5 Best Racing Helmets [2022]

We can never tell you enough, playing sports is very important for your health and for being able to lead a happy and fulfilling life. And one of the easiest sports to play, even if you don’t have any equipment at home, is running, all you need is your clothes and good running shoes.

The only problem with this sport is that you get bored quickly when you practice it alone, the best solution is to be able to listen to good music while running. To do this, you need to choose a good racing helmet, taking into account the type of helmet, its resistance level and the options it offers you.

We will explain all of this to you in more detail below, and we will offer you our selection of the best racing helmets on the market. If you are in a hurry for an answer,Mpow MBH6L-FR which has a very long autonomy and the Montech mon-x which has excellent sound quality.

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Buying Guide – How Do I Pick a Good Racing Helmet?

It is true that we do not always know where to buy a new racing helmet, but with the internet and all the price comparators available, this problem is quickly resolved.

Now it remains to be seen how to buy a better value racing helmet. We will help you with advice that mainly concerns the type of helmet, its resistance level and the options it offers you.

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When we talk about headphones for listening to music, we are generally talking about two types of headphones: the on-ear headphones, which are placed on the ears, at the level of the head, it offers a better quality of sound, but it is very annoying for the race because it is heavier, but also because it gives a feeling of heating at the level of the ear, and the in-ear headphones, these are lighter and generally more discreet, it is however necessary check that the chosen model holds well in place.

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In this comparison for the best racing helmets, we paid attention to this point because it is considered to be of great importance.

The second point to check when talking about the type of headset chosen is the presence or not of a wire.

Wired headphones offer the advantage of being usable all the time, as long as your phone, or music device (MP3 player for example), is on. However, the presence of this thread is rather annoying for some people.

Wireless headphones eliminate this problem and therefore generally hold better in the ear without this wire constantly pulling them down. The problem they do, however, is that they need to be recharged separately from your phone in order to work.

The resistance level

Choosing a racing helmet is not as easy as choosing a “normal” helmet that you would use under normal conditions of everyday life.

When buying a racing helmet, you have to check its resistance to two distinct things: dust and water, these two factors are the number one enemy of any electronic equipment, and these are two things that you will encounter if you do. running, especially outdoors, such as in a park.

When it comes to water, the exposure of a sports helmet to this factor is more important since you will be sweating during your workout.

So check, at the time of purchase, the resistance of your helmet to these two factors, do not hesitate to ask the opinion of other athletes you know.

Helmet options

Usually, when we buy a racing helmet, what we ask of it in the first place is to allow us to listen to music with a rhythm that encourages us to move even more, so theoretically, two headphones would be more than enough.

But we would like to have other options with the headset, in particular the possibility of answering his incoming calls without having to stop and take his phone out of his pocket, the presence of a microphone is therefore essential in this case, as well. just a button to pick up or hang up your phone.

Connecting the headset to several types of devices is also essential, especially if you have several types of devices (Smartphone and iPad for example), or if you use it with several, each with its own mobile phone. The important thing is to start by checking that it is compatible with your particular cell phone.

The 5 Best Racing Helmets (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Now that we’ve explained how to choose the best racing helmets for 2021, it’s time to reveal our comparison that we have developed to answer the question “what is the best racing helmet on the market?” “

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Joggers know how important it is to have a good running helmet. It is therefore only natural that we rely on their judgment to determine which is the best racing helmet.

This one might not be THE best, but it has only received good reviews. Indeed, when there is not a problem related to the size of the ears or a technical failure which requires the change of the product, everyone is satisfied by the quality of the services that it offers.

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Synchronization with the phone is almost instantaneous and does not require a specific program. We might have forgotten to mention it, but it’s a bluetooth headset. In other words, you won’t have to trip over too long a wire or have to carry your phone in your hand.

The sound quality is surely its strong point. We are talking about very good quality stereo music with incredible clarity. Its design is made to stick to the ear and remain stable during intense sports activity. There is no risk of slipping and falling despite the sweat. It is comfortable, light, secure and very easy to use.

If you do not yet know which racing helmet to choose, it will be a good idea to go for this model. Mpow MBH6L-FR ranks among the top rated items and it’s no wonder if it gets very positive reviews from customers who have had the chance to test it in various situations.


Long autonomy: Its battery can last for hours without being recharged. So you will not have any fear even if your activities last for a while.

