10 Best Swimming Goggles Of 2022

Swimming goggles are essential accessories when swimming in the pool or in the sea. They allow you to see clearly underwater without hurting your eyes. It is currently easy to know where to buy the best swimming goggles, given the large number of stores that carry them.

It is still important to learn about the product itself before buying it. But in case you are wondering how to choose the best swimming goggles of 2021, then there are a few things you should emphasize especially the size, material of manufacture, as well as the design.

However, we’ve put together this buying guide to help you find the right ones for you. Without forgetting to propose the models judged as being the best currently as it is the case of theArena Cobra Tri Mirror Mixed Pool Goggles whose quality is demonstrated by its anti-fog design or its panoramic vision.

From the same brand, the Arena Zoom X-fit / 92404 Swimming goggles is a hypoallergenic pair, and which may be suitable for the most sensitive.

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10 Best Swimming Goggles (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Wearing swimming goggles is the only way to enjoy the dives in the pool without having your eyes completely damaged afterwards. For professionals, it is a necessary and even mandatory equipment for all competitions, small or large. If you too want to find your pair then here are some models that may be able to convince you.

OMID Swim Goggles

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Some swimming goggles have been exclusively designed for the practice of Triathlon. This mixed model was precisely designed to be suitable for any use, and to adapt to people demanding in terms of quality. Tinted yellow in color, the glasses are as strong as they are wide. In addition, the shocks will not be felt and you can swim freely without having any unpleasant sensations. This is mainly due to the Japanese TPE skirt integrated into the product.

Swimming Goggles, OMID Polarized Swim Goggles, Anti-Fog No...
  • 【Polarized Swimming Goggles】--OMID swim goggles featured with polarized lens, enhance color...
  • 【Anti-fog & Wider Clear View】--The adults swim goggles inner surface of the lens has an advanced...

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In addition, the mirrored lens design allows you to experience panoramic vision for increased visibility during your competitions. Depending on your head measurement, the elastic support can be adjusted at will on this accessory. Ditto for the nose bridge, because there are 3 sizes available to ensure better stability. For better condition during your runs, this tool has been fitted with a channelizer for rapid water dispersion, not to mention the anti-fog property.


Precise : The panoramic view offered by the mirror glass is relatively practical. This option is also very useful for swimming pool practitioners.

Adjustable : Some items of this model can be adjusted manually. In this way, these glasses will be adapted and hug your head perfectly, for optimal comfort.

Lens quality : The lenses used in this model have several qualities useful for professional and intensive swimming: they are anti-fog, protected against UV rays and offer crystal-clear vision.


Durability of some parts : Some users complain about the deterioration of the protective rubber after daily use of the product.

The Friendly Swede 2 Pack Swim Goggles

Relatively stable, these swimming goggles are known to be very ergonomic. Its design avoids any risk of allergies, and they can be worn by any size. Not to mention that the pair was designed by a renowned brand in the world of swimming.

The Friendly Swede Protective Swim Goggles for Women and Men...
  • ✅ ANTI FOG PROTECTION: The lens has anti-fog treatment, is scratch resistant and PVC and latex...
  • ✅ CLEVER DESIGN PROTECTS EYES: Extra wide angle lens for improved visibility, makes goggles...

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Professional or occasional swimmer, this pair does not target any user since it has all the characteristics mixing comfort and efficiency. To satisfy its owner, it is equipped with various protections to keep your eyesight as well as possible.

Therefore, chlorine will no longer be a problem in your eyes if we are to believe the hygienic attributes of the material. And that’s not all, because the water is not likely to infiltrate since the anti-leak system as well as the adjustable supports seem to be operational. And since manufacturers don’t want to do things by halves, they’ve considered outfitting the lenses with UV protection.


Ergonomic : For guaranteed comfort during your swimming sessions, this pair can be adjusted according to your convenience and your body type. Its nose bridge is adjustable while its seal is soft.

Anti-UV : If you are bothered by UV rays, you will be happy to know that this model is protected from it, and therefore promises good visibility in the water at all times of the day.

Value for money : These goggles are offered at an affordable price to meet the needs of all types of swimmers.


Pain : According to some users, the nose bridge is quite rigid and leaves marks after prolonged use, and even pain.

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles Speed Socket 2.0

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Having received the approval of the International Swimming Federation, this pair has often been considered the most successful in terms of competitions. For a professional precisely, visibility is a very important criterion and this model has been designed to optimize sight thanks to its hygroscopic lenses.

