Cross-Fitness bikes, what are they and which are the best?

It is possible to lose fat effectively with a cross- fitness program. It’s a series of exercises and functional movements that are performed at high intensity and make it one of the most complete and effective workouts in the world. This training is practiced by both amateur and professional athletes, as well as by military, police and fire departments, to gain muscle mass and lose fat.

If you are interested in learning more about them, check out today’s post. You might be struck by seeing a bicycle in your training center, since all the equipment you’ll need to do Cross Training is in there.

The general public is not familiar with cross-fitness bicycles, which are called Air Bikes, since they are relatively new in this sector. Don’t you still have no idea who they are? We will talk about them today, so you are in good hands.

Cross-training is an excellent way to burn calories, improve balance and coordination, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and… It has been proven that it can even improve your mental state. In fact, recent studies show that… People who do cross-training for a long period of time… Have a significant reduction in their risk of having a stroke. Cross-training also has other benefits, such as… Improving your cardiovascular health… Losing weight… And… Reducing the risk of injury. All this translates to a better quality of life, which is especially important for the elderly.

It is never too late to start cross-training. You can do it at home, in the gym, or on an Air Bike. The first thing you need to know is… You Must Train In All 3 Forms Of Exercise! Each of these 3 forms of exercise has its own unique benefits. The first is cardio; the second is strength training (or resistance training); and the third is flexibility training. All 3 of these work together to give you a complete workout, and also… They Work Separately To Give You Specific Benefits!

What are cross-fitness bikes or airbikes?

Cross-fitness bikes or airbikes are stationary bikes that replace the wheels with a powerful fan located at the front of them. In addition, it has a dumbbell handlebar, similar to that of elliptical bikes, which turns the airbike into a mix of an exercise bike, an elliptical, and a rowing machine. With this we will be able to work the body in a remarkable way, both the upper and lower body -main characteristic that distinguishes it from conventional exercise bikes-, achieving great effectiveness in cardiovascular work, in burning fat and even in gaining mass. muscular.

The design of cross training or airbike bikes is designed to not need resistance adjustments or parameter settings , since the work of these innovative exercise bikes is based on the air resistance that we generate ourselves. Thanks to the aerodynamic system incorporated in the front part, we will regulate the intensity according to the force at which we pedal. The more force we apply, the more resistance will be generated and the more it will cost us to pedal. Thus, we will graduate the intensity according to our own pedaling, so the airbike adapts to the level of each user.

airbikeAlthough it is not essential, it is recommended to carry out a test prior to using these bicycles to measure the effort capacity to which we can exercise without suffering heart or lung problems. When in doubt, consult your functional training instructor, personal trainer, or a qualified fitness professional.

Benefits of cross-fitness bikes or airbikes
Some of the benefits offered by cross-fitness bikes or airbikes are the following:

As we have already mentioned, they are a great ally to work the cardiovascular system .
With them, we will not only have the opportunity to work the cardiovascular system, but we can also exercise strength and hypertrophy, depending on the intensity at which we work.

They are ideal for both functional training circuits and high intensity interval training or HIIT.

They adapt to the physical condition of each user thanks to their adjustable intensity.

They allow both short-duration, high-intensity work and low-intensity, high-duration work.
Being a stationary bike, the impact we suffer when exercising is low and, therefore, we run less risk of injury.
Various studies link cardiovascular work in general and cycling in particular with a greater capacity of the immune system, as well as lower levels of fat and cholesterol.

What are the best airbikes on the market?

airbike-assault There is a wide variety of airbikes on the market. One of the most popular is the Assault Air Bike . Made of durable materials and of the highest quality, the opinions of countless users endorse it as a product with plenty of guarantees . Gym Company offers it at a price of € 949 , a very interesting offer considering the € 1,195 it initially cost.

titanium-airbikeHowever, in today’s article we want to make a special mention and highlight an airbike that we found very interesting. It is the Titanium Strength Air Bike Pro . This marvel has been designed by functional fitness experts taking into account the comments, opinions and feedback of various club and gym owners, as well as personal trainers and functional training centers.

With an unbeatable value for money, this cross-fitness or airbike is the latest to make its appearance on the market. At this time, GYM Company -specialists in fitness and synonymous with a guarantee with a proven reputation-, offers it at a discount price of € 695.00. A very difficult offer to refuse for all those lovers of Cross-Fitness and sports in general who want to set up their small training center at home.

Its features include its robustness and ease of assembly and configuration, and a very affordable price . If you are thinking of getting one, we guarantee that this Titanium Strength Air Bike Pro is an excellent option that will meet your expectations when it comes to airbike cycling.

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