5 Best Snowboard Bindings for All Mountain [2022]

The “bindings” or bindings are essential elements when you practice snowboarding. Their role is to transmit your movements through the boots to the board. Therefore, it is important to have the right device at your feet in order to optimize your performance.

But we still have to get our hands on it. With brands constantly revolutionizing their products and the multitude of models on the market, this does not make the task any easier. However, there are parameters that will allow you to easily adapt your needs to your references.

It is about the consideration of the size, the type and the compatibility of your equipment, but especially your profile and your level. However, if you’ve decided to skip this step, but aren’t sure which snowboard binding to choose, go straight to Flow.

You will find theNX2 Hybrid . It will seduce you with its ergonomic base. Burton is also a good address with its Freestyle modelwhich is equipped with innovative technology and which accommodates the athlete on many boards.

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5 Best Snowboard Bindings for All Mountain [2022]

Flow Nx2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

If you don’t know how to choose the best snowboard bindings for 2021, the “all moutain” categories will offer you a good compromise in your search. This is the case for the NX2 Hybrid from Flow. It has a medium type flex that will quickly adapt to your style.

This model also features the “Flow” footwear system that made the brand’s name in the 1990s. Expertise is therefore present with its thirty years of experience in the field. This is a traditional mechanism, but the way to put on your boots is quick and easy.

These devices are introduced at the rear and take place on the concave aluminum base. In terms of strength, you have nothing to worry about. Comfort is boosted by its padding at the heel and toes. For added convenience, you can count on the customizable spoiler according to your shoe size and for more tightening.


Base design: The component has a concave shape which aims to match the morphology of the users’ feet. Thus, the worries of fatigue are quickly forgotten. In addition, with its aluminum structure, the module offers a good compromise between flexibility and robustness.

“Flow” bindings: The particularity of this system lies in its ease of installation and handling. The process is carried out in two stages. Even beginners in the field will find their marks quickly.


Deterrent cost: Consumers are reluctant to buy it because of its price. They rate this item a bit pricey despite the reputation of the designer.

Burton Freestyle Snowboard

At Burton, you are likely to identify which is the best snowboard binding on the market among its equipment. The specialist in winter sports equipment justifies its place in this ranking with this reference that it has nicknamed Freestyle.

Fans of figures on the slopes will recognize it immediately at the sight of its name. The manufacturer generally designed it to make it easier for riders to gain experience while being design. As a result, the brand has added an innovative technology: the Re: Flex TM .

The latter gives rise to more flexibility depending on the performance of the user so as not to constrain his movements. This is in addition to the FullBEd cushioning system which significantly reduces impacts. This specimen has a classic strap-in shoe mechanism that ensures maximum support for your feet.


Increased Compatibility: With Re: Flex TM technology , this model is able to accommodate a number of snowboards . It gives you more possibilities as to the brand or the design of your equipment.

Robust construction: The base is made of polycarbonate while the spoiler has been designed with high quality TPE plastic. Resistance is therefore there. This device is not afraid of excessive use and can be suitable for both freestylers and freeriders.


Quality of the taps: Users have doubts about the finishes of this product. According to them, the seams seem fragile.

Flow Haylo Wm’s Snowboard Bindings

To practice snowboarding, you need the right combination of a snowboard, a pair of boots and its binding. This is why we are offering you this model equipped with the Flow system. Part of the “All mountain” category, it is the ideal binding to optimize the capacities of women with a taste for the thrills of the mountain. Among its main advantages: its spoiler equipped with EVA pads, promoting both the cushioning and the level of comfort. Faced with any shock therefore, its bindings will remain stable while allowing relatively free lateral movements to the snowboarder.

Very practical also, this model incorporates the Exofit Powerstrap technology, which means that it can adapt to all types of boots. In any case, the ankle remains well supported, while the energy is transferred just as well. These characteristics are all very important in the practice of sports such as snowboarding. In terms of buckles, the manufacturers opt for an innovative design that makes it easy and quick to wear accessories.

The wide opening levers can then be adjusted if ever the user wishes to make a downhill adjustment, or to close properly depending on the situation. Note that this sports equipment is part of the 2021 collection and benefits from a 2-year warranty.


“Flow” system: The installation of bindings is facilitated by this system of fitting. You won’t have to worry about bends and big descents in the mountains.

