8 Best Sports Bras for large breasts [ 2022 Updated ]

It is important to have the right sports bra for maximum comfort if you are active in sports. The Nike Victory Compression is an amazing bra for people who love sports and exercise. You will be able to perform better during training and competition.

It gives you more comfort while exercising, and it has a compression support that enhances performance. ADIDAS is an excellent brand because it has developed a product with all of the benefits it promises.

The sweat which it favors the dispersion, maintains its elasticity even if continually stressed by body movements, and it has a large availability of different styles.

This quality / price ratio is represented by the DRST ASK SPR, which has a convincing style.

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8 Best Sports Bras for large breasts [ 2022 Updated ]

If you have no idea which sports bra to buy, take a look at our comparison chart of the best-selling models of the moment, in order to identify the version that corresponds to your expectations, both in terms of comfort and in terms of cost.

PUMA Women Sports Bra,

At the top of our ranking of the best sports bras of 2021 is the Victory Compression by Nike, also ideal for large sizes. It is made with a special breathable Dri-FIT fabric able to favor the dispersion of sweat, so that the athlete does not feel that annoying wet sensation during workouts.


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Another strong point of the Nike sports bra is the presence of flat heat-sealed seams which, in addition to granting a wide freedom of movement, minimize rubbing with the skin and the consequent risk of irritation or redness. The nylon stabilizers of the straps are also very useful, designed to prevent the stretch effect and firmly support the breast without compressing it too much.

The model appeals to users above all for its convincing quality / price ratio, although many have expressed doubts about the correspondence of the sizes, which appear smaller than European standards. To ensure a perfect fit, it is therefore advisable to prefer one size larger than the one you usually wear.


Seams: The unique design with stabilizing inserts and flat seams ensures a wide range of movement during workouts, without causing irritation or redness.

Dri-FIT: The strength of Nike’s Victory Compression is the fabric with Dri-FIT technology, which favors the evaporation of sweat and keeps the skin perfectly dry.

Resistant: The composition of 90% microfiber and 10% cotton grants it a remarkable resistance to tractions and washing, so as to ensure greater durability.


Sizes: Being a very tight model, we recommend purchasing an extra size, also because the available sizes do not correspond perfectly with the European ones.

Evercute Cross Back Sport Bras

Let’s now move on to a sports bra that strikes above all for its enveloping and refined design, available among other things in twelve different colors to always remain faithful to your personal style even when it comes to going to the gym.

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On the front, in fact, the company logo stands out, adding a touch of panache to any sport outfit, while the elasticated band under the breast favors support without tightening too much or causing discomfort.

The users who chose the Adidas sports bra said they were very satisfied with the technical fabric with which it is made, as it manages to contain the shapes well, preventing that embarrassing “bounce” effect from being created.

In this regard, however, we would like to emphasize that the model may not guarantee the necessary support for those with a fairly prosperous décolleté, in which case it would be better to opt for a more supportive garment. In any case, the availability of different sizes allows you to easily identify the measurement corresponding to your breast, so you will not run the risk of making mistakes.


Design: The bra proposed by Adidas strikes above all for its refined and captivating look that allows it to be worn both under the shirt and as a real sports top.

Breathable: The nylon and elastane fabric acts like a “second skin” and guarantees perfect breathability even in the case of medium or high intensity training.

Low prices: The model, in addition to being made of materials of excellent workmanship, has a really convincing quality / price ratio and is available in a wide variety of colors.


Plus sizes: While providing good support thanks to the elastic band on the bust, it may not be suitable for women with large breasts looking for a more supportive model.

Heathyoga High Impact Sports Bras

For those looking for a sports bra for large breasts, which is also cheaper than the average, we recommend the Undercover Lingerie model SN109, thanks to an extremely advantageous selling price in relation to the overall good quality and benefits. offered.

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Let’s start, therefore, with the most interesting aspect of the product, namely the padded and adjustable straps that allow you to adapt the garment to the conformation of your breasts and to any physiological changes.

The absence of seams, on the other hand, eliminates the risk that contact with the most sensitive areas can cause discomfort or painful lesions on the skin, while the breathable inserts favor the evaporation of sweat even during particularly sultry days.

Since its design is reminiscent of a traditional bra, many women prefer to wear it under the shirt, a flaw which, however, is partly balanced by the fact that the model is able to best enhance the female form.


Straps: The main advantage of this sports bra is the presence of adjustable straps which makes it suitable even for those with very large breasts.

Comfortable: It is able to better contain the shapes and enhance them at the same time, while the absence of seams ensures maximum comfort without causing irritation or skin lesions.

Advantageous price: Despite the good quality of the materials, the product can be purchased at a very competitive price.


