10 Best Heelys for Beginners [2022 Updated]

Nowadays, there are a plethora of clothing accessories that one can choose from to demonstrate one’s style. One of the most trendy, Heelys sneakers are recognized around the world for their originality, but above all for their functionality.

Indeed, they allow both to ride, but also to walk. If you are looking for the model that suits you best, browse through this guide which gives you an overview of the best products on the subject.

There is, for example, the Heelys Launch whose top is made of durable canvas, which ensures you long-term use.

You can also fall under the spell of the Heelys Propel 2.0 which has a flat heel making it easier to use for those who are not yet used to putting on wheeled shoes on a daily basis.

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10 Best Heelys for Beginners [2022 Updated]

HEELYS Men’s Footwear Wheeled Heel Shoe

This is the first product we offer if you don’t know where to buy the best heelys. It is a model that will suit many circumstances thanks to its sober design, and its timeless gray color is not likely to displease you.

The uppers are made of durable canvas and stand up to washes, even if they are frequent. These sneakers have a lace closure with metal eyelets for added strength.

Heelys GR8 Pro 20 Black/White/Red 10 Men's
  • All Heelys styles come equipped with removable wheels, making them a versatile footwear option for...
  • Uppers of durable canvas.

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You will be comfortable no matter how long you wear these sneakers. Indeed, the collar and tongue are padded to offer you all the comfort you may need.

In addition to the midsole, the one on the outside of the Ninja Heelys type is made of rubber to prevent slipping. A medium-sized model has a weight of 0.45 kg, but this varies according to the size chosen. On the underside, you can find brake pads, apart from the wheel, to ensure the safety of whoever puts it on.


Aesthetics: This pair has a stylish and classy design at the same time. In this sense, it can be worn on a daily basis as well as during a more formal event.

Comfortable: The padding acts as a support and makes it convenient to wear your shoes, whatever the duration or the weather.

Safe: Like its counterparts, braking is provided by pads located on the lower part.


Price: Even if the price is not exorbitant, the amount is considered a bit high by some. However, opting for this article is to prioritize quality.

Heelys Unisex Wheeled Footwear Skate Shoe

The practicality and style of these heelys for girls can only seduce. Indeed, with its flat type heel, these shoes can be worn with all kinds of outfits. The 7 vibrant colors, including classic black, also offer the possibility of opting for a particular rendering.

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It is available in size 31 to 40 and its price varies depending on the size. The upper like the lining has been made with synthetic, while the mid-weight sole is made of durable rubber.

Equipped with a bearing, a lace-up tightening system has been developed to give you more ease when putting them on and taking them off. The advantage of this item is that you can wear it with or without the casters. And even with the latter, it provides perfect stability, which makes it an ideal model for little ones, but also for teenagers.


Compatibility: Although this model is advertised as suitable for a girl, it may fit a boy very well.

Design: The colors offered are vivid and each shade is unlikely to fade due to the quality of the ink used. It is then more durable unlike other shoes.

Wide choice: The selection is very extensive both in terms of colors and in terms of size, it will be easy for you to find the style that you like at an affordable price.


Handling: Walking with its wheels is easy, according to some. However, others say that it is not always won for the uninitiated, especially for children.

HEELYS Boy’s Pro 20 Prints (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult)

If you’re still not sure which heelys to choose, here is an eye-catching model for boys. It is suitable for children and teenagers who are between 33 and 40.5 height.

However, for toddlers, don’t forget to equip them with helmets when they learn to use them for the first time. In all cases, you can select between 2 shades including: white and multicolor.

HEELYS Boy's Pro 20 Prints (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult)...
  • The Heelys Pro 20 Prints are a perfect choice to let your kid cruise on the streets.
  • Nylon canvas upper.

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This pair of shoes was made with leather, which gives it a correct strength. Also, the finish has not been neglected and this further reinforces the robustness of the article. Its lace-up closures are sure to give your kids a bit of a hard time, but it’s also a way for them to learn and take their first steps in terms of independence.

This standard width pair has a nice visual appeal no matter which shade you choose. Prices vary according to size and color, but they remain affordable despite the excellent quality offered.


Resistance: This model stands out for its strength, like all similar Heelys roller shoes. It can serve you for many years.

Practice: Mastering these types of sneakers does take time, but children and adults alike will get used to this model in just a few hours.

Value for money: The amount offered is in perfect harmony with the quality offered. It is therefore an article to favor.


Size : Choosing the right size can be tricky if you don’t have the exact measurements for your feet. Indeed, opinions suggest that the standard dimensions have not been taken into account by the firm.

