10 Best Treadmills For zwift [2022]

Hertz Basic is a treadmill recommended for people who want to slim their figure and sculpt muscles, but do not have time to regularly go to the gym. This equipment is powerful and enables intensive training. Its advantage is that the angle of inclination of the running belt can be adjusted.

In addition, the treadmill is robust and easy to handle, and should not take up a lot of room in the room. The Insportline Sprynkl IN5547 device is also popular .

It has wheels in the base, which allows it to be quickly moved to another place. The equipment works quietly. It has 8 levels of load, as a result of which we can decide on the intensity of exercise ourselves.

10 Best Treadmills For zwift [Our editors Choice]

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10 Best Treadmills For zwift [2022]

A good treadmill will help you lose weight if you can’t run outside your home. To give you a better insight into what you can find in sports stores, we have compiled a treadmill ranking. Descriptions of the most interesting devices can be found below.

1. NordicTrack T Series Treadmill 

Hertz Basic is a 71 cm x 153 cm x 130 cm treadmill, and its weight is approximately 50 kg. The power of the presented equipment is 2 KM, which allows for long and intense workouts.

Users praise the fact that the treadmill does not generate loud sounds that could disturb the training, household or other training participants during exercise. The presented running treadmill ensures safe training due to the use of a safety key.

The model is equipped with a string that can be pulled on in case of collapse. Pulling on it will cause the treadmill to stop immediately. The ability to change the angle of the treadmill is appreciated, so you can simulate an uphill run. There are 3 degrees of inclination.

The treadmill handles have built-in sensors that allow you to control your heart rate. Therefore, training may turn out to be more effective. Rubber pads, or elastomers that act as the main part of the treadmill, are well cushioned, so running on them is comfortable and the risk of injury is low.

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The running surface measures 41 cm x 120 cm. Noteworthy are the wide side tracks on which you can stand while setting up the computer, and rest during training. It is worth adding that people who train often praise the treadmill belt, which is resistant to abrasion.

Hardware display is clear and operation is easy. The treadmill allows users to choose 1 out of 12 programs to suit their abilities. An additional advantage is the possibility of folding the device vertically, so it is easy to store

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill

For those looking for a proven treadmill, we recommend the Insportline Sprynkl IN5547, one of the most popular models. The equipment meets certain standards, so you can be sure of your safety during training. The product dimensions are 138 cm x 65 cm x 129 cm. It is a magnetic treadmill that runs very smoothly.

The device is equipped with a computer with which you can change various operating parameters. The LCD display is clear, and on its screen you can check information on speed, time, calories burned and distance traveled. The model also measures the pulse.

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What users like the most is that this magnetic treadmill is equipped with wheels that make it easy to transport. The load on the device has 8 levels and can be adjusted depending on the condition of the user. The treadmill can be folded up and hidden so it won’t take up space around your home when you’re not training.

The weight of the model is 28 kg. In turn, the maximum weight of the trainee is 100 kg. The dimensions of the running belt are 105 cm x 37 cm. It is worth adding that the device is solidly constructed. The trainees find the treadmill comfortable and, most importantly, quiet, which makes them very happy.

3. Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill 

The Urbogym V520 home treadmill is a product eagerly chosen by buyers. Its dimensions are: Length – 153 cm, width – 70 cm and height – 120 cm.

The running belt measures 115 cm x 42 cm and is covered with a non-slip coating that guarantees safety during training. The device can withstand loads of up to 130 kg. The maximum engine power is 3 HP.

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The user can easily adjust the speed of the treadmill in the range from 0.8 to 15 km / h (change every 0.1 km / h). All relevant training data are shown on the LCD display: time, speed, calories, distance and heart rate. Noteworthy is the Physical Test (FAT) function that allows you to enter information about gender, height, age and weight.

The presented treadmill has many advantages and therefore the opinions about it are very good. The equipment is equipped with touch sensors that measure the pulse. Another advantage is the telescopic folding and unfolding system.

