10 Best Rugby Ball for Kicking [2022]

No rugby without the rugby ball. You will have understood it, if you plan to initiate yourself in this sport, you must imperatively bring this accessory.

However, since this is a complicated purchase, you will find a buying guide useful. Indeed, you must take the time to consider criteria such as the material, the design and the brand of the model considered.

To simplify your search, we have gathered several products in our comparison. Here are two products that might interest you.

The Gilbert Omega has a functional rubber surface for a good grip. The Gilbert Replica ASM is an ideal replica for fans of the Clermont Auvergne team.

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10 Best Rugby Ball for Kicking [2022]

Due to the fact that it is a discipline very appreciated in the world, the requirements for the ball are increasingly high for rugby. The choice of this equipment should therefore not be made lightly to practice this sport correctly. This is the reason why we have drawn up this comparison.

Gilbert Omega

This Gilbert rugby ball is designed to offer a standard grip. It has a design identical to an official model. In addition to being suitable for matches in your garden, it can also serve as a decoration on your trophy buffet.

With its functional rubber surface, it fits easily in the hand. Indeed, there is no risk of it slipping off your fingers. Your opponents will therefore find it difficult to take it from you during your friendly games. This construction will also allow you to throw the ball more easily. This will allow you to be more precise for the passes.

This product has a Truflight valve. Inflation won’t be a problem, as you can do it with your personal pump. In addition, it was sewn by hand. This handcrafted design makes it durable. He will then accompany you for a while.


Easy Hold : This model is made with a functional rubber surface, so you can hold it properly in your hand.

Durable : Being sewn by hand, details have been carefully made to prevent the threads from loosening.

Design : Its design makes it ideal for games with friends, but also for decoration in your living room or bedroom.


Not Feet- Friendly: Although this item allows for precise hand passing, it is difficult to control when kicking.

Gilbert Réplica ASM

The Gilbert Replica ASM is a mini size ball. Thanks to its measurements, it can be used by adults, like children. You can therefore offer it as a gift to a fan of this sport or to your toddlers. With a weight of 998 g, this specimen is light. Once again, it can be handled by the little ones, without them getting tired too quickly. It is thus suitable for matches in the garden or at the park.

In addition, it is an ASM rugby ball. It is indeed a replica of the official model used by the ASM Clermont Auvergne club. This team is part of the top 14 in the region. He will then be able to satisfy the fans of this team. Its design is ideal for playing, but also as a decoration on the sideboard in your room.


Lightweight : This specimen was made with a total weight of 998 g. Thanks to this, it is possible for children to train without getting tired.

Design : The style of this item was developed in honor of the ASM Clermont Auvergne team. Fans will then be delighted to have it in their collection.

Mini size : Thanks to its measurements, a child’s little hands will be able to hold this product correctly.


Non-conforming design : Looking closely at the tips, you will see that this model is not identical to a regulation ball, because its ends are too rounded.

Gilbert 82001005

This balloon is made with a traditional design. This makes it ideal for collectors and true rugby enthusiasts. The material used is leather, ensuring both a good appearance and good resistance to wear. It has a lace-up opening in the middle for an even more vintage style.

You can then use it for several years without it deteriorating. You will also be able to display it in your living room or in your bedroom as a decorative object. Belonging to category T5, this specimen offers an average size. It can therefore be easily held by an adult, but is also suitable for the hands of a child. As a result, you can give it to a friend or to your son.

The prints on its center give it a classy look. You will find the inscriptions “vintage”, “1823”, “rugby”, “sise 5”, as well as the brand.


Resistant : The leather construction of this article ensures a fairly long lifespan. It will then accompany you for many years.

Average size : Categorized T5, it allows a comfortable grip for adults, but also for children.

Design : This rugby ball is made in a vintage style. It will satisfy long-time fans of the sport. You can therefore use it as a decoration.


Not inflated : It is important to take into account that this leather rugby ball is delivered empty. So you need to get a pump and a tab to fill it with air before playing.

Robert Frederick RBALL01

Robert Frederick RBALL01 is a model designed with a classic design. It is therefore suitable to adorn the collections of great amateurs. Its appearance also makes it ideal as a gift for an old fan or retired gamer. It will remind him of his youth.

Besides, it is a small size item. As a result, it will easily fit in the hands of a child. And with a weight of only 481g, your boy can then throw it easily and play with it without getting tired.

In addition to its elegant look, this vintage rugby ball has a durable look. Indeed, it is made of robust material, ensuring good resistance to wear. So you can have it with you for many years to come. It will even withstand the excess turbulence of your child, without showing signs of deterioration.


Vintage : The Robert Frederick Vintage offers a classic style reminiscent of models from the 80s.

