10 Best Ski Poles [2022 Updated]

Ski poles play an essential role in this activity, yet many skiers tend to neglect this equipment. Through this article, we will guide you so that you can find the article that meets all your requirements. To do this, it is important to make your choice according to the size, the type of slide, the washer and the grip.

fter this step, all you have to do is refer to the products in our comparison. We first integrated the LEKI Khumbu AntiShock into it , as it combines an Aergon handle with a certified locking system.

This set allows you to optimize your performance during use. Then you will find in our list the Rossignol Stove 20 which offers great maneuverability in use due to its reduced weight.

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10 Best Ski Poles [2022 Updated]

Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite – Zipline Blurr 16.0 – U.S. Ski Team Official Supplier

These sticks from LEKI stand out mainly by their superior manufacturing quality. Indeed, the manufacturer has opted for aluminum tubes which benefit from great robustness. Therefore, they can resist scratches more easily. In addition, this model incorporates the SAS Lite spring system which optimizes the damping in order to spare the joints.

Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite - Zipline Blurr 16.0 -...
  • GRAPHITE CARBON COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY - High modulus carbon fiber graphite replaces the outdated...
  • STIFF 16.0mm TAPERED SKI POLE - Pole shaft tapers from 16.0mm at the handle to 14.0mm at the tip for...

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These are hiking equipment that combine performance and comfort. That said, they are suitable for both short walks and trekking trips. Moreover, they have a rounded Aergon Cortec handle for you to enjoy various hand grips. These models are considered the best ski poles since they are segmented into 3 parts with tube diameters of 18, 16 and 14mm.

The manufacturer also favors breathability and lightness for more maneuverability. Its Speed ​​Lock system allows you to quickly adjust the length over an interval of 72 to 145 cm. In addition, these sticks allow you to have more momentum thanks to the puck and its tip designed in tungsten carbide.


Reliability: LEIKI seeks to become the best brand of ski poles by offering this model. The latter seduces precisely by its robust design and its ability to improve depreciation.

Performance: If this article is included in this classification, it is because it is suitable for short walks such as long trekkings thanks to its Aergon handle.

Practical: Faced with their weight, these poles are particularly handy and their length can be adjusted quickly and easily.


Moderate quality straps: Some buyers have found the strap to be lacking in padding.

Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite – Zipline Lollipop U.S. Ski Team Official Supplier

When you are not yet used to acquiring this kind of equipment, it is normal not to know how to choose the best ski poles of 2021. This is why we are directing you to this Rossignol Stove 20 Red Blaze which is made of aluminum with a diameter of 18 mm.

Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite - Zipline Lollipop U.S....
  • U.S. SKI TEAM OFFICIAL SUPPLIER - Used by the best: Designed for skiers of all abilities, Zipline is...
  • GRAPHITE CARBON COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY - Makes them super light & durable: Lightweight graphite-carbon...

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One of the advantages of this item is its mixed construction which allows it to be used by both men and women. In addition, the manufacturer has made sure that this product is accessible to all sizes of skiers. This is why this model is available in sizes 110, 115, 120, 125 and 130.

If there are so many users who choose to buy this article, it is also because of its ergonomic handle which improves the grip. That said, you can enjoy better handling in use. In addition, the device weighs only 235 g and this is what allows it to enhance the comfort of use.


Durability: This is a model that comes especially recommended when you are looking for where to buy the best ski poles. This being thanks to its manufacture with quality aluminum.

Versatile: This product has garnered a lot of reviews in its favor thanks to its mixed design and the variety of sizes offered by the manufacturer.

Comfortable use: The handle of this device is also improved to ensure better handling.


Lack of cushioning: According to the observations of several users, the cushioning is not really maximized on this model.

Chamonix Resort Alloy Ski Poles

What are the best ski poles on the market? You can easily answer them by looking at this article. During its manufacture, the manufacturer has used advanced technology to guarantee its high performance. Indeed, this model is made entirely of composite which above all reinforces its resistance to use, but which also lightens its weight.

