9 Best MTB Forks with Straight Steerer [2022]

A must have for any self-respecting cyclist, choosing the best mountain bike fork is the subject of much debate. Indeed, its main function is to ensure both your comfort and your safety.

Grip and stability, these two words sum up what is expected of this essential component. If you have any buying blockers, we recommend two of the best-selling products right now. Dfs Rlc Bicycle Fork is distinguished by its speed of action generated by its intelligent unlocking system.

Rst Federgabel Omega TNL, for its part, is appreciated for the tenacity it shows thanks to its steel design.

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9 Best MTB Forks with Straight Steerer [2022]

Electric Bike, Electric Bike for Adults 27.5” E-Bikes

In order to cushion the impacts and thus offer a well-deserved comfort to the cyclist, this component shows a formidable efficiency. Thanks to its compression system, it succeeds in reducing the effect of the roughness of the ground on the bike. In other words, you will no longer have to search for the best MTB fork on the market.

Electric Bike, Electric Bike for Adults 27.5'' E-Bikes with...
  • 500W HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: 27.5'' electric mountain bike is equipped with a 500W high-speed motor, which...
  • SUSPENSION FORK AND BRAKES: Electric bike adopts lockable suspension fork and high-quality dual disc...

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Yes, even if the mechanics of the suspension seem complex, its operation is based on the combination between the spring and the shock absorber. With this model, you will be able to customize parameters such as rebound and also the speed of the suspension.

Finally, this reference benefits above all from a European certification classified EN-14766. A guarantee of quality and durability, the main purpose of this battery of tests is to demonstrate its compatibility with mountain bikes. Especially since this component also offers the possibility of using different sizes of wheels: 26 or 27.5 inches.


Durability: Complying with the European standard, this product is strong and resistant. He properly fulfills his role in order to maximize his performance.

Versatile: Thanks to its unique design, this bicycle element can accommodate several types of wheels according to your needs. In other words, it accommodates as well with the 26 as with the 27.5 inches.


Weight: For the most picky rider, its weight of 1.8 kg can cause some discomfort. However, this in no way diminishes its effectiveness when used on rugged mountain terrain and hiking trails.

Fox Racing Shox 36 Float 29 Grip 2 Factory Boost Fork

Rapid Suspension Technology or RST wants to be the best brand of MTB forks. In this regard, with an experience spanning more than three decades, the brand stands out from its competitors. With regard to suspension forks, its know-how as well as its wide range of products allow it to guarantee a certain level of quality to them.

Fox Racing Shox 36 Float 29 Grip 2 Factory Boost Fork Shiny...
  • Travel: 150mm, 160mm
  • Stanchion Material: Kashima

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As for this model, it was developed by the brand to adapt to wheels measuring 26 inches. In addition, its manufacture from a resistant metal material allows it to ensure the stability of your bike in all circumstances. Robust and solid, it is durable thanks to the steel it is made of.

Especially since the majority of buyers are delighted with their purchase. Indeed, despite its 2.26 kg, this fork is ideally suited to extreme situations. In the mountains, on slopes or uneven, your comfort as well as your stability are guaranteed.


Durable: Built to last, this 1 1/8 rigid MTB fork is extremely durable in a variety of conditions. Robust and reliable, it ensures your safety by means of its steel frame.

Versatile: Suitable for all kinds of situations, this fork will allow you to get into cross-country as well as marathons. In particular, it guarantees good off-piste performance.


Only for 26 inch wheels: Despite all its qualities and its great versatility on different types of terrain, this device will only be suitable for wheels with dimensions of 26 inches.

WHISKY – No. 9 MTN Boost LT

Versatile and practical, this fork from Suntour is admirably suited to 29-inch wheels. In this regard, it allows it, among other things, to optimize pilot comfort. By smoothing the ground on which the tire comes into contact, obstacles are overcome more easily. In other words, the designers produced the best performing part possible.

