10 Best Handball Shoes for Pivot [2022 Updated ]

To improve your mobility on the handball court, you should wear well-fitting shoes. Indeed, it goes without saying that it will not be just any pair that will find its place in this field.

However, if you don’t know how to choose the best handball shoes of 2022, then feel free to refer to this buying guide. Here, the criteria to be taken into account relate to the materials of manufacture, the size as well as the stability and the traction.

On the other hand, if you do not have the necessary time, you can directly go to the comparison of the most prominent models on the market. Nike Nhyperace.0143.10 owes its high popularity to its attractive design.

The marriage of white and blue gives a touch of elegance and modernity. theMizuno Wave Stealth 3 is distinguished by its good ventilation. It provides optimal comfort of use.

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10 Best Handball Shoes for Pivot [2022 Updated ]

Handball shoes should not be the subject of an intuitive choice during acquisition. They contribute a lot to speed, comfort as well as improving your performance during the match.

To prevent you from stumbling across a shoddy item, we’ve sorted out the ones that caught the buyers’ attention in the market. You can then compare them to find the product that suits you best.

Nike Nhyperace.0143.10

The Nike brand presents an article providing good support and increased convenience in the heel. Indeed, even if you carry out successive jumps or leaping steps, it continues to preserve your joints as well as your knees.

This product is committed to providing you with all the comfort you need during tough trials.

The brand adds the zoom airbag to its forefoot, which acts as an additional cushion. It protects your feet and absorbs shocks effectively. As it easily adapts to the shape of your feet, the product guarantees your safety.

Whether you are a striker, goalkeeper or defender, the shoe is able to help you gain performance with its lightness. Nike uses low density materials to promote speed of your movement. This gives you the ability to boost your speed when running in order to overtake your opponent.


Nice finish : This product stands out for its elegant and modern design. It makes you proud to wear it during the game.

Lightweight shoes: They allow you to move and change your movements in a gust of wind.

Practical : Thanks to the integrated tongue on the heel, putting on this pair will not take you much time.

Excellent value for money : The item is presented at an attractive price even if it has a good design.


Questionable durability : It turns out to be a pity that the model does not stand the test of time. After a few months of use, it gradually deteriorates.

Nike Air Zoom Hyperace2

Nike AirZoom Hyperace 2 is a hit with shoppers who care about shoe cushioning. Designed for use on a hard surface, this product protects you from snags throughout the game. Blows are absorbed effectively to reduce jumps. If you are one of the strong athletes, the item is ideal with its high cushioning.

Like all Nike brand shoes, this model benefits from Flywire technology. It is an ultra light material aimed at optimizing the support of the foot. It also limits friction during sports practice. This type of design is tied into the laces and it also provides excellent energy transfer throughout the game.

Its strengths do not stop there, the Nike brand composes its heel in TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane. This gives you sufficient compactness. Best of all, this soft material also guarantees user comfort.


Comfortable Finish : The upper is designed with small self-exhaling holes keeping your feet dry despite the sweat.

Good cushioning : The shoe is able to limit shocks to protect your feet. By choosing it, you avoid the constraint of knee problems.

Innovative Composition: The Nike brand uses Flywire technology to ensure the best support and fit of the feet. This system also aims to reduce friction during sports activity.


Questionable Closure System: This item locks with laces. When you don’t attach them firmly, they are likely to loosen easily in the middle of a game.

Mizuno Wave Stealth 3

When designing this model, Mizuno uses synthetic material. Whether it’s its upper part or its lining, both are made from this component. In this sense, the shoe benefits from optimal lightness. It helps you gain speed and improve your performance. You will run at full speed to catch the ball and pass your opponent.

As for the sole, this area is made of rubber to ensure the stability of your feet and good grip. This allows you to have more mobility in order to play well during the competition. In addition, this reference also prevents you from slipping on the ground.

In terms of comfort, the brand has not neglected anything during the manufacture of this model. It uses the synthetic mesh material on the upper for the item to provide better ventilation. Your feet will always stay cool during the game.


Lightweight shoes: Thanks to its synthetic design, the product may appear simple to put on.

Good grip: With its rubber sole, the specimen gives you excellent grip on the ground. This allows you to perform movements without falling or slipping.