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles Speed Socket 2.0 ,...
  • HYDRODYNAMIC LENSES: Speedo's widest curved goggle lenses reduce drag and increase panoramic viewing...
  • ANTI-GLARE: Mirrored goggles reduce glare from the water in bright conditions and protect from...

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But still, its hydrodynamic shape makes it possible to beat records in speed. Comfort is not left out on this model thanks to its adjustable strap and its manufacturing materials. These last elements allow this pair of glasses to follow the curves of your face and your head, without leaving marks.

Moreover, the 3D joints of the model make it possible to optimize its tightness, by resting stably on the contours of the eyes. In addition, its lenses benefit from anti-fog and anti-UV protection, in addition to having anti-reflective technology, and a panoramic view. What advantages for a professional swimmer!


Ergonomic : Since it is a competition material, this model is able to offer you great comfort, whether you are a regular or an amateur. This is explained by its patented easily adjustable straps, and the 3 nose bridges that accompany it.

Optimized vision : Your field of vision during your diving sessions will only be improved with Speedo hygroscopic lenses.

Lens quality : The lenses of these glasses are not only protected against reflections and fogs, but also offer a panoramic vision to its user.


Unsuitable for Some Users : Rare users believe this pair might not be suitable for all face shapes.

ZIONOR Swim Goggles

Swimming goggles that perfectly match your face shape are not often found. Malmsten will give it to you! Yes, far from the worries of fragility compared to flexible materials, this Swedish model has metal gaskets. Moreover, the International Swimming Federation has approved the marketing of this model for its qualities.

Swim Goggles, ZIONOR G1 Polarized Swimming Goggles UV...
  • [Special Polarized Lens] - ZIONOR swim goggles featured with polarized lens, provides better eyes...
  • [Comfortable Wearing] - This swimming goggles come with soft and flexible silicone gasket,...

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Professionals are the most interested in the model given its tailor-made design for its user. This model must be mounted manually so that it can perfectly match your facial measurements, so you do not risk being submerged in water.

In addition, the lenses do not retain fog, which will greatly increase your vision during your dives. For more precision, the mirror glass of this model allows to enjoy a good field of vision especially outdoors. And being the most copied swimming goggles in the world, they remain a top choice for the majority of swimmers, without being very expensive in their bill.


Quality : Having received the approval of the Fina, this model is guaranteed in terms of its manufacturing quality, and its durability.

Effective : Your eyes will be safe from harm. Yes, these ultraviolet rays, to which we are often exposed, will not be able to reach your eyes thanks to the protection built into this pair.

Made-to-measure : The model being assembled end to end, you have an opportunity to adjust the pair to perfection so that it can suit you without showing the slightest leak.


Assembly : As the model is delivered in spare parts, its assembly may seem difficult depending on one user to another.

Keary 2 Pack Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

Even in the water, it is important for women to keep a good appearance and therefore to adopt an elegant and stylish accessory. This is exactly what Speedo offers with this special pair of swimming goggles for women. Its shape has been designed differently in order to properly match the shape of the face.

Keary Swim Goggles Pack of 2 Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles for...
  • 🏊‍♂️【Interchangeable Nose Pieces & COMFORTABLE FIT】Come with 3 interchangeable curved...
  • 🏊‍♂️【Anti-Fog & UV Protection】Keary Adult Youth & Kids Goggles' inner lenses are coated...

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Despite this, these glasses do not leave any marks once removed, unlike other models. Not only has the style been improved, but the comfort has also been optimized. Indeed, the materials used including the seals are of maximum softness so that you are at your ease during all the time that you wear it, so much so that you will not even feel that you are wearing a pair of glasses.

Its adjustment is simplified by the pressure setting. Whether you are swimming indoors or outdoors, this model will suit you with its transparent glasses with a great seal and suitable for different situations.


Price : Sold at around twenty euros, it is a model displayed at a very affordable price and which can serve you for a long time, even with frequent use.

Versatile: Indoors in a swimming pool, as outdoors for swimming in the sun, these goggles are quite versatile and adapt to the environment in which they are worn.

Design : Perfectly conforming to the curve of your face after simple adjustments, this model does not let water through and at the same time offers comfort to its users.


Size: Unfortunately, this model is only available in one size.

