10 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Triathletes Of 2022

If you rely on an instrument that is suitable for keeping track of pulse and heartbeat, you can proceed with a performing workout that is designed to offer the best in terms of safety and control of parameters of such importance. Yamay – IP68 waterproof Smartwatch is one of the best heart rate monitors of 2021.

It is equipped with a high protection index that protects it from problems that arise from being immersed in water, so that the object can be worn safely even during a swim.

The A300 HR is a complete tool, with a convenient possibility of connecting to your mobile phone, and it is also a very complete tool.

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10 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Triathletes Of 2022

The task of finding the best heart rate monitor has caused our editorial staff to search and collect different examples related to this type of instrument. We have created a comparison table for people who want to have a concise and functional look at the same time.

There are three products that have a series of strengths and weaknesses. The user can get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the object examined with a few lines.

The people who want to deepen the reading can continue below. They will find a good comparison between the different types of heart rate monitor.

1. Withings ScanWatch – Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate Sensor and Oximeter

Designed to offer management and control over different parameters to be monitored during the day, Smartphones : smart phones smart phones android phones9.45 x 1.51 x 0.52 inches protection index which makes it waterproof and suitable for people who use it in the pool during a swim.

A sturdy rubber strap surrounds the wrist heart rate monitor with a coloring in which yellow alternates with black in a beautiful play of contrasting colors that appeal to different customers.

Withings ScanWatch - Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate...
4,208 Reviews
Withings ScanWatch - Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate...
  • ELECTROCARDIOGRAM ON DEMAND — Detect atrial fibrillation or normal heart rhythm in just 30 seconds...
  • WRIST-BASED OXIMETRY — Provides on demand clinically validated oxygen saturation level (SpO2) in...

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With a Touch screen that responds best to different stresses, as well as adequate visibility and reading even in bright light, the brightness is also adequate. It has collected enthusiastic opinions for the good number of functions as a watch, and also for theVersatility, among the products sold online.

When it’s time to take a break from work and stretch your legs, there’s an option that warns you and they range from the alarm clock to the pedometer mode. In addition to the heart rate, the object also makes an estimate of calories burned and a measurement of the distance traveled .

The final aspect that has convinced the most people about it is that it’s compatible with both operating systems.

If you download the FUNDO app, you will be able to make an intuitive connection with your phone and keep track of your progress, with a performance history that can be consulted if necessary.

2. Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker for Women

The object allows you to check the time and measure other parameters even in the pool or in the shower, without losing in any way the management and useful notifications connected to the smartphone.

As a heart rate monitor watch, it allows you to keep track of your heart rate, saving and checking your heart rate throughout the day, using the HR sensor to constantly check and record this parameter. This tracker keeps track of the steps taken, the distance and the calories consumed during a relaxing walk or for those who instead dedicate themselves to a run with good continuity.

Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker for Women, 1.4" TFT...
  • multiple function: this smartwatch includes more practical functions, activity tracker (pedometer,...
  • 1.4 Inch full touch screen: fitness watch with 1.4 inch tft lcd color touch screen display for...

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Once connected with the VeryFitPro app, it creates a precise pulse graph, so as to also have a visually clear and detailed overview of the performance that has just ended.

There are a lot of notifications that pass directly to the small screen of the phone, whether it is a new post on Facebook or a message from a friend, it is interesting and convenient.

By using a simple vibration, the user is notified of an update or notification in progress, without disturbing the people around.

3. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

The quality bar is raised by the Polar heart rate monitor, with a price that is proportional to the type of parameters to be monitored and the quality of the measurement. Part of the product’s success can be found in the first aspects of the product’s success, such as a convenient and easy to useusb charging system.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap - ANT + Bluetooth,...
  • WORKS WITH EVERYTHING: Polar HRM works with many sports and smart watches (Polar, Garmin, Apple,...
  • SUPREME ACCURACY: Widely recognized for its top precision by many sources, Polar H10 is the most...

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On the other hand, the signal is stable throughout the day, with short times to replenish the device after the battery runs out.

There is an object that tracks the steps taken and the distance traveled. You can keep your heart rate under control with the help of a specific band that best preserves data and does not lose a beat if you take advantage of the separately purchased Polar HR sensor.

There are many functions related to Smart Coaching that are welcome. On the other hand, a fitness test that can calculate the maximum oxygen consumption is available, so as to verify any improvements in the medium and long term.

An archive of all your workouts is created with a range of data and statistics at your fingertips after you download the polar flow app. Those who don’t want to miss a call or a notification will get this information on the screen of the heart rate monitor.

4. Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

A good water resistance and a strap resistant to different activities will allow you to have all the info available for those who love to have adequate support, especially with regard to heart rate control.