Well-ventilated sole : By wearing this equipment, you will be comfortable throughout the competition, as your feet are well ventilated at all times.


Rigid upright: A client cannot stand the hardness of this area because, according to him, it causes injuries with every friction to the feet.

Kempa Attack One

This product stands out for its attractive design. Its beautiful look is eye-catching from the first glance. The manufacturer combines white with pink to add an aesthetic touch to the shoes. You will be proud to wear them in the field.

This model is made with a synthetic material popular for its lightness. Wearing it will not weigh down your legs and you can run in a gust of wind during the match. Unlike other items of the same genre, this one allows you to always perform well even if you play for hours.

The brand has chosen a flat heel configuration to ensure optimal stability. Whatever your movements, you will keep your balance perfectly without slipping. The shoe gives more stability in all your movements. Its rubber sole provides better grip. It also promotes shock absorption to protect your feet.


Beautiful finish : This product appeals to multiple handball players thanks to its attractive design. It might catch the eyes of spectators during the match.

Lightweight model : The upper and the lining of this pair are made of synthetic material. The latter is known for its lightness. Thanks to this characteristic, you gain speed in the field.

An important stability : Thanks to the flat heel of this specimen, you will find your position in balance, whatever your movements.


Small size: A customer had to replace the product because of its small size.

Adidas BD7410

This model is specially adapted to high level players, thanks to its innovative and good quality finish. The mesh upper provides added stability to prevent you from slipping during difficult jumps or movements. This part is also made of breathable material to ensure your comfort during the game. Your feet stay dry despite sweating.

Its internal cage has a specific design to properly adjust the arch of the foot. This area is distinguished by its enveloping structure which protects your feet from snagging. The brand uses efficient cushioning technology to absorb shock. No more joint problems after the game, the article protects your feet from various blows on the field.

Regarding the design of the shoe, the latter has a rather professional look with its color in black. Its lower part in green brings a touch of elegance to the whole.


Good foot support: Its lace-up closure provides good support for your feet, whatever your movements. Once the rods are properly attached, the shoe holds them firmly.

Contemporary and professional design : The combination of black and green leaves an effect of modernity. This particularly attracts expert handball players.

Enveloping structure : Its internal cage provides good support for your feet and guarantees their protection. They will be spared shocks during the match.


Questionable Design: As this model is suitable for professionals, one wonders if it stands up to strong shocks and the test of time.

Adidas Essence

What are the best handball shoes on the market? Several resellers will redirect you to this model to answer this question. Precisely, the pair has a rubber outsole. As a result, grip and stability are there. Not only will your feet be firmly on the ground, but you also reduce the risk of slipping or falling during the game.

This article also has the advantage of being light with its synthetic upper. So you won’t get tired even if you have to play for hours. With its textile lining and synthetic insole, the manufacturers also claim that the model is breathable. In other words, the user will be able to continuously stay dry, no matter how intense their activity is.

Equipped with a lace-up closure, this piece of equipment can be adjusted well to your size. It won’t risk compress you or come loose when you wear it. It is also aesthetic and design. Its blue color is suitable for both women and men.

Many will confirm that Adidas is the best brand of handball shoes. Its Essence copy is both efficient and practical insofar as its smallest details have been optimized.


Rubber Outsole: Considering how good this material is, you’ll have the grip and stability you need to play your favorite sport well.

Breathable: Thanks to its textile lining and synthetic upper, this item is both lightweight and breathable. Your feet will be very dry inside, while enjoying good comfort.


Size: Buyers believe the pair fits smaller than the manufacturers claim.

Asics Gel-Blast 7

This Asics model has the advantage of being light, thanks to its synthetic top. In this sense, it keeps you from fatigue even if you run fast on the ground. With its textile lining, we are here in the presence of a breathable article. It ensures your comfort despite heavy perspiration. Your feet are dry no matter how hard you exercise.

Despite the multiple movements during the game, you can always keep your balance thanks to the stability of the product. Its flat heel prevents slipping. With its rubber sole, it guarantees a high grip on the ground. It helps you make movements without falling. In addition, you easily control your various gestures.

The brand adds a mock EVA sole to hug the curves of your feet. This plastic material is also prized for its damping quality. It is able to protect your feet from possible shocks.


