5 Best Salsa Dance Shoes [2022]

Depending on the type of dance you want to practice, there is specially adapted equipment. To feel at ease during the execution of your pirouettes, take care not to neglect this fact.

Apart from that, you will also need to look into the size, comfort, and materials. And to know which salsa dance shoe to choose, we recommend that you look at several products, not just one.

You can do this by reading the following comparison. One of the items that we will present to you there is the Nueva Epoca Belgrano , a model intended for men, appreciated for its original design with a small shade of red. The leather that makes its composition is shiny and supple.

For women, we recommend the Jia Jia 20511for its satin construction and the lightness that this implies. Thanks to this, your movements will be smoother.

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5 Best Salsa Dance Shoes (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Very Fine Women’s Delphine 

There are many places to buy the best salsa dance shoe , but you still need to find the right product for you. In this sense, the most efficient brand will have to offer you a certain flexibility, optimal comfort and good support. The Nueva Epoca Belgrano has all these characteristics thanks to its quality leather design and well-groomed cut.

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Apart from that, this reference has a rather particular design if we were to compare it to other models in its category. Its black tint is not uniform over its entire surface. It is slightly nuanced by a rather discreet, but elegant red.

The soles are reliable. They allow you to glide smoothly without worrying about losing control and missing your landing. Enough to follow your steps with confidence and pride.


Design: the look of this item is its main asset. Its shapes have been carefully studied to guarantee you good support at all times. Its colors have been chosen to give you a certain charm on the track. It must be said that the black shade of red does not go unnoticed.

Comfort and flexibility: this model was made with high quality leather. To this end, you can perform your routines without worrying about damaging your shoes in the process.


Laces: in the opinion of some users, this component would be coarse. In other words, they don’t go so well with the rest of the equipment in question.

iCKER GetMine Womens Latin 

To know which is the best salsa dance shoe on the market, it will not be enough for you to observe the design of the item that interests you, even if it counts for a lot. Above all, you will need to ensure the comfort of your feet. To do this, you will need to focus on the flexibility and lightness of the materials that make up the model of your choice. This one is made in satin to ensure these two factors. The synthetic lining, for its part, will ensure better ventilation of your toes.

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So that you always have control over your steps, the designers of this product have equipped it with soles with rubber. You can slide and stop whenever you want without the slightest worry. Enough to perfect your performance.

As for the look of these shoes, they are black in color so they can match all your outfits. The closure system is simple and adjustable according to the circumference of your ankle.


Good Design: Thanks to the satin and synthetic lining that make up this model, you will feel light throughout your choreography.

Stability: the soles were made of rubber. The latter will give you better control of your slides. You will not risk falling in full execution.


Cost: If you’re looking for a cheap model , this one might not fit your budget. You will have to pay to buy it.

ZBVLGE Women’s Ballroom Latin Dance Shoes

This is a model of salsa dance shoes for women. Black in color, this item will go easily with all the stage outfits you have in your wardrobe. Its satin design makes this pair very light. You will therefore not risk dragging your feet with this reference in your possession. You will be able to twirl as you see fit according to your choreography. Apart from salsa, you can also practice tango with this product.

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This specimen is available in several sizes. However, we advise you to take half a measure above your own to avoid the concern of discomfort. The heel height is also your choice. You can opt for a 6, 7.5 or 8.5 cm. It will all depend on your habits. If you are a beginner, prefer to start with the 6 cm. You will feel much more at your ease.


Design: The main material of this item is satin. Thanks to this, this product is light and you will not have to exert great efforts to move around with it. This will make it easier to execute your passes and you won’t have a tendency to sweat your feet.

Design: According to many users, it looks pretty and elegant. Enough to allow you to shine on the track even without glitter. In addition, black goes with everything.


Closure: according to a test carried out by consumers, the device provided for this purpose is quite difficult to handle.

TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

Due to its experience in the field, Nueva Epoca can be classified as the best brand of salsa dance shoes of the moment. This explains the presence of several models of this brand in this ranking. This specimen is appreciated for the quality of its design materials. Leather, among other things, is said to be “breathable”, thus offering good ventilation to your feet so that they do not tend to sweat too much. Also, the lining inside this item will make it even more comfortable.

