10 Best Road Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet [2022]

The practice of a sport requires certain conditions at the level of the dress. In the field of cycling, this often starts with wearing a helmet to choosing the right road bike shoes. In this last category precisely, the selection is not easy.

To know how to choose the best road cycling shoes of 2022, you need to pay attention to some features including size, materials, ease of use and of course comfort. To better situate you later, we will assist you with a comparison of the best models unearthed on the market.

Among them, you will of course find Sidi Shot Men’s cycling shoes which is a model of very good quality and comfortable design. And in direct rivalry, there isXLC CB-R04 Road cycling shoes that promise maximum user safety and attractive aesthetics.

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10 Best Road Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet [2022]

For your long cycling trips, it is important to equip yourself with a good pair of suitable shoes. Otherwise, blisters or feelings of discomfort can quickly appear.

In this context therefore, we advise you to rely on these few pairs which might surprise you with their design quality.

Hiland Unisex Wide Cycling Shoes

The expression: finding the right fit makes perfect sense with these cycling shoes from Sidi. At first glance, they are distinguished by a double clamping system, an aerodynamic structure, ventilation from the sole and a fully adjustable closure which can be replaced if necessary.

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With a sole in Vent carbon 16 entirely handmade, modifiable heel for a better transfer of force and a great resistance to degradation, Sidi Shot wants to be promising.

Classified among professional equipment, we find a high quality in the rods and meshes, both made of TechPro microfiber. You should know that microfiber contributes to better hygiene of the feet, but also of the environment.

And for more comfort, this model is equipped with a Hydro treatment which will allow the sweat to be absorbed more easily. The only downside for cyclists who have tested it often lies in the tightening system.


Adjustable heel: Depending on the wearer’s good will, the heel of this model is fully adjustable so that we can have the best possible control.

Hydro Treatment: This option minimizes the absorption of liquid such as sweat and allows the wearer’s feet to breathe.

Healthy Materials: The materials that were used to craft the equipment are certified as harmless to the living.


Clamping system : A failure in the closure occurs after a few months of intensive use.

Unisex Cycling Shoes

This copy is very solid thanks to its ultra light leather upper. It is therefore a model resistant over time and wear. Thanks to its white color, it is also aesthetic and can be integrated with any style of bike.

Very stable, this item has three hook-and-loop closures. So you can easily adjust it to your feet without the slightest effort. With its non-slip sole, you won’t risk slipping off the pedals easily. The practicality is then at the rendezvous.

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In terms of comfort, these road cycling shoes have a breathable nylon mesh. Because of this, your feet can always stay dry even if they are tight in this pair for a long time.

Those who have had the opportunity to compare this pair to others will deduce that it is both strong and comfortable. They add that it comes with some very interesting features for any cycling enthusiast.


Leather upper: With this component, this item is very stiff. It will not be able to wear out quickly. Its long-term use is thus guaranteed.

Non-slip sole: You can’t see your feet sliding off the pedals thanks to its sole. You can concentrate well on the road and improve your performance.


Messy: With its white color, this model can get dirty easily. It will therefore need to be cleaned most often.

Shimano RP3 Women Shoes

If you are wondering what are the best road cycling shoes on the market, you can take a look at the features of this model from Shimano. It stands out for its lightness.

Indeed, this pair weighs only 527 g. As a result, you can wear it for hours without feeling the slightest fatigue. In addition, its featherweight does not affect your movements.

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This copy is very practical thanks to its 3-hole wedges. It can therefore be adapted to many kinds of pedals, including automatic, PD-R550, PD-R540 and PD-R540-LA. It is also easy to use thanks to its velcro closure. You can squeeze it tightly to your feet without the risk of it coming off in mid-motion.

Safe, the pair has a reinforced toe cap that aims to protect your toes. This is to reduce the risk of injury during the course.

Shimano is, for many, the best brand of road cycling shoes. These models are guaranteed to be comfortable and durable. This model is just no exception and proudly asserts it with the help of its technical sheet.


Lightweight : Weighing just 527g, this pair is lightweight and won’t weigh your feet down. You can therefore better control your movements. Plus, you won’t get tired even if you have to wear it for a long distance.

