10 Best Oriental Dance Skirt [2022]

To successfully learn oriental dance, it is essential to put on a skirt suitable for performing the choreographies.

On the other hand, many people still do not know which is the best oriental dance skirt on the market. Faced with this difficulty, we would like to give you some advice on how to make a good investment. Before placing your order, consider the size, materials and design.

However, in order not to waste time, you can also consult the products that we have included in our list. The Brightup Belly Dance is included because it is a high quality item, fully suitable for this type of dance.

If you are looking for a costume for children, we suggest The Turkish Emporium Rose. This is a top and skirt set that has some really nice decorations.

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10 Best Oriental Dance Skirt [2022]

Tassel Brilliant Hip Scarf Belt Skirt

If you’re just starting to learn this discipline, you’ll be hard pressed to find the best belly dance skirt. In that case, you might be happy with that item we picked up first. Here you have a skirt made with cotton and polyester. Its total length is about 97 cm, therefore it is suitable for most adults.

Pilot-trade Lady's Belly oriental Dance Fringe Tassel...
  • Waist:64cm-100cm(in 25-39")elastic (has stretchy )
  • length(include Sequins):About 66cm(26")

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The fabrics used are very flexible so that you are more free in your movements. This is an important criterion to focus on when you refer to a comparison of this kind of outfit. If necessary, you can take a look at the seams which are of the correct quality. This will allow you to have an overview of the solidity of the whole.

This skirt also stands out with its 3 slit design. Because of this, you can lift up and place the other two on your shoulders to imitate the “sari”. Also note that this article is available with other colors to please everyone’s tastes.


Well-thought-out design: Even if it is difficult to find the best performing skirt on the market, this one has satisfactory characteristics. This model is designed with good length. The fabrics chosen are also suitable for the choreographies that you are going to do.

Aesthetics: This item may be suitable for customers who are wondering where to buy the best belly dance skirt. Thanks to its 3 slot design, you are free to use it in many different ways.


Limited manufacturing: Buyers who considered the brand to be the best brand of belly dance skirts were disappointed that the item was not available in multiple sizes.

Skirts Women Silver Sequins Fringe Hip Scarf 

Faced with the endless list of products on the market today, you will inevitably have a hard time figuring out how to choose the best belly dance skirts of 2021. We have included just this article in this list in order to simplify your research. This time, we offer you a set of 2 pieces for children.

Miracle Maker Belly Dance Skirts Women Silver Sequins Fringe...
  • Materials:Polyester+Sequin Tassel.Colorful,Comfortable,Light
  • Single Packing List: 1 x Hip Scarf

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This article is therefore composed of a halter top and a skirt. The set is also decorated with sequins and pearls to reinforce the oriental side. The fabric chosen for the design of this model is elastic for more comfort. As for the sail, it is entirely made of polyester.

Considering the measurements of this cheap costume, it is rather recommended for little girls aged 4 to 10 years. Contrary to appearances, the maintenance of this garment is quite simple to achieve. It is also designed so that your child can put it on on their own without you needing to assist.


Quality: If customer reviews for this product are positive, it is because it displays good build quality. The placement of the decorations also shows the well-groomed work of the manufacturer.

Convenient: Even though this item is cheaper, the designer has chosen a fabric that adapts to all body types. All the details of the set are also well thought out to simplify use while offering maximum comfort.


Fragile decorations: Some of the parents wanted to test this set. They had noticed that the decorations fell easily.

Wuchieal Women’s Sweet Bellydance Hip Scarf

Contrary to appearances, it is very difficult to buy a oriental dance skirt. Indeed, there are countless models flooding the market. At this point, it is important to take your time before making up your mind. Otherwise, you can refer to the characteristics of this product.

Wuchieal Women's Sweet Bellydance Hip Scarf With Gold Coins...
  • Materials:Velvet+Gold coins
  • Size: Length(Approx.): 160cm/62.99inch; Coins Width(Approx.): 80cm/31.49inch

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This skirt displays dimensions adapted to the majority of women. Its size measures between 70 and 100 cm. Regarding the length, it is 96 cm in total and the hem is 800 cm. If you pick up both ends as you choreograph, you can create a nice semi-circle effect. Moreover, this article is available in various colors and sizes.

The design of this model combines an oriental and Spanish style. It is made entirely with polyester which provides a lot of benefits. It is indeed a breathable and light material that offers great comfort when you wear the skirt.


Wide choice: This copy is preferred by buyers who do not know which oriental dance skirt to choose, because they had the choice among the colors and sizes offered for sale. In fact, they also planned to recommend some.

Stylish: If you have the time to compare this product, you will notice that its design is preferred by the manufacturer. This skirt also makes it possible to bring more to your outfit.


No belt: The buyers were disappointed to find that the skirt was not offered with the belt in the photo.

How to choose a good oriental dance skirt?

A woman who plans to learn oriental dance must find a noble costume to carry out this activity. To do this, it will first have to go through a price comparison.

To make the right choice among the products recommended in the classification, it will have to take into account the size, the constituent material as well as the design of the model which captures its attention. For more details, see our buying guide for the best belly dance skirts.


The choice of the size of your dance costume is important to be overlooked. It must indeed be adjusted to your figure if you want your performance to be unforgettable in the eyes of your spectators.

Borrowing a friend’s outfit is not always the best solution. The ideal would be to find an outfit adapted to your profile to hide the weak points of your body while enhancing its strong points. If your hips are not voluminous enough, make a cross on the narrow skirt.

To emphasize the roundness of your arms, a model with sleeves will do better. Transparent suspenders should be eliminated in order to avoid making a fool of yourself in public. A woman with generous breasts should not wear a bra with a strap that goes behind the neck. She will be able to continue dancing without getting tired.

The subjects

The consideration of the constituent material of your dance costume is also crucial. Most of the models available on the current market have been designed from natural and synthetic fibers. You are free to choose the ones that suit your requirements.

If you prefer to wear a uniform made with a natural material of plant origin, opt for cotton skirts. The elasticity of this type of textile remains indisputable. Since it is a hypoallergenic fiber, it is not likely to cause reactions on the sensitive skin of some people. Moreover, it is breathable and will prevent the dancer from sweating during the show.

You can also put on a polyester suit, a synthetic fiber that is easy to clean. Its rigidity to traction and friction as well as UV rays remains high. In addition, this material is more heat resistant and does not absorb moisture.


How to buy a better value for money belly dance skirt? It is difficult to find an answer to this question without learning about the design of the garment. Make sure it can match your style and personality

There are two-piece models made up of a bra, a belt sublimated by sequins, pearl fringes and crystals. Otherwise, you can opt for the Egyptian costume also called pharaonic consisting of a slit skirt decorated with sequins and pearls as well as a sexy little top.

Feel free to add old coins, traditional jewelry, mirror pieces or shells to get noticed in a competition. With these various tips, you will have a better chance of finding a product that meets your needs. You can now find out where to buy a new belly dance skirt.

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