Can We Do Elliptical During Periods?

Before delving into the specifics of our essay, we’ll look at which they should perform physical exercises throughout the menstrual cycle and whether physical activity is beneficial during this time of the month.

It’s critical to provide some theoretical background on the menstrual cycle.

The term “menstrual cycle” refers to the time between the first day of menstruation and the first day of the following menstruation in women.

This interval lasts on average 28 days, but in actuality, menstrual cycles can last anywhere from 24 to 32 days (which are considered completely normal).

There must not be a “gap” of over four days between menstruation and the next to be termed regular (both more and less).

Swimming is a fantastic physical activity as well

In theory, exercise during menstruation improves your physical and psychological well-being by increasing endorphins, which have potent analgesic properties and can alleviate all menstrual discomfort.

Exercising also aids in the reduction of fluid retention, which is common at this stage. Not to mention that exercising will allow you to release all of your stress and anxiety.

4 Best Exercises to Do during Periods


Stretching and breathing movements in yoga can help you relax if you’re in a grumpy or unpleasant mood.

Much yoga poses might assist you in improving your blood circulation and relieve your nagging problems.

Someone has clinically shown Yoga to help you relax your body and ease period symptoms like cramping and bloating.

Light lifting

If you can’t go for a walk or go to the gym, you can do some mild weight lifting at home. Light lifting and power-based exercises can help you gain muscle flexibility and strength.


The best workout you can perform during your periods is a simple, light walk. Later in your cycle, this low-intensity aerobic activity helps your lungs perform properly.

So, lace up your favorite sneakers and go for a stroll or a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

These will also aid you to improve your mood while also allowing you to burn calories. Endorphin secretion will be increased because of these light bodily motions.


Pilates are currently the most popular form of exercise. It aids in physical relaxation and keeps you calm and healthy.

Pilate techniques target particular muscle groups, allowing you to customize your workout to your specific needs.

Pilate strengthens your core, which might help to lessen the severity of your cramps.

What Exercises Should You Avoid During Your Period?

The problem: I’m on my menstruation. Is there anything I shouldn’t do in terms of exercises?

Greg Justice, certified personal trainer, exercise physiologist, and author of Mind Your Own Fitness, is the subject of this article.

Yes, is the response. Working out during your period is beneficial since it relieved period-related annoyances such as anxiety, exhaustion, and headaches. However, there is one exception: yoga.

Don’t get us wrong: most yoga poses are perfectly safe to practice during your period. The ones where you have to stand on your head are the ones that are problematic.

“I refer these moves to as ‘inverted poses,’” explains Justice. Shoulder stands, headstands, and the plough stance are the three troublesome children.

When you’re in the zone, why are these moves a no-no? Justice adds, “It all comes down to a scientific notion termed vascular congestion in the uterus, which causes excessive menstrual flow” (in perhaps the most politically-correct period-related statement known to human race).

Is there a more graphic version? Standing on your head causes your uterus’ blood veins to enlarge, causing you to bleed more. As a result, there are greater cramps. #Real Talk.

During your period, Justice recommends practicing other types of workouts, and for yoga, try to keep your head off the ground. Which should be relatively simple, given that you presumably already feel you’re in the clouds.

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