10 Best Vans Shoes for Skateboarding [2022 Updated]

Vans shoes are one of those timeless pairs that we love to wear every day. Indeed, these sneakers remain appreciated for their comfort and their lightness. Especially since they give a young air to those who wear them. Many spend hours on the Internet to find the best model.

Here, we save you time by offering you Vans Ward Canvas Sneakers Homme which is an “old school” model. This one is ideal for regular outings thanks to its timeless style. As for Vans Old Skool Sneakers Basses Femme , with its characteristic color, it fits not only women of all ages, but also different dress outfits.

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10 Best Vans Shoes for Skateboarding [2022 Updated]

Vans Unisex Slip-on(tm) Core Classics Low-Top Trainers

Would you like to have a pair of sneakers without knowing which Vans shoes to choose ? This one has a vintage style that will make you look great. This product has characteristic shapes of old school models: a real trend these days.


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It stands out especially by the presence of a white line on the top. Its black color also makes it a must-have in your collection, as it accompanies any type of clothing. You can, for example, combine it with classic or slim jeans of all shades.

This item’s textile lining and insole with canvas uppers provide comfort to your feet. Its light sole with a flat heel makes it suitable for various trips in urban areas. You will put it in class, or at work or during your outings with friends.


Successful design: We appreciate the vintage side of this model which is currently trendy. You will have a casual and trendy style with it.

Appreciable color: Black goes well with all possible nuances. It will be easy for you to match it with your clothes.

Carrying comfort: Its lining as well as the part above allows a good breathability of the feet to feel comfortable.

Successful Design: Its timeless style is suitable for all trips and all occasions.


Easily tear-off fabric: Care will have to be taken, as the toe area remains quite fragile.

Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

These old school-style Vans sneakers might be your thing if you like vintage shoes. They do indeed have the characteristic features of the old models. We remind you that this style is currently popular with young people.


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On the toe area, the manufacturers have taken care to use leather. This material provides good strength especially to avoid holes and tears on this part. As with most classic sneakers, these have a lace-up system. Thanks to this, you will conveniently regulate the pressure exerted on your feet.

It is also specified that the entire interior of this pair was made of textile. It adds more comfort and eliminates sore feet after you keep it on for a long time. Its coating makes them a pair to go out on sunny days, with a dress, shorts and pretty much everything. You can match it with all kinds of colors.


Front part in leather: This material ensures a certain solidity to the specimen, which will avoid quickly wearing out the part near the toe.

Easily adjustable: Its laces allow you to easily adjust the pressure exerted on the feet, especially after a few kilometers which wear out.

Textile interior: The flexible sole as well as its breathable lining put the feet at ease at all times.

Pleasant Design: Its’ 70s style makes this item a suitable vintage item for any outfit.


Visible soiling: Light colors get stained more often than dark ones.

Vans Unisex Low-Top Sneaker

If you like the “hipster” style, this article might be for you. It has a strong leather upper, tolerating every movement of your foot on a daily basis without wrinkling. It doesn’t tear with the slightest friction either. As for its interior, this model has a rubberized sole. This brings strength and lightness at the same time.

Added to this is a flat heel and an anti-slip system to prevent slipping. In addition, you can buy it for sports such as skateboarding or a similar sport.

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We don’t forget to mention that this model has a textile lining. Note that this prevents your skin from reddening or developing blisters from rubbing against it. The contact is soft. Your feet will be comfortable even if it is hot, because the air will circulate well. Especially since the average width of these shoes limits the tightening at the toes.


Durable Upper: The bulk of these sneakers is made of sturdy leather against tearing. It is therefore not afraid of rapid wear.

Affordable: If you’re budget- conscious enough for clothing, you can still order these cool and inexpensive sneakers.

Rubber sole: It follows every movement of the foot. The underside of the shoes does not slip.

Suitable for skateboarding: This product, due to its characteristics, is suitable for this kind of sport if you like to practice it.


Skimpy Finish: One person pointed out that the details on this model leave a little to be desired.

Vans Unisex-Adult Sk8-hi¿ Core Classics

What are the best Vans shoes on the market? To answer this question, we offer you this model of old school sneakers from this famous brand. Its timeless style gives you a casual and classic look in all circumstances, whether you are 20 or 50 years old. You could, among other things, match it with destroyed blue jeans during your walks.