Adjustment: The fact that the straps adjust at the back could be uncomfortable for those looking for the ultimate in practicality.

Aesthetics: The Undercover Lingerie model has a design very similar to traditional underwear bras, so it is preferable to wear it under the shirt.

MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bras

The BAK06 sports bra by Oakeysì differs from the other compression models for one particular feature: the cups are designed to keep the breasts well separated, so as to guarantee valid support even in large sizes.

In practice, it behaves like a traditional push-up bra, as it shapes and pushes the chest upwards using a solid elasticated band on the bust, combined with flat finishes that avoid irritation and remain invisible under clothing.

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The bamboo and polyamide yarn fabric adheres perfectly to the body to support its movements, as well as being hypoallergenic, antibacterial and extremely delicate on the skin.

When it is very hot, however, the breathability of the fabric may fail and you may experience an annoying wet sensation as your body perspiration increases. Nonetheless, we think that this model will give you great satisfaction, and not only by virtue of the good quality of the materials used, but also for the affordable cost at which it is sold.


Materials: Compression bra that boasts excellent quality materials as required by the Italian textile tradition: made of bamboo and polyamide yarn, it is resistant to washing, hypoallergenic and absolutely delicate in contact with the skin.

Elasticated Band: Holds the bust firmly during sporting activities and shapes it just like a push-up would, all without over-tightening or restricting freedom of movement.

Fit: All available sizes fit perfectly and, in case of doubt, you can rely on the table made available by the company.


Breathability: Although made with high quality fabrics, it does not guarantee a good level of breathability, especially during the hottest periods of the year.

Champion Women’s The Infinity Racerback

A self-respecting buying guide must take into account the needs of all women, including those who have particularly large breasts. That’s why we have also included the Coolmax Underwire sports bra by Syrokan among our recommendations, designed for high-intensity workouts and available in two different colors.

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Ideal for women with type C, D, E and F cups, it is equipped with wide straps that ensure excellent support in any circumstance, and you can adjust them at will according to the shape of your breasts and any physiological changes.

But the real strength of the model are its preformed cups which, in addition to protecting the chest from shocks and stresses, make it suitable for high impact sports, such as horse riding and basketball. Positive reviews also regarding the quality / price ratio of the product, considered fair by most users.


Adjustable: The wide straps guarantee the necessary support even in the case of prosperous shapes and can be adjusted at will according to your own measurements.

Economical: Compared to its competitors, Syrokan’s Coolmax Underwire has the great advantage of being cheap without compromising on quality and resistance. Furthermore, it is available in two different colors, white and beige.

Pre-shaped cups: They adapt perfectly to the shape of the breast and protect it from any possible impact or stress.


Ferretti: Their presence could make the garment uncomfortable if worn for several consecutive hours; to avoid annoying irritation on the skin we advise you to remove them.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Spaghetti Strap Cotton Pullover Sports Bra

The Calvin Klein Bralette Lift sports bra, which satisfies women who do not want to give up comfort and style, also enters our ranking with flying colors. Available in four different colors, it has a deep V-neckline to best enhance the décolleté and make you look more sensual, while on the band we find the unmistakable company logo that further enhances the beauty of the garment, so much so that it can also be used as a top sporty in combination with a pair of tight leggings and sneakers.

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The cotton and modal blend fabric, in addition to being very resistant and soft to the touch, minimizes the risk of allergic reactions from contact and effectively absorbs sweat, leaving the skin fresh and dry all day.

However, it is a model designed mainly for those with small breasts, since the braces, being very thin, do not ensure the necessary support in case of bursting curves.


Design: It is difficult to go unnoticed wearing this splendid Calvin Klein brand bra, ideal for those who want to make their sporty outfit stylish and trendy.

Hypoallergenic: Made of cotton and modal blend, it can also be used by women who suffer from contact allergies or skin sensitivity, because it is breathable and extremely delicate on the skin.

Washing: As cotton is a very resistant and crease-resistant fabric, the bra can also be washed directly in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C.


For small breasts: The model’s V-neckline is very deep and risks making the most generous décolleté appear vulgar.

High price: While recognizing the good quality and the particular beauty of the garment, we believe that the cost is quite high compared to the average.

Hanes Women’s Seamless Racerback Sports Bra

Our buying advice continues with the open front sports bra proposed by Fila which, compared to the other models compared so far, stands out for its versatility of use.

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  • Cool DRI technology dries fabric faster for maximum comfort
  • Racer back design provides full range of motion

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In addition to being worn as a traditional sports bra, it is also ideal for new mothers while breastfeeding. The opening on the front, in fact, allows you to offer the breast to the baby without encountering excessive difficulties, and since it is made of a cotton and elastane blend, it is extremely delicate and safe on the skin.

