10 Best Hiking Boots for Plantar Fasciitis [ 2022 Updated ]

A hike must be prepared in advance to deal with the unforeseen. It is therefore essential to bring all the equipment required to carry out this type of activity. Basic equipment includes shoes.

The choice of these types of shoes is important because your comfort depends essentially on them. When acquiring, one will have to consider the size, the materials of manufacture, the design and the comfort.

If you want to define which are the best hiking boots on the market, we bring you the Mountain Warehouse EVA Mcleod Sole . You will appreciate this pair for its great resistance and especially its ability to adapt to all foot morphologies.

If you have a moment, the Salomon Speedcross 4is also a good compromise between grip and lightness. This pair is also appreciated since it can cope with all situations thanks to its waterproofness.

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10 Best Hiking Boots for Plantar Fasciitis [ 2022 Updated ]

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus

When buying this kind of shoe, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money. You will be able to find a cheap product that meets your needs. This is precisely the case for this model for women which is resistant thanks to its components.

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These open shoes are designed with a high traction sole. This element has been carefully chosen, as it allows the pair to adhere to all surfaces. The EVA mold is also made to adopt the morphology of your feet. To optimize your comfort, the tongue and the area around the ankles are well padded.

This also provides better support so that your feet stay in place despite your movements. The top of this model is made with synthetics and mesh fabric so you won’t get too hot no matter what the weather is like.


Efficiency: This cheaper model is ideal for hiking, as it is made with materials that enhance its resistance. In addition, its sole provides better grip on any terrain you travel.

Comfortable: Apart from the endurance of this pair, it also incorporates breathable materials that provide good ventilation. That said, you won’t get too hot on your feet during the summer, even if you have to walk for hours.


Narrow: Buyers had claimed this pair could have been the top performer on the market if it hadn’t cut so small.

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii

All the manufacturers try to stand out by offering equally attractive products. In the face of this, it is not easy to find the best hiking boots. Anyway, we direct you to this model for its ability to resist water.

This Salomon product also comes with a “Wet Traction Contagrip” rubber outsole. Thus, it provides more grip thanks to the long studs. There is therefore no risk of falling, even on slippery terrain. Faced with the weight of these shoes, you also benefit from a great lightness.

Columbia mens Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot,...
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This article is also in this comparison, because the manufacturer used the “Sensifit” system which allows it to adjust correctly to your feet. You also won’t have to put a lot of effort into buckling these shoes. Indeed, they are equipped with the Quicklace lacing process for a fast and secure tightening.


Durability: Hikers believe this product was made by the top brand in hiking shoes because of its water resistance . This pair also has studs that are long enough to easily grip anywhere.

Convenience: The shape of these shoes is designed to fit snugly to the feet of those who wear them. That’s not all, since the lacing is simplified for you to enjoy comfortable use.


Fragile top: Some customers had complained because they had noticed the slack in the canvas above the toes during the first uses.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

In case you have no idea which pair to buy yet, we would like to draw your attention to this product. This is a pair for men whose manufacturing materials are carefully selected. Indeed, the designer has integrated an Oxford fabric on the top of this model for better breathing.

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot, Walnut, 9.5 M US
  • Pigskin leather and mesh upper
  • Metal hook traditional lace closure

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The outer part of this item as well as the heel can withstand impact and abrasion. As for the sole, it is made of rubber to eliminate the risk of slipping. Faced with all these criteria, this accessory is suitable for all outdoor activities.

As soon as you put on these shoes, you will feel that they are both flexible and light. So you won’t experience any pain even if you have to wear them for long hours. They are able to resist water spray. On the other hand, they filter the water if you submerge them.


Quality materials: For the top of this model, the manufacturer has opted for a breathable textile that offers better air circulation. The outsole grips well on the ground, in addition the assembly is able to withstand shocks.

Comfortable to Wear: If you have a little time to compare this item, you will find it very comfortable to wear. Although not fully waterproof, it keeps your feet out of the water.


Lack of flexibility: The sole was far too stiff, according to customers who tested this model.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

You will immediately be seduced by this authentic pair of shoes for backpackers thanks to its design. It is a model for women that can be worn during outdoor activities. It can accompany you during your trips in nature since it is made to adapt to all conditions.