A heart rate monitor with a band that uses the T31C sensor accurately observes the user’s beats is something we are faced with.

POLAR Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Body Measurement Features: Average and maximum heart rate of training, Heart rate - bpm,...
  • Recording Features: Training files (with summaries) - 1

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The device’s signal coding protects it from interference with similar products by emitting a single frequency specific to the on-board computer mounted on the heart rate monitor. One of the strengths of the object is that it is easy to use.

Bring the heart rate monitor close to the sensor on the chest strap to get a picture of the information, avoiding the pressure of any button and thus freeing your hands from the need to press a button in uncomfortable situations.

The essentiality of the object has proved to be an interesting quality and it keeps what it promised with a good margin of precision. Many have appreciated the addition of the chest strap, an instrument that is not so obvious in products of this kind for performance control.

5. 6-Pack Silicone Bands Compatible with YAMAY SW020 SW021 SW023 ID205 ID205L ID205U Smart Watch Band

Fourteen sports activities are suitable for as many user profiles as possible, for verification and management of information ranging from simple walking, through running, cycling, basketball and yoga. Unlike a heart rate monitor with a band, we are faced with a device that has the sensor mounted directly in the strap, so as to keep track of all the information through a small screen but with good visibility.

6-Pack Silicone Bands Compatible with YAMAY SW020 SW021...
  • 【Compatible Model】Soft silicone replacement watch bands for YAMAY SW020/ID205 SW021/ID205L...
  • 【Safe Material】 Made of durable, soft and flexible silicone material, which can prevent skin...

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The fitness tracker is easy to use and connect to, with a whole series of notifications that include classic social networks passing through instant messaging tools, and there is little to complain about.

The free VeryFitPro app can be downloaded in a few minutes and proves to be an effective digital archive thanks to which you can check the progress made from time to time, create a profile and have a sequence of improvements to always have at hand If you want to charge on the charging front, open the strap and connect the plug.

A two-hour connection makes the tracker operational again, guaranteeing total autonomy of five hours. It’s possible to use the object in the pool or take it without fear in the shower with the waterproof index’s value of IP67.

6. Polar M430 Gps Running Watch

You can have a heart rate and heart rate reading with a high accuracy index without the need for a heart rate monitor with belt.

The answer to this question can be found in thePolar M430 model. Taking advantage of an optical reading with six LEDs, the heart rate monitor returns precise information, also relying on the integrated gps so as to better monitor the position of the subject, thus obtaining extremely useful data for those who need accurate control and verification .

POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch, Black, One Size
  • Measures heart rate from the wrist with six LED solution
  • Integrated GPS with A-GPS data predicting positions of the GPS for greater accuracy, has a built-in...

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The screen is large, so as to collect a good amount of information, including the pace, the speed with which you proceed and the layout of the path you are facing .

The data collection that flows into the Polar Flow app and which stores and maintains the memory and data on the route and the activity carried out in the best possible way is a welcome addition, especially to those who usually train indoors, with the integrated accelerometer.

It is possible for the user to create tailored training profiles, including an efficiency index based on running, so as to better distribute the workload and check how the body reacts to the quality and quantity of effort.

7. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-in, Sleep and Swim Tracking

Those looking for a heart rate monitor without a band, capable of keeping track not only of the heartbeat but of different activities for a long time, can look at the proposal from the Fitbit company.

There is a continuous display on the screen that follows the user wherever he goes, and it is possible to constantly check your heartbeat with the model Versa. The object line rewards minimal shapes, with a large display and a thickness reduced to a minimum.

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart...
  • Meet Fitbit Versa 2, a smartwatch that elevates every moment. Use your voice to create alarms,...
  • Use Amazon Alexa built-in to get quick news updates and information, check the weather, set timers...

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This does not mean that the resistance of the product is being questioned. It is waterproof up to 50 meters deep, so as not to leave the fate of a training halfway, and always check important times, such as distance and average speed. A compatibility index that allows multiple connections with numerous instruments is part of the system that covers a wide range of products and smartphones.

For those who love to listen to music during a session, the internal memory has a capacity that reaches 300 storable songs, which can be used to create a playlists that accompanies you during a walk or as a motivation for running.

The final cost of the product is in line with what is offered, with the integration of the gps and the accelerometer adding further accuracy to the whole.

8. Beurer PM 25 Pulsuhr Heart Rate Monitor Watch

It is possible to keep the heartbeat under control with the press of a finger thanks to a measurement system that uses a sensor. Simply put it in the dedicated area so that you can manage and observe it in a simple and immediate manner.