Aegend 2 Pack Swim Goggles

For those with vision problems, a simple pair of swimming goggles may not be suitable. Be aware that you will need a concealer model like this one which happens to be available in several colors and sizes. At the time of purchase, you will be guided on choosing the most appropriate size (variable from -1.5 to -8).

Aegend 2 Pack Swim Goggles, Swimming Goggles Flat Lenses,...
  • Excellent Clear & Wide Vision! Aegend swim goggles are made of ultra mirror lenses and are designed...
  • Ultra Soft & No Leaking Silicone! Flexible and skin-friendly silicone frame provide maximum comfort...

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Regarding the quality, it is clear that these glasses have a strong resistance against UV and against fog while being foldable. The nose port does not attach and can, depending on the shape of the face, be removed or installed.

As for the myopic lens, it is made with polycarbonate giving good visual quality underwater. Wide headbands also make it easier to adjust the size. Finally, the model is equipped with 2 earplugs which are connected to it and remain comfortable thanks to their flexible design.


Visual quality : The images obtained are clear, approaching the quality of normal glasses for myopic. All with a price that does not deviate from the average.

Practical : For simple storage, these glasses are foldable and according to the shape of your face, its nose bridge is detachable and easily attached.

Design : Just like the color, the size can be selected from a multitude of choices offered and you will even get advice on the appropriate size.


Earplugs : Although they are flexible and waterproof, they do not always stay in place.

Swimming Goggles 2 Pack Anti-fog 

The Speedo Fs3 Elite was made with synthetic plastic. In addition, this article has waterproof 3D seals that allow it to have a perfect airtightness as well as an anti-fog vision. This will make the marks around your eyes less visible.

Swimming Goggles 2 Pack Swim Goggles Anti Fog Goggles Adult...
  • ❤ANTI-FOG & CLEAR VISION: Anti-Fog prevents the condensation of water in the form of small...
  • ❤LEAKPROOF DESIGN & WATERTIGHT: Improved seal leak resistance & excellent suction. Soft memory...

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Having been designed with mirrored lenses, this model will give you excellent eyesight as well as 180 degree peripheral vision. The hydrodynamic design ensures a better breakthrough in the water and allows it to adapt precisely to the face of the wearer. In addition, its nose bridge is interchangeable, so you can replace it in the event that it is damaged.

This product has been endorsed by the International Swimming Federation, being made primarily for junior swimmers. As everyone is on the hunt for the best brand of swimming goggles, according to consumer reviews, the Speedo has provisions to hold this title.


Quality Materials: The glasses were made from synthetic plastic. They are therefore perfectly resistant to shocks and friction.

Hermetic: This product has 3D gaskets ensuring a perfect seal, according to the test carried out by the manufacturer. You will not risk getting water in your eyes, but will also benefit from anti-fog vision.

Convenient: For added convenience, these Speedo goggles also have a replaceable nose bridge. You will therefore be able to install a new one in the event of damage.


Not very durable mirror effect : Some consumers have noticed that the paint to achieve this characteristic was easily removed after a few sessions in the water.

ZABERT 3 Pack Kids Goggles

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If you have myopia, improve your swimming sessions with this model which has been specially designed for users with this sight problem. It is available in different sizes and in different colors, for both children and adults. As for the size which designates the strength for the eye, there are some with very wide Rx ranging from -8 to +8. You can even customize your scope by choosing different strengths for each eye.

ZABERT 3 Pack K20 Kids Swim Goggles, Swimming Goggles for...
1,086 Reviews
ZABERT 3 Pack K20 Kids Swim Goggles, Swimming Goggles for...
  • 3 Pack Kids Swim Goggles , Model ZABERT K20
  • Perfect size for kids age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 years old

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The price varies according to the size selected without in any way exceeding the average price of 20 euros. Also, the nose bridges are divided into 3 sizes according to age in order to be comfortable when worn. Like any other quality swimming goggles, this model is UV and fog resistant. It also has a solid case, but easy to open and close, all accompanied by earplugs.


Price : You might think that having eyeglasses suitable for the swimming pool and the sea would do more harm than good for the wallet, but for this model, its price remains accessible.

Design : The buyer is free to choose any color they like, being able to choose between pink or blue for children and transparent, blue and black for adults.

Efficient: Thanks to its high quality lenses, these swimming goggles offer good visibility to people with myopia.