HEELYS Boy’s Pro 20 Prints (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult)

In addition to being resistant and durable like the majority of its pairs, the Heelys Propel 2.0 are perfectly suited to girls and boys. These shoes with a wheel are available in 3 different shades including white, black and multi bright and funk colors.

HEELYS Boy's Pro 20 Prints (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult)...
  • MODERN DESIGN: The fast-moving Heelys Pro 20 Prints skate shoe will keep them cruising in sweet...
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Skate shoes are crafted with a durable canvas upper along with a microfiber lining...

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You can choose between size 32 to 40.5 and their price varies depending on the shoe size. The top, lining and insole are all made of synthetic.

Like most heelys, you will have the option of using them with or without the wheels. Moreover, this changeover will not be difficult to do given the simplified mechanism. The maintenance of these shoes is convenient, as the wheels can be removed for washing and greasing.

They roll both indoors and outdoors, giving you more freedom of movement. And with or without the wheels, children and adults will have no trouble in use.


Maintenance: The maintenance of these shoes is easy to do as the wheels can be removed completely.

Multi-use : No matter where you want to use them, this pair will adapt to many surfaces. Moreover, you can use them as regular shoes or wheeled sneakers.

Price: You will not have to spend a fortune to acquire this model, because its price is accessible.


Convenience: Removing and restoring the wheels is easy only for adults, because children will have difficulty doing it despite the presence of the small tool delivered for the procedure.

HEELYS Boy’s Pro 20 Prints (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult)

If you want to buy the best heelys, here is the next lace up model we have for you. Intended mainly for boys, you can choose between 4 colors all in black, but which are differentiated by their shade and the patterns present.

HEELYS Boy's Pro 20 Prints (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult)...
  • MODERN DESIGN: The fast-moving Heelys Pro 20 Prints skate shoe will keep them cruising in sweet...
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Skate shoes are crafted with a durable canvas upper along with a microfiber lining...

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These shoes are available from size 31 to 40.5 and the price varies depending on the model chosen. With flat type heel, correct width and height from shank to ankle, they have good design and are safe.

When purchasing, you will get 2 pairs of white and tricolor laces, 2 wheels and a dismantling key. These accessories will make it easier for you to use and allow you to install the casters quickly.

The mid-size synthetic upper, lining and sole keep you comfortable throughout your commutes. In addition, the good manufacturing quality known by the brand is found in this model which has a decent price-performance ratio.


Complete : Everything needed for use is right in the bundle, including the key to converting the model into simple sneakers.

Comfortable: Even though you will have to make use of these heelys for long hours continuously, comfort will always be present.

Stylish: It has a very attractive design, like most of its ilk, and you can transform it into ordinary shoes in a few moments.


Colors: Black is certainly a classic, but a wider range of colors would have appealed to lovers of roller shoes.

HEELYS Youth Kids Hustle Beavis and Butt

In case you are looking for a pair of Heelys for adults, this one is suitable for both young and old alike, as it is available from size 31 to 46. It is therefore suitable for children, adolescents and adults.

HEELYS Girl's Pro 20 Prints (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult) Light...
  • Featuring a durable canvas upper, traditional laces, and padded construction, the fast-moving Heelys...
  • Microfiber lining for added breathability.

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Especially since it is a mixed model that can very well be worn by girls and boys. You can also select a color from the different shades offered: royal white gray, red white black, gray black and white.

Thanks to its design, these shoes provide better ankle support when put on, thus promising more comfort to the wearer. Even though it is sold at a very affordable price, it is a high quality and durable model.

The wheels on it will give you enough stability, even if you are just starting out. To turn it into a normal shoe, just take out the wheels with the tool provided and put on the small rubber cover which also comes with the purchase.


Mixed: It is suitable for girls and boys of all ages, because the size offered is large while in terms of colors, there is something for everyone.

Comfortable: The shoes are ankle-high and serve as protection while allowing you to be comfortable the entire time you will be wearing them.

Price: The price-performance ratio is quite correct. As a reminder, the amount varies according to the dimension selected.


Weight : They are heavier than normal shoes of the same style according to reviews, but the quality is worth it.

HEELYS Girl’s Hustle Barbie (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult)

Save money by choosing a multi-use model like this. You can use it with the wheels, but you can also hide them to make ordinary sneakers. Each is equipped with a single wheel on the rear.

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Its advantage is that it can be transformed into sports shoes, ideal for working out thanks to their rubber sole. This makes it flexible and strong at the same time. As for the colors, you have 3 choices: gray, black and red. In addition, the sizes offered are between 33 and 39.

