8 Best MTB Tires for Pavement [ 2022 Updated ]

It is always difficult to find waterproof wheels for your bicycle, the coating of which successfully braves the obstacles given by certain types of terrain. Do not panic !

The MTB tire has proven itself. With it, the risk of punctures is reduced to a minimum. To help you choose the best products, we recommend this practical guide which is worth a look from you.

The first proposal is the Schwalbe Nobby Nic Hs463 which offers you a very reliable protection against possible possible shocks.

But the Michelin Wild Run’R is also one of the leaders in the tire world. With it, you will be able to drive at an optimal speed.

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8 Best MTB Tires for Pavement [ 2022 Updated ]

Continental ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire

Having a good mountain bike is not enough, you also need to be equipped with the best mountain bike tire to be safe. In order to withstand any type of track, this latest generation of Nobby Nic features SnakeSkin side protection. This new foolproof defense is added to withstand various shocks while driving. The risk of cuts is also reduced to a minimum thanks to this improved construction on both sides.

Continental Mountain King Performance MTB Folding Bike Tire...
  • Pure Grip Compound - Providing great grip, this long lasting and highly durable compound offers...
  • Triple Layered Protection – The three-layer Tubeless Ready enabled casing surrounds the Mountain...

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Designed for mixed service, this tire already features tubeless innovation for improved comfort. Whatever the brand, this article is intended for any mountain bike with a size of 27.5 inches.

In order to better contain the repercussion of the jumps, the flexible rod has the advantage of allowing a short dismantling if necessary. Your bicycle must be fast, the weight of this model is at least possible with 0.2 kg in all.


Unisex : This tire brings men and women together thanks to its mixed type service that adapts to all genders.

Lateral defense : The snake skin protection, or Snake Skin, is effective against cuts and shocks in difficult way.

Weight : This equipment is built with the aim of being used in sports disciplines, hence its low weight when weighing.


Lifespan : In the absence of imperfections, the longevity of this device does not seem to convince users.

Maxxis – Minion DHF Dual Compound Tubeless

If you are preparing for a cycling competition, find the best performing wheel for training sessions. Also suitable for city driving, the flexibility index as well as the density of this model is 30 TPI.

Compatible with bikes up to 26 inches in size, this slick tire is great for getting to grips with the track. Its design allows it to face any type of treatment, and adapts to less extreme terrains.

Maxxis - Minion DHF Tubeless Ready Bicycle Tire | 29 x 2.3 |...
  • MINION DHF: With a tread design that deftly balances rolling speed with braking and cornering...
  • EXO: An extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select...

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Replace your old accessories with this model which is suitable for both men and women. Unlike hyper-cramped discs, the acoustic pressure emitted by this accessory is minimal.

On the road, cover over 4000 km before having to change your wheels again. If you are used to exercising on a home trainer, you will find that this equipment rolls better than spiked tires.


Track outfit : For indoor athletes, this article goes with the use of a home treadmill, with a bike attachment.

4000 km and above : If you use this wheel on real terrain, it will start showing signs of wear only after traveling this distance.

Sound power : The slick type emits less noise than other tires, since it has no studs.


Slips a lot : It will be difficult for you to ride your bike in rainy weather or on a muddy track with this accessory.

WTB Trail Boss 2.25 26″ Comp Tire,

If you want to take a mountain bike ride, find out beforehand where to buy the best mountain bike tire for the occasion. Climb the most arduous slopes with the X king, which has great flexibility and good density with a performance index of 180 TPI. During the descent as the ascent, the grip on the ground is ensured by the crampons Pure Grip Coup mound in dry and rainy weather.

WTB Trail Boss 2.25 26" Comp Tire, Black
  • Tightly spaced, blocky tread minimizes rolling resistance until braking allows the knobs to truly...
  • Supportive side knobs deliver traction when trying to keep the bike upright on off-camber surfaces.

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Also equipped with protection to fight against punctures, its tubeless design provides more defense against knocks and cuts. Stony and muddy paths are no longer a problem, and even less asphalt once on the road.

With intensive use, this tire will accompany you for a few thousand kilometers before showing signs of deterioration. To be mounted on a 29-inch mountain bike, its service includes use for men and women.


Grip : Intended for cross-country and slalom events, the crampons keep your bike on the ground at all times.

