4 Best Skateboards for Beginners [2022 Updated ]

Skateboarding is one of the most popular of extreme sports along with BMX and rollerblades. Before seeing your children take to the ramps of skateboard parks, they must first master the fundamentals of the sport. A learning skateboard will be of great help to him.

Although some boards are intended for children, that does not mean that they are toys. If you want your child to excel at this sport quickly, give them the boards that are enjoying high popularity among the community of practitioners.

If we refer to customer reviews, the Outad 2 kg is the must have when it comes to skateboarding. Its vintage design gives it an unusual charm.

As an alternative to this model, you have the Penny Skateboardwhich stands out for its embossed pattern deck. This raised structure allows an optimal grip of the feet during the activity.

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The 4 Best Skateboards (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Skateboards are an environmentally friendly form of transportation that young people and seasoned adults can use to get around town. As there are different models available on the market, choosing the right model to suit your needs and those of your children can be difficult. In this comparison, we show you how to choose the best skateboards of 2021.

Outad Vintage Skateboard Skateboard

This skateboard challenges with its vintage design, those nostalgic for their childhoods will surely love to own this cruiser once again. Moreover, the latter has been designed for your convenience. When delivered, you will no longer need to assemble it, because it is already assembled. It is directly ready for use.

This model benefits from remarkable robustness. It is able to support up to 90 kilos. The board can therefore be used by a child, a young person and even a large adult. The wheels which are made with PU are very durable. This material is perfectly resistant to the wear and tear of daily use. They will glide perfectly even on all types of terrain.

As it is small in size, this skateboard can easily be carried in a backpack. The model here is the favorite of young boys. Girls who are passionate about this sport can choose from other color variations, including pink or white and pink.

This skateboard is top quality. It has CE certification. For this reason, it is suitable for practitioners of all levels.

Whether it is for competition or just for fun, it is necessary to know where to buy the best skateboard. Certainly, there are many sellers, but it is above all in the choice of the model that we are blocking. The Outad 2 kg is ranked among the most popular products thanks to its great resistance.


Good quality : This specimen is passed in units to meet CE certification standards. It supports a weight of up to 90 kg and its manufacture is suitable for everyone, whatever the level.

Durable wheels : The tires are made of PU. This material is recognized for its great resistance. It has been designed for long term use and is suitable for all types of terrain.


Small size : Despite the fact that this model is designed for amateurs and professionals, people with a fairly large shoe size will feel somewhat embarrassed by its size.

Penny Skateboard Complet 22”

According to connoisseurs, Penny is one of the brands to approach if you are looking for a quality skateboard. According to them, the designer rarely disappoints, which also prompts them to suggest this model for skateboard enthusiasts.

For this one, the Penny decided to move away from the standard aesthetic by giving it a multicolored look. It takes up the colors of Jamaica with its deck in black, its wheels in red and its trucks in green combined with yellow. It features a look that immediately catches the eye when you ride.

The board has reduced dimensions with its 55.9 cm long and 15.2 cm wide. It remains easy to carry if you plan to put it in your bag while traveling. And when you carry it in your hand, it won’t burden you. The top of the deck is covered with a raised coating, optimizing its grip with the sole of your shoes. Some users even claim that barefoot practice is just as comfortable.

As for the casters, they have a rubber casing with a 59mm urethane core. They are resistant to wear, but also to possible ground defects. As for the trucks, they are made from stainless steel. Robust and light, they help to reduce the overall weight. This way, it will be easy for you to lift your device when performing a freestyle trick without damaging it.


Grip: This model features a waffle pattern deck maximizing the grip of your feet with the structure. So you can ride your skateboard with or without shoes without any problem.

Authentic look: With its assembly of colors, this equipment is not likely to go unnoticed when you exercise in your activity. You can then show off to those around you.

Solid Wheels: The casters that come with this board are made from urethane. This element is not afraid of punctures or if at times you drive on sharp ground defects.

Convenient Design: With a size of 22 ”, transportation is no problem. Indeed, it will easily find a place in your bag when you are not riding with it. What to spare you a little.


Not all-terrain: Users notice that this board emits some vibrations when riding on bumpy surfaces.

Enkeeo Skateboard Retro Cruiser Skateboard

The Enkeeo Boufon is considered the best skateboard for beginners in this comparison.

This skateboard is of a very solid design. Overall, it weighs 1.6 kilograms for 56 x 1.5 cm. True, it was made for small children and young people, but adults can also use it, but as long as it is not over 90 kilos, otherwise the board may sag.

Of excellent quality, this skateboard is CE certified. The actual board is made with polypropylene which is a sturdy and very flexible material. Type 85A casters feature ABEC-7 bearings so you can get the most out of the board. Even if you use this board daily, the wheels will not wear out easily.

Finding the cheapest according to the genre of skateboarding is a habit among beginners. The Enkee Boufon is rated as the best skateboard for those who are just starting out in the sport. The wheels have been manufactured for high stability, which makes learning easier.


CE Certified : The material the board was made of is polypropylene. It is therefore both robust and flexible, which prevents it from breaking easily.

Good wheel design : Type 85A, they are made with ABEC-7 bearings, which allows them to be used every day.


Capacity : This model is especially made for adults with a small build and children. As you approach the recommended maximum weight of 90 kg, the board begins to flex.

Costway Skateboard Maple Wood Skateboard

When you are a beginner, buying your first skateboard is always quite a delicate moment. However, you will not have to pay a large enough sum before you can ride. It is for this reason that the models for beginners were born.