Not waterproof enough : A few swimmers claim to have reported some leaks while using this pair.

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles 

Like adults, children also deserve quality goggles to wear in the water. This model is mixed and is therefore suitable for little girls as well as little boys, available in the colors blue, yellow, pink or green.

The unique size of these glasses also allows an evolutionary use, because your child can, therefore, enjoy them until their adolescence. Indeed, the strap can be easily adjusted according to the desired support and comfort.

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles Mirrored Vanquisher 2.0
  • Anti-Fog: Lenses resist fogging for clear underwater vision
  • UV Protection: Protects your eyes from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays

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For the manufacture, soft silicone has been chosen for the seal thus offering great comfort when worn. Treated carefully, these goggles do not fog even with prolonged use and are UV 400 resistant. And if you ever encounter situations where fogging forms, simply repeat the treatment using anti-fog spray. And with the help of its treated lenses, your children will be able to enjoy an optimized vision like small fish in the water.


Comfort : To optimize children’s comfort as much as possible, Arena has fitted this pair of glasses with very large lenses that protect against UV rays and prevent fogging, all adorned with comfortable silicone.

Ease of use: Everything has been simplified so that the child can fend for himself in the adjustment as in the adjustments, without having to ask his parents to do them.

Quality of manufacture : From 3 years old, children can enjoy the quality of these glasses which hold well on their face.


Strap : The only criticism encountered by this product would be the fact that its strap would be quite fragile.

Aegend Swim Goggles

If you’ve been on the hunt for a long time for a pair of goggles that won’t leave you exposed to marks under your eyes after a good swim, you might like this model.

Not being its first model, the brand offers here a pair that comes in a modern design. The silicones used for its manufacture are of good quality and the joints are all the more comfortable.

Aegend Swim Goggles, Swimming Goggles No Leaking Adult Men...
  • Comfortable? Of Course! Flexible silicone frame and improved higher nosepiece provide extreme...
  • Fog-up? No! The inner surfaces of the lenses are coated by the latest Environmental Treatment...

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On the lens side, titanium is the main material giving satisfactory vision in addition to its anti-reflective principles. Thanks to this, you will not feel great eye strain at the end of your swimming sessions.

And always in the desire to satisfy even more its customers, the brand does not go hand in hand and goes as far as offering a wide viewing angle of 180 ° thanks to its curved lens technology. Eventually, its lenses provide effective UV protection, while the strap is easily adjustable.


Design : The design in general and the colors used on this product can only enhance its aesthetics.

Protection: In terms of UV, this model provides effective protection against UVA and UVB rays, while the anti-fog system used is the Fogbuster, which provides a clear and comfortable view for swimmers.


Price : The price of this model is slightly higher compared to previous models, but this small difference justifies its quality.

Purchase guide

Swimming goggles are one of the essential accessories when going to the pool. They allow you to have a better vision underwater, which is necessary to obtain a good performance. But not all models available on the market are alike and you have to choose carefully before buying. In this buying guide for the best swimming goggles, we’re going to give you some tips on the main criteria to consider when purchasing this accessory.


If you are unsure of where to buy new swimming goggles, you should start by considering which size will fit best. There are different sizes available and mistaking this feature could result in you buying an impossible pair of glasses. Size S and its variants are recommended for children and people with a thinner face. For adults in general, size L will be best suited with its variants.

There are also one size glasses that can fit any face. These may have an adjustable bridge so that the lenses are not too far apart and sit precisely at eye level. The elastic is also generally adjustable so that all head shapes and sizes can find the best possible configuration.

The materials

When it comes to how to buy better value for money swimming goggles, the choice of material is also a very important parameter. Different materials can be encountered and the choice between them depends mainly on your level. Softer materials will allow occasional swimmers more comfort of use, while more rigid materials will provide better performance for more intensive swimmers.

The seal between the two glasses can also be made of different materials, the most important of which are silicone and foam. Silicone is a very durable material that will guarantee the waterproofness of your glasses even after a while. On the other hand, it is less comfortable and can leave marks on the face after prolonged use. This defect will not be noticed with foam gaskets which are very comfortable. However, foam is not as durable as silicone and loses its effectiveness more quickly.


While some models found in a price comparison site may have similar characteristics, their uses can vary greatly depending on their designs, especially with regard to the color and opacity of the lenses. Dark enough or smoked glasses will allow you to have a better view in a clear pool or outdoors.

