10 Best Sigma Heart Rate Monitor [2022 Updated ]

There are many methods of achieving the best results of support or acceleration of metabolism in order to promote weight loss. Among these methods, we find exercises using a heart rate monitor. Many people confirm the effectiveness of this method and what is more, it is recommended by doctors.

Mainly due to the fact that the correct pulse is healthy for us. If our body is too tired, unfortunately it can lead to serious health problems, especially with the heart. In addition, numerous studies have shown that maintaining a healthy pulse during exercise promotes weight loss.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to choose the best Sigma heart rate monitor in 2021. We will mention execution, functions and other aspects. In addition, at the end you will find an overview of the best Sigma heart rate monitors.

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10 Best Sigma Heart Rate Monitor [2022 Updated ]

Sigma Non-Coded Heart Rate Transmitter and Chest Belt

Sigma PC 15.11 is a watch and a heart rate monitor in one. It is a solid equipment, also suitable for exercises in extreme conditions. This attractive Sigma heart rate monitor at a good price is a reliable device that shows us not only our pulse at a given moment, but also informs us about our maximum heart rate and calculates the average.

Sigma Non-Coded Heart Rate Transmitter and Chest Belt
  • Lightweight, reliable and comfortable
  • User changeable battery

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The device has a built-in calorie counting function, which is especially attractive for people who are on a diet and are trying to lose weight. It is a two-piece model, so a belt is included in the set. The device can also be used without it. Unfortunately, then we cannot control our heart rate.

The presented model has a backlit display, so we can view our results also when we play sports at night or in poor weather. The heart rate monitor has a waterproof casing, so we don’t have to take it off when we go swimming, wash ourselves or exercise in the rain.

This product is appreciated for its high functionality, as well as attractive appearance and easy operation system.

SoundPEATS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

A heart rate monitor with a digital transmitter by Sigma – the PC 26.14 model is a product that is highly appreciated by consumers. In their opinions, they highly appreciate its performance, as well as the number of functions that this equipment has.

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The device measures not only our pulse, but also calories burned. It has lap counting functions, it remembers our last training sessions together with information about the date or time we spent on it. In addition, the device informs us about our current, average and maximum heart rate. In addition, we can adjust its work to the current training in order to get the best results and maintain a correct pulse.

This is waterproof equipment but cannot be dived in. However, you can swim, play sports in the rain or take a bath without fear. This product also has an attractive design and can also be used as a watch. It fits not only typical sports outfits, but also casual ones.

MorePro Fitness Activity Tracker Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, 

An interesting proposition is the Sigma PC 3.11. It is quite basic equipment at a good price, but it cannot be denied that it will be perfect for the very beginning. The device is suitable for heart rate monitoring during cycling, elliptical cross trainers, during strength training, aerobics or yoga.

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The simple operation system makes this model also suitable for older people who avoid new technologies. The service is facilitated by a large, readable display. The device is shock-resistant, so even during intense workouts it will not be damaged.

The heart rate monitor has a waterproof housing. You cannot dive in it, but you can swim, shower or run in the rain with no worries. It is not an overly complicated instrument, so it has the most basic functions. In addition to the heart rate monitor, also a watch and a timer.

The product was appreciated by many people. Mainly due to a very simple operating system. It cannot be denied that the lack of additional options for many people can be a downside, but for those who avoid electronics, it is a big advantage.

Which Sigma heart rate monitor should you choose?

Why Sigma? It is a brand that enjoys great recognition among consumers. Many people believe that the products of this company are very solid. Sigma was founded in 1981 and since then has been producing the best heart rate monitors, as well as equipment used to measure our pace and speed during training. Sigma products are recommended by amateurs and professionals.

The heart rate monitors are available in two one- or two-piece versions. The two-piece models consist of a belt with a transmitter and a reader in the form of a watch. The belt is placed over the chest and the watch is placed on the hand. On the other hand, the one-piece models have a heart rate monitor built into the watch.

When choosing a device of this type, let’s check its construction and weight. We are going to wear them on our hands so it can’t be too heavy. It is important that the material does not irritate the skin and that the whole thing is waterproof. During training, the weather conditions may change and we sweat.

It is worth choosing a model that not only measures our pulse, but also has a number of other functions that will make our daily training easier. For cyclists and runners, we recommend a model with a GPS function. It is worth choosing a device with a built-in clock, weather alarm or pedometer. An interesting option are heart rate monitors with a dedicated application that allows us to analyze our training, their effectiveness and our achievements.

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