3-hole cleat: Thanks to this feature, this item can fit any type of road bike pedal. You will be able to use it easily and without constraint.


Small size: According to users’ opinions, this equipment size smaller than the advertised size. Therefore, you must take a size larger than yours to be completely comfortable.

Hiland Unisex Wide Cycling Shoes

Somewhat different from its counterparts, the Cosmic Elite Nero stands out for its synthetic appearance. In the same perspective of distinction, we notice a micrometric tightening system Mavic Ergo Dial QR, which guarantees you stable shoes during your runs. To keep your feet in the right position, 02 Ergo Strap are placed at the bottom of the tightening system.

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In terms of comfort, an envelope called Endofit Tongue covers your feet in the shoes to prevent friction and burns. Inside, you will find an Ergo Fit 3D double foam sole, helping the feet to stay in their original position.

On the outside, we note an Energy Carbon Comp Outsole, both rigid and light, equipped with a composite fiberglass and nylon insert. Recognized for the performance of its articles, this pair of cycling shoes from the Mavic brand is no exception.


Durable Outsole : While not the thickest, there has been really good feedback regarding the strength of the sole, which ensures you will be able to use it for a longer period of time.

Professional equipment : Professionals who have already experienced it express their satisfaction with the reliability of this model.

Compact : The Cosmic Elite Nero gives you a fixed foot position once your closure has been adjusted to your liking.


Failure of the clamping : After a certain period of use, customers have reported that the clamping system loses its effectiveness.

Venzo Bike Bicycle Women’s Ladies Cycling Riding Shoes

If you are looking for sneakers that do not slip during your bike ride, this model is perfect, because it positions well on the pedals thanks to its outsole with a stiffness index of 6. It is made of nylon. injection and fiberglass. Its adjustment range allows excellent fixation on the cleats.

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This model offers great stability for the cyclist thanks to its locking mechanism. On its lower side, it has an anatomical strap which is then assisted by a Boa L6 closure system which will mold the foot so that it stays in place during pedaling movements. Its large size of 42 will allow you to breathe during hot weather.

Whether for biking or walking, comfort is always assured with this product. Indeed, its ErgoLogic insole includes an arch support as well as a metatarsal button, but it is also removable.

These shoes are also very practical for traveling at night, as they have the advantages of the well-known COMP BOA manifested by its reflective upper which stands out even in low light conditions.

Another strong point of these accessories is their lightness. With a weight of around 295g, you will have no trouble wearing them all day long. The color gray is standard and can match any type of dress style, but it also matches all bicycle hues.


Comfortable: Its ErgoLogic insole makes it pleasant to wear thanks to the arch support and the metatarsal button with which it is equipped. Its lightness will also facilitate your walk even if the shoes are worn everyday.

Stylish appearance: Its configuration matches any clothing style and its gray finish goes for any occasion. During the night, the product stands out thanks to its reflective pieces.

Excellent positioning: It is a very stable equipment to gain performance during your trip because of its closure system helping it to match the shape of the foot exactly.


Easy to get dirty : On muddy trails it can get dirty very quickly due to its light color. So remember to clean it as often as possible.

Men Indoor Cycling Shoes Compatible with Pelaton Bike

If the Shimano brand is very well known in the design of bicycles, it is not left out for the equipment that accompanies them. If you then have a bike of this brand, here is a pair of shoes that will go perfectly with it.

With a synthetic body and lining, they easily resist dust, humidity and heat. To simplify things, a “scratch” closure serves as a tightening system for this model. As for the soles, they are also made with synthetic material, which has already proven its performance on several sports equipment.

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  • Material: The Upper Is Designed With Synthetic Mesh And The Sole Is Designed Wear-Resistant Nylon...

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A membrane named Dryshield on the inside of the shoe serves as protection against the elements of the road and also maximizes comfort while you pedal. Its aggressive and futuristic look adds to the charm of this model which already has everything to appeal to professionals.


Adequate design : The look displayed by this model is simply perfect for the sport for which it is intended.

Comfortable : The presence of an internal Dryshield provides more comfort and safety to the foot.

Synthetic upper and lining : The outer wall is protected from all kinds of problems thanks to the shoe’s fully synthetic covering.


