Rossignol Alltrack 120 Review – Test And Price

Main advantage This equipment from Rossignol incorporates several active technologies, all of which provide maximum comfort and precision to the skier during races. In addition, this pair has increased versatility since it is suitable for freeride or freerando. Main drawback The brand is intended for this model for experienced athletes or those who already have … Read more

The Story Behind The Movie Rasta Rocket

Rasta Rockett is a hilarious and moving 1993 comedy that features the Olympic history of Devon Harris, Chris Stokes, Dudley Stockes and Michael White. 30 years after the legendary film, here they are again telling what left their mark on them. Of course, they have aged and no longer have the same energies as they … Read more

Bolle Backline Visor Reviews – Test And Price

Main advantage: To provide more comfort to the skier, the Bollé brand incorporates panoramic vision technology on an exemplary basis. Thanks to this system, the latter gives you access to a more interesting field of vision. Best of all, it’s an ideal solution for those who don’t part with their prescription glasses. Main disadvantage: The … Read more

10 Best Ski Goggles under 100

Getting well equipped is essential when practicing a dangerous sport such as skiing. Indeed, to minimize the risk of accident, it is important to have certain safety accessories. The mask is also one of the essential aids in this activity. It not only protects against projectiles of all kinds, but also against the sun’s UV … Read more

10 Best Ski Poles [2022 Updated]

Ski poles play an essential role in this activity, yet many skiers tend to neglect this equipment. Through this article, we will guide you so that you can find the article that meets all your requirements. To do this, it is important to make your choice according to the size, the type of slide, the … Read more