Bowflex Max Trainer Series Reviews [2022]

The Max Trainer is state-of-of-the-the-the-the-art because of its dual backlit monitor, plethora of automatic levels, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and efficient footprint.

The M7 Elliptical is free on Android and iOS, and matches up with the Max application. You can monitor your fitness and follow your workouts from trainers. You should custom-tailor your workout objectives to find out how fit you are when you execute them. When the software is installed, it saves up to four users’ profiles.

the Bowflex Max Trainer weights 148 pounds and measures 49 inches long, 35 inches wide, and 65.5 inches long (L.W.D.H.) Although ellipticals and treadmills have treadwheels that are straight and wide, this elliptical has a more compact footprint than most of the treadmills and ellipticals on the market. More time can be added by pressing the “Add More Time” It will burn several calories and have a well-rounded cardiovascular exercise, whether you use it as an elliptical or stepmill.

In addition, you’ll get a light workout without having to deal with any impact on your knees or ankles. The elliptical can be clever and attentive, so you get better results. the big stainless steel racing pedals prevent the rider pedals from slipping and are reliable and safe to step on at the same time. A chest strap is provided as well as the interactive LCD-lit panel.

These dipped handles are crafted from aeronautical rubber and give a better gripping and workout-enhancing texture. Other members of your household will be able to use it with ease. There are several options on the Bowflex Max Displaypanel for the fitness level of and person for whom different workout programs can be designed. 20 levels of resistance and difficulty for you to begin with, but as the resistance grows, it gets extremely difficult. Every step in advancement can be gained step-by-by-step.

Increasing the resistance level will help you burn calories at a faster rate. To deal with squeaks, look in the “Answered Questions” at the product web page for assembly instructions. If you can’t solve the issue, contact the customer service or send technicians to your home or office. It can handle approximately 300 pounds of weight. It’s well designed and suitable for all levels of use. It’s important to practice with the Max Trainer M7 even if you’re an intermediate, as you will be pushed to your limits.

Max Trainer REVIEW

Interval (periods of activity followed by periods of rest) help build your body, boost your metabolism and burn extra calories for hours after your workout.



Motorized Air + Magnetic

Of programs


Max user weight

136 kg

Heartbeat taking

Touch sensors, cardio belt included (works with Bluetooth)






77.47 cm




76.5 kg

Carton dimensions

N / C (L x W x H)


The MAX TOTAL combines an elliptical and a professional stepper for ever more complete workouts. It is part of the top of the range elliptical stepper bike that BURNS 2.5X MORE CALORIES thanks to more efficient sports sessions OF 4 TO 30MIN .
The Max Total Trainer takes up little space and can quickly be made available and easily stowed away after use.

20 resistance levels,
Air + motorized magnetic.

SAMSUNG 9.6-INCH TOUCHSCREEN: Built-in speakers. Ability to use Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. WIFI REQUIRED. PROGRAMS:
display of calories, training time, selected program, intensity level, heart rate.
Unlimited user profiles.

8 varied training programs that allow you to work intensely without shocking your body, combining the flexibility of an elliptical trainer and the efficiency of a stepper: Manual, MAX 7 min Interval, MAX 14 min Interval, MAX 21 min Interval, Upper body interval, calorie consumption, fat consumption, stairs. The MAX TOTAL guides you through personalized workouts that adjust as you improve.

BOWFLEX JRNY APPLICATION : Download the app for Max Trainer (English only) compatible with iOS and Android *. Paid subscription.
This application offers you features to motivate you further: personalized training sessions that adapt to your needs and your efforts, a virtual coaching service, a virtual trainer that encourages you and helps you achieve your goals, video training sessions (…). MAX talks to you and trains you, adjusting to your needs.

– Bluetooth compatible with heart rate (BLT bracelet included but optional chest belt),
– Multi- grip handlebar,
– USB port to charge your devices,
– Bottle
– Adjustable tablet holder, – Large non-slip steel pedals ,
– Ball bearing,
– Power supply: mains connection.

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