WHISKY - No. 9 MTN Boost LT | Carbon Mountain Bike Fork |...
  • Lighter and stiffer than a suspension fork, it’s long enough to replace forks with 120 mm to 130...
  • 500 mm axle to crown for use with modern trail bike geometry and fork travel

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Moreover, thanks to its steel pivot and the AC4C crown, this specimen increases the grip of the wheels as well as the stability of the bike.

Acting as a shock absorber, the hydraulic lock is located in the right leg while the preload spool is installed in the left one. Especially since the latter offers an adjustability option guaranteeing customization of the parameters.

With this ergonomic yet sturdy item, you won’t have to worry about where to buy the best MTB fork. Benefited by a 160 mm postmount rotor, it will ensure a very unique experience.


Efficient: By taking advantage of its characteristics, it succeeds in reducing the roughness of the ground when the wheels pass over it. This guarantees stability and comfort, everything a cyclist needs.

Strong: Thanks to the steel it is made of, this fork can withstand shocks and impacts. In other words, it will be able to cope with even large holes and impractical drops.


Weight: At 2.6 kg, this item can make climbs difficult. However, due to the hydraulic mechanisms inside, this heaviness is compensated by its practicality.

Electric Bike, TotGuard Electric Bike for Adults 26” Ebike

Aiming at the top of high technology, this device specially designed for the most intrepid cyclists is a concentrate of modernity. First, by sporting a frame made from a carbon fiber material, it significantly reduces its weight.

Electric Bike, TotGuard Electric Bike for Adults 26'' Ebike...
  • POWERFUL 350W MOTOR & WHEELS:26'' Electric bike is equipped with powerful 350W motor, the max...
  • HIGH-QUALITY AND SAFE ELECTRIC BIKE :The frame of the electric bike is made of high-quality...

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Namely, its 680 g places it in the category of featherweight models, this therefore gives it a lightness that is felt during its use.

As you wonder how to choose the best MTB forks of 2021, several criteria run through your head. It is by making sure of its dimensions that you will determine how to mount it with your other components. In this case, this specimen ideally fits wheels measuring 26, 27.5 or 29 inches.

Added to this versatility is its maneuverability and ease of installation. As for the brake, it follows international standards and is compatible with 160 mm discs.


Versatility: This fork is very practical, because it is suitable for different types of situations. It is particularly suitable for mountain bikes, racing bikes, but also city bikes.

Lightweight: Unlike its competitors, this model made from carbon fiber does not weigh very heavy. This then guarantees good ease as well as better stability.


High Price: Unfortunately, in order for you to enjoy this quality product, it will cost you a lot of money. However, given the result, its price is well worth it.

BUCKLOS 26/27.5/29 Travel 120mm MTB Air Suspension Fork

If you are wondering how to buy a better value MTB fork, consider getting this model. In this regard, the aluminum alloy from which it is derived combines strength and lightness. In this case, this material offers it the advantage of weighing only 820 g against nearly 2 kg for its competitors.

BUCKLOS 26/27.5/29 Travel 120mm MTB Air Suspension Fork,...
  • 【Specifications】28.6mm Threadless Straight Steerer, Crown Race: 30.0mm; Crown Lockout, Rebound...
  • 【Bucklos Sticker】The "BUCKLOS" sticker on the suspension fork is carefully designed by our...

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In addition, this bicycle component also has good resistance allowing it to hold despite the pressure. Indeed, during mountain trips or when you go off-piste, the conditions to which the two-wheeler is subjected remain harsh. Nonetheless, this benchmark can cope with it without bending.

On the other hand, its straight tube measuring almost 225mm with a mounting diameter of 28.6mm allows it to accommodate different wheel sizes. Whether it’s 26, 27.5 or 29 inches, just choose the right fork.


Lightweight: Featuring an aluminum alloy construction, this bicycle element shows a certain lightness. Indeed, its weight only reaches 820 g.

Practical: Available in three formats suitable for various wheel diameters on the market, this item can be installed on any type of frame.


MTB only: Despite the fact that this reference is available in several sizes, it is preferably used on an MTB. It is therefore not a priori suitable for a city or racing bike.