Stable : This specimen has a flat heel to provide better balance during your handball practice.

EVA midsole : Whatever shape your feet are, wide or narrow, this finish perfectly mimics their shape for added comfort.

Maximized Grip to the Ground : The product’s outsole is made of rubber. This optimizes its grip quality and stability.

Item at a good price : Despite its composition, this reference is offered at an affordable cost.


Limited Use : This item is not the right option if you use orthopedic insoles. It will no longer guarantee better support.

Asics Gel-Blast 7W

If you want to buy the best women’s handball shoes , you can turn to this popular model from the Asics brand. It has the advantage of being designed using high quality materials. Indeed, the pair has a synthetic upper. As a result, you will benefit from good ventilation when wearing it. The model is also lightweight and will not require you to strain to wear it.

With its textile lining, this item also offers you real comfort. Its synthetic insole is also breathable to avoid the discomfort of sweating. This high-quality piece of equipment has a rubber outsole. It therefore promises you a high grip on wet surfaces thanks to the Wet Grip Outsole. You will be very agile in the field. It is also abrasion resistant and you can use it in good condition for the long haul.

This Asics Gel-Blast 7W is testified by users as the best performing handball shoe. It guarantees your comfort thanks to the quality of its design.


Comfortable: With its synthetic upper and insole, this item is light and easy to wear. It limits your perspiration thanks to its textile lining. You will be very comfortable in your basketball.

Grip: Thanks to its rubber outsole, good grip is guaranteed. You will therefore have more mobility to play well on the pitch.


Price: Users who have been able to compare this product to others find it to be quite expensive.

Mizuno Wave Mirage 2.1

If you are looking for handball shoes with good cushioning, this Mizuno product will not disappoint. It has a quality finish to protect your feet from various snags on the ground. The manufacturer uses the SR Touch cushioning layer to provide better takeoff after jumps. This reference immediately returns to its initial appearance after landing.

This model is provided with a wave plate in the shape of a wing. This helps you keep your balance after higher or lower bounces. The brand incorporates innovative technologies called Dynamotion Fit and Dynamotion Groove. They provide more flexibility and adjustment.

In order to help you play well on the field, the locking system is there. When you compress the laces, the item is tied tightly around the foot. This prevents you from stopping in the middle of a game to tie the rods.


Ventilated shoes : To provide you with good wearing comfort, this product has a Mizuno Intercool ventilation system inside the midsole. The latter wicks away perspiration for maximum well-being.

Better foot hold : Its lace-up closure can be effective in firmly holding your feet. In addition, it makes it easier to fit this pair.

Practical tongue : This element simplifies the introduction of your foot inside. You just have to pull it and you put on these shoes in a few seconds.


Expensive Price: This item requires a significant expense due to its expensive pricing. So it is not suitable for all buyers.

Hummel Aerocharge HB 220 60-402-5279

This handball equipment is distinguished by the optimal comfort it offers. It has an ultra-light outsole that lets you run fast on the court. Its polyurethane finish provides great flexibility. You will be able to move freely. Flexible, soft and not heavy, this material helps you improve performance during the match.

The shoe also offers optimal cushioning with its EVA midsole. This part receives an antibacterial treatment for more hygiene. Its mesh lining provides good ventilation. Even if you sweat a lot, it always keeps your feet cool. The article thus remains comfortable to wear.

This specimen brings together innovations in terms of manufacturing sports shoes while also incorporating Aerofit technology. The latter serves to provide a suitable fit around the foot. It aims to ensure your well-being throughout the game.


Lightness and flexibility at the rendezvous : The Hummel brand uses polyurethane to reinforce the flexibility of the product. Easy to lift, it allows you to develop your speed as you run to catch the ball.

Interesting Aerofit technology : Thanks to this system, the shoe is adapted to any shape of the foot.

Antibacterial EVA sockliner: This part is able to eliminate bacteria generated by moisture in the shoe.


Less solid heel: It is a shame that this part comes off after a few uses. It is preferable that the manufacturer revises this detail.

Kempa Attack Junior

This copy will offer better stability to small handball champions. Precisely, the fact that the pair is fixed well to the ground will allow the user to manage his movements well. The model offers more balance and protection against impact. In addition, its wearing will facilitate rolling movements. The child may as well keep the goal or play part defense.