4. Nautilus Treadmill T616

When looking for a running treadmill, check out the Domyos T540C. It is an affordable and solidly constructed device. After folding, the equipment takes up little space, its dimensions are then: 130 cm x 67 cm x 17 cm. The running surface is relatively large (40 cm x 100 cm), which translates into greater training comfort.

This treadmill from the Decathlon store allows you not only to run, but also to walk calmly. The speed of the device can be easily adjusted in the range from 0.5 to 8 km / h. The engine and electronic parts have been well tested (at least 600 h) to ensure reliability of the equipment offered. The user can track the distance traveled so far, speed, number of steps and calories burned.

People who use this sports equipment on a daily basis are satisfied with its quality. The PAUSE function turns out to be extremely useful, as it allows you to stop training without losing information about it. The treadmill works relatively quietly, which increases comfort during exercise.

5. UREVO 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill

In this comparison, the Kettler Alpha Run 20 treadmill with a running surface of 182 cm x 85.5 cm had to be included. The device has an efficient 2.5 HP engine. The 13.2 cm x 8.5 cm LCD display allows easy access to training information, it is easy to read and can be adjusted.

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The treadmill offers 12 heart rate-controlled training programs and 5 interval programs. The device works with the KETTMaps application, which has over 120,000 realistic video routes. This sports equipment has numerous amenities such as: A fan, a speaker, a smartphone holder and a safety key.

The Kettler Alpha Run 20 treadmill is recommended both for people who want to start their adventure with sports and for advanced runners. The equipment is appreciated by users for its great capabilities, easy operation and accuracy of measurements.

6. OMA Treadmills 

We recommend your product in mind, which is the treadmill HMS BE4545 designed for users weighing up to 110 kg. The weight of the device is 46 kg. The dimensions of the running belt are: Width – 45 cm and length – 128 cm. When unfolded, the treadmill measures: 150 cm x 76 cm x 159 cm.

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This sports equipment will meet the expectations of people who want to exercise intensively in the comfort of their home. The running belt has special shock absorbers that protect against excessive strain on the joints during training. The device works relatively quietly, even at a maximum speed of 14 km / h. It’s worth knowing that you can attach a telemetry belt to the treadmill.

What opinions do buyers give about the product? Most people share the opinion that HMS BE4545 is a high-quality treadmill that ensures comfort and safety during exercise. The advantages of this equipment are that it has transport wheels at the base and a place to put a mobile device. The possibility of folding the treadmill is also an advantage.

7. Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Space Saving Treadmill

VidaXl Mini 93 X 36 Cm is a good and cheap treadmill with adjustable feet. Raising the front legs creates an angle for running, which makes it more difficult. This is an option for advanced runners who want to significantly increase their leg muscle mass. The treadmill is easy to assemble in no more than a few minutes. After the equipment is completely folded, it is possible to lift the running belt up. This way, the device does not take up much space when you are not using it.

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The frame is made of steel. Many people find it solid and you don’t have to worry that it will be damaged by the user. Runners like the running belt, which is lined with non-slip material, which makes it safe. This mechanical treadmill has a fairly interesting variable speed option, and the way it works is that the running belt speeds up as the user starts running faster. This way you can easily control the speed.

The weight of the equipment is 14 kg, and a treadmill test has shown that moving it from place to place is not a problem. The device has 2 additional wheels to facilitate this. The maximum load of the model is 100 kg. The overall dimensions are 100 cm x 53 cm x 105 cm, and the dimensions of the tape are 93 cm x 36 cm.

8. XTERRA Fitness TRX3500 Folding Treadmill

Our list includes the Insportline Incondi T40I, a 2.5 HP treadmill for intense exercise. Many people note the exceptionally large belt. Its dimensions are 130 cm x 46 cm.

Running on such a large belt is comfortable and leaves a lot of freedom. The load capacity of the equipment is 120 kg, so even well-established people can use it.

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Users appreciate the model for its security. If you feel faint, you can pull the string, which is a safety lock. Pulling it causes the whole mechanism to stop immediately, and you have a moment to breathe.