ECOTRIC Powerful Electric Bike

Offering two compression options, this device is presented as an essential item for your mountain bike. In other words, by adjusting the flow of oil, you can take advantage of it and it could even become your best mountain bike fork.

ECOTRIC Powerful Electric Bike 1000W Motor 17.6AH/48V...
  • TOP RIDING CONFIGURATION - Aluminum MTB suspension frame with Double suspension fork & shock...
  • TOP MOTOR & BATTERY CONFIGURATION- Brushless gear 1000W Motor provides 42Km/h(26.1mph) maximum...

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As for the low speed setting, you can adjust it to set its slow movements. This will give you more control over braking and then over ground movements. As for the high speed system, it is the reverse principle. The action will therefore take place during impacts undergone in full acceleration, taking the example of a passage with holes.

As for compatible wheels, this bicycle component can only accommodate those with a diameter of 29 inches. However, it offers a travel of 170 mm as well as a last generation fit cartridge. The 36 – Float style notably gives it a very sporty appearance and suitable for strong sensations.


Practical: Equipped with two compression systems, this fork guarantees your safety during the various shocks and impacts that your two-wheeler will be confronted with. Whether at low or high speed.

Design: Sporting a 36 Float style design, this specimen knows how to be wild and indomitable while being docile and manageable. Available in orange color, this stem will give your bike a certain charm.


High price: Versatile, practical and manoeuvrable, this variation alone meets the criteria expected by a cyclist in terms of his mount. However, this quality comes at a price and not least.

GXFWJD 26 Inch Bike Suspension Forks 4.0 Fat Bike 

By choosing to incorporate an elastomeric spring system into its product, this brand is engaging in a gamble, the outcome of which is indefinite. Indeed, this specimen is the opposite of the hydraulically operated process. In order to act as a shock absorber, this device is based on a stack of foam pads. This is where its elastomer name comes from.

GXFWJD [US Stock] 26” Fat Fork air Bike Suspension Forks...
  • Name: Fat bike front fork 26 inch, AM MTB BMX Bike suspension fork, disc brake, for 4.0 Fat tires.
  • Material: magnesium +aluminum alloy, process: air Air shock,with damping adjustment function.

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By adding the spring, it gains in progressiveness and sensitivity. In other words, you can stop looking for where to buy a new MTB fork because it will meet your needs. In addition, its steel frame gives it great strength and durability which is very useful for this type of bike.

However, it is only suitable for 24 inch wheels. It is therefore a small frame, generally designed for those who want to try their hand for the first time in the field. Especially since it allows him to gain versatility.


Good entry level: In order to satisfy those who want to start in the field without investing too much money, this fork is presented as a good entry into the world of mountain biking.

Handy: Thanks to this aroused characteristic, it is natural that the operation as well as the installation of this component for bicycle is not too complicated. All this in order to facilitate the pilot’s task.


Small Size: Unfortunately, models using the elastomer system often only fit small size wheels. It is also those of 24 inches which are suitable for this one.

RockShox Judy Silver TK Suspension Fork

Suitable for 26 or 27.5 diameter wheels, this fork has a crown axle measuring respectively 586 mm – 66 mm for the first ones and 581 mm – 69.8 mm for the seconds. This allows it in this case to adapt to your needs in terms of stability.

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Still not sure which MTB fork to choose? Think about this model. Despite its 2.5 kg, it has all the criteria necessary for its proper functioning. In other words, its Solo Air springs guarantee in particular the damping of the shocks undergone by the wheels due to the roughness of the ground.

Then with customizable settings like rebound, you can adjust the speed at which the suspension resets. The whole thing lies in the gauging of these small settings, because if it is too slow, the suspension will take too long to come back and then will not dampen the shocks.


Sturdy Material: Made from aluminum, this fork resists impact and shock to ensure rider comfort as well as stability. This alloy also ensures its durability.

Formats: Available in different formats, it can accommodate wheels measuring 26 inches as well as 27.5 inches. Thanks to this, you will be able to adapt it to your needs.


