Exercise bike exercises: Where do I start?

If you want to improve your overall health, if you have certain health issues, or if you just want to be in great shape, using an exercise bike is a great resource.

 If you’re not sure where to start, there are a number of benefits to using an exercise bike. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing one. 1.

What workouts can I use the stationary bike for?

Stationary bike training achieves improvements in basic fitness, aerobic power and capacity, and weight loss. It all depends on how you do the activity. Depending on your goal, you should work at different intensities, cadences, and intervals. For example, if we want to lose weight, resort to programs in which the heart rate does not exceed 155 ppm and you are able to endure from 45 to 60 minutes.

If you are going to work on aerobic power , opt for changes in pace and intensity. The duration of each peak of maximum effort should be between two and five minutes and then introduce a decrease in intensity that lasts one to three minutes. For aerobic capacity, uses the same system as the weight loss system, but with a somewhat higher intensity (between 140 and 155 ppm).

To take into account: At the beginning you must bear in mind that the objective comes first. You cannot start the activity and get off the bike after five minutes. You must set an active time goal.

Even being at home, you should wear the recommended clothing, that is, wear a cycling shorts . If not, you risk suffering severe pain in the abductors and the perianal area.
What would be a basic exercise routine?
stationary bikes
If you’ve never been active on a stationary bike, the best workout is to maintain a pedaling cadence with medium strength for at least 40 minutes of effort. Once you support this training for a week, you will be able to introduce very short and controlled intensity peaks. You can also combine it with other machines at home such as a treadmill .

To keep in mind: 

If you want to become a stronger cyclist, then you need to follow these rules. When you train, you should raise the pedaling force, stand up on the bike, and do it in short intervals, of about 5 minutes of climbing and 2 of descending. The best way to strengthen your muscles is through high-intensity training.

These efforts should last from 20 to 30 minutes, and include raising and lowering the pulsations, as well as performing peaks of intensity increase, followed by another of lowering and maintenance. The recommended time is five minutes for climbs and two minutes for recovery.

In order to avoid loading the back and knees, it’s important to maintain the correct position when cycling. Make sure the distance between the saddle and the handlebars is the same as the distance from the elbow to the tip of the finger to achieve the correct posture.

When pedaling, you should not move your hips and the knee extension doesn’t block the joint, the knee will always be somewhat flexed. When pedaling, the foot that goes down must not exert all the force, but must rest part of the effort on the foot that goes up.

To keep in mind: The stationary bike is a good option for people who want to do physical activity, but who suffer from a back, knee or cardio respiratory problem.

The intensity should always go from less to more. You should not start too hard because you will run the risk of getting off the bike early.

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