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Faced with this design, this product enjoys better durability. When you wield these poles, you will also notice that they are particularly light so that the handling is more comfortable. That said, you won’t have a hard time getting used to it. Moreover, this article has a 16 mm shank and a plastic handle which makes the grip more pleasant.

If you take some time to observe this specimen, you will find that it has a 60mm washer which allows it to be used on all types of terrain. These elements also make it possible to use this equipment, regardless of the snow conditions.


Quality: Buyers often indicate this pair of poles as being the most efficient at the moment, because it benefits from a composite design.

Reliability: The construction material adopted on this model improves its robustness so that it can withstand intensive use.

Versatile: If you still don’t know which ski poles to choose to diversify the activities, then this product may convince you. It remains functional, whatever the terrain and snow conditions.


Rather hard grip: Some users would have liked the grip of these poles to be a little softer.

Retrospec Solstice Trekking & Ski Poles

You might want to acquire a product at an affordable cost. Then these inexpensive ski poles might convince you. They are made mainly with aluminum tubes with a diameter of 18 mm. Thanks to this material, this equipment benefits from all the strength necessary to adapt to intensive use.

Retrospec Solstice Trekking Poles for Men & Women - Aluminum...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM DESIGN: Retrospec Solstice Trekking Poles are constructed with incredibly...
  • EASY-TO-TRANSPORT SIZE: Our trekking poles are designed to go everywhere. Quickly adjust and secure...

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Whether you ski in the Alps or off-piste, this equipment is ideal to meet your employment needs. Indeed, it ensures an optimal transmission of the power to each planted pole. Hence, it boosts your performance throughout the journey. Moreover, the manufacturer has also integrated a dual-material handle on this model.

Faced with this construction, poles are more pleasant to handle, especially for female skiers. Regarding measurements, this article measures 100 cm in length and is suitable for users between 141 and 147 cm. In addition, this product is equipped with standard washer and strap to expand its use.


Durability: Although this pair is less expensive than ski poles on the market, it has been designed with aluminum to optimize its strength.

Efficient: The construction of this material allows it to ensure better power transmission.

Convenience: The construction of the handle is well thought out to provide a good grip, whatever the circumstances.


Fragile strap: The straps showed signs of wear within the first few weeks of use, according to a few buyers.

K2 Style Aluminum Ski Pole 2022 – Women’s

You will need to consult a comparison to guide you in your choice of ski pole. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time, just concentrate on this Barnett XC-07. This is a model which is especially suitable for young skiers. Thanks to its versatility, this material is suitable for roller skis as well as cross-country skiing.

K2 Style Aluminum Ski Pole 2022 - Women's Purple 44
  • Notches in the basket to couple the pair of poles for easy carry or storage.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction

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This article is available in several sizes namely 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 and 130 cm. The manufacturer also provides a size guide to help you make the right choice. Regarding the construction of this equipment, its tube is designed in 50% carbon and 50% composite, while the handle is cork.

As soon as you take the poles in your hands, you will feel that they are particularly rigid. This is explained by the materials used for their creation. However, they are very light in order to be suitable for young users. That’s not all, since they offer optimal propulsion to give you more momentum during practice.


Versatile: These poles intended for juniors are made to adapt to several ski disciplines. It is for this reason that they are very popular with parents.

Varied choice: You don’t need to waste time comparing this item as it comes in several sizes to suit all young athletes.

Robustness: The manufacturer has associated several quality materials on this model to optimize its strength and resistance. These characteristics are also confirmed during a test carried out by buyers.


A little heavy: Despite the description that the poles are light, some parents find that their weight should have been lightened even further.

How to buy good ski poles?

The way you ski depends a lot on the poles you use. Thanks to these accessories, you benefit from an optimal support in order to face the climbs and the turns. Considering the importance of this device, it must be chosen with great care.

