10 Best Boxing Shin Guard [2022 Updated]

The practice of boxing can be dangerous if you are not equipped with the necessary protective devices. In this discipline, the shin guard will serve as a defense against your opponent’s blows. It limits the various accidents that can occur during combat. If you are wondering how to choose the best boxing shin guards of … Read more

10 Best Boxing Kit [2022 Updated]

Since the dawn of time, boxing has been a combat sport practiced and prized by men. Well, for most cases. Knowing how to punch is not enough to knock out your opponent. Greatest boxers like Mike Tyson had to spend hours and hours in the gym training in order to be up to the task … Read more

English Boxing: A Sport For The Body And For The Mind

Many sports disciplines combine in themselves unsuspected advantages affecting both body and mind. English boxing is one of them, behind its rather raw and aggressive appearance. Here are the main advantages you could benefit from adopting this practice, even just for fun. Basic principles Unlike other combat sports which use all the limbs and even … Read more

10 Best Boxing Shoes [2022 ]

Wearing boxing shoes is a must when practicing this sport. This equipment is even essential to help you improve your performance, whether during training or competitions. However, you may find it difficult to choose from all of the products currently on offer. If so, you will need to consider the design, materials, size and weight … Read more