5 Best Skis For Intermediate Skiers [2022 ]

With the countless models on the market, it’s easy to find where to buy the best skis around. However, finding the best performers remains a real dilemma for many. In this kind of situation, it is always necessary to compare several articles between them.

But you will also have the possibility to ask the opinions of other consumers. In addition, before acquiring it, you must first determine your body type as well as your level of play. It is only afterwards that you can concentrate on product characteristics such as safety, progression and comfort.

We advise you to browse this guide if you want to know how to choose the best skis for 2021. We have even pre-established a comparison to help you in your selection.

However, if,Head Isupershape Magnum stands out with its totally revolutionary mechanism. The Atomic REDSTER G9 on the other hand, is ideal for giant slaloms.

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5 Best Skis For Intermediate Skiers [2022 ]

BLIZZARD Women’s Black Pearl 

This pair of men’s skis adopts a unique V-shaped construction. This construction gives it stability, off or on piste. There is therefore no risk of throwing you off balance. It will undoubtedly provide a very pleasant sliding experience.

Blizzard Entertainment Women's Black Pearl 88 All-Mountain...
11 Reviews
Blizzard Entertainment Women's Black Pearl 88 All-Mountain...
  • DESIGNED FOR WOMEN - An awesome option for an intermediate to advanced level lady looking for all...
  • MADE TO PERFORM - Blizzard’s TrueBlend Flipcore W.S.D. (Women’s Specific Design) makes skiing...

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This specimen features an innovative design inspired by the world of racing. It contains many facets that most competition skates have. Thanks to this pair, you will have the possibility to taste a sensation that only a professional in this field can acquire.

Being an all-terrain prototype and possessing revolutionary technology, its turning mechanism reaches a fairly high level.

Thanks to the multiple features explained in this article, the question which are the best skis on the market will not remain unanswered for you.


Efficient : With an additional layer of fiber, this product guarantees great power, absolute control and good feedback. There is therefore no risk of destabilizing you.

Quality Design : Because it comes from an innovative manufacturing, it has multiple aspects that only a competition ski has.

Versatile : This all-terrain specimen can be used both on-trail and off-trail, depending on your needs and skills.


For Experts Only : This pair happens to be aimed at professionals. Beginners will therefore have to look for another model.

Spyder Active Sports Men’s Mesa Insulated Ski Pants

This prototype features a structured surface with a stable handle. This will give you better agility and a lot of precision on a turn. It also gives you a good balance and therefore safety. You don’t risk destabilizing yourself or losing control.

Spyder Active Sports Men's Mesa Insulated Ski Pants, Black,...
86 Reviews
Spyder Active Sports Men's Mesa Insulated Ski Pants, Black,...
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation (40g)
  • External adjustable waist construction and belt loops

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The Atomic REDSTER G9 is ideal for giant slaloms on the slopes. If you plan to do a race at a competition, we advise you to purchase this item.

It adopts servotec technology which allows you to have high speed while ensuring good control when sliding. There is therefore no risk of skidding easily or falling.

If you are looking for the best brand of skis, Atomic will satisfy you in many ways. This is seen through the products it offers. This specimen, for example, is very reliable.


Good stability : Thanks to its structure, this prototype can be controlled quite easily. This allows you to orient it well in order to have a good balance.

Efficient : Built with servotec technology, this model remains unbeatable in terms of gliding speed. So you don’t risk being delayed.


Single function : According to some buyers who have carried out a test, this device can only be used on the track.

Volkl 2022 M6 Mantra Mens Skis with Tyrolia Attack2 14 GW Bindings

The Skiweb SWS is a pair of skis specially designed for children aged 3 on average. Its strong plastic construction material allows it to withstand impact. So you have nothing to fear in relation to its longevity.

To ensure the safety of the little ones, this specimen is accompanied by iron sticks. It will help them gain more balance and keep them from falling every time and hurting themselves. In addition, it has a round toe and a metal-free edge.

Volkl 2022 M6 Mantra Mens Skis with Tyrolia Attack2 14 GW...
13 Reviews
Volkl 2022 M6 Mantra Mens Skis with Tyrolia Attack2 14 GW...
  • A TRUE CLASSIC: The Mantra is a classic and this newly revamped version for 2022 doesn't disappoint
  • LIGHTER: A tailored titanal frame and carbon tip reduces some of the weight and keeps the rigidity...

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In addition, this item has quite flexible attachments with straps. It can also be used with all types of shoes or snow boots. This will save you additional expenses.

In addition to its countless qualities, this model is the cheapest in our classification. It will therefore be perfect to guarantee moments of fun for your little one.


Safe : This specimen is accompanied by two sticks, as an insurance for your toddler during his session with you as with his teacher. In addition, it is ideal for use around your home or in a play area, during the snow season.

Practice : Your cherub can put on any snow boots with this pair. It will not affect its performance or balance.