Beurer PM 25 Pulsuhr Heart Rate Monitor Watch
  • Programmable target heart rate zones that record time in/above/below zones
  • Average and maximum heart rate

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The waterproof system protects everything up to a maximum depth of 50 meters, with other accessory data that always come in handy, such as the date, time, an alarm clock and a timer with which to calculate the overall time. The Beurer product has a simple line that is suitable for those who want to become familiar with this type of product, thus starting to manage and control a limited number of information

. The simple touch of a button that takes care of tracing the best information on the heartbeat does not create any problems because the chest strap does not exist.

The good quality of the product and the price ratio close the list of positive aspects of a product with a balanced cost and resistant to the right point. Only one note made by some customers concerns the need to keep the strap tightly to the wrist so as to have a very precise reading.

9. Garmin Forerunner 935 Bluetooth GPS Watch

If you don’t have a problem with spending, you can have a device under the aspect of the watch that is suitable for keeping track of different parameters and uses.

A quick sync that does not miss a beat can be achieved by connecting the object with external devices, if there is a wi-fi connection. The integrated gps keeps the signal clear and stable with the help of Glonass technology. The strap is made of sturdy silicone, with a glass lens and a water resistance that is not afraid of splashing water and swimming in the pool.

Garmin Forerunner 935 Sleek Sport Watch Running GPS Unit...
  • Offers advanced running and multisport features in a comfortable watch you can wear all day, and it...
  • Provides elevation changes with a built-in barometer; altimeter and electronic compass help you keep...

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Those who love details and graphics then have to connect everything on Garmin Connect, leaving the phone to keep the heart rate under constant observation, because of the triple LEDs positioned in the lower part of the body.

With the Training Load system it is possible to check the oxygen consumption after training, while with the Training Status system it is possible to monitor the load of training and performance.

The VO2 or the index linked to the maximum volume of oxygen consumed is monitored by the heart rate monitor and can be used to create useful statistics for running professionals.

10. Ultrasport GPS Wrist Computer with NavRun 500 Chest Strap

The Ultrasport brand has created an object with excellent performance, also equipped with a heart rate monitor, in order to keep track of the effort and heart rate in particular.

With the help of five training profiles, you can better tailor the type of parameters and the measure of the effort you intend to undergo, with a precise monitoring system that transmits the data collected from the chest strap included in the package.

It is possible to keep track of the route through a graph and arrows with the help of theGPS track system, which collects sensitive information and data for up to eight consecutive hours.

Once connected with the PC, it is possible to monitor the route, as well as establishing a route through Maps, so as to create a line to follow, which can then be verified on the network.

Detailed instructions for use and a data collection system that relies on the accuracy of the chest strap, results in precise control of data and information, with the addition of creating four heart rate zones that can be selected by the user.

If you are wondering how to choose a good heart rate monitor, the answer may be hidden between these lines.

Guide to buying a heart rate monitor

First of all, you have to know the needs of the end user in order to choose a good heart rate monitor. The needs of an agonist are very different from those of a novice sportsman and also from those who want to have this function on a fit tracker. We decided to highlight some aspects that should be noted before purchasing, in the following lines.

With or without heart rate monitor

For safety reasons, some users need to monitor their pulse with the highest degree of precision, as well as for completeness of information related to the type of training. Many people are looking for a heart rate monitor that also includes a band to be placed around the waist in the package. The average cost of the object increases and the quality and reliability of the information collected decreases in this case. However, there are excellent heart rate monitors that work directly on the wrist, using sensors whose quality and accuracy varies from model to model. While a reliable reading without a heart rate monitor is a viable option, it is important to emphasize how a strap that fits best around the wrist, as well as an adequate number of sensors, greatly improves the final result. The heart rate monitor is uncomfortable for people who like to feel free during a run, because it encircles the user in the upper part of their waist.


Data and other info can be kept under control thanks to the screen, which is another aspect to focus on. The space available for viewing the data is affected by the essential line in some types of heart rate monitor. It is advisable to focus on how this information appears on the screen rather than the number of data or options. It is a good idea to check the responsiveness in the presence of a touch screen, with a series of parameters that can be consulted in a practical way and with optimal visibility, both in bright light and during an evening out. Some models allow you to set your own programs, as well as choosing the number of reps, calories and the threshold for peak effort. There are different needs from user to user in this case. An essential interface, which keeps what it promises while respecting the very nature of a heart rate monitor, is favored by those who favor it. Others like the hybrid model, in which the watchword is multimedia. One of the essential qualities about which it is good to be demanding is the ability to connect to the internet via a wi-fi connection.

