Borntough Men’s Workout Shirts reviews

When the crew from Elite Sports and Born Tough reached out to us and asked if we wanted to test some of their gear, we answered “Heck Yeah!” In case you’ve never heard of them, they’re a Los Angeles-based sports apparel company that specializes in gear for athletes.

Elite Sports has a number of sponsored fighters who wear their gear in the martial arts and boxing arenas. In addition, they produce both general workout gear and crossfit-specific gear. Born Tough, their sister brand, offers a broader range of fitness-related clothes.

They’ve got everything from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gis to badass track suits, so whatever your needs, they’ve got you covered!

Let’s begin with the pants. When they came out of the bag, they appeared to be in good shape. The material was well-balanced in terms of weight. Some of the running shorts we’ve used in the past are as thin as paper and quickly tear. There are better options for the mountains than this. On the other hand, these are more durable yet still light in weight. They’re made to be rolled around in and scuffed, and they’ve held up well over the previous few weeks.

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They absolutely excel when it comes to their fit. First things first: The drawstrings are too big! I despise having to search for little draw strings that appear like they belong on children’s shoes rather than adult shorts. Things like this are awe-inspiring. The only downside is that they tend to slide back into the waistband lining after being washed, which is a nuisance. A simple knot at the end of the cord will solve the issue.

Even if you appreciate the way shorts look when you put them on, it’s what they do while you’re moving that matters most. It wasn’t long into my first run with them that I realized how much I enjoyed the shoes. This has taken me by surprise. When I’m jogging, I prefer a short inseam of about 5 inches, but this one appears to be a touch longer (about 7 inches). But that didn’t matter, because the cut was fantastic. There is no chafing. In one of the zippered compartments, I slid an iPhone in and ran with it. Really good. The phone didn’t move around too much because of the zipped compartments’ construction. So that’s good, because I don’t like the arm bands people wear. Looks like you’ve had an iPad strapped to your bicep. But that’s only a diversion..

Getting back to the shorts’ freedom of motion, they were quite comfortable. Movements such as squats and lunges are not restricted. The shorts followed my every movement. I didn’t feel like I was fighting it at any point. That’s why it’s crucial. I often found myself not seeing my shorts, which is exactly what you want. Gear that doesn’t bring attention to itself because it restricts motion or irritates your inner thigh (looking at you, lined running shorts)

Overall, the shorts were a good investment. In addition, the pricing is really reasonable. A nice pair of shorts can be had for as little as $24. Despite the dearth of color options, black goes with everything, so you’ll be fine with this.

The Born Tough Men Air Pro Fitted Tee in Military Green was our next stop. It’s a dapper shirt, no doubt.

Depending on how you wear it, this shirt will either show off your toned physique or expose that you’ve been eating Cheez-Its in excess. You’ll like it if you look more like this guy. Even so, I’m in love with it. It has a more fitted neckline and a longer body than most shirts. I’m 5’11” and weigh 170 pounds, so the Medium worked well for me. Because of this, size larger will most likely result in a shirt that appears more like a party dress than a workout shirt, especially if you like a looser fit.

It’s a good fit. There were a lot of workouts and runs where we put it to the test. Both are no problem for it. It was comfortable to wear and had a good range of motion. Just above my armpits and on the front of my shoulders, there was a tiny bit of bunching. Because I’ve experienced excruciating chafing in that area in the past while using line gear, I’m extra cautious about this. In terms of off-season and in-season training shirts, you can’t go wrong with this one. C’mon, $14.99 is a lot of money. You can get it for free if you want to. Technical shirts with this fit won’t be found for less, I guarantee it. When a bargain price is coupled with exceptional value, who doesn’t adore it?
Check out some of their products if you’re in the market for some new gear and prefer to support a growing, independent brand rather than a huge multinational conglomerate. If you like it, we think it can handle a workout in the off-season or a PT session in the middle of the season.

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