10 Best Ski Rack for subaru Outback [2022 Updated ]

Appropriate equipment is necessary for the transport of your ski equipment. However, it is not easy to acquire this accessory because of the countless items that are on sale. If you want to achieve this, you will have to take into account the type, materials and practicality of use.

To save time, you can turn directly to the Thule Xtender 6 pair . It is a model designed to attach to the roof of your vehicle. It is very easy to use and can accommodate up to 6 pairs of skis or four snowboards.

The Fabbri 6950250 is also very popular since it attaches to the spare wheel of the car. This item is made from high quality materials to improve its durability with use.

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10 Best Ski Rack for subaru Outback [2022 Updated ]

YAKIMA, FatCat EVO Premium Ski & Snowboard Mount,

When you are not used to purchasing this kind of equipment yet, it is difficult to know which is the Best Ski Rack for subaru Outback on the market. Therefore, we are going to show you this model which is designed to attach to the roof of your car. It is made of aluminum to reinforce its resistance and its aerodynamic side.

YAKIMA - FatCat 6 EVO Premium Ski & Snowboard Mount, Fits Up...
  • Ski & Snowboard Mount: Wide enough to carry 4 pairs of powder skis - up to 136mm at the tip - or 2...
  • Aeordynamic design: Our sleekest and sweetest ski & snowboard mount has been aerodynamically...

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This product from the Thule brand has a sliding system to facilitate the installation and unloading of the skis. That’s not all, as this item also benefits from a stretchy design. Therefore, you do not have to access the roof of the vehicle to put down or unload your equipment.

In addition, it comes with the “One-Key System which can be changed if you want to use just one key. To avoid scratches on your vehicle, the manufacturer has thought of enhancing this device.

Moreover, it has a push button which simplifies its opening. Facing its 60 cm, this material can accommodate up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards which are supported with rubber protections.


Reliability: If you don’t yet know which ski carrier to choose, this model is recommended for its aluminum construction which enhances its durability.

Practical: The use of this material is greatly simplified according to the opinions of customers thanks to its sliding and extendable system.


Limited Compatibility: Buyers who owned Peugeot cars had difficulty fitting this ski rack.

Thule 91725B Universal Ski & Snowboard Rack Black

When looking for the Best Ski Rack for subaru Outback on the market, we recommend that you turn to this article. This is a device that is especially suitable for off-road cars because it simply attaches to the rear. Its manufacturer has combined anodized aluminum and stainless steel for the design of this material in order to enhance safety in all situations.

Thule 91725B Universal Ski & Snowboard Rack Black
  • Includes universal factory mounting hardware
  • One Key System - Includes two lock cylinders and keys

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That said, you don’t have to be afraid that it will come off, even under extreme circumstances. In addition, the manufacture of this equipment is completed by the “Easy-fit” support which optimizes its efficiency in use. In addition, it is a device that benefits from a universal design in order to expand its use.

Indeed, it can be installed on all the outer rear wheels of 4 × 4 cars, whatever their position. Also note that this material is very easy to assemble. Indeed, this operation does not require the use of specific tools. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-theft system to avoid the risk of break-in.


Quality: The construction of this item may grab your attention if you are looking for the Best Ski Rack for subaru Outback of ski racks. Indeed, it is made with high performance materials.

Extended use: It is also thanks to its universal design that this equipment appears in this classification. Thus, it can be installed on all off-road vehicles.

Convenience: The manufacturer has made the assembly of this equipment quick and easy to avoid all constraints.


Lack of information: The capacity of this ski rack was not specified, yet this information was essential for some buyers.

Ultrawall Ski Wall Rack

Are you looking for simple and reliable equipment to transport your ski equipment? In this case, this device can satisfy you thanks to its characteristics. This is a product which is designed as a backpack to facilitate the transport of luggage. This item has a universal binding system that allows it to support all types of ski.

Ultrawall Ski Wall Rack, 5 Pairs of Snowboard Rack Wall...
  • 5 STORAGE ATTACHMENTS: Ski rack is 24" inch in total, perfect choice for 5 skis in your garage.
  • CUSTOMIZE SKI STORAGE: Space attachments to long steel rail to customize spacing to fit your...