Measuring 79 cm long, 20 cm wide and 3.2 cm high, this model is perfectly manoeuvrable. In addition, know that it will adapt to all age groups. Solidly designed, the board features more than seven layers of maple. As a result, it will withstand all drops and shocks. Regarding the casters, they are both strong, but also very flexible. Rain or shine, this skateboard will always provide excellent grip. Oval in shape, the design of this skateboard is very much in tune with the times. Apart from blue, this model is also available in black and pink.

In terms of its use, it is versatile. Indeed, this skateboard can be used for a simple walk, but also during your training sessions in a skatepark. As for its maintenance, this model is relatively easy to clean.


A non-slip surface: Far from being a basic model, the surface of this skateboard has a non-slip device. As a result, it will always offer good grip, which is very practical, especially for beginners.

Quality wheels: Although it is above all a model intended for the beginner, know that the wheels as well as the trucks which equip this skateboard are of very good quality.

Handy: Due to its size and the quality of its manufacture, this skateboard remains quite manoeuvrable. Moreover, given the fluidity of its bearing, a person who is just starting out will not have too much trouble directing it.

A nice color: The blue that the manufacturer chose gives this skateboard a style all its own.


Too sober: Besides pink, black and blue are two colors that are rather sober.

Buying Guide – How Do I Pick a Good Skateboard?

The skateboard or skateboard is both an object for entertainment and a practical means of transportation. It must at the same time support the weight of the user as well as the various shocks that may occur. Therefore, it is imperative to have a good quality machine. Here are some tips that will help you know how to buy a better value skateboard.

The shape of the board

The board is the main part of a skateboard. In this buying guide for the best skateboards, we recommend that you pay attention to the size of the board.

This is measured in inches (one inch equals 2.54 centimeters). There is no such thing as a perfect size, but it depends on both the user’s weight and how they want their board to be used. If the skateboard is only used as a form of transportation, a width of 8.25 ” or more is recommended. On the other hand, for use in skate-parks or for freestyle, it is better to choose a width between 7.5 ” and 8 ”.

As for the length, it is 29 ” to 33 ”. The higher your weight, the more you will have to choose a larger board. For example, skateboarders over 80 kilograms should choose a board approximately 8.3 ” wide for a simple ride.

The high parts at the ends of the board (the nose at the front and the tail at the rear) play a big role in the comfort of use. It is therefore advisable to first test the height that suits you the most in order to be able to perform better figures. Concavity is also important. A lighter concavity is ideal for beginners, while a more pronounced concavity is more suitable for more experienced players.

The wheels

The difference between the wheels of the different models will also let you know where to buy a new skateboard. This will also depend on the use of the machine. A wheel with a larger diameter adapts more easily to most uses, while a smaller wheel is more suitable for more technical use. The same goes for their width: a thinner wheel will allow greater speed and a thicker one will make the skateboard easier to control.

It is also necessary to choose the hardness well. If you are a beginner, it is better to choose softer wheels which will have better handling. But with more experience, opting for harder wheels will allow you to perform more complex tricks.

Les trucks

Trucks are the metal parts that connect the wheels to the board. In a price comparison, we often notice that the difference is made in the materials that compose it. Stronger materials like titanium are generally more expensive. If you are a beginner, it is not necessarily necessary to get the strongest of them.

Their size is also essential. For a simple walking skateboard, it is advisable to choose higher trucks. The lower ones are especially made for a more artistic practice and often require smaller wheels. For the width, it is generally a function of that of the board. Generally, beginner skateboards have wider, more stable trucks, while more experienced models have narrower, lighter trucks.

How to use a skateboard?

The skateboard or skateboard is a very popular object of entertainment and especially present in the world of extreme sports. It is not only fun but also practical, depending on the circumstances. So, if you want to get started, be brave and use our tips below to learn how to ride.

Choose a good quality board

The choice of a type of board is fundamental for the rest because it will allow you to easily adopt your skateboard or not. The best, if you are just starting out, would be to prioritize a wide board that will help you progress quickly. Later, you can improve it compared to your level. Regarding trucks, go for those that are light, but strong. As for the wheels, check that they are of an average size. This size is approximately 55 millimeters. They are light and suitable for all types of exercises.

Above all, respect a few rules

Before starting your skateboarding lessons, make sure you have good shoes. It is to know that the shoes intended for the practice of the skateboard exist. Wear it to optimize your safety as well as your balance on the board. Another rule concerns your weight. Before you even buy a skateboard, think about your weight. Indeed, if you have a strong build, turn to a wider board. For information, the width of a board on average is 15 centimeters.

Learn how to use it little by little

Learning to skateboard is done step by step. So at the very beginning, start by learning to balance your board while riding. To do this, place one foot on it while the other foot begins to move. Once this is done, position your feet so that they are parallel on the board and, at the same time, make sure that your weight is evenly distributed over the entire surface. When you balance on it, you can start trying tricks like the kickturn or the ollie.

Arm yourself with patience

Learning to master this tool is no easy task. Yet it is also not impossible to do so. All the great fans of skiing have all gone through the beginner box. But all of them strove to surpass themselves and ended up mastering the majority of the figures. You can do the same. To do this, be patient and do not lose sight of your goal. You may fall often at first, yet keep going until you get used to it. You can do it.

Bring your board back to life

After a few months of practice, your skateboard may not be as lively as it was when it first started. But first, in order to keep your toy intact, be careful not to get your board wet. This may soften the wood and smooth the grip. Then, to revive its performance, take out your DIY tools and take your board apart every two months. Start by removing the wheels and axle from the trucks, then check that there is no rust. In the event that these components are rusted, clean and then lubricate these components.

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