User age : According to some consumers, this inexpensive product is only suitable for children up to 4 years old.

Volkl 2022 M6 Mantra Mens Skis

The design of the Rossignol Terrain Boy adopts the same process as the Terrain Based LearningTM program. The latter allows much easier learning. You can therefore make sure that your child will have no trouble adapting, because its use remains easy.

Volkl 2022 M6 Mantra Mens Skis (184)
  • The Mantra's are about as "establishment" as skiing gets. These guys have been around the block a fe

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The double rocker of this pair allows it to conform to all types of snow and slopes. In addition, it not only helps its user to progress, but it also gives him the possibility of being faster.

In addition, this specimen has a composite core with a lightweight structure. Thanks to these characteristics, it is not likely to weigh you down. So you can make the most of it without worrying about anything.

The advantages offered by this product should be taken into account if you want to know which skis to choose among the many models on the market.


Reassuring and efficient : The manufacture of this model perfectly follows the standards and the brand collaborates with a program specialized in the field of alpine skating.

Efficient : Thanks to the double rocker, your child can use it on all types of snow and terrain. In addition, it helps him to glide well and to progress as time passes.


No accessories : Being a device for children, it just lacks the poles that will allow him to acquire more balance during the slide.

Rossignol 2022 Experience 78 CA Dark Skis w/XP 10 GW Bindings

The Dynastar Dual Wtr B90 is an All Mountain model. This characteristic makes it ideal for use in mountainous terrain. This will allow you to train properly, if you are one of those people who enjoy competing.

Rossignol Experience 78 Carbon Mens Skis 170 W/Xpress 11 GW...
2 Reviews
Rossignol Experience 78 Carbon Mens Skis 170 W/Xpress 11 GW...
  • Best Use: All Mountain
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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This specimen has a sandwich construction with a wood and fiberglass core. With this design, you will have complete control of the product. In addition, the “Powerdrive Inside” technology that it adopts gives it its damping capacity. These characteristics ultimately guarantee a great comfort of use and incomparable pleasure of sliding.

In addition, this product is suitable for adults, as well as children. Everyone can therefore benefit to the maximum. Its black and red color also makes it standard. Man or woman then has the option of putting them on.

Its design and the advantages it offers allow us to classify this product as the best skis of its generation.


Ergonomic : Being designed with fiberglass and wood, this article provides great fluidity on a piste, whatever the type of snow. In addition, it provides surprising cushioning at the feet to guarantee you real comfort.

Mixed Gender : Unlike other skates, this specimen is suitable for children as well as adults, men or women.


For expert only : The Dynastar is suitable for people with an advanced level only. Novices will unfortunately have to do without this pair.

Purchase guide

The winter season is approaching and you don’t know which pair of skis you will be wearing, or worse, you don’t have one in your kit yet. Fear not, the market is full of a multitude of models, and there must be one tailored for you. But before embarking on a price comparison, try to have in mind these few selection parameters to facilitate your choice and thus benefit from a practical saving of time and savings.

The performance level

Acquiring this type of material can be tricky. That’s why you won’t have to rush to find out where to buy a new ski . There are several factors that you will need to consider and to begin with, it is best that you identify your skier profile. You will then need to assess your technical skills to sideline many items that may not be right for you.

If you’ve never been on a ski or occasionally and have difficulty taking turns and standing on equipment, classify yourself as a beginner. You position yourself at the intermediate or advanced level if you have been practicing the sport for years and you approach and perform the basic movements with particular ease. You are an expert when you master all the handling and navigate the slopes with ease.

The type of activity

With the myriad of offers on the market, how to buy a better value ski can become a real headache. To refine your sorting, you can also select the product according to the nature of your uses.

Indeed, if you recommend an activity on ski slopes, opt for equipment that has fairly short dimensions. They will make it easier for you to grasp the bends and at the same time reduce the sensations of vibrations. For freeride enthusiasts, turn to the specimens that are easy to handle, comfortable and whose safety devices are omnipresent. Freetsylers can go for so-called bispatulated references. Advice from connoisseurs asserts that this category of skiing simplifies landing during the execution of movements. There are also All Mountain models which can be suitable for all types of snow, hard, trafoliated, soft or even powder.

The user’s morphology

A buying guide for the best skis would be incomplete if it did not advise you to choose your model according to your body type. Given the importance of aesthetics in this sport category, select your specimen according to your gender. In the trade, you have a wide offer concerning patterns or serigraphs, colors or even technical characteristics intended for a specific genre.

The scope of the equipment must be related to the size of the user, but also to the type of activity he plans to perform. For freeriders, the reference in question must offer measurements close to the user. For the other modes, prefer a specimen which will present approximately 10 to 20 cm of your template.

How to use skis?

That’s it, you have your pair of skis in possession, but knowing how to handle the equipment is another matter. Indeed, even if you are no longer a beginner in the field, there are certain things you will need to do in order to extend the life of your equipment. If you are looking for some answers, take a look at this article that we have put together.