Exceptional sound: This is the main asset of this Mpow MBH6L-FR model, the sound that comes out is incomparable, and that regardless of the device with which you connect it.


No Battery Indicator: Despite being a very useful feature, this racing helmet does not have one. It should therefore be recharged whenever possible.

Zamp RZ-59 SNELL SA2020 Helmet Matte Black Large

The Montech mon-x always deserves a place in any racing helmet review. It offers so many benefits that those who have tried it swear by it during their workouts and morning jogging.

Zamp RZ-59 SNELL SA2020 Helmet Matte Black Large
  • Composite Fiberglass lightweight shell
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Moreover, its users also use it in everyday life and as a hands-free kit whether it is when they are working or when they are driving. It has a very clear and crisp sound. Background noise during a phone call is reduced and the voice is therefore very clear.

It can be paired with any phone, tablet, PC, iPhone or smartphone. You can even pair it with a smartwatch to make running or working out in the gym even easier. Its Bluetooth range is quite interesting and we hardly ever have cuts. In addition, you can control the volume and the passage of songs or answer and hang up from the headset without having to use your phone.

The rather special shape of the headphones ensures that they stay in place despite the sweat. So you won’t have to worry about them while you are running. It is very practical as a gadget.

Montech is considered by enthusiasts to be the best brand of racing helmets. This is a finding that is quite true because given the quality of its products, it is difficult to say the opposite. A concrete example is this Montech mon-x model, it has several assets that make it stand out.


Connectivity: No matter what device you have, rest assured that it will be compatible with the Montech mon-x. It is the presence of Bluetooth on the helmet that allows this.

Headset control: If you want to change volume or songs, no need to take out your smartphone or tablet, the headset controls are enough to do it all.


A little heavy: For a helmet dedicated to physical activities, this one has a weight a little less light than the other models. But it only feels if you are a connoisseur.

Us Toy Racing Helmet

These Cornmi Bluetooth running headphones are made especially for serious athletes. They can use it during intense sports sessions or just while running and jogging daily.

It is made to hold securely in place and avoid the inconvenience of the cable which hangs down and which can not only disturb but even tear if you are not careful enough.

Us Toy Racing Helmet
  • Highest Quality Available
  • Design is stylish and innovative.

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The headset quickly binds to any device and delivers crisp sound. You can also use it as a hands-free kit and do all kinds of activity without worrying about the Bluetooth range which is quite important. It is also resistant to sweat and has a rather special shape so as not to disturb the ears and to hold well in place even if one jumps with it.

The design is also designed to appeal to sportsmen. With its colors, black and blue, you can tell that it gives off something quite special. It is as if it was an object from the future and it goes very well with sportswear for the most demanding in terms of appearance. In short, it is made for sportsmen and modern people.

CORNMI – 56S is undoubtedly the most powerful racing helmet of the moment. All of its characteristics show that it has great qualities to promote. Although it may cause reluctance because of certain details, including the price, a product like this will never disappoint you.


Ideal for intense activities: The resistance of this model of racing helmet is impressive. It can withstand any strain, even the most intense.

Quick Settings: If you want to make a few parameter changes, this can be done very easily without having to learn very complicated commands to remember.


High Price: The price of this model is quite high. That said, it is quite justified if we take a look at all the advantages it offers. You could even say that the product has excellent value for money.

RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20 Series

Definitely, if you want to buy a racing helmet, you should consider Montech products. No one who has tried it has complained and for good reason.

Indeed, it is a very high quality Bluetooth headset which is made for daily use whether for sport or for everyday activities. It can also be used as a telephone kit thanks to the integrated microphone. The Bluetooth range is quite interesting and there is no cutoff as long as the maximum recommended distance is respected. The sound quality is highly appreciated for its superior quality.

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Regarding the design, we remain sober with a black color. In addition, it fits very well in the ears thanks to the silicone ear cups and the small tip that stabilizes them by holding them inside more firmly.

In addition, as not everyone has the same size of ears, 3 sizes of silicone earbuds are available so that everyone can find what they are looking for. They are very strong and resistant and in the worst case, if you misplace them, you just need to change them. And, for the duration of the battery, have no fear, it lasts more than five hours in a row and it takes an hour to charge.

Another model of racing helmet offered by the Montech brand, the Mon-bull belongs to the line of these products which have an excellent reputation. And if you are wondering where to buy the best racing helmet, Montech products are available in almost any store that sells electronic accessories.