Velcro closure : It must be admitted that this type of system is not the most resistant, especially against water and against all kinds of humidity.

Fizik Tempo R5 Powerstrap Cycling Shoe

While most of the competition looks at the comfort of the cyclist’s feet in shoes, the Gaerne brand has added the adaptation of the shoes to the cranksets. Indeed, Gaerne Carbone G. Olympia are compatible with Spd pedals. Note that this is not the case with all cycling shoes on the market.

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  • Powerstrap: foot-wrapping Velcro closure designed for an enveloping fit
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Interior comfort is based on the Air ventilation system which promises you well-distributed ventilation, whether for a simple ride or for a frantic race. With an Adjustable Instep closure system (AICS), your feet won’t move or slip inside the shoes.

The internal and external soles work together to give you equipment that is both light and ergonomic. And to top it off, the tongue makes it easy to slip in, and take it off with more ease.


Pedal Compatibility : It is recognized as being very suitable for bikes that have Spd pedals, a feature that is rarely found in a pair of shoes.

Ergonomic tongue : The tongue of this model allows rapid pavement and similarly for a loose.

Resistant : According to customers, this Italian manufacture stands out for its foolproof robustness, whatever the discipline.


Lack of Flexibility : A few unhappy customers say this item is not suitable for all types of feet in its storefront.

SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe

The shape of this item offers perfect support to the rider thanks to its narrow bottom and toe with a rounded heel.

SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe,...
  • The SH-RP100 (RP1) is a Versatile 5-Hole Outsole: Compatible with both SPD / 2-hole and SPD-SL...
  • Stiff and Lightweight Sole: Fibreglass reinforced sole for maximum power transfer

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It has a wide range of adjustment so that it can match any type of foot. This is characterized by the existence of 2 independent Boa IP1 dials on the upper surface which make very precise micro-adjustment possible.

As for comfort, this is guaranteed by the 3D mesh of the product which allows it to dry quickly. This is a highlight for those who plan to wear it during rainy weather since this option provides humidity control. In addition, it includes drainage holes to prevent it from taking in water.

And if you sweat a lot on your feet, you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant odor occurring because it uses Silvadur Intelligent Freshness which is known to keep insoles cool for as long as possible.

These parts are made of high density foam, which proves their durability. Adaptable foot pads will optimize the lateral angle of the heel bone to smooth your steps.

The efficiency of this equipment over long distances is ensured by the unification of the upper structure with the sole, which offers pedaling stability, but also a consistency in weight reduction. The weight of the shoes is 243 g, this helps you gain more performance, because its small mass will allow you to accelerate your speed.


Breathable: Its drainage holes and 3D mesh help control humidity. Able to withstand rainy weather, this item is also functional for hot weather, because these characteristics result in good circulation of the air flow.

Lightweight: Its load of 243 g makes it very light for walking or for pedaling during a long trip.

Practical tightening: Its micrometric closure device facilitates its adjustment so that it can effectively follow the shape of the foot.


Color: This model is only available in one shade and it is basic black. This can put off those who like bright colors.

Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5, Unisex Cycling Shoe

When riding a bike on a long journey, you should above all seek optimum comfort so as not to tire yourself quickly. Thus, your choice must be made on these R3 Aria which have a closing system using 2 BOA IP1 micro adjustable knobs for tightening.

Fizik unisex adult Tempo Overcurve Cycling Shoe,...
  • Over curve: asymmetrical construction that ergonomically conforms to the foot's anatomy
  • Microtel upper: supple yet strong and durable for a comfortable and consistent fit

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You can therefore make a good adjustment of their notches by controlling their volume. The knobs ensure uniform tightening without the use of a tab. They are used to tighten the 1.2mm thick Microtex rod which is both light and flexible.

The lace provides better ventilation for your shoes and eliminates pressure points. It is connected to plastic guides and you just need to pull it out to release your foot. In order to let the latter breathe well inside, each sole also has a ventilation system made up of 2 air inlets located at the front and an outlet on the heel. Containing very light UD carbon, its sole demonstrates great rigidity for optimal transfer of effort.

