5 Best Ping Pong Tables for Basement [2022]

Buying a ping-pong table has become a real trend for playing with family or friends, for training and maintaining your physical shape, and even for competing.

Knowing how to choose the best table tennis tables of 2021 is not easy because there are so many different models on the market. Depending on the type of use you plan, the dimensions of the ping-pong table and the coating, we invite you to discover the characteristics of choice to watch. If you don’t have time to read our buying guide, there’s a comparison of the best table tennis tables.

The metal frame of the Cornilleau Table Pro 510 outdoor makes it stand out. It is possible to change frames with the Joola outdoor TR Table De Ping Pong Tennis. It can be moved without a hitch because it is equipped with wheels.

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5 Best Ping Pong Tables for Basement (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

We can quickly get lost in our search for the best material when faced with a lot of models in the market.

We have sorted these few products so that you can choose one or more according to your selection parameters.

JOOLA Inside – Professional MDF Indoor Table 

If you’re looking for a ping-pong table that’s good, this model from Cornilleau is for you. The 7mm thick surface has a coating that gives better bouncing effect on balls.

The steel frame won’t degrade or scratch in the elements. It is not afraid of any of the various things that can happen with a fixed anti-corrosion steel net.

JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table...
  • JOOLA - AN OLYMPIC TABLE TENNIS BRAND TRUSTED FOR 60+ YEARS: Launched in the 1950s, JOOLA has been...
  • 13mm MDF SURFACE TOURNAMENT QUALITY AT HOME: The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is a competition...

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You will benefit from a set that is durable and appropriate in all circumstances. You will find pads on the corners to prevent yourself from hurting yourself.

If you try to catch the ball by touching these areas, you don’t have to worry about injuries or scratches. Your kids aren’t going to hurt themselves either.

There is a small accessory under the equipment that is easy to reach for when placing the balls. You are not going to scatter them just anywhere. If you want to enjoy better games, you can immobilize this item on the balcony, terrace or garden.


Solid: This specimen has a 7mm thick protective layer on top that is not afraid of rain or shine.

Robust: No scratches or rust stains appear on its metal frame, more precisely steel.

Durable Package: With a metal mesh, this product is not likely to deteriorate anytime soon thanks to its strong, reliable and almost constant design.

Safe: Corner guards improve the safety of players in the event they run straight into corners.

Practical fixation: By immobilizing this table where it is, one plays more comfortably with each part.

Ball location present: An element placed below the table on each side of the players allows the balls to be stored safely.


Expensive Hardware: This item is among the most expensive in its class compared to other similar models.

MD Sports Table Tennis Set

The ping-pong table has been adapted so that it can be used by the most demanding people. It has a metal base that’s reliable. It has increased stability on all types of surfaces.

You can put it on the terrace or in the garden as you please. The sandwich plate is made from both aluminum and a coating that gives the balls a bouncing effect. If you install it outside, you won’t have to worry about it being damaged by bad weather.

MD Sports Table Tennis Set, Regulation Ping Pong Table with...
  • This table comes with reinforced construction and steel leg frames | It is an official size table...
  • Product dimensions – 108” L x 60” W x 30” H | Folded dimensions – 73” L x 60” W x...

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The product has wheels that are used to move it. When it’s not in use, note that it folds in half. It will be possible to set it up in a garage with a lot of other items.

It should be noted that this model is suitable for semi- professional use. The home use of this equipment will allow seasoned players as well as initiate and table tennis enthusiasts to improve their technique.

There is a wall on the side of the table that the ball will bounce off before it comes back to you.


Good stability: Thanks to its metal base, the table does not risk wiggling when you organize a party on it.

Better playing experience: Its sandwich surface, that is to say in several layers of quality materials, allows the ball to jump high. This makes sets last well.

Increased resistance: This model has been designed to withstand humidity and sunburn. As such, you can place it outside without worry.

Practical design: As these are two separate platforms, you can train alone or with others by sticking each one to very smooth and straight walls. Otherwise by putting the pieces side by side you benefit from more comfort.

Space-saving: Its wheels are used to take this table out and in when you want to. This makes it easier to use. You can easily store this item when you are not using it.