On the other hand, you may feel lost between all the models that are offered by the sellers. So that it doesn’t take too long to find the best ski poles, focus on size, construction materials and comfort.


In order to successfully acquire this equipment, it is recommended in this buying guide for the best ski poles that you look at the size first. By focusing on this feature, you could easily find the model that matches your measurements, and especially your type of riding.

That’s not all, because by making the right choice in this regard, you will benefit from a better position while practicing this sport. When choosing the pair, here are some fairly simple tips. To start, hold the attachment upside down and put your hands under the washer.

If the angle formed by your arms is straight, this indicates that the equipment is for you. On the other hand, if the opening exceeds 90 °, the device is too small, otherwise, it is too large. If, on the other hand, you are planning an online purchase of this equipment then, simply refer to the size chart on the internet to determine where to buy new ski poles.

Manufacturing materials

To answer the question of how to buy ski poles with better value for money, we invite to consider the building materials. This is a characteristic that largely determines the sturdiness of the equipment you intend to order. In general, this accessory is made from aluminum.

This substance is preferred because it provides great resistance to use while being light. That’s not all, since it is able to provide the necessary balance when skiing. To top it off, this material is also appreciated for its reduced cost.

On the other hand, accessories designed in carbon are the most recommended for enthusiasts of this sport. They usually consist of fiberglass, titanium and of course carbon. These equipments are known to be lighter compared to aluminum. On the other hand, their cost is quite high. We recommend that you go through a price comparison first to try to find the best offer at the best price.


While material and size are important criteria, our tips for finding the best pair of ski poles don’t stop there. Indeed, the buyer will also have to look at the characteristics of the handle. First make sure that this element adapts to the shape and measurements of your hands.

Then, also prefer models designed with the combination of rubber and foam. Indeed, they can properly absorb vibrations. That’s not all, since they are also able to limit fatigue if you plan to use your accessories intensively.

Most popular brands

When buying ski poles, you need to take all the time you need to make the right choice. However, this quest is not made easy because of the wide variety of items that are on sale. To face this situation, it is essential to know the best brands.

The history of the Salomon brand began in 1947. At that time, its leader was still engaged in the creation of wood saws as well as ski edges. Over the years, the brand had gradually developed while improving its know-how. Subsequently, the company specialized in the manufacture of equipment for winter sports and leisure. Moreover, it has become one of the biggest brands in this field.

Salomon also bought other companies before being sold to the ArnerSport group. Throughout its career, the company has always favored innovations through its products. In addition, it offers diverse and authentic items to meet customers’ requirements.

The Austrian brand Atomic was founded in 1955. From the start of its activities, the brand was dedicated to the design of pairs of skis. Its production was limited at that time, but it increased over time. To make itself known around the world, Atomic has sponsored many competitions.

Then, Atomic also embarked on the manufacture of ski clothing to meet the needs of its customers. This brand also continues to bring innovations in its articles. Most of its products are designed according to the latest technology and benefit from incomparable quality.

One of the most active players in the field of winter sport, K2 is a fairly old brand since it was created more than fifty years ago. It is thanks to the innovation brought by the brand that it has been propelled internationally. Indeed, it is one of the manufacturers who favored the use of fiberglass for the design of skis. Thanks to this innovation, the brand has attracted many customers. This is not all, since it has also attracted many investors.

One of the secrets of this company is that it has always been able to adapt to technological developments and the latest trends. It also covers several areas namely freestyle, freeski and freeride.

Rossignol is the story of a hundred years of innovation and know-how. It is a very well-known brand in the field of winter sport. It offers a wide range of products which are intended for amateurs and professionals. Most of its articles are intended for snowboarding, alpine and Nordic skiing.

Rossignol had the idea of ​​working with the champions of this sport in order to design its products. Thanks to this collaboration, the brand has been able to create many innovative products that meet all technical requirements. This brand is also known for its high-end sports ready-to-wear collection.

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