This item provides good ventilation thanks to its synthetic lining and upper. As a result, the feet and toes will be well ventilated and will not risk being compressed. Sweating will be reduced considerably. In addition, the model adds a torsion element to ensure even more stability.

It is clear that this product has been particularly designed for little boys. On the aesthetic level, it is design and is added with a Velcro fastener. The latter facilitates its tightening and detachment.

If you are wondering where to buy the best handball shoes for kids, then the Kempa Attack Junior might be for you. It stands out for its great stability.


Stable: Featuring a flat heel, this item gives you great balance when playing your sport. Thus, you do not risk falling while controlling your movements well.

Ventilated: This pair has a synthetic upper and lining to ensure optimal ventilation. All in order to keep your feet dry and optimize the comfort of the pair.


Size: Some users regret the fact that there are no sizes above 39.

Hummel Liga GK

If you are playing the role of the goalkeeper, this product from Hummel is for you. No matter how you move, it features excellent cushioning. The item absorbs shock without problem to protect your feet from injury.

Its outsole is made of synthetic material. This one stands out for its lightness. With this feature, you can quickly and easily change your stance to catch balls. Besides these details, this specimen is appreciated for its good adhesion. Its sole promotes excellent contact with the ground. As a result, you will become more agile in the field.

The upper of the shoe is made with a material imitating leather. Robust, it does not tear easily, no matter the tests on the ground. In addition, it promises a long lifespan. As for its lining, this part is made of textile fiber. This element offers optimal comfort with each use.


A lightweight item : This Hummel product is made with synthetic material. In this sense, it displays minimal weight. This prevents you from being weighed down during sports activity. In addition, this component is prized for its breathability, it is not only healthy, but also comfortable.

Imitation leather upper : Thanks to this finish, this pair does not fear any hard test in the field. It has better longevity.


Important thickness of the lining : As these handball shoes protect you from the cold during the winter, they are not very comfortable during the summer.

Kempa 2008 496

To differentiate this product, the brand uses a flexible and lightweight material with efficient ventilation zones. To this end, the shoe provides you with optimal breathability to wick away moisture or perspiration. You go through the stress of being wet from sweat.

This specimen is a great support to stay stable on the ground. No matter your movements or movements, the model helps you to always keep your balance. It has a non-slip tongue preventing you from falling in the middle of a game. It benefits from EVA padding for better energy transfer and excellent cushioning.

The brand adds a TPU element in the middle of the shoe in order to support the rotational movement. This is the part you lean on when you turn to trigger the shot. This circular part thus simplifies your movement and limits friction on the ground.


Ventilation zone : Thanks to this type of composition, the equipment guarantees increased comfort preventing your feet from sweating throughout the match. You will always be comfortable during the competition.

Rotation promoting element : The manufacturer incorporates a circular TPU area to facilitate the rotational movement. It is particularly suitable for those who play in pivot.

Optimal grip : In partnership with Michellin, the brand presents an outsole that reinforces the article’s grip on the ground.


Shoe that stains quickly : The item is likely to get dirty quickly with its bright colors.

Kempa Attack Three

This unisex adult copy can be worn by both a man and a woman. Aesthetically, its yellow color gives you a more sporty look. Equipped with laces, this item can adjust to your feet size very well. Thus, it is not likely to come off easily in the middle of a game and you will be comfortable throughout its wearing.

Made of synthetic, this pair has the advantage of being light and comfortable. Indeed, this material is breathable. As a result, your feet will remain dry and ventilated throughout the game.

With its rubber and synthetic sole, it guarantees good stability on the ground. You can therefore move around and make various movements easily. In addition, its flat heel helps you better grip the ground.

Which handball shoes to choose? This ranking of the best models on the market is intended to give you a hand. As a good alternative, many choose this model because of its undeniable comfort.


Made of synthetic: Thanks to this material, this item has a low weight. Thus, you will not be weighed down during the activity. In addition, the pair is very comfortable and healthy due to its breathable side.

Flat Heel: This design gives you great stability during your various movements. The risks of falling or destabilization will be markedly reduced.


Too Tight: According to user testing, this item turns out to be too tight for their size. It would take a size up for more comfort.

How do you choose the right handball shoes?