The device is equipped with a holder in which you can insert a receiver from which you can watch a movie or listen to music, thus making your training more pleasant. Interestingly, this folding treadmill can be controlled by a remote control with a joystick, which makes it easy to operate.

The model has a backlit LCD display. The information it contains can be crucial for the continuation and control of the exercise. The display shows heart rate, distance, time and calories burned.

There are no buttons next to the display, all parameters, e.g. the speed of the treadmill, can be set with the remote control. Users like the fact that the angle of the running belt can be changed – up to 12%.

9. ADVENOR Treadmill Motorized Treadmill

The Hertz Fitness Electra S60 treadmill has a 1.25hp motor. The speed is widely adjustable from 1 to 12 km / h. The running belt dimensions are as follows: 40 cm x 118.5 cm. This sports equipment is recommended for beginners and advanced users weighing up to 110 kg.

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The Hertz treadmill has interesting training programs that allow you to achieve better results. There are sensors for measuring the pulse on the handles.

The user has access, among others for information on the number of calories burned. The treadmill has an adjustable incline angle. Useful additions are two small shelves and a phone stand.

When you follow the comments that appear about the device, you can see that it is recommended by others. Its popularity is mainly due to its high-quality workmanship, functionality and easy operation. The possibility of folding the treadmill is also important, thus saving space in the room.

10. York Fitness T646 G treadmill

Do you want to be able to do intense workouts at home? You don’t like going to the gym? If you like running and want to improve your condition, the York Fitness T646 G treadmill might be of interest to you. These are high-quality sports equipment that offers varied training programs and allows you to use the FitShow application.

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The dimensions of the device are: 186 cm x 75 cm x 135 cm. The top speed is 20 km / h. Working parameters can be easily regulated and adapted to your needs and condition. The treadmill has touch sensors that accurately measure your heart rate.

If necessary, you can connect the equipment to the telemetry belt. The Aircushion system is responsible for the absorption of vibrations.

The use of this treadmill is safe because it uses numerous solutions, e.g. non-slip rails. Users also like the fact that an MP3 player can be easily connected to the equipment. The comfort of training is guaranteed by, among others bottle holder and mobile device.

11. UMAY Portable Treadmill 

The weather failed, and you set yourself up for morning jogging? Nothing is lost, because with the Urbogym electric treadmill your training is always possible.

The device will allow you to burn unnecessary fat and improve your condition without leaving your home. Thanks to the built-in speakers and the AUX input, you can combine business with pleasure. The ability to connect a phone will allow you to additionally relax with your favorite music during exercise.

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The use of a modern engine with a maximum power of 3.00 HP enables quiet operation of the device. For greater comfort and convenience of the user, the manufacturer has used a large, easy-to-read LCD display, on which we can find information about the current time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned and pulse during exercise.

It should be noted that the equipment is equipped with a modern lifting system, so when folded, the space occupied is small, as it takes up less than 1 m 2 .

Consumers are satisfied with their purchase. They express positive opinions on the functionality of the equipment and the materials used in the production. The quiet operation of the device, which does not interfere with training, is also appreciated.

The Urbogym V515 treadmill weighs 32 kg, and the maximum user weight during training is 120 kg. The equipment allows you to reach speeds of up to 12 km / h.

Bluefin Fitness KICK 2.0 Innovative High-Speed Folding Treadmill 

The ranking presents the York Fitness T451G treadmill with 33 training programs. The equipment will not only diversify your exercises, but also take care of your health.

With the help of appropriate transport rollers, we can fold and unfold the device, as well as move the device to any place we choose. The treadmill is suitable for the most demanding athletes as it has an incline angle of up to 15 degrees and a maximum speed of 20 km / h.

The presented model has a built-in LCD display that allows you to control time and calories burned. The applied A ircushion cushioning system turns out to be very helpful , preventing vibrations harmful to the user. During training, we can listen to our favorite music, because the equipment has all the necessary functions, such as: Audio player, built-in speakers, and a Jack connector.

