5 Best Ski Pants for Big Thighs [2022]

Not only the equipment, but the pants also play a role in the practice of an activity such as skiing. Moreover, you should know that the pants you wear on a daily basis will not be suitable for extreme snow conditions.

However, you may be overwhelmed in choosing your ski pants if you don’t educate yourself enough about the material, size and design. Once this is done, you can take the time to dwell on the characteristics of Mountain Warehouse Dusk .

These are trousers with suspenders made of polyester to guarantee its waterproofness. It also makes it possible to provide all the necessary heat during the practice of sports during the winter. You may also be interested in the Columbia Bugaboowhich is both waterproof and breathable. It makes sure you stay dry while keeping your lower limbs at the right temperature.

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5 Best Ski Pants for Big Thighs [2022]

Arctix womens Insulated Snow Pants

Benefiting from a waterproof treatment, these men’s pants are able to resist the passage of water and humidity. It also offers good insulation to provide all the warmth you need when you’re on the track. Moreover, you can notice that this model has integrated gaiters on the ankles.

Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants, Black, Small
  • Adjustable black 22 millimeter resin strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • 100-hour chronograph; 24-hour countdown timer; 3 vibrating & audible daily alarms

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These items are useful in protecting you against the penetration of snow. Faced with the manufacture of this outfit, it is suitable for people who are new to skiing and snowboarding. It is easily adjusted thanks to the removable straps. In addition, the chosen fabric is elastic to enhance your comfort when moving on the track.

If you are planning to buy this item, you will be won over by its design which makes it one of the best selling models on the market. It has two zippered security pockets that make it easy to store the items you want to have close at hand. In addition, the back part goes up correctly in the back for more protection.


Quality of Design: While looking for the best brand of ski pants, you will surely come across Mountain Warehouse, which rarely disappoints its buyers. In this particular model, the manufacturers used a strong, insulating fabric to maintain good body heat.

Practical: According to the test done on this outfit, its strap is easily adjusted and allows maximum support. The flexibility of the adopted textile also reinforces comfort.


Too Tall: A few customers had complained that the pants were wide enough even though they ordered their size.

Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants

If you are browsing this comparison, it is because you do not yet know how to choose the best ski pants of 2021. It is for this reason that we direct your choice towards this copy which benefits from a superior quality of design. The outer part and the lining are made of 100% nylon. As for the insulation, it is entirely made of polyester.

Arctix Men's Essential Snow Pants, Black, Medium/32" Inseam
  • 100 percent Other Fibers
  • Zipper closure. Lining-100% Polyester 210T Taffeta

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This combination of materials primarily reinforces impermeability. The choice of these substances also improves your comfort while you are on the track by reinforcing the thermal insulation. In addition, the main seams are waterproof to prevent the penetration of water.

These pants for women also benefit from an ergonomic cut, which allows them to showcase you. In addition, its belt adjusts easily to provide better support when you wear it. Also note that this model is available in several sizes and colors to please everyone’s tastes.


Waterproof: This article occupies a good place in this classification, because it provides a good seal thanks to the nylon adopted for its manufacture. Thus, neither water nor humidity can get inside.

Thermal insulation: We recommend this article if you want to know where to buy the best ski pants since it effectively insulates against the cold and maintains your body heat.

Design: Designed with an ergonomic fit, these pants respect the figure of women. In addition, its size can be easily adjusted so that it adapts more easily to your measurements.


Large: These pants were designed with a fairly large fit. This forced buyers to take a size smaller.

Gash Hao Mens Snow Ski Waterproof Softshell Snowboard Pants

Children, more than anyone, need effective protection while skiing. It is precisely for this reason that we have selected these high quality children’s pants. The interior, exterior and lining of this item are made from 100% polyester to ensure both comfort and ease of care for this product.

Gash Hao Mens Snow Ski Waterproof Softshell Snowboard Pants...
  • 95% polyester, the exterior is made of waterproof, windproof, Insulated and quick-drying soft shell...
  • Bottom of legs-Add zippers. During hiking, during skiing, to avoid snow and coldness go inside the...

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In addition, this is a cheap pant that has taped seams. Faced with this design, this garment maintains body heat to effectively keep warm despite extreme conditions. Thanks to their waterproofness and windproof capacity, the pants are ideal for staying sheltered from a 5,000 mm water column.

The adopted textile provides a great softness which reinforces the comfort of use. In addition, this outfit has removable overalls to provide good support. The integrated velcro makes it easier to adjust the size. You also have a zipped pocket which is located at the back, and snow catchers to prevent the penetration of the latter.