Small and Light : This is a mini rugby ball that comes in an ideal size for boys. It also weighs just 481g. Your children can then play with it without difficulty.

Durable : The material used for the manufacture of this prototype ensures good longevity.


White threads: Unfortunately, sewing threads are white in color and get dirty quickly. This requires you to clean this product often to keep its charm.

Gilbert T5

This model is designed under the T5 category. Its small size will allow children to take it in their hands without any problem. They will therefore be able to play with ease. In addition, the total weight of this prototype is 500 g. Your kids will then have no trouble throwing it and passing it. The material used for the manufacture of this article makes it resistant. Indeed, you can use it during all seasons, without fear that it will deteriorate.

In addition, it presents a design following the colors of the ASM club of Clermont Auvergne. The fans of this team will then be in heaven when they receive it as a gift. Yes, it is an official replica that will not go unnoticed by fans of this exciting sport. You can therefore also use it as a decorative object for your bedroom or in the living room.


Lightweight : This rugby ball weighs a total of 500 g. Thanks to its low weight, it will be possible for your child to throw it without making too much effort.

Small size : Classified in the T5 category, it has mini measurements. This will allow you to take it in one hand easily. Your kid will also be able to hold it without difficulty.

Resistant : The Gilbert T5 has been designed with a durable material. It can indeed be used during all seasons.


Get dirty easily : Being white in color, this item stains quite quickly. You will then need to clean it regularly to keep it looking its best.

How to choose a good rugby ball?

To buy a rugby ball that will allow us to play sports or just have a good time with our friends, a buying guide for the best rugby balls is offered to us. This article will discuss the various criteria to be taken into account when we want to obtain such an article.


The playability of the ball depends greatly on the material with which it is made. First of all, you should know that a rugby ball has three parts: the panels, the lining and the bladder. Each of these parts have their own adapted material and it is according to the combination of these various materials that we can tell if a rugby ball is good or not.

The panels are generally made of polyester but for models with exceptional quality, a polyester-cotton blend is used. As for the coating, the materials with which they are made are rubber, PVC or polyurethane. Rubber is the most durable, but it is also the most expensive. Polyurethane is very popular for its lightness and PVC is a little in between. The bladder of the rugby ball is made of latex or butyl.

To know how to buy a rugby ball for the best value for money, we must therefore make choices on the material that suits our budget. Knowing that the best materials are very expensive, you can compromise on certain parts of the rugby ball to reduce costs.

The designs

The design of the balloon should not be confused with the shape of the balloon. We all know the rugby ball is oval and that will never change. This shape is obtained by sewing the 4 panels together. Rather, the design evokes certain aspects that are not usually described in a price comparison. We can, for example, talk about the size of the ball. It is different depending on the level of the players, their age but also the surface with which we are going to play.

Some balls are also equipped with grip, in order to improve the grip of the latter. But the look is also essential, there are many designs available to adorn the balloons. Drawings with the effigy of our favorite player, our favorite team or original color associations.

The brand

There are brands that specialize in designing rugby balls. These brands have been around for a very long time and they know their business very well. It’s no wonder they’re the ones who make the best rugby balls. One of the world leaders in the manufacture and sale of rugby balls is the Gilbert brand. To know where to buy a new Gilbert rugby ball, nothing could be simpler because they are on sale at all resellers of sporting goods.

Other lesser-known brands also design rugby balls. We can cite Kipsta or Adidas. These balloons are in most cases more affordable. But that said, advice is still necessary so that our choice is optimal, so we must take as much information as possible.

Most popular brands

When you have decided to play rugby, you need to have in hand a ball that adapts to your style of play, your performance, but also your age. Understanding the selection parameters is therefore crucial. The purchase of your equipment should not be done at random. Once this step is completed, you can consider surfing on a price comparison site. If you do not yet know which brand to choose, we invite you to follow this article which aims to inform you about the most fashionable brands on the market at the moment.

In the world of rugby, Gilbert is a brand that no longer needs presentation. For a century and a half now, the brand has continued to evolve while bringing specific innovations to each model of ball in this type of sport.

Gilbert’s equipment is particularly in demand because of its exceptional manufacturing quality. They are recognized for their uses in major rugby championships around the world. They are also available in various sizes. It is then possible to afford a rugby ball for toddlers, adolescents and especially for adults.

If you are looking for one of the best brands of rugby ball, we recommend that you take a look at Kipsta equipment. The brand is not new in the manufacture of sports equipment. Its models are especially sought after for their strength and resistance.

As for oval balloons, they exhibit interesting attributes of robustness which give them remarkable longevity. Once you’ve acquired your prototype, you can be sure that you won’t be changing it for a long time.

