Tacx Blue Matic Review – Test And Price

Main advantage: Thanks to the multiple settings of the equipment, it offers you the opportunity to make several uses of it. While some take the opportunity to do bike training sessions, others use it for their rehabilitation programs. It can be used without problem, whatever your level. Main disadvantage: Some customers have difficulty installing it … Read more

Bern Lenox EPS Review – Test And Price

Main advantage: The design of the article marks us at first glance. The product was designed for women who want to stay “trendy” while cycling. And this model promises them style and allure. Its high finishes further enhance its aesthetics. Main disadvantage: The colors that adorn it can foil in its favor. Girls are forced … Read more

Julbo Aero Review – Test And Price

Main advantage: The particularity of these glasses is the use of photochromic glass. That is, the screen adapts to the change in brightness. Consequently, visual comfort is always there, whatever the level of light. Main disadvantage: This item comes with a semi-rigid box which does not provide the protection buyers demand. They would have liked … Read more

How To Prepare An Isotonic Drink At Home?

It has been a few years since the beverage industry began to develop flavored beverages containing vitamins and other nutrients. These drinks are aimed specifically at athletes, amateurs or professionals, to replenish their energy during and after intensive physical activity. But did you know that it is also possible to make a homemade isotonic drink … Read more