Titleist Pro V1 Review – Review And Price

Main advantage: If you are looking for balls to maximize your golfing potential, favor this copy. It has increased practicality thanks to its carefully chosen weight and dimensions. This allows you to train in the right conditions. Main disadvantage: Compared to recent models, this one because of its lower takeoff angle goes less far and … Read more

Srixon Z-Star Review – Test And Price

Main advantage: Featuring premium construction, this ball which is recommended by skilled golfers can generate top speed with excellent power. The lifting is also maximized, while the flight quality is guaranteed even in gusty winds. Main disadvantage: The use of Srixon Z-Star XV is rather intended for a certain category of player. Given its technical … Read more

Titleist Pro V1 T2126S Review – Test And Price

Main advantage: Titleist Pro V1 brings greater speed for a much longer distance. A clear improvement is precisely noted in the speed of the ball with reduced effects at the big game. Also, the trajectory remains constant with an optimal control. Main disadvantage: According to the observations of some golfers, the level of hardness of … Read more

Callaway Chrome Soft Review – Test And Price

Main advantage: The performance of this bullet comes largely from its new Dual Soft Fast Core. Indeed, the manufacturer wanted to improve it by using graphene. This material increases speed while providing a soft touch to optimize the angle of flight. Main disadvantage: Even if the effectiveness of this ball is no longer to be … Read more

10 Best Golf Cart for Steep Hills [2022]

Wondering how to choose the best golf carts of 2021? With the plethora of offers in the trade, one is never safe from a bad investment. In order to minimize this risk, you can start by focusing on a few selection parameters which are the design, the maximum load that your future equipment will be … Read more