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Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Space Saving Treadmill,...
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Users appreciate the presented model and express positive opinions about it. They praise the treadmill for convenient and comfortable training and for the possibility of easy assembly. They claim that it is a very good way to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

The York Fitness treadmill T451G has a 1.5 HP motor. Its speed range is 1-2 km / h. The dimensions of the device after setting up are: 194 cm x 88 cm x 144 cm, its weight is 79 kg.

13. RUNOW Folding Treadmill

The Hertz Vario Pro treadmill is also noteworthy, with the help of which we can create a small gym at home. Equipped with modern amenities and original design, it will provide you with comfortable and safe training.

The treadmill is equipped with a high-class fan and speed and incline control on the handle. The treadmill has a motor capable of reaching 22 km / h.

Modern equipment has as many as 55 built-in training programs, which allows you to choose the right one for your physical fitness. The LCD display will inform us about the current parameters, such as: Distance, calories burned or pulse and time.

The equipment allows you to increase the angle of inclination up to 20 degrees. To make the training not boring, the manufacturer used the Jack input in the equipment, allowing you to listen to your favorite music during exercise.

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People who purchased the presented model are satisfied with the decision made. They appreciate the easy operation and modern design of the treadmill. The engine used in the device works quietly and does not cause discomfort during training.

The Hertz Vario Pro1 treadmill has a top speed of 22 km / h. The dimensions of the running belt are 141 cm x 51 cm. The largest weight of a training user can be a maximum of 155 kg.

14. ANCHEER Treadmill 

If you are looking for a home treadmill that is compact and affordable, we recommend the Energetic Body W200 to your attention. The device measures 120 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm. The equipment can be easily folded so that its storage is much easier.

The model is mains powered. The power of the device is 600 W and its weight is 26 kg. The maximum load for the treadmill is 110 kg. The user can adjust the speed of the Energetic Body W200 in the range from 1 km / h to 10 km / h (depending on the level of advancement and expected results).

The device is equipped with an LCD screen, which displays information on the distance traveled, calories burned and duration of training.

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Energetic Body W200 is a treadmill recommended by many consumers. According to users, the model will meet the expectations of beginners and intermediate users. The device is solidly constructed and easy to use.

The Energetic Body W200 home treadmill weighs 26 kg and its dimensions are as follows: 120 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm. The speed of the device is adjustable from 1 km / h to 10 km / h.

Buying guide – What treadmill to buy?

Training on a treadmill allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms, as well as increase muscle mass and the body’s efficiency. With such equipment at home, we can exercise at any time, even in unfavorable weather.

We will tell you which treadmill to choose and what you need to pay special attention to when shopping. All the necessary information can be found below in the guide.

Electric or mechanical?

The two most common types of treadmill are electric and mechanical, or magnetic. What makes them different is, first of all, the way they work and the price. We will pay less for a mechanical device. It has no motor, the running belt is set in motion by the pressure of the feet.

This is the right model for a slower recreational run. Initially, using the magnetic treadmill is a bit difficult, but after a few trainings you should already get to practice. However, it is worth emphasizing that it is a simple device, so it does not have many functions and a wide range of regulation, e.g. load.

In this respect, the electric treadmill, which is driven by the built-in motor, is better. We can precisely set the speed of the running belt and adjust the training intensity to our own needs.

These types of devices have several exercise programs to choose from, with different angles of the waistband. Electrical equipment is more expensive, but at the same time well adapted to the needs of more athletic people.

In stores, we can also find anti-gravity treadmills. These are modern models that are used mainly in fitness clubs (due to the high price). They allow the body to be significantly relieved during exercise, so we can run a longer distance. People returning to training after an injury can easily exercise on anti-gravity equipment.

Engine power

If we decide to buy an electrical device, we must check the engine power. Usually it is from 2 HP to 7.5 HP. The more powerful the equipment, the more intense the training can be. The best treadmill for a little tiring jog or walk should have low power, a 2 HP model is enough.

Running belt

A treadmill that is too narrow will not provide a comfortable workout and you have to bear this in mind. The size of the running belt must match our height. Its width should be at least 30 cm, and the optimal length is in the range from 100 cm to 170 cm. Often times, you can change the angle of the treadmill to imitate running on a hill.