Flexibility : With an indication of 180 TPI, flexibility and robustness are essential for any journey.

Tubeless : The innovation without the use of an inner tube limits the risk of perforation and saves money for the next service.


Leaky tire : Some buyers of this model warn that in addition to experiencing deformation, it also tends to come off.

WTB Velociraptor Comp Tire

As usual from this brand, here is a tire that stands up to the competition thanks to an advanced finish and robust components. This fiery model relies on a biting high-volume tread to accommodate a huge drivetrain.

Crisscross the parts of the track in curves with a more lively stealth using the well distributed crampons. Compatible with all types of terrain, it behaves better on wet and snowy circuits than standard equipment.

WTB Velociraptor 2.1 26 Rear Comp Tire, Black
  • Braking specific rear with wide knobs that dig in while braking in loose terrain
  • Tube type tire with a wire bead, these tires are very durable

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Its braking and velocity time also benefits from the presence of the central ribbon which has a crawling handle to restrict opposition to rotation.

Assemble it with air tubes to strengthen the defense against tears and heavy contact with the ground. With a flexibility of 60 TPI, the casing is stiffer and more durable. The manufacturer expects a usage distance of more than 3000 kilometers.


The studs : The location of these elements helps to increase the grip on the ground and reduces the times of acceleration and stopping.

Quality : The construction gives a sturdy alternative with a stronger outer shell than other brands.

Thickness : The outer covering that comes into contact with the ground benefits from a higher density and reduces the possibility of perforation.


Flexibility : The flexibility index of this tire is very low and attests to a life that will not be longer than average.

Continental Mountain Bike ProTection Tire 

If you are still looking for which MTB tire to choose, this model may be right for you. It is distinguished by the rigid and reinforced characteristic of its thick carcass of 60 TPI to avoid as much as possible the punctures.

Continental Mountain Bike ProTection Tire - Black Chili,...
  • Versatile and easy-rolling profile which adapts perfectly to any surface
  • Excellent puncture resistance thanks to continuous ProTection Tubeless Ready insert from end to end

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Manufactured according to Tubeless Ready technology with 5 rubber mixes varying the fields of application, it is a tool which is more suitable for dry grounds. However, you can also practice on slightly damp and deep land.

You can choose from 2 different sizes, one of which is 26 × 2.80 and another of 27.5 × 2.3. Their price varies depending on the size, while remaining within the market average. You will ride safely in the bends as in the climbs thanks to its design, and this even during braking.

It is suitable as rear and front tire according to your requirement. Namely that its durability can go from a few weeks to several months depending on your driving style.


Durability: The studs have good resistance against tearing, and this for a long period unlike other models.

Braking: This mechanism is a determining criterion for any mountain biker. The significant traction of the bicycle is thus an asset which simplifies this action.

Versatility : You can use it as front or rear wheels on a variety of roads, whatever the weather condition.


Lot: It sells by unit and not by pair, and some buyers find the price a little high although it is not above average.

Maxxis Assegai Wide Trail 3C/TR Tire 

This model is the choice of several professionals in the field, which ensures its quality in dry, mixed and rocky soil. Having a 66 TPI carcass, it has flexible beads with a good weight of 838 g which gives more finesse and therefore ease of use. It comes in 4 different sizes: 26 × 2.1, 27.5 × 2.10, 27.5 × 2.25 and 29 × 2.10, depending on which the price also varies.


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Its construction was made with the brand’s Riposte XC Tri-Gum Race which offers more speed, ideal for various competitions. It is also distinguished by its balance between lightness and grip, for more reliability.

The latter is ensured by the height of the side blocks divided into 3 parts as well as the pistol studs. For better comfort, you can inflate it to reduced pressures, avoiding tire deformation.


Tri Eraser: 3 erasers of different structures: hard, intermediate and soft have been assembled for its construction in order to improve speed.

Yield: It is at its maximum thanks to the small rise of the central crampons and their bevelling which allow permanent contact with the ground, especially in dry terrain.

Motricity : The movements are precise with the limited spacing and the cobblestone base of the central crampons as well as the asymmetrical profile.


Price: It is certainly accessible, but there is a considerable difference between the amounts dedicated to the various sizes offered.