Value for money

A swim in the sea or a dip in the pool is just one of the things that many users need an object that accompanies them for. The protection index should be checked to see if it shows the following indications. It’s a good idea to look carefully at these two abbreviations. The first indicates complete protection and isolation of the device from dust and immersion in water up to a depth of one meter for a maximum time of thirty minutes, and the second indicates resistance to dust and long- lasting immersions in a liquid with a maximum depth of one There is now a standard for these objects with the presence of a soft rubber or silicone strap. The elasticity and strength of the two materials allow for better adjustment, so as to make the skin breathe as much as possible, especially for those who wear the heart rate monitor all the time. Finding the right squaring of the circle in terms of realization and final results requires a number of considerations by the end user. The opinion of those who have been able to touch the object with their own hands adds more knowledge and an interesting external point of view.


It seems obvious, but the convenience of wearing a heart rate monitor, especially if it includes this option among the others typical of a watch also passes through the overall size of the object. Some people don’t like having an object on their wrist too much flashy because they want to avoid unnecessary attention or because the weight is definitely felt. The good wearability must go hand in hand with line and ergonomics designed for sports and not so as to detract from the substance, so as to satisfy lovers of shape but without detracting from the substance. There is a variety of shapes and sizes in the products presented in the previous lines that we believe can meet the wishes and expectations of a good number of customers.

Frequent questions

What is a heart rate monitor?

To clarify the ideas to those who still have doubts about it, we can define the heart rate monitor as an instrument designed to keep track of heartbeats, and transmit the data collected in real time on a screen in the form of a number or graph.

How does a wrist heart rate monitor work?

Some models use the bottom of the tracker case as a place to place the sensors. They are able to transmit their beats to the heart rate monitor because they are in close contact with the skin.

How much does a heart rate monitor cost?

The cost for models that are also equipped with a heart rate monitor is usually higher than the ones that only work with sensors. In the second case, the final price can often reach considerable figures and this is due to the addition of aGPS tracking system or connections and functions suitable for professionals in the sector, especially competitive sportsmen, on the instrument.

What does a heart rate monitor measure?

In basic models, the instrument takes care of calculating the user’s heartbeat, so as to have an overview of the Frequency of the same. In some heart rate monitors you can set a maximum threshold after which the device emits a sound signal so as not to cause any problems for those who have to keep this value under observation. A graph that summarizes the peaks throughout the training session can be obtained from other types.

Heart rate monitor, how to use it?

First of all, it is good that the heart rate monitor is placed correctly. Proceeding in this way is sure to give you an accurate reading of all the data collected. The skin of the wrist can be left to breathe and maintain adequate hygiene if the manufacturers recommend washing and drying the object thoroughly.

Heart rate monitor, is it useful?

The heart rate monitor is a useful ally for those who like to monitor the quality of a performance during a run or in the presence of an activity such as a marathon or a simple walk. It is practicality that lies in the management and visualization of information and values in real time, an aspect that is important to take into account when you start practicing sports at a certain intensity and want to have everything under observation so as to monitor progress at the end of a workout and small improvements for

How to adjust a heart rate monitor?

There is a setting that allows you to set a maximum and minimum pulse threshold in all models. Once you understand the value of your heart rate at the minimum and maximum effort, you can set what is commonly called the target zone, which is a range within which to return during the training. For a precise and safe evaluation, a medical consultation and an electrocardiogram under stress is a good choice.

How to use a heart rate monitor

Some tips for a better knowledge and use of a heart rate monitor have been included in the following lines. This way, you can get the best out of this tool, while also taking advantage of the other features on your device.

Connection to APPs like Runtastic

You can use the gps connection of your phone or the one on the heart rate monitor to monitor with a greater degree of precision, not only the number of beats but also the path taken. If you want to use an app like Runtastic, the first thing you need to do is check your phone’s compatibility, then download the basic version and use it before starting the workout.

Use of weight loss charts with heart rate monitor

The benefits of running to lose weight is something many people choose to take advantage of. The variant and the type of effort required varies from subject to subject and relying on a table seems to us to be too vague a solution to get really adequate results. You can add a heart rate control thanks to the heart rate monitor if you consult an athletic trainer, who can set an ad hoc program for you.

Use of bike heart rate monitor

Pre-set training programs that are diversified for the type of sporting activity that will be performed are included in some models. For people who love two wheels, it is possible to check the type of training, aware of how each athlete has a different maximum and minimum threshold and objectives concerning his way of understanding and practicing this activity. The data from the heart rate monitor and the connection with aGPS will provide precise data on particular tracks and peaks of effort.

Setting the beats

Selecting a minimum and maximum heart rate threshold will enable you to proceed with heart rate management. It is important to proceed in this way, so as to have two reference guide parameters that are specifically designed for those who need a signal when this threshold is touched, both downwards and upwards. For a correct setting of the values, our advice is a consultation with a sports doctor and an examination of the state of health of the heart, possibly even under stress but in a context controlled and monitored by professionals.

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