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Equipped with adjustable and comfortable straps, this inexpensive product can easily be adjusted to the user’s size. In addition, it is also available for children who are under 1.30 m. This device balances properly in the back to strengthen weight distribution and prevent pain.

That’s not all, since it also features a buckle to fit all skis and poles. If you invest in this equipment, you can easily transport your equipment while having your hands free. In addition, it folds quickly and without the slightest constraint. Therefore, you just need to store it in your suit pocket while you ski.


Versatile: This cheaper ski rack is designed with a binding system that is made to carry all skis and poles with varied shapes and sizes.

Comfortable: This article is recommended when you want to know where to buy the Best Ski Rack for subaru Outback. Indeed, it has adjustable straps and the weight of your equipment is also well distributed.


A little cumbersome: Some of the buyers found that the ski carrier could not be stored in a child’s wetsuit pocket even though it was well folded.

Rhino-Rack Carrier for Skis

From now on, you no longer have to carry your child’s skis when you go skiing with your family. Indeed, we are going to present to you this back device which is designed to simplify the transport of equipment. For its manufacture, the creator used 210T polypropylene which is fully recyclable.

Rhino-Rack 27" Multi-Purpose Carrier for Skis, Snowboards,...
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Hold up to 6 Pairs of Skiis or 4 Snowboards, and in the summer is a Fishing Rod...
  • TAKE THAT TRIP - The Large Capacity Makes it Perfect for a Trip with Family or Friends.

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Many parents choose to buy this product because it allows them to have their hands free. Moreover, it benefits from a high quality of manufacture thanks to its adjustable straps. The use is all the more facilitated, since it suffices to attach the scratches to their respective locations. Then, you can put it on the back of your cherub using the two straps.

This item comes in two sizes to suit both young skiers and adults. In addition, it is designed in several colors to suit everyone’s tastes. It allows you to take all children’s skis and folds easily. To complete the purchase, the seller provides a storage cover to protect the bag.


Reliable: The creator chose 210T polypropylene for the manufacture of this device, because this material improves the resistance of the assembly.

Convenient: There is no need to waste time comparing this product, as it is designed to be easy to use. It has two shoulder straps which are easily adjustable.

Complete: In addition to the ski holder, a cover is also provided to facilitate storage when not in use.


A little restrictive use: Children who carried this bag with the skis on their backs were obliged to put on their helmets, because they could be injured in the event of a fall.

StoreYourBoard Ski Wall Storage Rack

To find the item that meets your requirements for use, you will need to successfully answer the question how to choose the Best Ski Rack for subaru Outback for 2022? To do this, you can focus on this device which is designed to simplify the transport of skis and poles. To use it, all you have to do is roll up your equipment using the buckle.

StoreYourBoard Ski Wall Storage Rack, Holds 8 Pairs, Steel...
  • HEAVY-DUTY SKI STORAGE: Wall-mounted vertical ski rack to keep up to 8 pairs of skis organized and...
  • BUILT LIKE A TANK: Solid steel ski wall rack holds up to 200 lbs. Black powder coating resists rust...

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This material is included in this comparison because it has a strap that allows you to move the set more easily. However, you no longer have to carry everything in your hands. Luggage is installed vertically to avoid hitting skiers you meet. Even if this accessory is loaded, you do not risk getting tired, because the weight is well distributed.

When it’s time to ski, just fold this device and put it in a bag or even in your pocket. Indeed, it takes up very little space and allows you to fully enjoy your routes. Faced with the measurements of this product, its use is suitable for children over 10 years old as well as adults.


Practical: The system adopted on this model has convinced customers looking for the most efficient item, since it makes it easier to carry the equipment.

Optimized design: Buyers are satisfied during the initial test, because the materials are stored horizontally to allow you to carry everything over the shoulder.

Small Footprint: This accessory will not get in your way when skiing since it just needs to be folded up and placed in your pocket.


Fixing a bit complex: Several customers had difficulty securing the strap correctly the first time they were used.

How to choose a good ski rack?

During the winter season, skiing is an activity so popular with people who want to discover the landscape rich in contrasts of the mountain. Even today, more and more people engage in this fun activity.

To ski, on the other hand, you need complete equipment. Hence the importance of having a ski rack. The advantage with the latter is that it allows you to carry your winter sports equipment, both for skis, monoskis and snowboards.