The quality of the equipment is essential in the practice of a sport. Therefore, the performance of the shoes should not be neglected for better mobility on the ground. In this section we will focus on handball shoes. Stability and traction, materials and size are the criteria to be determined in choosing the right material. Follow our advice carefully.

Stability and traction

Sneakers that are stable and allow you to benefit from more traction are preferred for optimal performance on the playing area. However, depending on your position or your role, you will have to lean a little more on one. of these characteristics. That is why it is necessary to dwell on these characteristics before answering the question of how to buy a handball shoe that is better value for money.

If you play primarily in defense or are a goalie, it is strategic to equip yourself with shoes that prioritize stability. Thus, you will be well anchored to the ground in order to have better control over your movements. Handball is also a contact sport, with this property the user will have more balance and protection against impact on the court.

In the event that you are in the attacking position or doing a lot of back and forth, you will need a product with more traction. This criterion offers the possibility of reaching an optimal speed to stand out from the opposing defenders. It propels the player in races and allows for a quick change of direction.


Among a wide range offered on the market, there are different types of materials constituting shoes. Some are more robust than others, but can have some influence on performance. This buying guide for the best handball shoes will enlighten you on the important points.

Before embarking on a price comparison, it is necessary to determine the quality of the product or more precisely its components. Regarding the upper, the most common and also recommended material is either synthetic or textile. They respectively offer good dynamism thanks to its lightness and better ventilation. The sole is mainly made from a rubber for its ability to give better grip and to better resist abrasion.

Manufacturers sometimes add new technologies in order to gain both performance and efficiency. It’s up to you to choose what works best for you.


The size is one of the fundamental criteria not to be neglected, because it guarantees the comfort of the wearer. If you are wondering where to buy a new handball shoe, be aware that each manufacturer offers a range of different sizes.

It is imperative to have a material that adapts perfectly to your morphology so that a loose or too narrow shoe does not interfere with your performance. To ensure the correct size, take a sheet of paper and press your heel, with the paper underneath, against a wall, then mark the tip of your big toe and measure the distance after. By adding 3 mm to this measurement, rounding up to the next number, you will have the appropriate length. You will find a corresponding value marked on the shoe label in cm.

Most popular brands

Handball is a sport where there is a lot of contact between the players. The practice of this activity requires the performance of repetitive movements. The whole body of the athlete is used, more particularly the feet. This is the reason why it is essential to choose good quality and comfortable shoes.

Nike continues to be talked about in the field of sport. This brand is the most famous around the world thanks to its various articles. At first, she focused on creating the shoes. The latter differed in lightness and profiled soles. Nike subsequently achieved success by sponsoring professional athletes. The promotional contract with Michael Jordan also marked a turning point in its history. The firm now offers products for all types of sport. From clothes, to shoes and all accessories, Nike continues to attract the greatest athletes.

The brand with the three stripes or Adidas is one of the best known around the world. It is an active partner of athletes. Apart from handball shoes, the firm also offers them for football, running and others. But Adidas is not limited to shoes, the company also offers other accessories such as caps, saddlebags and bags. It is also involved in the manufacture of various sports clothing. Today, Adidas is diversifying its offerings and offering products for men, women and children.

Known as one of the benchmark brands, Asics focuses entirely on athletes. It is mainly involved in the manufacture of sports shoes. This is the case for tennis, handball, volleyball and running shoes. The brand also offers items for outdoor and indoor activities. These products are available for both men and women. To continue to gain notoriety, the brand is creating a special children’s collection which is particularly popular. Over the years, the company has continued to perfect its products. Today, it is one of the leading brands internationally.

Mizuno, a Japanese brand that has grown over the years. In the beginning, the company only imported baseball and golf items from the United States. Today, it has become a benchmark in the manufacture of sports clothing and equipment. Its field of activity is very wide since the firm offers articles for tennis, handball, volleyball, judo and others. These products are available for both men and women. To extend its notoriety, the brand also offers a special children’s collection.

This brand is known through its sports equipment available everywhere. It offers various sports shoes. The brand also offers other items such as T-shirts, shorts, pants, tracksuits and many more. Without forgetting accessories such as sports bags, socks, balls or even towels and caps. Customers have a wide choice of quality products. Hummel continues to innovate its products to continue to gain more market share.

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