The cups have an internal reinforcement that ensures greater support, while the absence of underwire and seams makes it very comfortable to wear even throughout the day. The idea of ​​inserting mesh inserts in correspondence with the elastic band is good, in order to favor transpiration and air recirculation even when it is very hot.

There is only one shade available, the black one, but since this is a really affordable offer, it’s worth settling for.


Versatile: Practical to wear thanks to the comfortable opening on the front, Fila Underwear can also be used following breast surgery and by new mothers during breastfeeding.

Fabric: It is made of a cotton and elastane blend to ensure good sweat dispersion and maximum delicacy in contact with the skin.

Support: The cups are provided with an internal reinforcement that lends itself to adequately support the breast without tightening or causing discomfort, while the crossed part on the back adheres well to the body and disappears under the shirt.


Little choice : Unfortunately, the garment is only available in black, so if you are looking for a more colorful and trendy sports bra you will have to evaluate other proposals.


If you have a lean physique and practice low and medium impact sports, this Puma sports bra, for sale at a good price, could be for you. Comfortable and trendy with a touch of panache, it has a comfortable round neckline that makes it suitable for those who do not like to highlight the décolleté during workouts.

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Stabilizing inserts have been added to the shoulder straps to ensure ample freedom of movement and adapt like a glove to body movements, while the innovative rowing back promotes muscle compression without forcing the breasts too much.

The band feels stiffer than traditional sports bras, which means it will be able to effectively absorb shocks while reducing that hateful stretch effect that makes you feel uncomfortable.

The buyers especially appreciated the original and well-finished design of the model, available in nine bright and colorful shades to always keep up with the trends of the moment even in the gym.


Aesthetics: Among the sports bras that have deserved a place in our ranking, this is certainly the trendiest, as it features an attractive design available in many bright and original shades.

Support: It is equipped with a very rigid elastic band that ensures optimal support, so even those with generous breasts can feel comfortable.

Quality / price: In relation to the good quality and the particular care for aesthetics, the price is accessible for all budgets.


Not for all sports: The Puma sports bra is designed for low and medium intensity workouts, so we do not recommend it for those who play high impact sports.

Guide to buying a sports bra

The sports bra is a garment designed to support the breasts and make workouts more comfortable and effective. This garment is, in fact, the choice of choice for all women who practice sports but do not want to give up comfort and practicality.

The main aspects to take into consideration to identify the best brand for your needs are the size and shape of the cups, but the shoulder straps, the fabric and, above all, the tightness, which must be in keeping with the fit, also play a key role. intensity of the physical activity performed. Consult our guide to find out how to choose a good sports bra among the many offers available on the market.

What is the sports bra for

Which bra do you wear for sports? If your answer is traditional lingerie, know that it is the wrong one. A pair of sneakers, the right hairstyle and a sporty outfit, in fact, are not enough to be able to train comfortably, since in the list of essentials there must also be a technical bra.

What differentiates sports bra from traditional underwear is the greater stiffness of the fabric, which aims to adequately contain the shapes ensuring a wide freedom of movement. These garments, then, are not limited only to supporting the breast, but effectively oppose the shocks and stresses that could cause discomfort or even injury to the breast tissue.

Whether it’s dancing, jogging or any other team sport, there is a bra suitable for every sport activity, which will allow you to train in total freedom by reducing excess sweat and that annoying stretch effect.

Not to mention the fact that women with a more generous décolleté may feel some discomfort in wearing a garment that does not guarantee adequate support. With a sports model, however, you will no longer have that embarrassing “bounce” effect of the breast, and you can train in complete tranquility in the name of comfort and safety.

The size

Now that we have clarified the function of the sport bra, let’s get to the point trying to understand how to choose the best sports bra for your needs, so as to be sure to invest your money well.

Our advice is to try on the garment in person to evaluate its fit and comfort, but if you are too busy and do not have the opportunity to go to the store, you can always compare prices and features of the models sold online to easily identify the one suitable for you.

In this case, however, there are some tips to follow in choosing the right size. First, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the underbust, a value that will help you to ensure that the elastic band fits snugly to the body and ensures the right support.

As for the cups, you must refer to the chest, and to measure it just place the tape measure at the height of the nipple and pass it horizontally around the bust. This step is very important, because the cup must contain the breast adequately without being too narrow or too wide, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure good protection in case of bumps or impacts.

In any case, to check the fit of the sizes you can refer to the technical data sheet of the product, where the measurements in centimeters of the elastic band and cups are also often reported, and in case of doubts you can always be guided by the opinions expressed by users who have already tried the model of your interest.

