Exercises To Get Butt Out In 1 Week It’s Amazing!

Many women want to achieve a beautiful figure with a perfect tail, but they are mentally limited when they think about all the time it deserves to achieve it, however today we have excellent news for you, it is possible to get a firm and toned butt in a short time, you just have to make an effort And be constant and you will achieve it, this article is focused on giving you the best way to perform exercises to get a tail in 1 week , it is not something impossible, put it into practice and you will be surprised with the results.

It is important that you know that to get that butt that you long for you must improve your lifestyle, adding a diet rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, only in this way the exercises can be effective in a much faster way, so before Starting your exercise routine, we recommend you improve your diet, achieve your ideal weight and prepare yourself mentally to reach your goal, remember that if you accept it in your mind, you already have half the race won.


The exercises to get the tail in 1 week are very effective, but it requires a great effort and a good attitude, it is also important that you have dumbbells and bars at home to increase the weight of each exercise, it is best to work on the gym, where they offer you a number of machines and accessories focused especially on the buttocks.

You can additionally use certain natural masks ideal to increase the volume of the butt, they will therefore be an excellent complement to the exercises to remove the tail in 1 week .

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Exercises to queue in 1 week
As we mentioned before, you must have the necessary instruments to perform each exercise, if you do not have them at home, go to a gym where you will have access to all of them.

Let’s start doing the exercises to get the tail in 1 week with the following routine:

1. Deadlift

Among the exercises to pull the tail in 1 week, this is one of the most effective, you will need a bar with different weights to increase it in each repetition, the starting position is that you are standing, with your feet shoulder-width apart, your back straight and the bar on the floor in front of you.

Then flex your legs by pulling your butt out, lift the bar with both hands, these should have a distance slightly greater than shoulder width, then push your hips forward and then back, to bring the bar back to the ground, perform 10 repetitions with a fairly light weight.

For the following repetitions you must increase the weight little by little, so that the gluteal muscles have more pressure, perform 4 series of 10 repetitions each.

2. Barbell Squats

Squats are a fairly complete exercise, recommended by experts around the world, to achieve a firm and toned butt in a week it is important that you work with enough weight, however, you should not overdo it because you can injure the muscles.

On this occasion you are going to perform the squats in a cage with a bar, start with little weight and then increase it for each repetition, to start stand in the cage with the bar on your back, at shoulder level, straight back, head raised, feet shoulder-width apart, and both hands holding the bar.

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Subsequently flex the legs until the knees are at the same distance as the tips of the feet, remain like this for 4 seconds and return to the starting position, perform 12 repetitions for 4 series.

3. Leg Press

Few people have this machine at home, if you don’t have it, go to a gym, it is very effective for toning buttocks and legs, you must sit or lie down on the machine, placing one foot on the platform while the other remains as an observer, perform 10 repetitions and change legs, then increase the weight and continue, we recommend doing 10 repetitions for 5 series.

4. Hamstring Curl Machine

The exercises to pull the tail in 1 week should be varied and count the necessary weight to achieve the desired goal, the hamstring curl machine is a great option, you must lie on your abdomen, bending your knees, lift both legs pushing the weight , lower and rise again until completing 13 repetitions, increase the weight and continue, remember to perform 4 sets with different weights and always tightening the butt muscles.

5. Bridge With Bar

The bridge has different variations to be performed, but this time we will do the basic one but using a weighted bar to achieve much faster results.

Lay your back on a bench at shoulder height, keep your knees bent with your legs hip-width apart and a barbell in the pelvic area, then lower your butt and raise again by pressing the muscles of the pelvis. zone, perform 12 reps, shift weight, and start over.

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6. Cable Machine

Also known as a pulley, it is ideal to achieve a sexy and firm butt in a short time, face the machine and add an ankle tie as low as possible, then placed on your ankles and adjust the weight with which you are going to work.

Extend your right leg completely until your gluteal area is pressed, hold this position for 5 seconds and lower your leg, perform 12 repetitions and switch to the left leg, do not forget to increase the step with each repetition.

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7. Dumbbell Hip Extension

The dumbbells are essential in your exercise routine, you can use them in most activities and achieve great results, to perform the hip extension, place your forearms and knees on a mat, with a straight back, the right leg bent holding a dumbbell, raise the leg and perform 15 repetitions, then do the same procedure with the left leg, perform 4 sets.

It is important that you leave 5 minutes of rest between each exercise, this will allow you to regain energy and hydrate yourself, in addition you can drink protein drinks that will be very useful to have greater resistance in your physical activity.

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