Insecure: An acquirer finds that the reference protection system is a little lacking. He would not have the right size according to him to support the weight of the whole.

JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof 

The convenient assembly of the table tennis table model proposed by Dione is what stands out. It only takes about ten minutes to install, because it consists of two elements easy to set up and assemble. If you do not have an opponent, you can still train with this material by leaning the other half like a wall.

JOOLA NOVA DX Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set |...
  • JOOLA - AN OLYMPIC TABLE TENNIS BRAND TRUSTED FOR 60+ YEARS: Launched in the 1950s, JOOLA has been...
  • TOURNAMENT QUALITY OUTDOORS: Competition-grade 9x5 foot regulation size ping pong table outdoor....

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You will be able to store it in a cramped, already full place if you are not using it. Its 274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm board offers an appreciable playing field. It gives better ball bouncing effect. For its folded dimensions, it is 156 x 54 x 160 cm (length x width x height).

There is a set of wheels that can be used to move this item. You can lock these tires up in order to have some stability once you have defined the ideal spot.

Your children will be happy to play on this table. A leveler allows you to adjust your tray as you please. It is a solid material because of it’s robust and reliable metal structure.


Easy assembly: You will need about ten minutes to assemble this item and enjoy it.

Multiple jobs: This model adapts to two players, but also to a single person by folding the board. You will have a space of 156 x 54 x 160 cm to bounce the balls.

Not bulky: You can put the pair against the wall and lift it up so that it takes up as little space as possible.

Convenient wheel system: These tires will allow you to move it easily when needed. In addition, they are wedged without any problem for more stability.

For everyone: Thanks to its leg leveler, you can adjust the tray when your children are playing.

Sturdy: The steel frame maintains a good look over time despite moisture or the elements that could scratch it.


Tray in two parts: Some users find that this is not very practical, especially at the level of installation and dismantling during which the time is doubled.

JOOLA Indoor 15mm Ping Pong Table

There is a set of wheels that can be used to move this item. You can lock these tires up in order to have some stability once you have defined the ideal spot.

Your children will be happy to play on this table. A leveler allows you to adjust your tray as you please. It is a solid material because of it’s robust and reliable metal structure.

It has a rubberized non-slip surface and is easy to clean. It has four casters for mobility. This unit is very portable and easy to assemble. It comes with assembly instructions.  


Practical dimensions: This inexpensive ping-pong table has reduced dimensions in order to be easily installed in your interior. It is ideal for apartments and users who wish to have a fun party during the moments of relaxation.

Lightweight: Not weighing too much, this specimen is easy to carry with two or alone. You can then simply change its location and even move around with it during your outings without getting in the way.


Lack of security system: Users claim that this mini table tennis table has some pretty sharp edges. It could be dangerous especially if you have children.

JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor Table Tennis

This equipment signed Sponeta will ensure your training sessions like a professional with its dimensions respecting the measurements required for a competition table. Indeed, it is 247 cm long, 152.5 cm wide and 76 cm high.

JOOLA NOVA DX Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set |...
  • JOOLA - AN OLYMPIC TABLE TENNIS BRAND TRUSTED FOR 60+ YEARS: Launched in the 1950s, JOOLA has been...
  • TOURNAMENT QUALITY OUTDOORS: Competition-grade 9x5 foot regulation size ping pong table outdoor....

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The assembly of elements that make up the outdoor model is capable of resisting degradation, such as bad weather, frost, or even corrosion.

If you have enough room to receive it, you’ll be able to install it indoors. This specimen is made from 10mm thick veneered melamine and has a top painted green.

It is shockproof and waterproof to ensure optimal long-term use. Solid anchoring come into play to maximize its stability.


Manufacture according to standards: The design of this Sponeta table tennis table follows the EN 14468-1 regulation which is a guarantee of its quality.

Robust set: The structure is made of sheet steel and powder coating. This allows it to effectively resist the effects of humidity, but also to various climatic variations.


Price dissuasive: Some buyers hesitate to invest in this outdoor ping-pong table in view of its cost. They believe that this item would be more attractive with a few euros less.