Superior construction: If these pants are often considered the best performing and most suitable for children, it is because their construction material is well chosen to meet the needs of use on the track.

Efficiency: Although it is a cheaper ski pants than the others, its seams are heat-sealed. It’s also waterproof against wind and moisture to keep you warm and dry.

Complete design: To reinforce the support of this outfit, it is equipped with suspenders. In addition to the integrated pocket, this model is also provided with velcro to easily adjust the size.


Too small: The sizes suggested for these pants would be a little smaller than normal.

Helly-Hansen Mens Garibaldi 

Are you looking for the best ski pants for your children? We put you directly on the tracks of this model offered by a big brand. It is made of 100% polyamide, to adapt to cold conditions. This outfit also benefits from a great robustness so that you can wear it for the majority of outdoor activities.

Helly-Hansen Mens Garibaldi 2.0 Waterproof Ski Pant, 226...
  • A classic men's freeride pant with relaxed fit and minimalist detailing
  • HELLY TECH PROFESSIONAL: Extremely waterproof and breathable designs and constructions. For highly...

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The built-in thermal padding on these boy’s pants is ideal for ensuring that children stay warm and above all safe. To reinforce the flexibility of movement, the internal part of the legs is equipped with preformed knees. The pants also include snow guards with insert for added protection against humidity and cold.

The manufacturer has added suspenders on this model to provide support for the pants. These elements are easily removed so that your children can handle them without difficulty. In addition, the size adjustment is easy to achieve.


Reliability: Comparing this model to others will allow you to notice its quality of manufacture and its great reliability in use.

High performance: The pants keep your child warm and ensure their safety on the slopes. The preformed knees are also designed to enhance fluidity of movement.


Size Issues: Sizes advertised did not match normal body measurements, based on comments from some parents.

Columbia Men’s Snow Gun Pant,

These pants are meticulously designed to provide all the protection you need when you’re on the snow. The manufacturer has incorporated a waterproof shell made of textile, as well as taped seams to keep you out of the wind and a 5,000mm water column. The articulated darts at the knees are made to adapt to your body type.

Columbia Men's Snow Gun Pant, Black, Large
  • Look and feel good whatever the weather with our latest clothing and gear built to keep you...
  • OMNI-TECH: Our proprietary technology provides air-permeable protection that's waterproof and...

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Therefore, you can bend and do all the movements you want with ease. Also, be aware that making this product may be right for you if you want to know which is the best ski pants on the market. This is due to the ColdHeat technology which absorbs your body heat to prevent it from escaping.

In addition, this copy has zips on the side to provide the necessary ventilation when needed. To complete the design of these padded pants, the manufacturer added suspenders which are easily removable. In addition, it is equipped with 4 zipped pockets to store your personal items.


Optimal protection: Which ski pants to choose to be sure to be fully protected during practice? This model can be the answer, because it incorporates elements that enhance your safety against cold and humidity.

Comfortable: This product has gotten a lot of positive reviews thanks to the technology used that helps keep heat inside so you don’t get cold.


Unsuitable measurements: According to the claims of buyers, the pants cut small and would even be longer than expected.

How to choose the right ski pants?

To avoid regrets and disappointments after your purchase, read the advice we give you through this buying guide for the best ski pants. We develop the criteria to evaluate when choosing the article. These include impermeability, breathability, but also the fit of the pants. So before making your choice in a price comparison, be sure to take a look at these features.


Before thinking about where to buy new ski pants, pay attention to features like waterproofing first. It would indeed be unpleasant to feel the freezing cold of melted snow on your skin when you have just driven a few kilometers. To find out if a pair of pants is waterproof or not, look at the label.

This label indicates different icons representing the mode of use of the garment, but in addition, it contains the waterproof index of the pants. This index is often represented by the unit of measure mm Schmerber. And for maximum protection, know that this value must be greater than or equal to 20,000 mm Schmerber.


If you’re still looking for how to buy better value ski pants, don’t overlook breathability. While waterproofing prevents cold liquid from entering, breathability allows for better transfer of sweat from the inside to the outside.

So to know if ski pants can effectively wick your sweat, look at the value linked to the unit grs / m² / 24H. In fact, the larger the weight, the more the fabric keeps you dry by expelling all the sweat. For good ventilation, you need an index of around 8,000 grs. You will notice that the waterproofing index is often associated with breathability, hence the 20,000 / 8,000 indication that you will see on the label.


The two previous criteria will be used to keep you dry throughout your journey. However, without the last one that we are going to discover now, the previous ones will have been useless. This is the fit of the pants.