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You don’t notice much of the stains on this all-black item. This is great if you don’t have the time to maintain it regularly. Its suede and textile upper is also suitable for all feet.

These sneakers easily match the morphology of the latter. So you won’t feel like you’re squeezing in and will enjoy comfortable sneakers wherever you go. And if you ever feel pressure again, just adjust the laces.


Timeless Design: The aesthetic of this old school pair blends with all styles of clothing. It gives a classic edge to the way you dress.

Easy Maintenance: If you accidentally get the black top dirty or walked on, it won’t show much. You will not then have to go home and change.

Comfortable carrying : Suede and textile are soft in contact with the skin. You can adjust the tightness level via the laces.


Sensitive toe area : This area remains quite fragile against various scratches.

Vans Men’s Low-top Trainers

How to choose the best Vans shoes of 2021? By taking a look at their design. Designed to give a classic style to your little ones, this model from the Vans vintage brand stands out above all for its white coloring with the famous line on the sides, characteristic of the brand since its launch. Your toddlers won’t be wearing out its tough and durable canvas anytime soon.

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Vans Mens Bishop (F14 Textile) Skateboarding Shoes...
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The article will not tighten the feet of your children during trips, hikes or why not to learn to skate thanks to its lace-up system and its comfortable shape. Moreover, this model remains a real icon in this discipline with the boom it experienced during the 1970s.

Especially since it harmonizes with various colors and suits different styles of clothing. It will also give a “kawaii” aspect to the youngest for all occasions.


Resistant: The manufacturer wanted to develop the synthetic upper so that the shoes last for a long time.

Beautiful aesthetics: Vans sneakers being recognized for their pleasant appearance, this article has design and appreciable features.

Comfortable: The size of these sneakers corresponds to the feet of the kitties. They do not tighten when put on.

Versatile: This model is suitable for all occasions and will accompany your little one everywhere in his travels.


Frequent cleaning required: White in color, this pair easily shows stains.

Vans Unisex Lady Sk8-Hi Sneaker

This Vans ERA model is directly inspired by the famous pairs that revolutionized shoes between the 70s and 80s. It has, among other things, a canvas upper characterized by the presence of two distinct colors. The front in pastel purple and the rest in white form a stylish mix of shades.

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The product incorporates a textile lining that will not inconvenience you even if you wear it all day. The flat heel gives you a certain balance. Underneath, it has a non-slip system improving its stability, especially if you practice skateboarding.

The laces will allow you to adjust the tightness to your needs, especially after you’ve walked a bit and felt your feet swell. Without forgetting the fact that these shoes will give you an irreproachable style combining the classic side and the sobriety. You are now advised on where to buy the best Vans shoes around.


Original design : This pair of Vans ERA has the authentic and pleasant lines that have made the reputation of the brand.

Textile lining : It limits pressure and gives more comfort. In addition, you will easily adjust them.

Good balance : The flat heel as well as the non-slip waffle underside directly influence the stability.

Appreciable casual aspect: This model remains a great classic from Vans and will bring you a relaxed style. It is sold in an infinite number of patterns and colors to fill your wardrobe and adapt to your moods.


Tight Feet Feel: Wearing them new will make you feel like they are a bit tight , but it does pass over time.

Vans Unisex Authentic Solid Canvas Skateboard Sneakers

If you want to have a comfortable and practical pair of sneakers, we offer you this article appearing in our price comparison. This model has an innovative style appreciated for its lightness. It is made of canvas on the top thus reducing its weight. Its variation would also appeal to those who like sneakers in cheerful colors.

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And like all classic pairs, this one features a rubberized underside with a waffle look. This of course affects its stability and limits the risk of falls since it adheres effectively to the ground.

As for the soles, removable, they simplify cleaning from time to time. Its sober design and vintage aesthetic will give you an irreproachable allure as street dress or during trips with friends.


Pleasant Colors: The color mix pairs well with white, jeans, and any selection of clothing.

Rubber Bottom: This material only wears out after a long time even if you wear them every day.

Removable soles: You can remove them to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of these sneakers as needed.

Authentic style: This model has the characteristic features of the famous ERA range from Vans suitable for any outfit.


Fairly Tight: One user claims these pairs would not be suitable for wide feet, even for the usual shoe size. So take one above.