Small silicone nubs at the heel keep your foot stable and prevent it from slipping when pedaling at high speed. In addition, these road bike shoes always remain comfortable even for walking, because their internal soles demonstrate a flexibility and a pleasant softness thanks to a soft padding.

The range of colors available for this model is also very appreciable and gives you more choices in order to find a pair that will be to your liking.


Ventilation: Your feet do not sweat inside the R3 Aria thanks to the ventilation system with air inlets and outlets that make up its sole.

The tightening: The knobs promote an optimal adjustment of the volume of the shoes and correctly tighten the laces without causing friction.

The finish: No trace of glue is visible on the junctions of this pair. Aesthetically, it has a beautiful appearance. In addition, it is available in different attractive colors.


Dimensions: These shoes have been designed with a single standard width. Thus, they are uncomfortable for thin feet requiring more support, because a firm tightening of the rods may generate folds and create pressure points on the upper.

TIEM Slipstream – Indoor Cycling Shoe, SPD Compatible – Women’s

For a competition or quite simply to improve your performance on the road bike, these boots will be great allies that will guarantee you high-level comfort. No friction between your foot and the shoe will be possible, because the upper of the latter perfectly matches the shape of the foot.

In addition, the sole contains carbon inserts on the part surrounding the cleat to offer a stiffness index 12 out of 15 to the shoe. Thus, you will avoid a loss of energy during your effort and the power transferred to the pedals will be at its maximum.

TIEM Slipstream - White Marble - Indoor Cycling Shoe, SPD...
  • BREATHABILITY and COMFORT: Engineered mesh and an athletic textile upper allows your foot to breathe...
  • CONVENIENCE: The recessed SPD cleat assembly and rubber outsole allow you to easily get around the...

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An Anatomical Arch Support system developed between the upper and the sole also guarantees arch support and allows the shoes to suit different widths of the feet. As a result, you will be able to escape the problems of plantar fasciitis or tendonitis that cyclists often encounter. Your foot will not risk sagging.

On the top of the model, a BioMap Unibody design increases ergonomics and reduces pressure points by eliminating folds in the threads that can be uncomfortable. To this technology is added a double-wheel Speed ​​Lace Winch tightening system that facilitates and accelerates the adjustment of the volume of the shoes by means of a simple button.

It keeps your feet perfectly inside with homogeneous lacing to prevent them from slipping. To release them, all you need to do is press the button near the wheel. In addition, the uppers also ensure better ventilation of the shoes.


Rigidity: Thanks to its sole with carbon inserts near the pedal and around the cleat, the cyclist will be able to transfer maximum power during the effort in order to advance at high speed.

Construction: A BioMap Unibody design between the net and the upper of the shoe reduces pressure points and brings more comfort to your feet. The sole has no annoying seams either.

Support : The 2 SLW2 closures allow easy, quick and reliable adjustment of your shoes. A simple button controls the tightening and loosening of the rods so that the model can suit any shape of feet.


The sole: It would have been even better if the sole was made entirely of carbon in order to maximize its rigidity.

Purchase guide

In order not to compromise your bike rides or campsites, it is important to get the best possible shoes. Professionals, on the other hand, will have to think twice before opting for a particular pair, as their performance and progress depend on it.


In this buying guide for the best road cycling shoes , we’ll give you tips on choosing a size that is slightly larger than your usual size and taking measurements of your foot after exercise. As a precaution, add a good centimeter.

So you won’t feel cramped in your shoes after riding for several hours. By taking a look at a price comparison, you save yourself time and money wasted searching. And if you are wondering where to buy road cycling shoes from, this is one of the cheapest and most beneficial alternatives.


The composition of each element of the shoe counts when it comes to cycling shoes, from the outside to the inside, including the sole. It is also the part most in demand for this kind of sport, hence the usefulness of taking resistant materials such as fiberglass, composite or even carbon for the latter.

It is true that road cycling shoes do not get dirty as easily as mountain bike shoes, yet it is always pleasant to acquire a pair that will make cleaning easier for us. Weight and rigidity are added to these criteria in order to optimize the comfort of the cyclist.