Built- in microphone : With a microphone available, you can use this headset as a hands-free kit. Which is very convenient if you connect it with your smartphone.

Available in several sizes: We do not all have the same size when it comes to our ears. It is to remedy this problem that the Montech Mon-bull is available in 3 sizes, so you can optimize your comfort by choosing the ideal size.


Fairly simple design: The look is not the strong point of this article. However, many people still appreciate sobriety as well as simplicity.

RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20 Series

If you believe that the best thing about these Bluetooth headphones from DOY is the fact that the price is cheap, you are wrong.

This is certainly a great motivation to buy them, but that surely is not why their users keep leaving great reviews and liking them so much. In fact what especially pleases is the design, and this before having tested them.

RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20 Series Snell SA2020 Rated...
  • Snell SA2020 Rated (Sticker Affixed); HANS / HNR M6 Threaded Inserts In Shell; FRP Composite Shell
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Liner; Comfort Fit Blended Nomex Interior; Distortion Free 3mm...

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We find a very modern helmet, entirely in black with a few touches of blue. It is very impressive and offers very interesting performance. The first is undoubtedly the quality of the sound. It’s HD sound that allows you to have a very clear voice. It charges very quickly and the battery can last for more than a day without needing to be recharged.

You can also use this headset as a hands-free kit and the sound quality you get with the microphone is very good. In addition, as it is generally used for jogging, it is very water resistant. Indeed, even during rainy days, it can be used without any problem since it is waterproof. You should therefore not deprive yourself of your favorite activities because of the weather.

To listen to music anywhere and anytime, you can trust the DOY BH02. It is a racing helmet that guarantees you good sound in any situation. It has all the features that differentiate it from a simple headset that breaks easily when you jog.


Affordable Price: This is the cheapest racing helmet of all while it has nothing to envy to other models. Only a few details make them cost more.

Powerful Battery: The battery life of this model is truly impressive. It can last a whole day without being recharged. You will therefore have peace of mind and you will not have to worry about a possible discharge.


Slightly bulky thread: Maybe it would have been better to design these wireless racing helmets, especially when compared to other models that don’t have them.

How to use a racing helmet?

The practice of running in music is becoming more and more trendy. No wonder, because there is nothing more fun than running while listening to your favorite playlist. In fact, the atmosphere created by the music provides a feeling of well-being which improves the runner’s performance. Here are some tips for wearing your racing helmet properly.

Choose a quality product

Obviously, if you opt for a poor quality product in the store, knowing how to use it will not help. If you’re stingy when it comes to buying, don’t be surprised if the sound is overwhelming during your running sessions. In practice, it is preferable to choose wireless models, this for maximum comfort. Indeed, this avoids tangling with the cables when running. In addition, they are currently very trendy.

Choose a helmet based on the time spent running

If you choose a wireless model, it is essential to adjust the duration of your running sessions according to the autonomy of your headphones. You should also know that the waterproofness of the helmet is mainly intended to keep it against sweat. So, avoid braving the elements while walking in the rain, as it will sure ruin your headphones.

Take security measures

If you are traveling in an urban setting, be careful that your accessory does not isolate you from the world around you. The main thing for this kind of equipment is above all to allow you to concentrate on your efforts without neglecting your safety. So make sure you always hear outside noises during your run.

Knowing how to do maintenance

The maintenance of your running accessory is especially essential in order to maintain its original aesthetics. In fact, your helmet is exposed to dust and humidity on a daily basis. It is therefore necessary to clean it well on a regular basis. Be careful not to use chemicals, a simple wet cloth will suffice to do this.

You can also clean the arch with a canister of dry air. As for the inside of this component, a microfiber cloth or cotton swab will do just fine. Other than that, it is essential to always handle your accessory with dry, clean hands.

Make sure the helmet is properly supported

This is surely the first thing to know when you want to practice running while listening to good sound. Indeed, if your equipment is not stable enough, you will have no pleasure in running even with your favorite tubes, because you will have to stop every ten meters to adjust your accessory.

Before your exercises, make sure that the headphones fit well in your ears. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that it remains difficult to verify this criterion in the store, since the ergonomics of the atria are only realized once in the field. Thus, as a precaution, it is preferable to wear fins or adaptable tips during running sessions.

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