This allows you to carve the muscles of the buttocks, not just the legs. It is very important that the running belt is made of a material with non-slip properties. This increases our safety during training and minimizes the risk of injuries.

Running speed

As already mentioned, the motorized treadmill allows you to change the maximum running speed. The scope should be as wide as possible so that each of the household members can exercise with the appropriate intensity. Usually, the minimum speed is about 0.5 km / h (walking), and the maximum is even 25 km / h (very fast run).

Maximum load

Before deciding what the best treadmill is, it’s worth weighing up. Thus, we will find out what the maximum load on the equipment should be.

The load capacity of this type of equipment varies, it can be 80 kg, 110 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg or 200 kg. Do not subject the treadmill to excessive and prolonged stress, as this may damage the treadmill.


It is often heard that running is not the right form of physical activity for everyone. Bad preparation, incorrect foot placement or the selection of uncomfortable footwear are often the cause of joint problems. However, this does not apply to treadmill workouts, especially if they are cushioned.

A special system dampens vibrations and shocks felt by the joints, which increases the comfort of exercise, and at the same time guarantees a feeling of good kick and allows you to reduce energy losses.

Dimensions and weight

Where we set it depends on the overall dimensions of the treadmill. If we already have a planned place where we will lay the equipment, we should measure its area. Then it will be unlikely that we will buy a model that is too large. In a situation where even a relatively small treadmill can significantly limit the free space in the room, we can look for a foldable device.

They are unfolded only during training, then they can be hidden so that they do not disturb the household members. We also cannot forget to check the weight of the equipment. Even though a heavier treadmill is more difficult to move, it provides greater stability. As standard, these devices weigh several dozen kilograms.


The computer, also known as the console, shows basic training data, such as: distance traveled, speed, calories burned and time, and sometimes also the pulse. More advanced treadmills provide access to training programs of varying intensity. The computer display should be large and legible, it can be illuminated.

Additional Features

Increasingly, equipment such as treadmills are equipped with additional, useful functions. These are, for example, connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, pairing with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, the ability to connect an MP3 player and airflow to cool down during intense training.

A device with a precise pulse sensor (for example, a chest strap attached) often has the HRC function, which adjusts the running speed to the current heart rate.

Treadmills at good prices

Small treadmills, especially magnetic ones, are not too expensive. The price for such equipment ranges from $ 300 to $1000. We will spend much more on the purchase of an electrical device offered by a well-known brand, because it costs a minimum of $ 2,000 on average.

However, more important than the price of the treadmill should be its reliability, ease of use as well as safety and comfort of use.


Q1: Electric or magnetic treadmill?

The electric treadmill requires power to be supplied to the motor, which in turn drives the belt. The magnetic model is set in motion by the strength of our muscles. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages, and which model we choose depends primarily on our expectations.

In the case of electric treadmills, we have the option to force the pace of running, i.e. after selecting a given speed, we have to run at a certain pace. With magnetic treadmills, the pace slows down as we lose strength.

On the one hand, this can be a problem for beginner runners, but it can also be a challenge and an advantage for advanced runners. Magnetic treadmills put more stress on the joints. Cushioning systems are more common in electric versions.

Q2: Treadmill or cross trainer?

The choice of an exercise device depends on our expectations and the required effects. The elliptical is recommended for people who are just starting to train or have had a long break in training and decided to come back to them.

It is also a good option for people who have little time, because all parts of the body can be exercised at once. We should choose a device if we do not like running and overload our muscles.

A treadmill will be a better solution for those who are preparing for a marathon and like workouts where we make natural movements. It will also work better if you want to burn a large amount of calories.

Q3: What are the effects of treadmill training?

Treadmill training is very effective. First of all, it strengthens and firms the calves and buttocks, as well as the quadriceps muscles of the thighs and arms. Regular training contributes to the proper mobility of joints, strengthens the heart and improves blood circulation, as well as lowers blood pressure.