Vans Women’s Low-Top Trainers Sneaker

Looking at the many offers, one may have some concern in determining how to buy the best value for money Vans shoes. So to make your job easier, we recommend this article. The part below provides good balance even if you are boarding. This is made possible thanks to its sole which easily adheres to the ground and to any type of terrain.

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The dark set minimizes maintenance. Indeed, it stays like nine weeks in a row if you put the item in town. This will make it easy to wash it when needed.

Especially since it adapts to different clothing styles by bringing a casual side to your look. Also remember that if you have fairly wide feet, this model would suit you. Its boat shape gives the foot ballast once inside.


Balanced underside: In this pair you keep good stability, thanks to its sole that grips the ground. You can even wear it for certain sports such as skateboarding.

Convenient maintenance: You will not have a problem with cleaning since it does not retain stains or dirt on the top. This will save you unnecessary trouble.

Successful design: This model is suitable for people with wide feet. As it is spacious at head level, they will feel comfortable there.


Quick Wear: A customer reported that these pairs showed signs of wear after just a few weeks.

Vans Men’s Sneaker, OSFA

This model from our comparison has the characteristic lines of the iconic ERA. It therefore presents a sober and simple aesthetic. Even if when it was launched in the 70s, this pair was intended for skateboarders, today anyone can wear it and in all circumstances over a casual, semi-sloppy outfit or even over a tuxedo.

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These sneakers adapt perfectly to urban areas at school, university or even at work. You can loosen the colored laces after having covered kilometers on foot for example. Its waffle-like rubber sole will keep you on your feet even if it is wet or slippery.

It is also suitable for skateboarding, because it curves and follows each movement of your foot without opposing resistance. The upper of these sneakers is made of a well-made canvas with a textile lining so that your feet can breathe in.


Authentic Aesthetics: This model keeps the iconic lines of Vans. It then has an original touch.

Casual Look: By wearing this pair, you will bring a cool and trendy look to your usual dress style.

Versatile use: These sneakers are suitable for skateboarding, but also as a complement to your school or work outfit.

Colorful Laces: They add a more lively side to these sneakers in order to break up the monotony of the dark color.


Fairly Small: This pair would be pretty tight if you put them on right after unwrapping them. It is not suitable for people with wide feet.

Vans Unisex-Adult Sk8-hi¿ Core Classics

This model of Vans for boys has a young and cool style. It presents the ERA shapes, a true icon in the field of footwear. Therefore, your little one will wear it proudly to school. We also appreciate the mixture of colors of this product.

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The upper part shows different shades characterized by a blue Denim dress with its brown laces. It won’t take long to find clothes to match this pair every day. The designers incorporated a non-slip sole on these sneakers. If your toddler is a skateboarder, this model will adapt to his needs.

As for the resistant canvas, it helps to prevent rapid wear or holes in the toes typical of other models of shoes. It also gives some durability to this item. And to avoid any inconvenience, we advise you to check your little one’s shoe size before ordering.


Beautiful design: This model is inspired by the famous ERA from every angle. It has a pleasant look for the youngest.

Attractive Colors: The various shades featured on this pair pair well with multiple clothing combinations. You will look cooler with it.

Grippy sneakers: The underside as well as the sole provide good balance, whether on a board or on the ground.

Resistant canvas: It remains in good condition despite frequent washing and daily use.


Tighten a little at the beginning: You have to get your toddler used to wearing it even if the pair compress it at the level of the feet when unpacking.

Purchase guide

Although we are faced with the best brand of shoes, Vans, if we look at the millions of copies sold around the world, we still have to identify certain points in order to find the ideal pair for us. . This prevents you from spending your money unnecessarily. Here are some selection criteria to recognize the best performing pairs.

The model, size and material

This buying guide to the best Vans shoes will save you time figuring out the perfect pair. You should know that these sneakers are divided into two main categories. You will find for example the “old skool” models, yes, we say old skool and not “old school”. These stand out for their flat appearance with a white line on the sides. If you like vintage pairs, we recommend them.

To the same extent, there are the famous “ERA” which have a more sober top. The latter appeared a few years after the old skools and are still popular today. They will suit you if you prefer lightness.

It is also possible to find so-called “hipster” models. Even if they do not turn out to be as well known as the first two categories, some people like them especially for their atypical side.

