10 Best ice Skates for Beginners Adults [2022 Updated]

If you want to perform your tricks perfectly on the rink, you will need to have the best ice skates on the market at your feet . However, getting your hands on it is not easy. Granted, it’s easy to buy the first item you see, however, after a few uses it could very well disappoint.

To acquire a durable pair, but above all a model that will optimize your performance, asking the right questions is essential. The most important thing is knowing how to choose the best ice skates of 2022.

In summary, you have to identify your shoe size, check the material of manufacture of the boot as well as the blade while not neglecting the design and aesthetics.

For our part, we believe that theSFR Galaxy meets these criteria in addition to having a structure similar to the characteristics of suede which is a very comfortable textile. The Hudora Roses Print also offers an interesting combination with its hardened steel edge and water repellent coating.

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10 Best ice Skates for Beginners Adults [2022 Updated]

Jackson Ultima Finesse Women’s/Girls Figure Ice Skates

In any ranking for these types of equipment, it is unlikely that you will come across SFR. In addition to offering the best performing models in terms of comfort according to users, the brand’s ice skates are generally appreciated for their quality of design.

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For example, we invite you to take a test with the SFR Galaxy. Those looking for softness will immediately be delighted with its lining with characteristics similar to suede. Therefore, you can use any pair of socks to perform on the ice.

If you wear between 28 and 42, the shoe size will not be a problem. You just need to select your size. The manufacturer has added a revolutionary adjustment system so that you can easily adapt the model to your body type and thus perfect its fit to your feet. As for the blade, SFR has opted for stainless steel. This is a particularly robust material that is unlikely to sag after a few months of use.


Suede Lining : With this fashion design, convenience is guaranteed. Even if you spend hours skating on the ice, your feet will only feel comfort in contact with the liner with softness as the first quality.

Upholstery structure: The exterior made of PU leather does not fear excessive use. In addition, it is waterproof. These boots brilliantly combine resistance and waterproofness, which are great advantages for practicing this kind of sport.


Too simple design : This model would not be suitable for skaters who put the issue of aesthetics first.

Lake Placid Alpine 900 Women’s Traditional Figure Ice Skate

A comparison without the presence of Hudora is irrelevant. Considered by some to be the best brand of ice skates on the market, the manufacturer justifies its status with its models whose design quality remains remarkable.

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This equipment differs from others that we offer by the characteristics of its blade. The latter made of hardened steel has an index of 53 HCR and is among the most resistant in the trade. This model is therefore shock and slip proof. You won’t risk damaging it for a long time.

Added to this is the waterproof structure of the boots that is resistant to external alterations. Comfort has also not been neglected thanks to its PVC-type sole. It offers you remarkable cushioning by absorbing the pressure exerted by the feet. On the design side, this specimen sports an aesthetic that embodies femininity with its pink hue and floral patterns.


Blade quality : A cutting edge designed in hardened steel will optimize your performance on the ice. In addition, this element is preferred by users for its robustness.

Water Repellent Material: Puddles and humidity won’t get the better of your feet once inside the skates. Its coating makes sure you avoid this embarrassment.

Lining textile: The wool that makes up the lining offers incomparable softness.


Limited use : Despite the design of its blade, users find this model more suitable for casual use or non-professional activities.

Jackson Classic SoftSkate 380 Womens/Girls Ice Figure Skates

If you want to show off in a unique outfit on the ice, the Roces RSK 2 is the gear for you. Unlike the items on our list, this one features a darker shade for users who have a penchant for the aggressive or peculiar look with its all-black aesthetic.

The boots are configured with synthetic leather. On the sides, you will find areas made of canvas which aim to provide optimal ventilation for your feet. However, they are not water repellent, but still provide remarkable ventilation.

The wearing behavior of these skates is ensured by two practical systems present on the outside as well as on the inside. The combination of lace and velcro prevents the risk of unhooking the shoes during use. The existence of an anatomical padding allows an adhesion and an automatic adjustment of the structure according to your morphology.


Authentic look : Its design will make you stand out on the ice. Even though most of the skates sport a predominantly white tint, these stand out with their all-black appearance.

Closing system: In addition to the classic laces, a velcro “strap” process is added to its support on your feet. This combination offers more safety when traveling.


Canvas part : This model is not completely waterproof. Water could infiltrate these areas which are less watertight.

Jackson Ultima Excel Women’s/Girls Figure Skate

Connoisseurs will direct you to Roces immediately if you are unsure which ice skates to choose for your activities. Sustainability happens to be the strong point of the brand. In this area, you can trust this manufacturer.