Brands are now flocking to breathable microfiber or mesh coverings. Most models are made of nylon, a light, flexible, and hygienic material. By examining the material the shoes are made of, you will be able to find the answer to the question “how do you buy better value for money road cycling shoes?” “.

Ease of use

Whether it is to attach the shoes to the pedals, remove them, close them and open them, or even maintain them, the pair you have chosen should simplify your work as much as possible. So whether it’s putting on your shoes or tying them, the operation shouldn’t take you all day.

There is nothing like a shoe with a micrometric buckle that locks with a tongue or a cable at the ankle, even while on your bike. You will adjust your shoes to the nearest millimeter.

Prefer 3-hole models, called universal, suitable for any pedal you find on the market. On the other hand, if yours have 4, get adequate soles or a compatibility kit. If you want to be even faster, we also have the scratch system. It is good to point out that it wears out quite quickly over time.


When we talk about comfort, we always talk about the weight and flexibility of the shoes. Just be careful, if the sole is not rigid enough, the runner may lack power and have trouble pedaling. Examine the thickness of the sole. It is said that the thinner it is, the more energy you will save, which helps in a competition.

For recreation, many seek models in which the feet do not heat up. The brands compete in technology to precisely optimize this comfort. New thermoformable versions, conforming to the shape of the foot, have also recently emerged.

How to use road cycling shoes?

Road cycling shoes are equipment that can be used in particular for walking, but especially for pedaling on different types of terrain. Indeed, these articles are equipped with crampons which guarantee a stability foolproof. However, the use of this kind of material requires some knowledge. This in order to get the maximum benefit from it.

Read the instructions for use carefully

As these are not ordinary shoes, if you are not yet familiar with their use, it is best to stick to the instructions. Only by reading it in its entirety will you be able to understand how your new equipment works. Be aware that you will need to make certain adjustments before you can use it correctly. To avoid false manipulations and to ensure your comfort of use, therefore take the time to read the instructions for use.

Put on your road bike shoes

This operation generally boils down to the installation of the cleats on the shoes. There are a few rules to follow in this regard. To do this, you will first need to place the reinforcing backing plate inside each shoe. It is to this plate that the wedge will be screwed. This completed, you will just have to place a sticker on top and put the sole. Your feet will not feel the metal directly. This will ensure your comfort throughout your journey.

Mark the metatarsal

What you will have to do here is locate the area conducive to the alignment of the metatarsal of the foot with the cleat of your shoe. To do this, you can use a felt or tape according to your preferences. Position your foot and tick where the bump of your big toe is.

Center the cleat under the shoe

After you’ve spotted the metatarsal, use a ruler so you can stay vertical below your shoes. This will allow you to align the middle of your screws. This will help you to better center the wedge and thus obtain the maximum strength during your future activities. When you have the perfect axle, all you have to do is tighten and lock the screws. Be careful, however, not to force too much. Otherwise, you could damage your equipment. Which would be a shame.

Test the installation if it is good

Once you’ve completed all of your setups, try going for a ride with your bike. This will tell you if the alignment is right. In case you don’t feel quite comfortable yet, you just have to make a few small additional adjustments. This by opening or closing the angle of the feet. To do this, rotate the cleats according to the result you want to have.

Maintain shoes

Caring for your road bike shoes is an important step. Indeed, if you do not carry out this operation frequently enough, your equipment could be damaged quickly. So, to remove mud, tar or other residue, simply dampen a sponge with hot water and apply it to your equipment. This until the stains are no longer visible.

Most popular brands

Like any other sport, road cycling requires the right equipment from head to toe. And when it comes to cycling shoes, practitioners are lucky compared to other athletes, because they are particularly stylish and can be worn in any circumstance as long as they do not wear them out too quickly. Then identify which addresses to go to find good ones.

Shimano is seen as a kind of modern monk who promotes love for nature and others. The brand encourages outdoor sports and activities such as fishing to better maintain relationships with others. It is in this sense that it manufactures products and equipment revolving around these activities.

Shimano cycling shoes are simply stylish. They are green, black, blue, have crampons to be able to adhere to the pedals and hold on slippery surfaces, and equipped with laces. We also notice the presence of mixed shoes in his collection, white or black and with Velcro closure.