Optimal design: This model has a spoiler with EVA damping and ExoFit PowerStrap. This indicates that the bindings remain stable, and allow good ankle support in all circumstances.

Easily adjustable: Depending on your needs, the opening levers can be adjusted to allow more movement, or even more support for the user.


For beginners: These accessories are only recommended for beginners.

Nitro Snowboards staxx BDG

If the price of this item impresses you, you can also indulge yourself with its performance. Indeed, the relatively affordable cost of the Nitro Snowboards staxx BDG has fascinated more than one. However, many technologies go into its constitution.

The Nitro Staxx has an A-Frame base that combines lightness, strength and optimal cushioning during movement. It is associated with the Highback type hammer which, for its part, effectively protects the heels and tendons against sprains or tears.

As for how to put it on, this inexpensive reference features the strap-in system. The handling of its buckles will not cause you any difficulty with its Speed ​​Wheel Buckles technology. It will allow you to complete your processes in no time.


Versatile: According to the manufacturer’s test, this model has an intermediate value in terms of “flex”. It can then be suitable for many uses and various programs. It is therefore compatible with the expectations of all user profiles.

Protection Levels: The A-Frame base in combination with the EVA offers safe use of the material. You will find these systems all over your feet and your heel. They even have protection for your knees.


Gets Dirty Quickly: Users have found this specimen to stain quickly. However, it is easy to clean and dries quickly as it is waterproof and snow proof.

Head Nx Fay V Df Womens Snowboard Binding

Even if this Head reference is not the best performer on our list, it is nonetheless interesting. Adopting the traditional strap-in system, this model will not cause you any worries when it comes to putting on your boots.

In fact, it will only take you a few minutes to be ready to descend the slopes on your board. Putting on this pair is easy even for novices. In addition, this specimen is classified in the All Mountain category whose adjustments are made manually, without tools and its use can be done on all types of terrain.

Thanks to this capability, this model is able to accommodate a large number of user profiles. Whether you are a freeride enthusiast or an experienced freestyler, this device is unlikely to disappoint you.


Easy nesting: The installation of this equipment does not require special skills. Even without the assembly instructions, its installation remains childish. You don’t need to resort to outside help to do this.

Foot support: Thanks to the length adjustment technology, this material easily adapts to your boots to offer optimal stability and guarantees fluidity of your movements.


Lack of Information: Consumers believe the description of this item is incomplete. They had to make numerous visits to specialized sites to obtain information on its components.

Purchase guide

Knowing how to buy the best value snowboard bindings will save you a lot of disappointment. This is the reason why we give you some advice on the criteria to be taken into account in the following paragraphs. These criteria concern the size and type of binding, but also the compatibility of your equipment and your level.

The size of the bindings

In this buying guide for the best snowboard bindings, we have size as the number one criteria. Indeed, in order for the fixed ones to be suitable for you, their size must correspond to that of your feet.

For your convenience, do not take a size smaller than yours, as you may feel cramped. Otherwise, your bindings will struggle to hold and you will lose your board on the trail. So choose the size that suits your feet.

The type of fasteners

There are several types of fasteners. The way they attach to your shoes and the means to take them off vary from one model to another. So remember to choose the right type before seeing a price comparison.

These types vary mainly depending on the style of snowboarding you want to practice. There are the shell bindings which are suitable for the majority of snowboarding tricks. Then you have the Flow type. It is easy to take off and put on again. Finally, the step-in type simply clips around your boots.

The compatibility of your equipment

For everything to work as it should, it is necessary that these types of bindings are compatible with the rest of your equipment. Namely, your board, but also your boots.

For perfect control of your board, the bindings must have the same characteristics as this one. In this sense, if the board is flexible, the bindings must also be. When it comes to boots, some types of fixed require them to be specific. This is particularly the case with step-in type bindings. For the binding to hold, the shoes must also be step-in.

Your profile and your level

Before looking for the place to buy new bindings, there is one last criterion to discover. This is your profile and your level. The profile translates into the style of practice you do.

You should know that if you are a beginner in the field, it is always best to start with soft bindings. The same characteristics are recommended if you are doing freestyle. On the other hand, if you are looking for speed, the stiffness of the bindings is what you need.

How to use a snowboard binding?