ZBVLGE Women's Ballroom Latin Dance Shoes, Salsa Patry...
  • Use for many occasions: This dance shoe is very suitable for rumba, chacha, cowboy, samba,...
  • Satin upper material: Satin dance shoes are quite suitable for practice and competition. They have...

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The sole is in suede to ensure optimal control of your movements. You will be able to turn and slide without worrying about skidding at any time. You will then be able to concentrate better on your choreography and your performance.

Regarding the size, this product is intended for people with normal feet width.


GOOD DESIGN: Designed with premium breathable leather, these shoes will provide your little feet with optimal comfort throughout your activities. And with the integrated fine and soft lining, this factor will be maximized.

Suede soles: thanks to this composition, you will always have control over your movements. You will slide without being afraid of falling. Your maintenance will be assured at all times.


Price: if you are looking for the cheapest reference on the market, this one may not be right for you.

HXYOO Ballroom Dance Shoes

What we notice in the first place on this reference is its design. Its black and white colors are a classic in the sports dance world. It is somewhat reminiscent of the film “Let’s dance in the rain”. Just this idea, we immediately feel motivated to carry out our training.

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By its appearance, this article was intended for two types of practice. These include salsa, but also tango. To ensure the comfort of your feet in view of the difficulty of the figures that you will have to undertake, this model has been made from supple and quality leather.

To guarantee your support throughout your execution, this product has 5 lace-up holes. You won’t risk being left without shoes in the middle of a performance. This will allow you to better focus on your choreography.


Attractive design: the black and white style is admittedly a bit outdated, but still a great classic. If you want to bring a vintage touch to your outfit, this is ideal.

Good support: this factor is provided here by 5 lace-up holes. You won’t worry about your ties coming loose too easily, putting you off guard in the middle of the track. Which will give you some assurance.


Lourdes: this model weighs its weight, which can constitute a certain embarrassment for some dancers.

Purchase guide

To master the technique of salsa dance, a couple must be in perfect harmony. But above all, wearing a pair of good-sized, high-quality shoes is essential. The selection of these accessories is not, however, an easy task with the plurality of models sold on the market. You can consult a price comparison to simplify your task. It is also advisable to check each characteristic of the article before giving a verdict in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here’s a buying guide for the best salsa dance shoes to help you on that quest.

The type (for men or for women)

There is no shortage of different brands on the web. To succeed in finding the right pair, hasty decisions should be avoided. Be aware that the market offers types of shoes for women and men.

Professional dancers should choose the traditional Salomé shoe. They can also opt for models with crossed straps that wrap nicely around the ankle. Just make sure that the item you choose can support your feet without making them too tight.

Men will not hesitate to wear suede leather shoes with soft soles. They will be able to dance without being embarrassed. The presence of soft pads will also guarantee the comfort of your feet.


An ideal pair of dance shoes should also benefit from a nice design. If you want to stand out in a competition, remember to check the visual appearance of the item at the time of purchase.

Choose the color according to your tastes while respecting the theme of the song with which you are going to dance with your partner. If you are interested in classic style, go for black satin or leather. A mix of silver and red tones is also eye-catching. The copper color goes perfectly with any outfit, especially for young ladies.


Knowing the size of your dance shoes also remains an important selection criterion. First measure the size of your feet before starting the quest.

When you are comfortably shod, it will be easier to move your body following the rhythm of the dance. This remains a crucial detail to consider, especially for beginners. Thus, they will not risk stepping on their partner’s feet. You will then be able to perform all the pirouettes with ease even with a heel.

You can then see where to buy a new pair of salsa dance shoes. Professional advice will also be of great help to you.


If you are one of those people who wants to know how to buy a better value pair of salsa shoes, find the answer to this question by considering the material of the product of your choice.

Go for models made from leather, satin or nubuck, because they provide a feeling of softness on the skin. Avoid wearing synthetic shoes because you may easily sweat and injure yourself with such items on your feet.

How to use salsa dance shoes?

Each type of dance requires the use of a specific pair of shoes. There is one for salsa. Both dancers and dancers often do not pay attention to the use of this kind of material. To help you make good use of it, follow the guidelines listed below.