Single Compression: Unlike other models, this one only offers low speed compression. That is to say that only the spring acts as a shock absorber during high speed shocks.

BUCKLOS Mountain Bicycle Suspension Forks,

This bicycle front wheel suspension has several advantageous attributes. Firstly, the aluminum with which it is made gives it a certain level of robustness. This strength allows it to withstand shocks from uneven terrain when the wheels pass over it.

BUCKLOS Mountain Bicycle Suspension Forks, 26/27.5/29 inch...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 26/27.5/29 inch optional, Travel: 100mm, Axle: 100 mm, Steerer tube: 240mm and 1-18"...
  • SMOOTH RIDE: Bike Suspension Forks, Unique combination of Oil Spring forks and damping adjustment....

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In terms of a price comparison, this model may not be the most affordable. Indeed, there is a cheaper reference. However, in terms of its ease of installation as well as its practicality, this specimen deserves to be included in this buyer’s guide for the best MTB forks.

Ultimately, thanks to its dimensions of 15 x 100 mm, it is suitable for 27.5 inch wheels. Especially since in order to better guarantee your safety during your bike tours, the brake has a standard 160 mm disc.

Add to that the solid 32mm diameter sheaths and you have your optimal rod. You will be able to enjoy mountain outings and tackle uneven levels without fear.


Robustness: The aluminum alloy as well as the manufacturing quality of this fork ensure its solidity. Therefore, even the most uneven terrain will not resist you.

Functionality: Regarding its purely practical aspect, it is clear that this specimen properly fulfills its functions. Both shock absorber, brake and stabilizer, it guarantees all the comfort of the cyclist at a cheap price.


One Size Fits All: Despite these advantageous features, this device is only suitable for wheels with a diameter of 27.5 inches. Which still seems a good compromise.

Purchase guide

In order to find the jewel that is missing from your bike, you must first know certain parameters concerning it. In other words, in order not to make an unfortunate purchase, here are the criteria to consider before you get your next ATV fork.

The form

The appearance of the forks greatly influences their performance as well as the comfort of the rider. Depending on the shape of this central part of the bike, its hunting may also change. In this way, this parameter will play on some small details to modify the general stability of the vehicle.

Those curved are curved forward, they increase the wheelbase of the two-wheeler and by a spring effect, they succeed in absorbing shocks. As for the straight-looking ones, they are more modern and absorb certain types of impact. Finally, suspension forks are the most common today. The principle of operation of this model is based on two rods which fit into the sleeves. These sink when they are compressed, and rise when they relax.

The latter category uses a spring as a shock absorber, but the use of oil is also a possible option. Thanks to it, the bike will be easier to stabilize, however, it will also gain weight.


Since there are mainly three different sizes of MTB wheels, it is obvious that the forks are therefore also available in three formats . Indeed, they adapt to the needs of their owner, because according to the dimensions, their performance can vary.

Part numbers designed for 26 inch wheels show as standard size. They combine lightness and maneuverability for the pilot. However, the small wheel struggles to absorb the jolts.

As for those at 27.5 inches, they have less responsiveness than those at 26 inches. Thus, even if they do not weigh heavy, they provide an optimal level of safety. It is the happy medium between the 26th and the 29th.

Finally, the versions for 29-inch wheels guarantee maximum grip of the bike. Due to the larger circumference, the shocks are more cushioned and therefore this type of device offers more comfort. However, due to their large dimensions, they are less handy than the 26 or 27.5.

The material

Since the mountain bike suffers more shock and damage due to uneven terrain, its fork must resist as much as possible to these types of aggression. In other words, the design material plays an important role in the durability of the product.

Different types of elements can constitute the fork. We can distinguish in particular the carbon fiber model, strong and light, but rather expensive. To buy a rod made from a cheap material, consider getting the aluminum models.

As for the more elaborate, yet heavy specimens, you have a choice of steel, titanium, and magnesium. Each of these components offers unique advantages. By way of comparison, steel, depending on the alloy, provides substantial durability, while opposite, titanium combines strength and comfort. Finally, magnesium offers a lightness close to that of aluminum while having the capacity to absorb shocks more effectively.