Mirrored lenses will also be very practical in these types of conditions. On the other hand, if the pool where you are going to swim is darker, it is better to choose less opaque swimming goggles to ensure good visibility. Yellow colored glasses are generally made for this indoor practice.

Other models also offer green colored glasses which have a certain advantage. They help limit eye fatigue and are therefore perfect for prolonged use.

Most popular brands

When you go to the swimming pool, it is necessary to bring a minimum of equipment to optimize its performance. In addition to swimsuits and caps, the swimmer will also be in great need of swimming goggles so as not to be embarrassed during the event. For the material to be of high quality, several brands compete in the market, here are the most important.

In the world of swimming, everyone knows the Aqua Sphere brand. This Italian company has totally revolutionized the swimming goggles market with new technologies for new types of glasses. The brand offers its customers several model series, such as the Kayenne, Vista, Kaiman, Seal and many more. The whole is in order to satisfy the users as much as possible. Moreover, the models sold by Aqua sphere are divided into models for men, women and juniors.

The famous American swimming champion has teamed up with Italian giant Aqua Sphere to create the new brand MP Michael Phelps. This brand therefore produces various high quality swimming equipment. Of these, glasses are obviously very important. There are therefore different ranges of glasses such as the Xceed, Xceed Titanium Mirror, Xceed Mirror or even the K180 and K180 Plus ranges. Customers will therefore be free to choose the model that suits them the most.

The Italian brand Cressi is well established in the world of swimming and diving. In the swimming goggles market, the brand is also ubiquitous with many high quality models. It therefore offers different products that will certainly adapt to all users and all uses. Among Cressi’s products, mention may in particular be made of the Saturn Crystal, Galileo, Right or Fox swimming goggles and many other models. The brand also markets diving masks and other aquatic equipment.

Arena is also one of the benchmarks in the world of swimming equipment. This Italian brand also demonstrates its know-how in terms of swimming goggles. It offers its customers different collections which will certainly satisfy all requirements. There are adult and junior glasses for even more freedom. Among the many models offered by the brand, there are Cobra, Python, Swedix and many more. Apart from glasses, Arena also sells hats, jerseys, bags which are just as useful for professionals as for amateurs.

In the world of swimming, everyone knows the Speedo brand. This Australian brand is one of the giants in the field, especially in terms of swimwear. But in addition to swimsuits, it also produces high quality swimming goggles. It offers several models in different categories: men, women, children and babies. So everyone will have what is right for them. The brand also offers the choice on the type of glass used in the glasses as well as the type of swimming that will be practiced with. Speedo therefore offers a great deal of customization in order to obtain optimal performance.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to put on the swimming goggles?

First, you need to place them over the eyes and gently squeeze them to hold. Then you slide the strap over your head at an angle of about 45 °. If you try to position the elastic in a horizontal way, the goggles may move when you swim. And finally, you adjust the nose bridge if necessary to be more comfortable. If the swimming goggles you have chosen fit your face perfectly, the adjustments will be less difficult.

Q2: How to adjust the swimming goggles?

Adjustments may take a few minutes or seconds depending on the model. In reality, all you have to do is adjust the strap and the nose bridge. The lesson to be learned is to get the glasses to adhere fully to the face to prevent water from seeping in. Often, it is not necessary to over tighten the straps when the equipment is properly seated. Otherwise, marks will be printed at eye level.

Q3: How to clean swimming goggles?

Whether you are using goggles or a swimming mask, the first rule of thumb is to only use lukewarm water. In this way, it is easier to get rid of the impurity present on the inner and outer surface of the glasses. Subsequently, it is strictly forbidden to use cleaning products such as soap or detergents. They are not recommended because they can destroy the anti-fog coating of the glasses. And finally, you let them air dry for about 30 minutes before putting them away.

Q4: For swimming, the goggles are put on or under the cap?

Even if you follow the instructions for proper placement of your goggles, they are likely to be unstable when you dive. Indeed, by plunging the head first into the pool, the water pressure is practically greater for the glasses to detach from the head.

During a competition, it is more practical to hide the elastic under the cup. You will then put on the goggles before wearing the swimming cap. In this way, they will be well positioned and will not move. However, everyone can have their preferences. Others appreciate that their goggles are put on the cap so they can be replaced quickly if they move while swimming. And some opt instead for the cup above.

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