Fincci Pair 27.5 x 2.10 Inch 54-584 Foldable Tires

Replace your old tire and improve your performance, or just enjoy your rides by choosing this model. Its dimensions are 24 × 1.90 with an average weight, always less than a kilo. With a grid of 25 TPI, it is mainly usable on a rolling track, but still remains suitable for various types of roads.

Fincci Pair 27.5 x 2.10 Mountain Bike Tire 54-584 Foldable...
  • Foldable tires size: 27.5 x 2.10 inches. ETRTO 54-584. Suitable for 27.5` Wheels
  • Weight: 1100gr each 27.5 bike tire. Package consists of 2 x 27.5 mountain bike tires

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But this tire stands out above all for its affordable price, which is lower than the correct amount on the market, despite this maintaining good quality. This is confirmed by the choice of manufacturing materials. It therefore has a fair thickness, offering the resistance you need in all weather conditions.

Even if you are a hobbyist, fitting this wheel will not be difficult. However, its durability makes more than one of its users doubt as it is sold cheaper, and a proposed size above would have been more practical.


Price: Its amount is reasonable without being cheap, but with the quality you need for a peaceful bike ride.

Thickness: It’s neither too thin nor too dense, but just enough to withstand different road conditions, in addition to its average weight.

Installation: The installation is of an appreciable ease despite a lack of habit, because it adapts easily to your rim.


Dimension: A single size presented is not always very functional, other dimensions to choose from would have been appreciated.

Fincci Pair 27.5 x 2.35 Inch 60-584 Foldable 60 TPI All Mountain Enduro Tires 

Buy this model to get on your mountain bike with confidence on climbs and descents. It has side designs that add grip on curved roads.

These figures also make it possible to evacuate the water and therefore to ride a bicycle, whatever the weather condition. Having a rigid bead, it has a carcass of 30 TPI. It is available in 2 sizes: 26 × 1.0 and 26 × 1.4.

Fincci Pair 27.5 x 2.10 Mountain Bike Tire 54-584 Foldable...
  • Foldable tires size: 27.5 x 2.10 inches. ETRTO 54-584. Suitable for 27.5` Wheels
  • Weight: 1100gr each 27.5 bike tire. Package consists of 2 x 27.5 mountain bike tires

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With this tire, drive with less noise on the road even on slopes, where it glides better. Unlike the other models, this one is more delicate with a weight of less than half a kilo. It is made with a blend of gum and incorporates VFA or Vector Force Analysis technology.

Thanks to its lateral grooves on the tread, it has adequate grip. You will also be able to handle turns more easily by keeping the ATV on the exact lane.


Weight: It weighs only 472 grams, a lightness that helps in its handling, while having a good thickness of 30 TPI.

Size: Finding a tire in this reference on the market is quite difficult. However, this model exists in 2 dimensions, all 2 of 26 ʺ.

Price: It is an affordable device that sells for less than fifty euros, offering all the features expected.


Simplicity : At first glance, it seems quite discreet despite its specificities, which could cast doubt on its quality among future buyers.

Purchase guide

So that you can gain endurance and grip when riding your bike, we recommend that you be well informed about each type of tire that you will encounter in a comparison. Indeed, the models are raining and it could very well be that you are taken by storm when you decide. We invite you to browse our buying guide for the best MTB tires in order to see more clearly.

The rubber

The tire is your main point of contact with the ground when you ride a bike, and that’s why it’s important to make a careful choice. The first criterion to be considered is then based on the rubber used or the rubber mixture that can be found on a model in question. It is essential to compare this aspect, because on it will depend the rigidity and robustness of the article.

Logically, stubborn equipment will be able to resist wear while the softer ones can only accompany you for a few hikes. And yet, it should be remembered that the harder the rubber, the more grip it will lack. So how do you choose the best MTB tires for 2021?

Yes, it is not always a pleasure, because you will have to decide between 2 characteristics which are all equal 2. So, to find the happy medium, opt for the wheels which are equipped with several types of rubber. In other words, the component which is located on the tread must be different from that found at the sidewalls.

And as brands compete on the arena, don’t be surprised to come across models that have been designed with 3 separate erasers.