You should know that this adjustment does not only concern your clothing in relation to your body, but also the fit between your pants and your ski boots. If this adjustment is present, snow will not seep inside your pants. In relation to this, check that you have a gaiter at the base level. Thus, it can fit into the pants and prevent the infiltration of snow into your shoes.

How to use ski pants?

Ski pants are the clothing that will most often come into contact with snow and moisture. Its tightness is therefore essential. But not only. To prevent snow from getting inside, you need to know how to wear it and how to take care of it. In case you do not yet know the little tips on this subject, the following lines are for you.

Look at the information on the label

While pants can protect you from cold and humidity, they don’t provide that protection indefinitely. This is due to the fact that after several washes its impermeability eventually fades. And so to get the most out of it, it would be best to inform yourself about the different manipulations recommended by the manufacturer. For this, base yourself on what is written on the label of the pants.

Put on your ski pants

For good protection against the cold, you should choose the underwear that you will wear under your pants. In this regard, opt for synthetic materials. Then add a woolen undergarment over it. This will get rid of the sweat. Lastly, enter your pants. The elastic top should reach your back. Also, tuck your top inside to prevent snow from getting inside.

Check that the gaiter is properly inserted in the shoe

Snow can seep in anywhere there is an opening, whether it’s on the top of your pants or where your ski boots open. For the top of the pants, the problem is solved. Now get down to your shoes. Normally, you have a gaiter at the base of your garment. This part must be inserted into the shoes. Thus, they and your pants will form a set that will block entry to the snow.

Clean it from time to time

The snow is very dirty. So for you to always enjoy skiing, you need to wash your pants from time to time. For this, use lukewarm water and especially not hot water. Wash it off with liquid soap. It is to know that you can carry out this task by hand or by machine. In case you are doing it by hand, use a nail brush to scrub away any stubborn stains. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Then air dry.

Re-waterproof it

After 2 or 3 washing sessions, it is normal for the waterproofness of the fabric to drop or disappear completely. To remedy this, you need to re-waterproof the fabric. There are several kinds of waterproofing on the market to accomplish this step. You have the one to spray on the fabric or the one to spread with a sponge. There is also the template that you can add to the rinse solution. But in any case, avoid using those that leave a film on the surface of the fabric.

Most popular brands

To keep you dry throughout your skiing days, you are looking for pants that can really protect you from humidity and cold. All brands say their products are effective, but you doubt it. Indeed, some of them especially want to sell without the quality being really present. Well, in order to help you find the ski pants you need, we learned about the brands on the market and were able to find the following brands.

If Ultrasport is one of the most popular brands on the market, it is because it offers products qualified by its users, which are excellent. But behind its success there is hard work. Indeed, the brand has set itself the goal of being THE specialist in any item related to outdoor activities and sport. Thus, its customers will benefit more from their moment of communion with nature thanks to its quality articles. It is to know that Ultrasport called upon external organizations which evaluated and validated each stage of its manufacturing process as well as the quality present in its articles. This, in order to prove its seriousness in carrying out its activity.

The Columbia brand has been around for over 70 years now. It is held with an iron fist by the Boyle family who are the founders. If this brand continues to provide robust, waterproof products offering all the necessary comfort, it is thanks to the president of the group named Gert Boyle. She has been at the helm of Columbia for over 40 years now and remains adamant about the protection her products must offer. It should be noted that the brand specializes in the manufacture of sports clothing, but also shoes. Before being produced in large quantities, each model is first tested and then validated by President Gert Boyle.

Anyone who would like to discover nature to live beautiful experiences can find what they are looking for at Trespass. It should be noted that the brand is focusing on the production of items dedicated to the great outdoors such as snow boots, waterproof jackets, overalls, but also waterproof pants. Whether articles for hiking or for winter sports, you will find good quality products with optimal protection against cold and humidity. The small advantage with Trespass is that it offers product ranges for all budgets.

Lixada is a brand that is totally dedicated to outdoor activities whether in temperate or snowy areas. Any item related to life in the great outdoors can be found at the store. You will be able to see there accessories related to hunting, cycling, fishing, camping and hiking, but also everything you may need for your skiing holiday. Different products are offered in these different categories and all aim to simplify your life during your moments of communion with nature. Eventually, you will certainly be able to find the ski pants you need there.

At Nebulus there are clothes for the whole family. The brand has made sure to provide you and those around you with articles made from technical fabrics such as merino. Thus, you will be protected from cold and humidity during your skiing activities. The particularity of the Nebulus brand is also the finish it offers. You don’t have to worry about your seams breaking, as they have been reinforced. In addition, be aware that all of these qualities can be acquired at an affordable price.

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