Purchase guide

Over the years, ping-pong has become a discipline that is more and more popular. To practice this sport, you have to have a special table that allows you to play.

This buying guide for the best table tennis tables offers us advice on how to buy a table tennis table with the best value for money, because you can also find a price comparison there. We will have all the information we need to make the right choice.


The ping-pong table is not an exception to the requirement that a table should always be stable. With all the stress it undergoes, a ping-pong table must be resistant and not move regardless of the movements of the players. The feet and the supports are the guarantors of all this.

Although they have tires for easy movement, they have to remain stationary when using the table for a table tennis match.

The heavier the table is, the more stable it will be and that’s why the thickness of the table must be taken into account. Keeping the same height is one of the elements of stability. It is possible that the table is vaulted and that it compromises the course of a beautiful duel.


The disadvantage of table tennis is that it is not necessary to have a large court to play it, as is the case with ordinary tennis. To fully appreciate this practicality, you have to be able to move the ping-pong table to the place where you want to play.

The table needs to be light so that it can be easily moved. The table is able to roll because of the presence of the tires on the feet. Lifting and carrying it doesn’t have to be done.

The specificity of being able to fold a table tennis table is very practical because it does not take up a lot of space when you want to store it.


There are standard sizes for table tennis tables in official tournaments, but not all of them are the same size. Many young children play the sport as well as adults, which is why they are interested in it. It’s obvious that the tables are available in different sizes for different ages of players.

At an early age, there are mini ping-pong tables for the youngest who are introduced to the sport. One does not need to change the size of the table because there are other tables that do the same.

Since the price of a ping-pong table is quite high, it saves some money in the long run. It is not difficult to find a table tennis table that is suitable for all members of the family, because this model is more and more popular these days.

How to set up a ping-pong table?

Being both a hobby and a sport, table tennis has the particularity of being both. This racquet sport can be played indoors or outdoors, with two or four players whose playing field consists of a table mounted on legs equipped with a net.

It is possible that the tables are not sold assembled, however the assembly is not difficult and often a very clear notice accompanies the product.

Prepare the play area

For a good use of the ping-pong table, it is strongly recommended to provide enough space around the table to allow the players to easily move around.

It is a good idea to give at least 1 meter extra on the sides and 1.5 meters more at each end of the table. It would be great to have a space of 20 m2.

Have the assembly instructions

It is important that you have the assembly instructions associated with your product in order to be able to properly assemble your ping-pong table.

It is possible to find a video of the assembly of your table version on the internet.

Fix the feet

There are different types of table legs for ping-pong, including folding legs forremovable tables, rainbow versions for outdoor tables, and others that have Casters to be able to move.

The table has a couple of things on it. It is good to know that the feet are the most stable part of the body. Follow the steps outlined in the instructions to assemble the legs of the table correctly.

You should have the necessary tools for your assembly, such as wrenches, screwdrivers and accessories.

Place the trays

While being careful not to overtighten the bolts, place the two halves of the table on them after the legs are properly mounted. The horizontality of the game table can be adjusted by using the level.

Place the net

It is necessary for the net to be placed at the junction of the two plates because of the posts which will be screwed or clipped on the table.

The tension of the net can be adjusted by using the rope or stretching it through poles. The net should not swing in the middle.

For pre-assembled and removable tables

In order to reduce assembly time, some manufacturers deliver their table before it’s assembled. The table top has been assembled with the foot.

The only thing you have to do is unfold the table and put the net in the join. On the Cornilleau table range with the Push’n Lock system, or the brand’s own DSI system with several locking points, do not forget to lock the two tops.

Most popular brands

A ping pong table, also known as a table tennis table, is a crucial piece of equipment to have in order to play this type of hobby. This is one of the sports equipment that can be used with balls and rackets where two to four opponents oppose it.

Cornilleau has a passion for ping and is a brand that highlights it. It is a brand that wants to offer its customers a unique gaming experience that is both different and stronger in emotion and pleasure.

Founded in 1946, this French company worked in the field of carpentry cabinetmaking before specializing in the design, development and manufacture of tennis tables, but also in the marketing of table tennis rackets and balls. There are also accessories and related things.