Jackson Ultima Excel Women's/Girls Figure Ice Skates -...
  • Light support rating for beginning skating lessons
  • Foam backed comfort tongue

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The main asset of Roces Paradise lies in its blade. Whether you practice your sport indoors or outdoors, this is no problem with its stainless steel edge combined with carbon. Versatility and robustness are therefore at the rendezvous.

As closures, 10 eyelets come into action to guarantee its stability as well as the protection of your feet up to the level of your ankles. A simplistic configuration combined with a brilliant aesthetic make this model for women, one of the most appreciated of its generation.


Quality finishes : An assembly of steel and carbon constitutes the cutting edge. This combination of materials exhibits remarkable durability due to its strength. In addition, this design gives a certain versatility with regard to the practice surface.

Easy to maintain: Thanks to its waterproof coating, cleaning these pads will not cause you any worries.


Requires sharpening : When unpacking your package, note that this model is not directly operational. The blade requires sharpening so that you can perform your movements optimally.

SFR Snowflakes

Kids will also find their place on our product list if you’re wondering where to buy the best ice skates around. Indeed, this article signed SFR is exclusively designed for girls who want to learn or increase their performance.

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Despite its small size, this pair offers undeniable comfort with its soft lining in contact with the skin. It has a soft structure, but also interesting insulating characteristics. In addition to being waterproof, the boots provide a stable level of heat to optimize the well-being of your little one.

Since the appearance reflects an important criterion in your choice of material, the manufacturer has looked at it for a long time to meet the expectations of your child. He offers it with a particularly attractive color combination with a white background, pink fur and laces as well as patterns in the shape of snowflakes.


Attractive design : The color scheme is immediately attractive at first glance. The brand has combined harmonious shades. This model is sure to please your little girl.

Undeniable comfort: In addition to the insulation offered by the lining, the latter also presents a feeling of softness in contact with the feet. The risks of irritation are then non-existent despite use over a long period.


Fragile fur : Parents have found that the fur that decorates the skates has a tendency to tear off quickly, however, this does not affect its performance in any way.

How do you choose good ice skates?

If we want to hope to break into skating, whatever the discipline, the first step is above all to put on the right skates. And when you’re just starting out, it’s hard to spot the perfect pair without expert advice. Then take into consideration the different characteristics to consider when buying before browsing a price comparison.

Type of pads

Many sports require ice skates to name only hockey, figure skating, synchronized version and many others. Many individuals also like to practice it as a hobby. As each has its own specificities, in a buying guide for the best ice skates, the type as well as the blades also differ according to them.

Hockey skates are lighter than other models. Maintenance is privileged. Models for figure skating are more comfortable and therefore more padded. Maintenance matters just as much, however.

The blades also follow: we have the so-called figure, dance, synchronized skating or freestyle. If you don’t want to bother with all these questions and you practice several disciplines at the same time, take hybrid skates instead. They adapt to everything.

The shoe size

It’s impossible to guess how to buy better value ice skates without the right size. It differs somewhat from classic shoes. It is a size and a half below that of the latter according to the experts. For children, it is more difficult. This is why the fitting is always required.

All you have to remember is that you always leave a few millimeters, or even the diameter of a finger, between the tip of the foot and the top of the shoe. When trying on skates, remember to put on the correct socks or tights if it is for figure skating. Also be careful, because the size of the skates varies between brands in one and the same size range.

The stiffness of the blade and the closures

Depending on the sport practiced, the skates are either rigid or flexible. There are 6 levels of rigidity classified from N1 corresponding to a rigidity of R20-R25 to N6 for R90-R100. The most flexible integrate the N1 and the most rigid the N6.

You guessed it, in the world of skates, eyelet often means closing. Only, on the market, there are different numbers. If you are looking for firm support and great stability when performing tricks or speeding up, use skates with at least 9 eyelets, or even 10 eyelets. And when you skate as a hobby, you just have to stop on the 8 th or 7 th if you do not want to overtighten you.


Before getting to the question of where to buy new ice skates, learn more about the components. The skater should feel comfortable inside. Therefore the choice of materials constituting the inside of the skate is placed in the middle of all concerns.

Prefer a material that keeps you warm on the ice, but which absorbs sweat. For children and sensitive skin, prioritize fabrics that are soft to the touch. There are models with a waterproof lining that keep the temperature of the foot constant in the skate.

How to use ice skates?

Skating on the ice is a real pleasure for children and adults alike. It is true that when you start in this sport, it is not easy to learn to stand with the skates on your feet. Here are some tips to help you progress quickly and use your own.

Try out the skates before setting off

This step is essential in order to skate correctly and comfortably. Already at the store, you’re supposed to pair them with the socks you plan to skate with. Some prefer tights. Either way, opt for microfiber, which is more absorbent.