Its use is strongly recommended for men. Medium in width, these heelys have a lace-up closure. The price, although it varies according to the size, remains accessible and in line with the quality offered.

The top is made of synthetic material, which will make cleaning easier. To be able to remove the wheels, a small tool will be provided to make the maneuver easier.


Texture : This model is not only solid since it is also flexible, which allows it to be used as a fitness shoe.

Convenient use: You have nothing to worry about even if it is the first time that you will choose this type of sneaker, because the set has been designed in such a way as to make things easier for you.

Convenient: Playing sport while feeling discomfort is not always pleasant, it is by being aware of this concern that the firm offers an ideal item for long hours of fitness.


Price: The difference between the amounts for the sizes is the only disadvantage that we could note, but it is a justified fact.

Heelys Unisex Kids’ Voyager Tennis Shoe

If you are new to heelys roller shoes, these can very well offer you an easy start in no time. This is a model with 2 wheels on each unit. Suitable for girls, it is available in 2 colors only: black and pink. As for sizes, you can choose a model from size 30 to 38.

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This pair is inexpensive compared to the others which have a slightly higher price tag. Simple in style, it has a synthetic upper, lining and sole. But despite this, the quality remains excellent and the durability will be there.

In addition, it should be noted that these heelys 2-wheel mid-width shoes have a lace-up closure. In addition, even if you are not used to it, you will quickly adapt to its port thanks to the stability it gives. In addition, the model comes with all the necessary instructions for use as well as the essentials.


Design: 2-wheel models are still the easiest to carry even if you are getting started for the very first time.

Price: The amount at which it is sold is below the middle range, which will save you money.

Complete: In addition to the accessories that usually accompany this type of product, this one will be delivered to you with a guide for easy learning.


Colors : The choice of shades is quite limited, because only 2 classic shades are available for this model.

Heelys Launch Skate Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Children are the most drawn to this type of shoe, but learning it is tricky in most cases. Equipped with 2 wheels, this product will make their task easier, because it offers better stability.

Heelys Launch-K Skate Shoe Black Canvas,6 M US Big Kid
  • Low-top sneaker featuring lace-up vamp and striped midsole
  • Removable wheel at outsole

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It is perfect for girls and boys with its 2 available colors: black and purple, which are then embellished by several different shades. This rather limited choice is nevertheless a drawback for some parents.

The size varies from 32 to 35. The upper, the lining and the sole of the correct thickness are made of synthetic material. Your little ones will feel good in their sneakers in view of the comfort they provide, with or without the wheels.

They will be able to carry out the manipulation on their own, except for the concealment of the latter which is quite delicate. As a bonus, these shoes have lace-up closures that will be easy to tie and untangle thanks to their more or less substantial sizes.


Easy to use: The 2 wheels allow little time to learn for toddlers, because it will be easier to find the right balance, unlike the one wheel models.

Design: Whatever color you choose, these shoes are stylish with a very good workmanship as well as medium strength.

Practical: It will be quite possible to remove the wheels from this pair to turn it into ordinary sneakers.


Price: The amount displayed remains a bit expensive according to opinions since these are children’s shoes, but the quality is well worth the effort

Heelys Men Launch 20 Wheeled Shoe  

This pair of size 36.5 blue shoes has been designed to last over time, as it has a synthetic leather upper that is very resistant to wear. So you can wear it daily without any problem. Its insole is rubber and the midsole that comes into direct contact with your feet is synthetic to offer you unparalleled comfort for a good roll.

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In addition, the collar is lightly padded to give you more ease when walking. If you are looking for the perfect gift to buy for your boy, these sneakers will do the trick, because the model is very practical with its flat heels with a height of 2.5 cm.

The pair stays in place thanks to its quality lace closure. You can also move around with this model using its low profile wheels which demonstrate satisfactory gliding performance and Abec 5 certified rolling precision.


Quality: All the materials such as synthetic leather and rubber with which this pair was made testify to great resistance and impressive longevity. Even wearing it regularly, you won’t risk wearing it out quickly.

Padding: These shoes have an EVA midsole for optimal protection of your feet. In addition, the tongue and collar design provides comfort while walking.

The casters: Their brake pad is abrasion resistant and their glide also displays an Abec precision index 5 according to the American standard. So be sure to have the best performing model at your feet.


The Color: It’s pretty bold with an oversized Heelys logo that may not be appealing to everyone.

Purchase guide

Directly inspired by the name of the one and only best brand of Heelys, these trainers with wheels continue to make subscribers by their innovative and stylish character. In view of this constant enthusiasm, the firm is working hard to meet the needs of the most demanding in the field. It is therefore no surprise that there is a wide range of these shoes on the market. But how do you choose the best heelys of 2021? Focus on this point!

