompromising on the details of these articles.

Beyond the quality, you also have the creativity which is palpable through the design of its products. This set offers however a simple rendering, but which could appeal to different tastes.

Innovation and uniqueness. These words perfectly reflect the products of the DPS Skis brand. As you may have noticed, this brand focused only on skiing. Behind this choice, there is a story that will enlighten you on the subject.

It started in 2005 when three passionate skis came together to create DPS Skis. The first is a professional skier, the second is a designer known for his ski equipment, and finally the last is a very famous engineer in the manufacture of ski articles.

This association made it possible to design unique and innovative articles. As such, you have the pure carbon fiber skis that can only be found at DPS Skis only. Then there are the rockered skis, the first models of which saw the light of day at this same brand.

These are just a few techniques developed by the brand. Many more are to be discovered, but these examples say a lot about the involvement of DPS Skis in this field.

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