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This pair also benefits from a vulcanized assembly which is preferred by the manufacturer to increase its resistance to use. If you have a moment to check out this product, you are going to notice that the outsole is made of rubber and notched.

The pair also features a cotton canvas upper to prevent water from getting inside as much as possible. That’s not all, since these shoes have a cotton lining that enhances your comfort. Thus, there is less risk of blisters forming.


Durability: When you don’t know where to buy the best hiking boots, this pair may be right for you because of their endurance against use and shock. The rubber used on the outsole also improves strength while optimizing grip.

Convenience: By choosing this model, you will enjoy real comfort with the integrated cotton lining. Water penetration is also blocked thanks to the canvas rod.


Poorly sewn seams: Upon unboxing this product, some customers have provided negative reviews. Indeed, they had found seam defects on some parts of these shoes.

Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking

In case you are having trouble figuring out how to choose the best hiking boots of 2021, just turn to this model. Here you have shoes with a velcro top which is very comfortable to wear for all occasions. They also have suture linings that reinforce their artisan side.

The manufacturer has integrated high quality leather into the closure system. This material has been selected since it provides better strength to this lightweight pair. The outsole is made of rubber to support its resistance against the force of your feet.

This element also protects your feet and toes from objects that could hurt you. As for the heel, it is made of velcro for both practical and casual use. Facing the 20 mm height of its heel, the pair is worn comfortably.


Quality workmanship: As soon as you touch this pair, you will feel that it is very solid. Indeed, it is made with high quality leather. The sole is also able to withstand use and objects that could pierce it.

Easy to wear: This velcro sandal is very practical to use, as it is easy to put on and take off. You can easily put it on on many occasions. Moreover, it goes well with most outfits if you are wondering which hiking shoes to choose.


Tight: A few of the buyers found the pair to be too tight.

How do you choose good hiking shoes?

Hikes cannot be improvised and cannot be planned at the last minute. Indeed, you must prepare your equipment well beforehand. Among the accessories that should not be forgotten are hiking boots. If you haven’t purchased your pair yet and are planning to acquire them, you’ve come to the right place. Through this article, we would like to help you define where to buy new hiking boots. To do this, consider the size, materials, design and comfort.

Purchase guide


We get to size first in this buying guide for the best hiking shoes. Indeed, it is one of the characteristics to prioritize to succeed in this kind of acquisition. When shopping, you may find that each brand establishes charts of varying sizes.

Faced with this situation, it is increasingly difficult to determine with precision the size to order despite the various tips offered on the internet. In any case, it is better to opt for the slightly larger models. At this time, you will be able to put on thick socks to support your feet. Optionally, never forget to try on your pair before buying it.

The materials

If you are eager to know how to buy better value hiking shoes, focus on the materials adopted in the design of the item. Today, manufacturers try to favor innovative raw materials to meet the requirements of buyers.

Faced with this, do not hesitate to take the time to carefully read the description of the product that really interests you. Make sure that the substances used are strong enough to withstand extreme conditions of use. This is not all, since they must also enhance the convenience of employment.

The designs

Although it is necessary to use a price comparison to find the most interesting offer, there are still other criteria that must be taken into account. This is the case with the design of the shoes you plan to order. From the start of your research, you will notice that each brand tries to stand out with the design of its products.

There is no specific recommendation regarding the choice of this feature. It is therefore essential to slice according to your taste. Even if this criterion has little impact on the quality of the shoes, it is a determining point that should not be overlooked. Do not hesitate to browse through many models before making your choice.


In order to complement all the advice we have given you before, we recommend that you take a look at the comfort offered by the shoes. This characteristic depends above all on the waterproofness of the pair. That said, it is important to opt for waterproof models to avoid the penetration of water.

The fabrics chosen during the manufacture of the items should also be breathable, that is, they must have Gore-Tex certification. Note that this type of material offers good circulation inside the shoes. At this time, your feet will not be too hot even during periods of high heat. Unlike other models, those designed with this type of fabric are durable over time.

How to use the hiking boots?

After purchasing hiking boots, you must learn how to use them correctly. Thus, you can greatly improve the lifespan of your equipment while enjoying real comfort.