To easily identify which is the best ATV tire on the market, start by repressing all types of ideas that want you to believe that a cheaper model is necessarily a bad choice. Indeed, all that matters is that you can find a product that will suit you. Also, remember to focus your attention on the rods. These are elements taking the form of 2 hoops and whose main role is to keep the rim level with the tire.

For rigid components, they are most often made with steel wires and have been designed to be paired with entry-level tires or with equipment that needs more support. On another side, we find the flexible articles which were obtained using aramid or para-aramid (kevlar) and which can be coupled with high-end wheels. They have the advantage of being lighter and their assembly is not likely to frustrate you. Likewise, you will be able to store them easily given the fact that they will be able to fold without problem.


Before even looking to find where to buy a new ATV tire, be sure to learn about the optimum pressure that the model in question can withstand. Indeed, this aspect is very variable and depends on several criteria, such as your practice, the ground, or the weather as well as the section of the wheel. The number of bars required may therefore change depending on these parameters. However, keep in mind that when this type of article is enlarged, the point of contact will be increasingly reduced. In more explicit terms, the more your tire is inflated, the more the grip will be reduced, but the performance will be all the better.

You will understand, it is better to turn to tires which allow increased pressure. In this sense, prefer a wide tire if you want to avoid inflation sessions, because with a model that has a weak section, you will have to do it often. Likewise, if you are used to taking a rolling route, opt for a very substantial pressure. Conversely, prefer grippy wheels if you have to cross a section of muddy or greasy road.


If you’ve come to this point, you should now be able to figure out how to buy a better value MTB tire. However, so that you have all the cards in hand, we draw your attention to this last criterion: the crampons. At this level, you will have to take into account the type of terrain you generally use.

If the path to take is dry and rolling, prefer a model that will allow you to gain more performance and to do this, nothing beats items with countless studs in miniature sizes. Conversely, for furnished terrain, bet on grip by opting for wheels with large spaced spikes. Finally, for slightly damp ground with several obstacles in sight, the pronounced mid-spaced studs will do the trick. Once you have made your decision, complete the procedure by going through a price comparison.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to change an ATV tire?

To start, you have to pivot the chain of the bike towards you by tilting it to the side if you do not have a support. Proceed to the removal of the quick release lever located in the center of the tire to be removed, by turning it 180 °. Once you have done this, unscrew all the wheel nuts with a wrench of about 15 mm and take it out of the fork, wiggling it slightly. Next, install the new tire on the wheel by inserting the inner tube valve into the frame and following the direction indicated by the arrow.

Q2: What width of MTB tire to choose?

It is an important factor for this type of bike in order to climb the most rugged terrain with great grip. The section of the MTB tire expressed in inches does not meet a precise standard as for the case of the diameter, and therefore varies according to the make of the two-wheeler. However, the majority of ATV models on the market display a width between 1.40 and 2.60, because in this range all the functions of the bicycle are possible. It is enough that the rim is compatible and wider than the width.

Q3: How to recognize an MTB tubeless tire?

In addition to its particular heels which are held perfectly in the rim and which have a great hermeticity, its specificity is the layer which is inside the sidewalls. It allows the tubeless tire to be easily installed without preventive liquid and to be completely waterproof. This model is also distinguished by its air chamber which is integrated into its internal membrane without being linked to the inflation valve. It can be clipped thanks to the shape of its rim.

Q4: How to disassemble and mount an MTB tubeless tire?

First, you have to remove the wheel by turning the bike upside down, unscrewing the nuts that secure it and removing it from the fork. Once this step is completed, disassemble the item by completely peeling it off the rim. Then, carry out its assembly by looking at the marking on its outside after having cleaned it with a very clean cloth. Place the tubeless equipment crowned at the correct pressure in the center of the rim and reassemble the wheel.

Q5: How to repair an MTB tubeless tire?

You can choose between the method using an inner tube or the one with a tubeless bit. For the 1 st technique, remove a rod and the hinge of the rim. Proceed to inflate the inner tube and include the valve in the hole in the rim before spreading the assembly and closing the tire. The other alternative is the insertion of the tubeless wick kit which comes to remedy the puncture of the tire.

Q6: How many bars for an MTB tire?

For this specific model, each manufacturer defines the recommended pressure for their product. However, it should not exceed 5.5 bars for an MTB tire. Also keep in mind that the rear wheel must have a pressure of 0.2 bar more than that of the front.

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