3 Best Plastic Spike Darts [2022]

Plastic-tipped darts are attractive because of their lightness and their ability not to damage their target. They are also very handy to allow their user to gain in precision.

If you are a player of this game, both with family and with your colleagues, then you may be tempted to purchase a model. However, like any acquisition, darts require some attention.

You will need to find out about a few details beforehand, including grip, balance, weight and design. To give you an idea on the best plastic spiked darts, we will assist you with the help of our comparison.

You will find a model from Facil & Co Pack 5 Countries, a bundle that proudly bears the colors of your favorite country. Then comes the variety of darts from the PULCHRA Soft Tip brand , both flexible and light.

These darts are shaped to be perfectly manageable. This is a guaranteed item which you can exchange in the event of a defect.

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3 Best Plastic Spiked Darts (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Facil & co Pack 5 CounAccmor 12 pcs Soft Tip Darts,

Possibly, it is not easy to determine how to choose the best plastic point darts of 2021, or where to buy the best plastic point darts. It is for these reasons that we developed this classification. At the top of the list, we find this set of 15 darts which adopts an original style. Precisely, each of the darts bears the colors of a country namely France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Brazil. You won’t have to worry about the safety of the players, as each dart has an armored tip through a plastic tube.

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Thanks to the non-slip grip and PVC rod, shots are guaranteed to be precise. For more fun, you can even unroll the small flags and slide them through the top slot of your dart. Note that each dart measures 14.7 cm and weighs 18 g. The package for its part measures only 16 x 8 x 1 cm and already shows great compactness in transport. However, be careful not to leave them within the reach of children since the use of these darts is recommended only for adults.


Ease of handling: The darts have an armored tip, a non-slip grip and a PVC shank to ensure a good grip. Their strength is also reflected in the use of these materials. It is surely for these reasons that some users consider the product to be the most efficient on the market.

Design: This model definitely stands out, because it dresses each of the darts with a flag of a country. A very original idea.


Manufacturing defect: After opening the package, some users would have found a dart without a flag.

Carpet Protector Spiked Caster Cups Plastic Caster Cups 

Coming at a relatively cheap price, this model has almost all the options you need to help you determine which are the best plastic spiked darts on the market. In fact, they are fitted with a replaceable valve pipe. In other words, it will be easy for you to change the end points when needed. Then you will only have to replace them with the derivation teeth that are included in the pack.

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Thanks to the brass handles of this dart variant, you will be assured that your throw will have a perfectly stable trajectory. What’s more, each dart has a soft tip. The materials with which the darts were made also guarantee them good resistance. It is therefore an article that combines lightness and unbreakable character.

In addition, the 12 electronic darts are divided into 4 groups. The darts of each group are equipped with flights so that you are able to delimit several teams in the game. Best of all, this model is guaranteed for a period of one year, to testify to its long-term solidity. .


Quality: These darts are characterized by a very nice finish. The throw is optimal and the point is planted well. Also, the roughness on the metal body keeps the darts well between the fingers. Arguments that suggest that this is a product from the best brand of darts with plastic tips.

Resistance: Each dart has been crafted with precision. The metal part is responsible for supporting the pressure exerted on the tip, while the plastic part ensures the level of comfort.


Weight: Buyers who have already compared this product to others blame it only for its weight slightly exceeding the standard.


This dart board model is very popular and highly recommended at the same time. The darts are precisely designed in solid aluminum, which gives them great stability. These are particularly stable darts that are well balanced in terms of weight. The flight is therefore carried out without incident.

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In addition, the package contains a total of 3 dart bodies made of brass and weighing 18g. 3 aluminum rods of 1.2 g are also supplied with the set. To this are added 3 nylon rods weighing 0.9 g each.

The fins of the darts are movable and are easily replaced. You have the option of making the dart heavier or, on the contrary, lightening it according to your preferences. In any case, the steel tips are very strong. If the darts accidentally stick into the ground, the tips will not break. However, plastic tips are also available for you to use on an electronic target. Thanks to the carrying case, you will have the leisure to carry your dartboard everywhere.


Value for money: The darts come in a firm box in addition to the extra tips. The box is complete, while being offered at a much cheaper price than other models on the market.

Accurate: The design of these darts makes it a very precise model in its flight. The user test on the product bears witness to this.


Fragility: Some users criticize the fragility of the darts in this range. They believe that the plastic end caps would not be strong enough.

Purchase guide

Plastic tipped darts are required to accompany electronic targets. Indeed, they are the only ones which can engage this type of game. But in order not to damage this last, you will have to take into account several crucial points before finalizing your decision. These are: weight, design, grip and balance.

The weight

The weight of these items directly influences their performance. Indeed, this factor will determine the maneuverability of the dart in question. In order to ensure your control over these accessories, you will need to choose them between specific intervals. Otherwise, you may encounter certain difficulties which will result in considerably lowering your score.

So, to ensure the quality of your game, you should opt for specimens between 16 and 18 g. It will depend on your preferences. In order not to regret your purchase, try all the models that you will come across in this category. Then adopt the ones you feel most comfortable with. Only this way will you be able to master your shots.

The designs

If you don’t know how to buy a better value plastic tip dart, we suggest you dwell on the capabilities of these. To ensure the stability of your projectiles, you will need to observe their design. This last factor will have a direct impact on the accuracy of your accessories. It would therefore not be wise to neglect it.

From the stabilizer feather to the tip that will allow you to play, the structure of these items may differ from one reference to another. In order for you to properly maintain your product, inspect the barrel. This must be non-slip to ensure perfect control. This will prevent your hand from slipping when you shoot. This will give you the opportunity to succeed in this one. If you are uncertain about the price of the models that you will be able to meet on the market, visit several sales sites. Only this way will you know exactly where to buy a new plastic tip dart. And at the same time, you can make some savings according to your budget.

Grip and balance

Before you start playing, you must first ensure that all the necessary conditions are met. Otherwise, you will expose yourself to the risk of irritation linked to frustration. The way to avoid it is therefore to observe the good grip and balance of your darts. If these factors are not present, your projectiles will hit the target and then fall to the ground. Which would amount to not obtaining points, hence the exasperation.

To make sure of this feature, don’t just look at one buying guide for the best plastic point darts. Also try to find price comparison sites. They will give you more advice. You will then be much more able to make a success of your transaction and thus have the best possible fun with your family members or with your friends during the special evenings you organize.

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