In this post we are going to explain a few shoulder exercises to work on. Remember that it is a very important area of ​​the body. 

1. Shoulder extension

With this movement of shoulder extension you will  tone the shoulders and the upper part of the back to, in addition to preventing injuries and avoiding muscular ailments, show off a beautiful and toned upper part of the body.
How it is performed?

The user should be seated on the sliding bench, facing the tower and grasp the pulleys with their hands, palms down.
After this, you will have to pull them back to just beyond your hips.
To finish, you can slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise again.

2. Exercise “serve”

This is one of the most complete exercises that can be performed with the Encompass 100x100fitness to work the shoulders. Inspired by Pilates, thanks to it, users of the machine will also exercise pectorals, biceps and triceps.

How it is performed?

It instructs the user to sit on the sliding bench of the station, with their back to the machine and to hold the pulleys with their hands up and place their arms along both sides of the body.
The next thing you will need to do is pull the pulleys up until your arms are in line with your body.
To finish, you will need to return to the starting position.

3. Rowing exercise to the neck

Our bodybuilding machines  allow you to perform these routines in a safe way. This routine is an example of this. In addition to shoulders, with it you will work core and abs.

How it is performed?

As in the first exercise, the user should sit on the sliding bench, facing the tower of the equipment and grasp the pulleys with the hands and palms down.
Afterwards, the movement will consist of bending the elbows up and out until the wrists are as close to the shoulders as possible.
Little by little, help him return to the starting position.

4. Front shoulder raises

This routine will help your trainees to tone their upper body while developing their strength. Depending on the level of resistance that is selected, the intensity will be higher or lower.

How it is performed?

Again, sitting with his back to the machine, the user will place the arms along the sides of the body, grasping the pulleys with the palms facing backwards.
To continue, you will have to pull them up until they are in line with your shoulders.
Finally, you will return to the starting position to repeat the movement again.

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