The Game Of Darts – Discover Its Rules

The game of darts is played with a target hanging on the wall and darts thrown with bare hands. It used to be that the goal of the game was to hit the center or at least its surroundings. However, the competitions take place differently with well-defined rules. Here we tell you which ones. The … Read more

3 Best Plastic Spike Darts [2022]

Plastic-tipped darts are attractive because of their lightness and their ability not to damage their target. They are also very handy to allow their user to gain in precision. If you are a player of this game, both with family and with your colleagues, then you may be tempted to purchase a model. However, like … Read more

10 Best Steel Tip Dart for Professionals [2022]

In terms of entertainment, everyone has their own little preferences. If board games are currently a hit with young and old alike, darts are still just as popular. However, to have more fun, it is better to have solid equipment. We therefore recommend that you turn to models with a steel tip. But if you … Read more

5 Best Electronic Darts Targets [2022]

Dart shooting is a game that combines skill and precision. It can also be an entertaining way to pass the time. Alone, in competitions with family or friends, this activity is more and more in vogue. Nowadays, and with the evolution of technology, you no longer need a sheet and a pen to write down … Read more

10 Best Darts Targets for Beginners [2022]

Nowadays, more and more customers are interested in owning a dartboard. Not only is this a fun game involving strategy and skill, but a nice dart board could also serve as a decorative object in a house, or in a bar, for example. There are also official tournaments and even world championships, and having a … Read more