The type of amortization

Each sport discipline using non-motorized two-wheelers has its specificities. Depending on whether the bike is going to be used for racing, for the mountains or in the city, the level of comfort and stability as well as the responsiveness to the terrain may vary. The type of depreciation is generally the parameter on which all this data is based.

For elastomeric forks, their operation is based on a stack of foam pads, they may also be elastomeric compounds. Hence the name. Typically, this system incorporates a coil spring or even a hydraulic cartridge.

To compare, with regard to those which rather offer a hydraulic system, their mechanism is mainly based on the use of oil. A techno-synthetic fluid specially designed for use in cartridges controls the compression and rebound of a spring. This more sensitive system offers wider adjustment possibilities.

The type of pivot

Depending on the diameter of the steerer tube, that of the head tube as well as the cups must also match. In other words, the dimension of that little piece in the center of the fork also determines the stability of the whole bike. Here then are tips on the types of available.

First, those with a diameter of 1 inch remain the most common. Due to the installation of a plunger stem on the fork, the steerer tube must be threaded. This allows the height of the stem to be adjusted.

Next, the 1 1/8 inch steerers are mostly used on an A-head stem. This is why they have no thread, because this could store up dirt and thus reduce the life of the assembly.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to adjust an MTB fork?

There are several settings for MTB forks. In the first place, the SAG concerns the sag of the static suspension, that is to say your position during the descents. In principle, it is set at 258%.

Then, the rebound adjusts the speed at which the suspension will return to its starting position. This adjustment is important in the measurement of shocks. If it is too fast, the impacts will reverberate harder while if it is rather slow, the suspension will suffer on the jump calls.

As for the compression, it mainly concerns the adjustment of the oil level and therefore unlike the SAG, it is a dynamic parameter.

Q2: How to disassemble an ATV fork?

To start removing the fork, first unscrew the rebound knob and the nut at the base of the legs. In order to free the pistons, give a few strokes on the knobs on which the unscrewing keys are still installed.

After that, unsolder the right arm of the fork by gently unscrewing it. Carefully remove the cartridge and then empty the plunger. As for the left arm, remove the top cap then empty the oil contained therein. If it is a mechanical suspension fork, remove the spring. You can finally take out the rods and the inner tube.

Q3: How to unlock an ATV fork?

Locking plays an important role when it comes to low speed compression. On some models, the suspension can be released with a safety device in the event of a severe impact. If not on others, attention is required, because jolts and impacts can damage the suspension.

If you’ve immobilized your fork and it won’t unlock, here’s what to do. Remove the button provided for this purpose if it exists on your model by lifting it up. Then, using an Allen key of 4, unscrew the part in order to loosen it. Be careful not to remove it completely, as this will trigger the draining of the closed hydraulic tank.

Q4: How to change an ATV fork?

In this step you have to dismantle the caliper, attach the fork to be replaced with a strap so that it does not fall, remove the stem then the fork. This done, release the cone of the accessory to be changed to put it on the new element. Designate the markings for the steerer tube location, cut 3mm lower and install the fork steerer star. Then fit the spare part, taking care to center the brake caliper.

Q5: Which MTB fork oil? Which viscosity to choose?

In order to optimize the performance of your MTB fork, the choice of oil is of utmost importance. Indeed, this central element of the bike remains the part most used during your outings.

In principle, a 5W viscosity fluid is sufficient to lubricate the fork seals. After reassembling the shims and washers, also pour 5W oil into the right side from the top of the plunger. The necessary quantity is indicated by the manufacturer and varies from 15 ml to 200 ml.

As for the suspension, the liquid which is poured into it must have a viscosity of 15 W or 20 W, because this oil will preserve the condition of the joints while ensuring the tightness of the whole.

Q6: What pressure for an MTB fork?

This value ranges from 0 to 300 PSI. The adjustment is made according to the weight of the user. To do this, refer to the instructions given by the brand of your product.

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