The number of wheels

To start in this buying guide for the best heelys, the first criterion that we invite you to consider centers on the number of wheels present on the model in question. Yes, there is something for everyone, from those with a single wheel to those with 2 wheels, each with a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

The first type is especially appreciated for its ability to retract in no time, and without a hitch. However, we agree that it is still quite difficult to find its point of equilibrium with such a device. For their part, the sneakers that are equipped with 2 wheels will allow you to perform more stable movements and it will not be difficult to find your balance once you have put them on. In this sense, they will be suitable for beginners and especially for children. With time and experience, you will always be able to remove a wheel later. It is then an excellent compromise, because it will be able to match your desires of the moment.

The style

If you’re having trouble figuring out which are the best heelys on the market, considering the style could surely help you find THE pair you need. Indeed, this point is not to be taken lightly, because it is one of the essential criteria in terms of clothing and shoes. Presenting in diverse designs, the most popular variations are sneakers and trainers. But you can think outside the box and opt, for example, for more classic and sober items. You could then wear them when you have to go to ceremonies or formal events. And for the summer, why not try to adapt your sandals to the sneakers?

In terms of colors, you will only have to rely on the tones that inspire you the most. Moreover, you will not have to worry, because the brand now offers models that adapt perfectly to current trends with bright and attractive colors. In short, don’t put the pressure on yourself, trust your tastes and take the time to compare each item before looking for where to buy new heelys.

The closure

Do not neglect this criterion if you want to know how to buy heelys with better value for money. Indeed, this aspect will help you benefit from maximum comfort while optimizing your safety. Likewise, this criterion can also give you the benefit of an item that is easy to put on and take off.

In the event that you do not yet know it, you may encounter 3 types of closures when you conduct your comparison. The velcro model is the most recommended if you want to give your child a nice, practical pair. Indeed, as toddlers are not always able to tie their laces themselves, this option is more comfortable for them. On another slope, equipment with laces will provide more security since they are equipped with a more efficient closure system. As for the cost, you won’t notice a big difference if you go to a price comparison.

A suitable model

Before thinking about finding the cheapest item on the market, think about your comfort while wearing. Yes, as each individual is different, choose according to your real needs and your personality. So, apart from the color, design or shape, there are models for men and women, devices better suited to athletes and more flashy equipment.

And if you are looking for optimized comfort, we recommend that you turn to upholstered items, despite the fact that their price is less accessible. Likewise, the size of the sneakers should not be neglected. At this point, sizes will not always be reliable, as manufacturers may not consider standard data. Thus, we advise you to rely only on the specific length of your feet.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to ride with Heelys shoes?

It’s not really obvious to use these models if you are in your 1 st purchase. You have to learn the right moves, because one misstep could cause you to fall. If you are a beginner, your best bet is to choose a pair with 2 wheels for more stability. You can then remove the front wheel when you feel you have more control in order to perform more tricks.

First of all, you need to secure the wheel in the caliper. The surface you are going to ride on must also be flat and dry. So avoid sandy and damaged tracks. Also put on elbow, knee and wrist protection gear and a helmet to minimize injury in the event of an incident. Once you’ve found the right balance, position your feet so that they are in front of each other and keep your legs stiff.

Avoid leaning back and focus your weight on the front leg by raising your toes. Take a step forward in this pose and use one foot to push off the ground. Now stabilize your weight between the 2 legs by lifting the tip of your back foot. The latter must then be located behind the front foot to be able to move around while rolling. By following these tips, you will have fun.

Q2: How to walk with it?

Heelys shoes also offer you the possibility of walking normally in the street. By keeping the wheels working on your heels, you will have no choice but to move on your tiptoes, which may not be very comfortable. However, after a few hours of learning, you will get used to it. First, you will need to be extra vigilant to avoid a fall.

Take the first step by attacking with the tips of the feet, then place the heel of the front leg. Quickly put down the back leg one and don’t spread your feet apart. This walk is tiring so choose a very smooth route without slope. Besides, you can always remove the removable wheels that are in the outer soles of the sneakers to feel comfortable in the pair. Without these elements, your Heelys will have the same functions as classic models.

Q3: How do I remove the wheels from the Heelys?

To do this, they must be removed from the steel shaft of the caliper which is clipped into the liner. Start by turning your shoe over, keeping it stable with your hands. Then use your thumb to press down on the side of the center rod so that the center rod partially comes out of its area. After stirring the Heelys, the wheel will be removed. You can push the cover in to fill the gap and remember to insert it firmly to secure it completely. To remove it, use the tool called a wrench which is supplied with the pair.

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