The right support

Once you have established what your measurements are, you will have to focus on the composition of the garment and, more precisely, on the fabric and shoulder pads.

Now, starting from the assumption that a good sports bra must be light and above all breathable, it is important to choose a model made with technical materials that ensure adequate sweat dispersion, so as not to experience that annoying wet sensation that makes you want to change almost immediately.

To obtain perfect support and the freedom of movement necessary to train without hindrance, it is essential that the straps adhere perfectly to the body. Depending on the size of the breast they can be narrow, wide, crossed or straight on the back, but the important thing is that they are adjustable, so that you can adapt the garment to your shape and to any physiological changes in the body.

Finally, make sure that the model is resistant not only to rubbing and stress but also to washing in the washing machine, since it is a garment that will be washed more frequently than traditional underwear. If, then, you don’t want to give up your femininity, you can also opt for a padded bra that enhances the curves even under sports outfits.

Frequent questions

What is the sports bra for?

In addition to supporting the breasts in an optimal way, the sports bra limits the friction caused by the stresses typical of sports activities, which in addition to causing discomfort to the athlete, could cause real damage to the skin.

Why use a sports bra?

First of all to make workouts more comfortable and effective, and secondly because it is an extremely versatile garment, which can be worn under your sports outfit or left exposed, perhaps in combination with a pair of tight leggings and sneakers.

Sports bra as a costume?

The sports bra is suitable for practically any type of sport, from aerobics to yoga, from dance to jogging, but there are also models designed specifically for those who practice swimming. These garments are very similar to the traditional swimwear we wear at the sea, but they are designed to ensure the right support in the water and promote muscle compression during performance.

How to widen the sports bra?

If you need to widen your new sport bra but you are not familiar with cutting and sewing, you can buy a bra expander, a sort of “extension” of fabric that allows you to add a few centimeters to the chest without having to juggle with a needle and wire. These extenders are generally equipped with three rows of hooks and are available in different color variations so as not to be too conspicuous.

Where to buy the sports bra?

If you are wondering where to buy a sports bra, you can find great models on Amazon or in lingerie stores. It is advisable to try on the garment before buying it, but if you prefer to buy online or don’t have time to go to the store, you can always read the reviews of other users who have already tried the model you have spotted.

How to use a sports bra

In recent years, sports bras have become a must have for all women who play sports, and for good reason. In fact, much more is expected from them than the traditional counterpart, since they must favor the dispersion of sweat, remain intact after frequent washing and perfectly support the breasts during sports activities.

Furthermore, they are a fundamental component of athletic equipment, as they are designed to protect the athlete from the effects of gravity and from the stresses to which the body is subjected during training. So let’s see what are the rules to follow to choose the right model and how to use it in the gym or during physical activity in general.

The rules to follow

Let’s start immediately by saying that the best sports bra is the one that guarantees a perfect fit to the body, and this means that the band on the bust must remain in place when you raise your arms or make sudden and sudden movements.

Compared to traditional bras, sports bras must be made with a more rigid fabric, so that even those with an abundant décolleté can feel comfortable, but it is essential that it is not too tight so as not to hinder blood circulation or cause excessive discomfort. Also, it is preferable that there are no underwire, lace or lace that could rub against the skin causing painful irritation.

Even the padding is not recommended because it could compromise the correct air circulation and limit movements, while the shoulder straps should be wide enough to provide the right support and adhere perfectly to the body, even better if adjustable so as to be able to adapt the garment to the morphology of the own breast.

A model for every sporting activity

The beauty of sports bras is that they adapt to any type of sport: just choose the right model and you can train for hours without feeling pain, discomfort or any other inconvenience that prevents you from giving your best during training.

In this regard, the support offered by the boss can be light, medium or high depending on the activity performed: the models for low impact workouts, for example, are suitable for those with small breasts (with cup from A to C ) and are recommended for practicing yoga, pilates, dance and any other activity that does not involve excessive physical effort.

Medium-support bras, on the other hand, are suitable for medium-intensity training, such as running, cycling, weightlifting and aerobics; while the models with shaped cups and wide straps are specially designed for those who have large breasts and practice high-impact sports, including volleyball, football and basketball.

Watch out for washes

Since the sports bra is a garment that is subjected to frequent washing, to keep it in good condition for a long time it should always be washed by hand, in order to prevent the spin cycle from damaging the fabric or the cups.

If, however, you do not have time to dedicate to laundry, you can select the dedicated program of your washing machine or take some small precautions, such as inserting the garment in a laundry bag or using special “bra saver” balls, so as to preserve elasticity and the texture of the fabric.

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