As a winter sport, you have chosen to practice snowboarding. You have already purchased the board, bindings and snow boots, but all you have to do is take your lessons. Only you don’t know how to go about installing the bindings. So in order to help you, we have prepared these few details below. Read them to ensure your comfort on the board.

Discover your sense of practice

Like the boots, the bindings follow the shape of the right and left foot, so you will need to know which foot should go to the front and back of the snowboard. This will be the first foot on which you automatically take support that should be placed in the front. Know that if you put your left foot in the front you are Regular and if your right foot is in the front you are Goofy. These are rider jargons.

Define the distance between the fasteners

Now you know what kind of rider you are. And all you have to do is place the bindings accordingly. Only before screwing them, know that a gap between the two fasteners must be provided. In general, brands already provide a standard spacing between the legs. This is the recommended stance. At the beginning, if you do not yet know the correct spacing for you, first follow the one that is pre-established by the brand.

Adjust the angle of the bindings

The last adjustment you should make is the angle of your front and rear feet for better control of the snowboard. These angles depend mainly on the type of course you will have to face. For the slopes and off-piste for example, the ideal angles are + 18 ° for the foot placed in the front -6 ° for the one at the rear. And for Freestyle, it would be better to opt for the duck position with an angle of + 15 ° for the front foot and -15 ° for the rear one.

Make sure your boots are centered on the snowboard

Before strengthening the screw fixings, check the position of your boots. It is essential that these are well centered on the board before reinforcing the bindings. This will prevent the boots from rubbing against the snow on complicated parts of the course. So make sure that the protrusion of your boots is equal to the front and the back of the board.

Go to the straps settings

Now that you’re on your board and ready to take on the trail, adjust one more thing: the straps. To know if the front strap is correctly positioned, make sure the metal buckle is securely attached to the side. In the case of the ankle strap, it is only correctly placed if it is in the center of the shoe. These last modifications made, screw everything back firmly and now enjoy your sport.

Most popular brands

To snowboard, you know you need to buy bindings. But the concern is that there are so many manufacturers of this product on the market that it becomes difficult to know which one actually offers quality items. In order to narrow your search field to the most reputable brands in the field, we have evaluated the manufacturing process and the quality of the products of these brands. Find them in the following statement.

Rossignol is a French brand recognized worldwide for the comfort that its products offer. Indeed, know that behind each item he manufactures are hiding winter sports engineers and designers who put their know-how at your service to offer you the best quality. This quality includes the techniques, but also the appearance of the product. Regarding technical equipment such as skis or snowboards, meticulous tests are carried out to assess their robustness.

Ease of use. This is the most important thing the Airtracks brand wants to offer you in every item they offer. It is to know that this sign is specialized in the manufacture and the marketing of articles of winter sports. In this regard, you have ski and snowboard equipment, but also clothing related to its activities. Although the practical side is important for Airtracks, know that the aesthetics are also very important for the brand. Compared to this, among the product lines that it offers, you will find items with very attractive patterns and colors.

The main purpose of the Burton brand is to make you fall in love with nature and the activities that go with it. Regarding the founder of the brand in particular, he is passionate about snowboarding and everything related to this activity. This is why he created Burton in 1977. Through this brand, he has strived to design quality products that meet all the needs of board sports fans. Indeed, he and his team have developed innovative techniques in the snowboarding equipment they offer in order to offer you maximum pleasure.

When the Ride Snowboards brand was born in 1992, the market in which it intended to find a place was already saturated. Several brands already offered snowboards. However, in the face of its competitors, employees within the brand had confidence in their products and still released the four models they had manufactured. Much to the surprise of the Ride house, these products were very successful. Since then, the brand has continued to develop its techniques in order to offer ever more efficient items. Lately, Ride has even designed clothing items made from technical fabrics. These provide all the protection you need in the outdoors.

The Nitro Snowboards business has been around for over 25 years now. As its name suggests, its raison d’être comes down to snowboarding and all the elements that affect this activity. In this regard, it provides you with boards, boots, bindings, but also specific winter sports clothing. When it comes to Nitro’s bindings, they are renowned for their ease of use, but they also allow you to optimize your performance. In addition, the brand has made sure to provide you with comfort and flexibility during your activities. You can therefore trust Nitro Snowboards to discover the best sensations.

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