Regarding the size, know that these sneakers come in various sizes. For example, there are pairs suitable for children (boys or girls) and adults. The brand offers variants specially designed for both lady and gentleman with various colors.

Regarding the material, Vans makes shoes in canvas and leather. If we had to compare them, the former are more comfortable when you wear them thanks to the breathable fabric. As for leather goods, they survive the years better.

Non-slip property, sturdiness and ease of maintenance

It should be noted that these sneakers had their golden age at the beginning of the 70s thanks to skateboarding. Moreover, several skateboarders put this sign on a pedestal. His creations are indeed recognized for their adhesion to a board or to the ground. We recommend products with rubberized and embossed soles. This system will make your sneakers non-slip. Do not neglect this factor especially if you want to have a model adapted to this discipline.

Where to buy new Vans shoes? On a trusted site such as Amazon for example. In your quest, always remember that toughness is also very important. And if you don’t want to have nasty surprises when putting them on, look for items that aren’t ready to tear. Indeed, the poor quality elements give way easily, especially at the toes. You will thus have sneakers that meet your longevity expectations.

You should also go for sneakers that are easy to maintain. In other words, prefer dark colored models if you are often overbooked. Their cleaning will not be restrictive and you will enjoy great pairs at all times.

The comfort and the price

Can’t decide on the best Vans shoes out of all these offers ? To answer them, do not neglect the comfort of carrying your next pair of sneakers. We offer models with a textile lining.

This type of fabrication remains favorable and limits foot pain and profuse sweating. At the same time, note that a light sole is more pleasant to put on. Also, remember that it won’t stick to your socks during intense physical activity. It will give you a better experience.

For the price, Vans shoes are generally worth around 40 to 220 euros. Of course, this figure varies depending on the quality of manufacture, and the materials used. Last recommendation, do not be tempted to buy an item just because it has a low cost compared to others. Instead, invest in a durable pair even if it is expensive.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Where are Vans shoes made?

The Vans brand is of American origin and its factories were located in California around the 1930s. Later, with the economic boom and the presence of cheaper labor in Asia, there are now several manufacturing locations. For example, we cite China and Vietnam, two countries where most rentals are concentrated. But we find it in Indonesia or Korea. Their production remains lower compared to the two previous locations.

Q2: How do I tie my Vans shoes?

There are several techniques. One of the best known remains the intersection of laces. To do this, simply slip its two ends into the first eyelets and repeat the same process until the last hole. Some people also prefer to do a ladder or straight lacing. Skateboarders in a hurry to get to the park immobilize them inside just between the tongue and the top of the foot to avoid tripping while skateboarding.

Q3: How are Vans shoes size?

It should be noted that these sneakers follow normal measures and standards in the field. In order to find the correct size for your feet, we advise you to refer to the conversion table given by the brand. Indeed, each producer country establishes its own costing system. Concretely, the words “34.5 EU” correspond to “2.5 UK Male” or “3.5 UK Female” and so on.

Q4: How to clean Vans shoes?

Start by removing the laces and submerge them in soapy water. Once they get wet, take a brush and scrub them to remove dust. Then tackle the sneakers. Treat all parts alike, especially the rubberized underside and light areas. If the dirt persists, you can use a stain remover to get rid of it. Remember to do the same indoors, as this will also help you avoid bad smells. Finally, rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry for a long time.

Q5: How to enlarge Vans shoes?

These tips and advice will help you widen your sneakers that press your feet after exertion or because you have chosen the wrong size. First, fill a few bags used for freezing. Close them tightly. After that, place them on the very inside of your sneakers and on the area to be enlarged. Pack everything in a clean bag and put it back in the freezer overnight. The intense cold will then transform the liquid into a solid element (ice) which will exert a certain pressure on your pairs. The next day you will notice that they will be better suited.

Q6: How to dye Vans shoes?

We recommend that you do a light wash before proceeding. To do this, soak your sneakers in a sink or tub filled with clean water and a little bleach for about 20 minutes. You will have a more suitable base for the new paint. After drying, you can immerse them in a colored mixture (of your choice). Do not forget to protect the areas that you would like to keep as is, such as the edges or the underside of your pairs, with tape. Take them out and rinse with cold liquid, then allow to air dry.

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