Prepare your gear

Before you hit the track, it is important that you check the condition of your equipment. It starts with checking for rust in various places. Squares must be impeccable to hope for safe use. Sharpening is also necessary at the start of the season, as the snow can be hard and you may encounter difficulties during the first initiations.

Have a ski that suits you

Do not forget to check the compatibility of sizes between your equipment and that of your body type. You shouldn’t have any difficulty putting them on, moving around on the slopes and even off them. Otherwise, you will be exposed to the risk of accident during your activity.

Adapt your equipment to the terrain

It is also essential to have equipment suitable for your type of activity. Check the specifications of your equipment if they meet the requirements of the exercise you plan to perform. If unfortunately this is not the case, you will have difficulty improving your performance. Indeed, if you choose a ski intended for track races while you practice freestyle, you risk not only damaging your specimen, but also injuring yourself.

Secure the shoes

Bindings condition your comfort on the track, as they play an important role in the allocation of forces, thus optimizing your balance. Therefore, it is essential to put them in place. Once installed, your shoes must not show any play. The mechanism must only open during manual interventions carried out by the user to avoid any possible detachments then exposing them to the risk of injury. Note that if you change shoes, it is necessary to check the settings you made with the previous accessory.

Wear the right outfit

The appropriate attire that goes with your pair of skis is mandatory. Coveralls or pants / jacket are required. In some disciplines, the stick is required. To ensure your safety and optimize your comfort, do not forget the accessories such as the mask or goggles, gloves and even the hat.

Maintain your skis

After your use, be sure to maintain your equipment before storing it. This would reduce the chance of damage if you plan to only resume the trails after a while. To do this, you just need to clean the sole to remove impurities using a wax bar and an iron intended for this use. The operation remains delicate and you must adopt long movements to carry out your exercise. Once the action is finished, all you have to do is run a synthetic cloth over the top to polish.

Most popular brands

Although modern skiing originated in Norway, there is no shortage of alpine regions and Nordic sites today. This sport has spread to the four corners of the world, and has brought many populations with it. But as it is still dangerous to go down the snow-covered slopes, it is better to rely on a specialist brand.

Since its creation in 1923, Völkl has continuously impressed its consumers with its innovative high performance products. The German manufacturer has its headquarters in Straubing. From there he designs equipment that relates to winter sports. Indeed, you can discern among the articles of the brand ski boots, bags, clothes, poles, bindings and of course skis.

The skis presented by Völkl can be suitable for all ages and all levels of users. They are also available for all the categories which you can choose according to the discipline. For racing, the Racetiger collection may please you. Fans of pistes or all mountain can count on the Deacon, RTM or Flair range. The EIGHT, Mantra and Katana series are dedicated to freeriders. Freestylers will also find satisfaction with the REVOLT and BASH series.

The Swedish brand Atomic is not lagging behind its competitors on the market. Since 1955, the manufacturer has had its place among the best as it has equipped several champions in winter sports discipline, and this, generation after generation. He became even better known in the field with the launch of his Atomic Skiwear collection which is an exclusively innovative ski clothing line in 2014.

For skis, the Backland range remains the preferred choice for both women and men. The equipment reflects the expertise of the manufacturer by combining lightness, stability and robustness thanks to the Ultra Light Woodcore core. They are also versatile. This remains a considerable asset for multisport enthusiasts.

In 1962, K2 made its appearance in the world of winter sport. It was not until 2013 that the brand definitely only took on the K2 sports brand. And since this year, the manufacturer has chained up rewards such as the silver medal in SDOT’s 2017 daily travel reduction program, or the Pescado line which won the Best in Show magazine Outside, and the Full Tilt boots which is the most successful shoe in Olympic winter history with 54 medals.

K2 Sports skis are divided into 2 main categories. For men, the Wayback, Ikonic, and Pinnacle collection have their places in the spotlight. For women, the Luv range seduces with the lightness of the equipment and its particular design.

The Scott brand is best known in the field of extreme sports equipment such as mountain biking, tobogganing, motorcycles, snowboarding and many more. Among Scott’s products, you will therefore find protective equipment such as helmets, gloves and articles relating to winter disciplines.

The manufacturer’s skis have been developed to satisfy all categories of skiers and all types of activities. The Light, Scrapper, Speedguide and Superguide ranges are available for all sizes. They feature a revolutionary design like the 3 dimensional sidecut with sturdy steel, fiberglass and carbon finishes.

The French company Rossignol made its first marks in 1907. Over the years, the manufacturer acquired expertise and know-how by combining with specialists in the sector such as Dynastar for ski equipment, Lange for shoes, Look for the bindings, or even Kerma for the sticks.

The brand’s skis are made for all ages and all categories. The Experience and Sprayer range is proof of this. Their designs are the result of Rossignol’s experience in the field with structures that optimize stability and aim to increase user performance.

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