Little by little, learn to use your shoes

Put your accessory correctly on your feet. For a very first use, do not perform difficult movements. The risk of injury is indeed high during this period. Start with simple exercises and continue with more and more delicate sequences.

If you are going to participate in a competition or in a public performance, you should practice wearing the specific salsa shoes. In order not to tire yourself easily during your workouts, get used to wearing your equipment.

Lock the straps of your accessory correctly

Make sure that the straps on your accessory do not tighten your ankles too tightly to allow good blood circulation. It is also important that they are properly buckled so that your shoes do not eject from your feet when you swing your legs to dance.

If your tool has laces, it is necessary to tie them well, otherwise they may come undone and accidentally injure you during your activity.

Clean the soles of your accessories

It is necessary to take good care of your shoes so that you do not have to invest in new pairs every time. You must regularly maintain your equipment, otherwise their soles will clog. In addition, dirt can solidify and can make your item slippery. This process is important so that you can perform your dance correctly and ensure optimal flexibility.

Use a special brush made of suede to remove dirt

For this step, there are two techniques: either you brush your materials by holding them alternately in your hands, or you accomplish this task after you have put them on. For this second option, put your feet on a support and then find the right balance. When doing this, make sure that the dirt that comes off your soles does not reach you or the other dancers in the room.

Make a few twists to remove the grime if you don’t have a brush

Put on your shoes and go outside, preferably on a sidewalk or in a driveway. All you need to do is land on a dry place with an abrasive surface such as concrete. Perform a few “twists” or turns on yourself in order to rub the soles to remove as much dirt as possible. You must be very careful not to carry out this operation on dirty and wet floors in order not to damage your equipment.

Store your equipment in a good location

After cleaning, store your tool in your closet or other such closed place. You must protect them against dust and all other dirt. Your equipment should not be placed in a damp location or in a location that is too exposed to the sun. The appearance of your shoes may indeed be altered.

Most popular brands

Ballroom dancers need special outfits and shoes to perfect their movement. If you are inclined towards Latin dances, it is imperative that you acquire salsa dance shoes. To acquire a pair, why not invest in safe stocks? In fact, here is a list of the main brands recognized on the subject.

Founded in 1947 by Rose Repetto, the Repetto brand is considered one of the main players in the manufacture of dance shoes. The brand began by making comfortable slippers with the stitch-and-reverse technique to avoid pain in the dancers’ feet. One of his greatest successes is also related to his articles called “Cinderella ballerinas” which combine luxury and design.

Today, if you are looking for your salsa dance shoe, the company offers itself as a reference in the field. It offers a wide range of elegant, tailor-made and easy-to-wear products.

Anna Kern is one of the brands developed by the famous dance shoe manufacturer Werner Kern. It has received a lot of favorable reviews from consumers thanks to its luxury items.

The salsa dance shoes from this brand which are on the market are distinguished by the quality of their constituent materials, in particular by the nappa leather from the Mediterranean. Flexible and design, the brand’s products offer you more comfort during your Latin choreographies. In addition, perspiration will be absorbed.

The Supadance brand is no less well known in the dance shoe sector. It has won over consumers with its high quality products that meet the needs of both amateurs and professionals.

The company highlights the aesthetic side of its articles with classy materials such as satin and leather, decorated with rhinestones. It has not also forgotten the comfort through its padded soles. For your salsa dance shoe, do not hesitate to choose between the various models of heels offered by the factory.

In the world of ballroom dancing and sports dances, the Rummos brand has made its way through its comfortable items. Its products designed from Portugal have been studied to be accessible to all at affordable prices.

To attract salsa dance enthusiasts and professionals, the company offers pairs with stylish designs that can make you shine on the floor. One of the biggest advantages of the brand is its tailor-made service. In any case, make sure you have a model that meets your tastes in color, material, height and heel shape.

The Elitte brand is also one of the most famous brands in the manufacture of dance shoes. You can trust this company if you haven’t chosen your salsa dance shoe yet.

The comfort so sought after by practitioners of this discipline is the greatest success of this company. Heels, whatever their height and shape, guarantee you a certain stability during your steps. Especially since the multitude of models offered will meet everyone’s tastes.

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