Make sure to leave a few inches between the ends of your feet and the ends of the shoes. Your heel should also not tighten and completely retract. Warm up before hitting the rink, cramps and muscle aches come so fast.

Lace up your skates

Thread the lace on both sides over the toe of the shoe to start. Then pass it crosswise through the next eyelet diagonally from below. When it comes out above, cross it to insert it below again to the next level and so on.

After having made a knot, when you find yourself at the level of the hooks, pass the lace from top to bottom by making a loop, remake a knot, repeat the operation and end with a double knot.

Protect your head

Besides light clothing, subject matter experts advise wearing a helmet when starting out. Indeed, at this stage, falls are more frequent than one might imagine. And in order not to injure your head or catch a concussion, it is safer to be as secure as possible, especially if it is children.

Keep balance

To limit falls, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. In the beginning, it is better to do it in pairs. Stand on your skates with someone holding your hands and helping you slowly move across the ice.

After slipping for a few minutes, it can let go. Take it easy, standing on one foot at a time while sliding. Then you bend your knees a bit and lean forward slightly, as if to gain momentum to run, and put one foot in front of the other to move forward.

Learn to get up and stop

Since at the start you will fall more often than you skate, it makes more sense to learn how not to pick yourself up on your back or worse, bang your head backwards while falling.

When you find yourself on the ground, to get up, the best is to bend your knees, rock on your right or left side and support yourself on your feet.

Keep squatting and get up gradually. To stop, bring your feet together. Bring one of them forward so that it is perpendicular to your body and scrape off some ice.

Take care of your skates

It is quite possible to keep your ice skates for years. To do this, never part with your blade guards. As soon as you leave the rink, dry your blades with a cloth and put the protections on them. They will also be useful for transport. Make them as flexible as possible to avoid rusting in the long run.

Remove the soleplate and expose it to the open air. If you will be without your skates for a while, apply an acid-free oil to the blades. Remember to sharpen them after many sessions so that they glide better.

Most popular brands

In the Alps and other mountainous regions, ice skates are attracting more and more people. Whether you are looking for them for leisure activities, or to turn professional in hockey or figure skating, it is always good to trust the most famous brands.

Head is one of the greatest specialists in ice skating. This is seen through its products intended for all categories of skaters, men, women and children alike.

The brand develops classic white skates in the Figure range, but also more trendy and colorful specimens belonging to the Cool Girl, Opal, Joy, Ice Missy, Ice Junior Pro, Lite, Head, Rec, Sport ranges … in short, we count them. tens.

What sets the brand apart from the rest is the particular style of its skates. They appeal to young people and fashion fans in particular. They are also adjustable, and could even masquerade as classic sneakers without the blades.

Roces is the legacy of a family of footwear experts. It is only one firm among many others in the heritage of Cavasins, dating back to 1952 already. But at that time already, she had been passionate about skating, rollerblading to begin with, and it was not until some time later that she began to manufacture versions intended for ice cream.

The brand’s ice skates are popular. There are some that are addressed to both sexes and even to children. If you need accessories for your skates such as blade guards or bags, you will also find them in his stores.

Jockey Ice, Stile, Model, Upbeat, RFG Glamor, Wooly, Caje, Brits, Paradise, Brits, RSK, MCK, RH, Retro, Moody Ice, Fuzzy, Pardus, Logger, Podium … these are the ranges among which you will be brought to Choose.

Ultrasport is not unrecognized on the sports scene and especially in ice sports. The brand spoils consumers by offering them complete products including skates, but also the protections and the bag that go with it, which some brands do not do.

However, the prices align very well, even exceed those of the competition. If you only want to acquire one or the other, that is also possible.

The professional inspires confidence in many skaters, because his creations are TÜV / GS certified. He is also at the origin of various evolutionary models, adjustable for children.

Hudora creates children’s toys, scooters, swings, trampolines, and other items for the youngest. The brand also offers sports equipment such as the high bar for children and helmets. One of its many specialties is also ice skating.

Hudora targets children largely by designing its skates. She designs them in gray, black and green, black and blue, pink print for recreational skating, for running and for hockey. Both sexes find their account.

Fila has become a brand familiar to athletes for a long time, especially in the footwear sector. This family business, headed by two brothers, was born in 1911 on Italian soil. And if at the beginning, their aspirations mainly revolved around textiles, today the brand is present in many sports around the world such as tennis and skiing.

Fila ice skates are unlike any other of the competing brands. The brand through ranges for women such as Donna, Primo Tech, Eve; Viper and Justin for men stand out from the crowd and assert their expertise in the field.

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