Giro loves all things artificial intelligence and all things new technology. More than a profession of almost 40 years, it is a passion, a goal that the brand has strived to achieve and exceed since it was created.

Giro road cycling shoes have a unique, attractive look in the Savix range. Giro combines a lace-up and Velcro closure in the same pair, something other brands are not always used to for optimal comfort. Chamber models dedicated to men look more versatile, that is, they can be worn outside of cycling. The Treble range, it has models with only Velcro closure system. We also have the Empire range, always improving in terms of style and comfort, the Terraduro, Cylinder, Apeckx, Grynd Sport / Fitness range.

Northwave was born in 1993 and didn’t even take 3 years to produce its first cycling shoes. So far we can expect that the brand has had all this time to learn lessons and rectify the small mistakes on each model to improve again and again.

Recently in 2016, the firm with a master stroke developed a technology called XFrame which accentuates the comfort of the feet again and again. Then Jet Pro with more solid crampons, and a velcro closure system made its appearance followed by Spider with its laces and cramped soles, Flash, Sonic, Hammer Junior, Terrea Plus, Scorpius, Phantom, all these pairs being available in red, yellow, black, white, and many other colors.

Mavic has been equipping amateur and professional cyclists for years. This French brand, founded in 1889, has more than one trick up its sleeve to stay trendy and continue to make people happy even after more than a century of existence. 1962-1985 was a significant period for the brand, because it made itself known without having to pay any expenses to equip the riders of the Tour de France, which is of itself a mega advertisement for its products.

Mavic road cycling shoes are examples of comfort that can be worn on a daily basis, although it is not highly recommended. The all-purpose design of its references, but stylish, appeals to many, whether in the Uomo Strada Scarpe Aksium Ii range or otherwise.

TXJ attracts customers with the originality of its articles. The brand has designed a whole diversified range, rich in aesthetics and performance.

Most fasten with Velcro and are made from breathable fabric. The most efficient ones are supplied with the automatic set for fixing to the pedals. These close and adjust with laces and are available in various colors such as blue, red, black, gray, green, red-white.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to choose the size of road bike shoe?

Choosing a pair of cycling shoes can seem easy. We often think that it is enough to take a pair of our size and especially to take the one that we like in terms of color, design. Yes, if it were just a simple pair of shoes, it would have been easier, but it is not! A pair of cycling shoes must be chosen with care, because to be wrong in your choice is to risk permanent discomfort during practice. To avoid this, take the measurement of your feet by choosing the largest, then add to the latter 6 or 8 mm. For the width, the principle is the same, but this time it will be necessary to add 2 to 3 mm.

Q2: How to adjust the cleat of the road bike shoe?

To adjust your road shoe cleats, you must take 3 positions into account. The first is that of the sole of the foot in relation to the axis of the pedal. For road cyclists, positioning the cleat just above the axis of the pedal is a good starting point. The second is that of your toes. Do they point inward or outward? For greater comfort, always turn the cleats a little away from your toe position. And the third is the distance between the shoe and the crank, the goal being that one does not touch the other.

Q3: How to clip a road bike shoe?

The first attempts to clip on your road bike shoe may not be successful if you are not used to using this type of material yet. Ease comes with practice. So you have to practice a bit before you get there easily. To do this, engage the front of your foot on the pedal, then press down on the heel to seat the cleat of your shoe in the pedal. And There you go ! You are on the cleat for a lap.

Q4: What shoe in winter for road cycling?

If you plan to keep the same road cycling shoes for all seasons of the year, you are likely to have nasty surprises when winter comes. Indeed, like the warm and waterproof models, cycling shoes have been specially designed to protect you from the cold. So to brave the cold, there are many models to choose from depending on the intensity of the cold. If you lack the budget to choose a complete equipment, there are standard models.

Q5: I have a squeaky cycling shoe, what should I do?

Having bike shoes that squeak when you pedal is as inconvenient as it is bad for your equipment. It must then be remedied as soon as you notice this fact. To do this, first check that it is not a bad adjustment of your cleat or that it is not worn. If not, take the time to disassemble your cleat and oil the mechanisms of your shoe. This will fix the problem if your cleats are properly adjusted and properly seated on your pedal.