In this buying guide for the Best Ski Rack for subaru Outback, we’ll help you make the right choice by giving you some useful tips. Moreover, two parameters are elementary in your decision-making: the type of ski rack as well as its locking system.

Purchase guide

The type

To make a good purchase, you first need to know which model of ski rack you need. This is why the type is the first criterion to be considered. And in this area, the market has a large number of them. Knowing them will help you better understand how to buy a better value ski rack.

If ease of use is your greatest requirement, magnetic models are for you. They can accommodate 3 pairs of skis, which makes them the ideal equipment for holidays as a couple or with friends. By its magnetic design, this ski rack does not need any other installation equipment on your automobile.

With a large load capacity, the roof rack models are more suitable for large families. They support up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Usually compact, they are easy to store and require very little space in your vehicle when on the move. For fairly specific car roofs, hitch-mounted ski racks remain the best solution.

On your glass, panoramic or curved roofs, they can accommodate up to 8 pairs of skis. Other models such as the roof box and the spare wheel are also available on the market.

The locking system

Be aware that during your journey by car or once at the foot of the mountain, many unfortunate events can occur: theft, accidental fall, etc. The safety of your equipment is important. The locking system is then the second element that you must study closely before choosing your ski rack.

In this sense, many models are equipped with an anti-theft system to secure your skis or snowboard. There are also two types of locks. Much appreciated by athletes, the first gives you the opportunity to protect your ski rack. The second, on the other hand, will only allow you to firmly hold your pairs of skis to the equipment.

And of course, so that the purchase of your ski rack does not leave a hole in your wallet, pay attention to the price and choose less expensive models. Moreover, by relying on a price comparison, you have a good chance of doing good business. After taking all these criteria into consideration, you now have to find a safe place to buy a new ski rack to easily transport your equipment.

Most popular brands

Essential equipment for winter sports enthusiasts, the ski rack is a simple and reliable solution for safely transporting your winter sports equipment. It was in the 1940s that the very first ski racks appeared. Since then, innovation has given birth to models that are even more practical, more comfortable to use and more stylish. Here are the best manufacturers in this field.

Thule is a Swedish brand which operates in several fields of activity. The group produces, among other things, baby strollers, bicycle racks, backpacks, roof racks… A company with multiple expertise, Thule was founded in 1942 by Erik Thulin.

The group now offers elegant ski racks made of aluminum. These are resistant to frost and corrosion. Safety being essential, Thule also integrates a bar and ski anti-theft system into its ski carriers, which protects you from anyone with bad intentions.

The creative and ingenious spirit of the French brand Wantalis has enabled it to create exceptional, innovative and smart accessories to make life easier for athletes. A leading brand in its field of activity, Wantalis sets itself apart from its many competitors by its innovative products, reflecting long-standing know-how.

Wantalis brings ski racks to life. The group designs revolutionary models that allow the user to wear their ski equipment on their back, freeing both hands. Thanks to the optimal load distribution, no feeling of fatigue will be felt by the skier.

Quality, innovation and simplicity are the specialty of the SKEASY brand. Focusing on winter sports accessories, the group develops products that allow winter sports enthusiasts to live out their passion better. Currently, its ski racks are wreaking havoc on the market. They are used to carry skis and poles with one hand.

Benefiting from a highly studied design, SKEASY ski carriers can be used on almost all shapes and sizes of skis. They are easy to handle. With a simple gesture of clips, your equipment will be held firmly.

KlipSki gives you many possibilities to transport and store your winter sports accessories by marketing all its countless ski racks. It must be said that originality is at the heart of the concerns of this family business, of Vendée origin.

By working with a competent, motivated and always enthusiastic team, KlipSki develops different models of quality ski racks, known and highly appreciated for their ease of use. They are also perfect for vertical transport. Professionals can even personalize their KlipSki ski rack.

The Ménabo company, which in 1972 was an artisanal house, manufactured small accessories for cars. A few years later, the brand diversified its product. Having had the habit of using aluminum and steel, Ménabo decided to use its know-how for the benefit of winter sports equipment and created quality ski racks for the general public.

The brand is known for the quality and the safety aspect of its many articles. Ménabo designs and supplies various models of ski racks with an anti-theft system. Made of aluminum, they are resistant and do not get damaged easily.

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