Absis is a brand of rugby ball that has its place in our selection because of the presentation of quality equipment. It has delighted buyers and practitioners of this kind of sport by offering them solid and resistant items that can adapt to all terrains and all types of play, amateur or professional.

For their manufacturing structure, the brand’s balloons are available in leather or synthetic material. You have the possibility to choose the type of composition of your model according to your preferences.

Those who know the equipment made by BeRugBe will confirm their quality. The brand is a benchmark in the field of oval balloon design. It is preferred by athletes because it offers materials that are both solid and resistant.

BeRugBe’s products are also available in various sizes so that you can adapt them according to the age and gender of its user. If you are considering giving a balloon for children, the T3 models are available on the manufacturer’s sites. The same goes for T4s which are designed for 10 to 14 year olds. Those aged 15 and over can opt for the brand’s T5 categories.

If you have not yet decided on which brand to turn to purchase your equipment, we suggest you take a look at the articles from Miter. The latter is also present in major competitions and championships across the globe.

The brand’s models are available for all sizes and can be used by anyone, hobbyist or professional. But also, they have the particularity of being robust and do not risk being damaged for a long time despite intensive use.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How is the physical preparation for rugby with a ball?

A1: Different warm-ups with the ball are possible for rugby. There is for example the mirror which consists in reproducing the lateral movements of another player positioned in front of the one who is preparing. The touch of cones meanwhile, is done at 3 or 4, of which the ball holder must make a pass and move towards the zigzag cones. The rectangle is an exercise for two during which the pass is done from hands to hands and not throwing. The players must then run in parallel, cross their path, then return to the original position and so on.

Q2: Why is the rugby ball oval?

A2: In 1823, a college game in Rugby Town was cut short due to the ball running out of air. William Webb Elis was the player who took the ball that was no longer round in his arms and carried it into goal. Those present appreciated this moment. It is since that day that the discipline has been practiced. The ovoid shape was then adopted.

Q3: How to inflate a rugby ball?

A3: So start by installing the needle on the inflator and lubricate it with the oil provided for this purpose. Then push it into the valve, leaving only a small part uncovered. Then send the air inside the balloon. Check that the pressure is 0.8 bar, as this is the standard imposed by FIFA.

Q4: How to make a rugby ball?

A4: To make a rugby ball yourself, you have various solutions. The first is the use of a soccer ball. Deflate it as much as possible, then squeeze it to give an ovoid shape. Make sure the valve is on a point. Glue the folded part with strong adhesive tape and finish with inflation. Avoid putting in too much air, as this will crack the tape. You can also use some scraps of fabric with two colors that you will sew while insisting on the shape. Use cotton wool to stuff and close the hole.

Q5: How to throw a rugby ball?

A5: Hold the ball vertically, with the dominant hand facing up and the other down. Place the ball over your head. Your stronger arm will allow you to project the ovoid a given distance, but also to perform the spiral action. The less powerful will help you aim correctly, but also gain better control. You will just have to launch.

Q6: How do you kick a rugby ball well?

A6: To kick a ball well during a match, you have to follow a few rules. Start by holding it vertically with your hands placed in the center and on both sides. For a beginner, hold it on both points horizontally to facilitate the pass. Then, position yourself with the striking leg at the back and the other should act as a support. Drop the ball then kick it.

Q7: How to inflate a rugby ball without a pump?

A7: In order to play rugby well, the ball must be properly inflated. Of course, this is somewhat complicated if you don’t have a pump. To fill it with air, you can go to the nearest gas station to you. This kind of place has indeed a blower for the tires. All you have to do then is take a tab so that the station equipment is compatible.

Q8: How to sew a rugby ball?

A8: For a homemade rugby ball, it couldn’t be simpler. Take four quarters of tissue cut into an ovoid of the same size. Use the sewing machine to connect them together. You need to glue the ends one by one. Once all the parts are together, you keep a gaping end. This will allow you to push the padding into it. As soon as it is full, sew by hand to close the opening.

Q9: How to hold a rugby ball?

A9: Knowing how to hold the ball is important in rugby, to prevent it from slipping between your hands. Then position your dominant member in the center of the ball and bring it under your arm. Hold it tight against your body so that it is difficult to access opponents. Put your other hand on the tip of the side of your abdomen to secure the ovoid. Thanks to this technique, it will not be easy to take it from you.

Q10: What pressure for a rugby ball?

A10: The pressure of the ball is important for a match to be played properly. At the start of the game, it must therefore be 65.71 to 68.75 kg pascals. This is still necessary to allow players to maintain it properly, but also to throw it without the reaction of the air influencing the direction too much. Obviously, this pressure also makes him ideal for hitting when passing or taking penalties.

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