People who use the treadmill frequently are less likely to experience heart attacks and strokes, and may also enjoy better lung function.

During 60 minutes of running, we can burn as much as 900 calories, which with daily training will translate into a loss of about 4 kilograms a month. Running oxygenates the body, thanks to which we have more energy and feel much better.

Q4: How much is the treadmill?

The price of the treadmill depends on which model you choose. Mechanical models are much cheaper than electric versions. We will buy a good-quality device for around $500. Slightly more advanced models, made of more solid materials, cost about $1,000.

Electric treadmills are definitely more expensive. Mid-range equipment from Chinese manufacturers, partly made of plastic, costs about $1,000. Many people decide to buy such a device, but over time they are disappointed with their choice.

However, the high price does not always match the quality. In order to purchase a solid device that will serve us for several years, we must pay attention primarily to the performance and parameters.

Q5: How do I lubricate my treadmill?

Lubricating the treadmill is one of the basic steps in treadmill maintenance and can help extend the life of your treadmill. The purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction between the running belt and the table it is in contact with. Silicone grease, available in liquid or spray, will work best.

Avoid using preparations based on oils or chemicals as they may damage the running belt. First, clean the space between the belt and the top.

Then lift the belt and apply a small amount of grease to the center of the running surface. To distribute the preparation, start the treadmill and walk on it for about 5 minutes at the lowest speed.

How to train on a treadmill?

Now that you’ve found out which treadmill is recommended and you’ve chosen the best device, it’s time to find out how to exercise to achieve the best results. In this section of the article, we present some practical tips for effective treadmill training.

Completing an outfit and shoes

Before we start training on the treadmill, we should complete the appropriate outfit and shoes. Clothing must be comfortable and not restrict movement.

It is worth getting thermal clothing that wicks sweat away and thus improves the comfort of exercise. The right footwear is essential for good cushioning. A towel for wiping sweat from the forehead and a water bottle are also useful.

Warm up and end your workout

Each treadmill workout should consist of three stages: warm-up, running, and relaxation. We should devote about 20% of training to the first and last stage.

As part of the warm-up, we can walk at the lowest speed of the treadmill or perform standard exercises such as bends or squats. Slow walking is also recommended at the end of training.

Running belt activation

The running belt should be running before getting on the treadmill and starting exercise. Beginner runners often make the mistake of starting the device after getting on the device.

However, we should first stand on the feet on the sides of the running belt, and then run the machine at the lowest speed, which we gradually increase during training, so that during the initial, sudden movement, there is no accident.

How do I run?

Run in the middle of the belt and do not keep your feet too close to the side edges. In this way, we will maintain the full range of movements and we will be able to take steps of a natural length.

In addition, running in this way provides good cushioning, thanks to which we do not cause unnecessary stress in the shoulders, neck and back.

We should also remember to keep an upright figure. We do not look at our feet or at the display, because we tense our muscles unnecessarily. In this position, we stop tearing our feet off the running belt, because the treadmill “throws” our legs back. It is best to look at a point at eye level.

Some people take care not to stick to the handles while running. They are intended to assist with getting on and off the device. However, if you want to keep your pulse under control, it is indispensable.

Also, don’t forget to set the right angle of inclination. If we want to run in conditions that resemble training in the bosom of nature, we can set up a running belt “uphill”. For beginners, it is best to start your workout with a 1% to 4% slope. It is inadvisable to set the slope higher than 8% as it increases the risk of injury.

Staging the effort

During training, it is important to graduate the effort, so we should always start and end it with a walk. If we are just starting the treadmill exercise, feel free to stop running as well.

Remember to control the pulse. To measure it, put both hands on the pulse sensors and the result will appear on the display after 5 seconds. However, the result is inaccurate, so you should have your own heart rate monitor.

Water and variety

During training, you need to keep your body properly hydrated. Two hours before the exercise, drink 2 glasses of water, 15 minutes before half a glass, and during the exercise, reach for the fluid at 20-minute intervals.

Let’s also take care of variety. It is a good idea to listen to your favorite music or change the slope of the running belt frequently.

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