Fassi F 9.6 HRC – Review

Main Advantage
Those looking for a good treadmill will find in the Fassi proposal a line of tools with which to train suitable and made with quality integrated materials and supports. Eight elastomers and a shock absorber system take care of keeping the user in an appropriate position, gradually discharging the weight. The training programs included, then combined with the different speed and settings that can be managed on the display, closes the circle on the qualities that such an object should possess.


Main Disadvantage
The Bluetooth system does not always find the ideal connection, thus leaving the user to wait for the signal to stabilize and for the playback of the song to resume flowing smoothly and smoothly.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10
Positive opinions and considerations related to the Fassi product arrive from many quarters. Sturdy and resistant, it can be assembled without particular problems by following the instructions and notes contained in the package step by step. The platform on which you run is tiltable, so as to provide a variable challenge that can be managed with maximum freedom for the user. The connection with external devices and fitness app is also good, in order to constantly share and monitor the status of workouts.

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Among the most interesting aspects related to this treadmill, the size and the structure of the support itself deserve a place. with its 195 cm in length and then having a platform on which to run wide and with an excellent response, the Fassi model is fully among the most interesting medium-high range products on the market.

Thanks to a lifting system, the footprint can be reduced, with the platform rising almost to touch a vertical position, freeing up space at the bottom. We always talk about a model that does not go unnoticed in a room, which is why it is good to consider the most suitable environment for positioning. The servo-assisted closing then improves operations, significantly reducing the load and effort of the user.

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The whole area on which the user places himself and controls the movement of the feet has an adequate grip and a double deck cushioning system that involves the entire support base.

The result is a pleasant run, in which the bumps and blows that practice on the treadmill often bring with them, are tempered by a system that absorbs the best and helps you run without too much trauma. It is then possible to vary the inclination of the same, raising the level of challenge according to your state of health and motivation.

The upper part is well structured, with two sturdy armrests to lean on and a safety key with which to block the movement in case of unforeseen events. There are two spaces around the display for inserting a refreshing drink or a smartphone.


The central display proves to be an effective system through which to control and monitor activity. Numerous programs with which to test endurance and breath, with three specific functions specially designed for HRC training. This is a type of training for which you set a certain heart rate, so that the treadmill maintains it throughout the session.

Thanks to the heart rate belt included in the package, the heartbeat and frequency can be checked, with the possibility, if desired, to share the results via the app, managing the various applications in complete freedom so as to have a constantly updated picture of the results of a workout.

The Bluetooth speakers connect to your mobile phone, so as to transfer the music management directly to the playback system inside the treadmill, also taking advantage of a space on which to place the tablet, following a TV series or one of your favorite movies while you are sweating the fateful seven shirts.

Reading and data collection works perfectly, thus tuning machine and user in order to find a digital environment corresponding to your wishes.


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