There are products dedicated to racket sports in the French brand of Artengo. Since its creation in 2006 the brand has made various sports articles available to athletes, whether they are professionals or amateur.

Six main racket sports, including tennis, table tennis, squash, padel, beach tennis and badminton, are currently covered by the firm. Since its creation, the brand has signed several partnerships to dress and to equip various tennis and squash tournaments.

Schlotheim, Germany is the location of the company Sponeta. This brand has existed for 60 years because it is specialized in the creation of table tennis products. Part of one of the best known ping pong table manufacturers in the world, these products are available in eight different styles and are shipped to over ninety countries.

The firm has been making school and office furniture for over 20 years. Over the past 60 years, Kettler has been in the sports and leisure market.

Bicycles, table tennis tables, etc. are revolutionary products that it develops for this. Having become a group of companies present on the international market, this small family business specializes in the development as well as in the production and sale of innovative products that define the leisure activities of all Generations.

Kettler owes its reputation to the quality of the products it makes available to its customers, but also to their design, ease of use, andFunctionality. The creation of sports and leisure articles is a specialty of this French retail group.

The brand created in 1976 is a public limited company that is very popular with the general public because it provides a wide range of ping pong tables and sports equipment.

It knows how to control the entire development chain of its products, through its thousands of stores located in more than thirty countries.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What are the dimensions of a ping pong table?

Before completely integrating the place you have chosen, a table tennis table needs to respect a few measurements. The professional equipment must be long, wide, and high.

It has a white band with a width of 2 cm and surrounds the edges. The role of the latter is to divide each plate into smaller pieces. The height of the net is 15.25 cm and it is supplied with the set.

Q2: How to make a ping pong table?

You will need a top that’s at least 152.50 cm wide. Wood screws are used to install the 4 boards on the edges. A good stability of the whole is obtained with the addition of 8 rafters.

It needs the feet to give it a height of 76 cm. Go ahead and apply a coat of green paint after sanding the surface. Take it easy and leave it to dry.

Proceed to the boundaries of the playing area with a line 2 cm wide to 2 cm from the edge around the entire perimeter. The net should be at least 15.25 cm high.

Q3: What place for a ping-pong table?

When playing ping-pong, it’s a good idea to have a small area around the table to avoid interfering with your movements and those of other players.

120 cm at each end and 60 cm on the sides is what you will need. If you add up the dimensions of your equipment, you have to reserve 514 cm by 273 cm for the installation.

Q4: How to make concrete ping pong table?

The concrete table tennis table is the best alternative for outdoor activities because of its ability to survive bad weather and other alterations. It is limited when it comes to mobility. If you want to make one for yourself, you have to choose where to install it.

The locations for the feet need to be found. They should be pushed in and wedges with large stones. If they are not at the same height, plan them with their alignment in mind.

Concrete is a good way to seal them. You can put the sleepers in place by using the size of the game board as a reference point.

The concrete should be poured back on to the structure. It was smooth with a mason’s ruler. Next, position the net by painting the tray.

Q5: How to transport a ping pong table?

If you have collapsible gear on hand, it is a good idea to remove the net before you start. You can still rely on these accessories to change the location of your models with caster wheels.

Group together and lift the table so that its feet don’t get damaged by being dragged on the floor.

Q6: Which utility to transport a ping-pong table?

Any type of vehicle that has a trunk large enough to hold your equipment will work. To avoid space concerns, the best alternative would be to use vans.

Q7: What wood to use for a ping pong table?

The use of medium density fiberboard wood is preferred by connoisseurs. You can usually find plank or bastaings at a carpenter for the sleepers and the feet.

Q8: What surface for a ping-pong table?

If you don’t take the dimensions of the table into account, you won’t be able to give yourself enough space for your travels. You should have an area of over 500 cm by over 300 cm at your disposal.

Q9: What color for a ping pong table?

Generally speaking, it’s a matter of taste. You have the choice of equipment in blue, green or gray. You have to carefully select which bullet you will use.

A white ball stands out better on a green and blue surface than it does on a gray board, while orange and yellow are more visible on a gray board.

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