Wedge the heel

Wearing hiking boots may seem easy, however, be aware that there are several techniques to adopt to keep them on your feet. First, slip your feet into the correct pairs. Then, wedge your heel by tapping lightly on the ground. Thanks to this action, you will create a comfort zone at the level of the toes so that they do not lean too far forward.

Go to tightening

When adjusting your shoes, avoid pulling on the ends of your laces. Instead, start this operation from the bottom. Work from ring to ring and make sure the inside is flexible enough to optimize your blood flow.

So that the lacing adapts to the shape of your feet and that your ankles are well supported, separate the lacing in the bottom and top area. Use blockers if there are any and tie a simple knot. Then, cross the laces at the bottom hooks before making a more effective knot.

Treat shoes regularly

As you use your hiking boots, they gradually lose their waterproof capacity. To remedy this, buy waterproofing sprays and treat once or twice each year. Place the spray at a distance of 20 cm and apply the contents evenly. As for the leather models, apply on the surface, a waterproof grease which is very useful for nourishing, reinforcing the impermeability and protecting the pair from stains.

Clean them properly

After hours of hiking in a humid environment, immediately clean your shoes. To do this, first tap the soles against each other to remove any remaining dirt. Remember to remove the insole to prevent it from absorbing water. Then use a soft sponge soaked in neutral soap and lukewarm water for maintenance. If the stains are persistent, use a small brush to clean the most difficult parts.

Dry the shoes properly

Even though this type of shoe is waterproof, this does not prevent the feet from sweating. In addition, rainwater can enter through the top when you walk in a downpour. So remember to properly dry your equipment so that it keeps its performance.

First, remove the insole and put the shoes in a place with room heat. On the other hand, avoid placing them in a place with high temperature or under the sun which dries up the glues and deforms the reinforcements.

Observe the storage instructions

Before storing the shoes, make sure they are completely dry. Then place them in a dry place with good ventilation. The places where it has heat sources are therefore to be avoided. In case you are not using the pair for a long time, consider using padding with newspaper to maintain its shape. Finally, store the shoes in a bag.

Most popular brands

Hiking boots aren’t easy to choose from when you have so many features to consider. To be successful with the acquisition, it is best to refer to the best brands on the market.

Present on the market since 1997, the Mountain Warehouse brand specializes in the design of outdoor equipment. Since its inception, this company has only marketed its products on its website and in its stores. This makes it possible to simplify the purchase of all the items of the sign.

Furthermore, Mountain Warehouse has set itself the goal of offering only high quality items at competitive prices. The company offers a great range with various designs and sizes to suit all family members.

The American brand Merrel une is a benchmark in the construction of hiking boots. Present on the trade since 1981, it initially sold its products exclusively in stores. Then, it widened its activities thanks to its presence on the web which allowed to optimize its global notoriety.

At the same time, the company continued its development by diversifying the shoes it offers to customers. In addition to models for hiking, she also creates pairs for “fast hiking”, Nordic walking and trail.

Founded in 1930 in France, Lafuma was mainly involved in the creation and sale of clothing and accessories intended for outdoor trips. Lafuma continued to innovate its production to meet the needs of its customers.

The brand’s articles stand out for their high technicality and the comfort they provide. Regarding hiking, it offers different models of shoes and clothing. It also designs equipment for travel, trail running and running. Without forgetting its collection of very designer furniture.

Columbia has been in the equipment market for over 70 years. It is a brand that has international notoriety. Based in Portland, Columbia is mainly dedicated to the design of equipment offering optimal protection in all circumstances.

Columbia sells a wide range of clothing that keeps individuals and professionals warm and dry who venture into difficult terrain. She also creates several types of shoes intended for hiking and outdoor activities.

All athletes inevitably know the Salomon brand. It is a French brand that was created in 1947. It is a company whose specialty is the design of sports and leisure equipment. After several takeovers by several companies, Salomon has continued to develop its business.

Initially known for the manufacture of ski equipment, Salomon continues to innovate its articles to meet the needs of its customers. In addition, it works with other benchmark brands to maintain its reputation in the market. Salomon also sells its products in the most reputable online stores to reach a large number of buyers.

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