10 Best Handball Jersey [2022 Updated]

The perfect sports equipment for an athlete is handballs, racquets, skis, basketballs and other items. When choosing the best equipment, there are a few important points you need to consider, such as the materials used to manufacture the equipment, the level of quality control / inspection performed on the equipment, and the warranty offered on the equipment.

Here is a brief description of the attributes of each type of equipment and what we feel is the ideal choice for most athletes: This comparison will help you to quickly determine which reference would be the best for you.

The Adidas AC4921 is dedicated to the men and the colors of the France team. It is made with longer sleeves and offers great heat dissipation. Thanks to its short sleeves, H&M HEM 9618 is more resistant to the weather.

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10 Best Handball Jersey [2022 Updated]

PUMA Men’s Teamliga Jersey

Defining which is the best jersey on the market is more difficult than you think. It is not recommended to make your choice in a hurry, otherwise you will end up with a product that will not allow you to get comfortable.

PUMA mens Teamliga Jersey T Shirt, Electric Blue...
  • Regular Fit
  • Made with recycled polyester

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The key to making this type of purchase successful is the comfort factor. One of the most popular brands in this category is Adidas. The PUMA Men’s Teamliga Jersey model is geared towards men. Fans of the France team will be satisfied by this article.

The T-shirt has the colors blue, white and red on it. In addition to this feature, this item also offersventilated areas which have been specially integrated to effectively wick away heat, but also perspiration. Regardless of the intensity of your physical efforts, your body will be perfectlyventilated.


Quality Design Material: Adidas has equipped this item with a fabric of its own manufacture called Adizero. This has the advantage of being both comfortable and light. You will be able to move without hindrance.

Existence of ventilated zones: These latter give this swimsuit the capacity to fight against the undesirable effects of the heat and the perspiration which follows. This, in order to avoid as much embarrassment as possible.


For men only: It is unfortunate that this product is not available for women. Some would have appreciated the advantages offered by this jersey.

PUMA Men’s Teamfinal 21 Graphic Jersey

If you want to know which jersey to choose, you have to take your height into account. The models intended for men will always be larger than the models dedicated to women, regardless of the measurement chosen.

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The Hummel, for example, is aimed at men. The material used for the design of this article is specially designed for the manufacture of sportswear. This type of fabric is very light and has a good capacity for air movement. You will be able to further increase your performance in the field thanks to this.

The product has short sleeves, which is related to its design. The cooling power of this T-shirt is going to be increased. There are many colors to choose from including blue, red, black, and even green. S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL are all available for the same size.


Breathable materials: The polyester that makes up this model allows it to optimally evacuate heat and perspiration. Thanks to this, the player will be able to concentrate better on his role on the pitch.

Size well suited for sport: The design of this product has been well thought out in the opinion of users. To this end, it is wide in order to ventilate your body well and the short sleeves also offer good ventilation.


High Cost: Given the qualities this item offers, this one turns out to be a bit pricey. This may make some consumers reluctant to purchase.

Norway Handball Flag Fan Team Player Jersey 

Define your needs first, if you want to know how to choose the best jerseys of 2021. The best performing for women can be found here. Kempa has created a material that is specially designed to support you in your physical efforts.

Norway Handball Flag Fan Team Player Jersey Gift T-Shirt
2 Reviews
Norway Handball Flag Fan Team Player Jersey Gift T-Shirt
  • Perfect design for any Norwegian handball player who supports Norway sports. Perfect for anyone of...
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Thanks to this composition, you will not have to worry about heat and perspiration. It will result in an increase in your performance during your matches, whether in training or official meetings. In all seasons, this specimen can be worn with a blend of cotton and polyester.

In the summer you will be able to put it as well as in the winter. There are also high quality finishes on this product. The article from Kempa will have a better longevity thanks to this.

It will take a while to come off the seams. You will be able to trust this T-shirt for a long time. Enough to make sure you don’t acquire a new one too soon.


Comfortable: The marriage of cotton and polyester offers a soft and pleasant touch to the skin. You will not tend to scratch or sweat too much while wearing this product. This will allow you to better focus on your team’s goals.

Versatile: Kempa has made sure that this article can be useful to you in all circumstances. You will be able to count on it as well under a strong temperature as in times of great cold.


Colors to choose from: Users do not have the option of choosing between multiple shades. Only orange / navy is available.

How to choose the right handball jersey?

The jersey of the handball team is known for it’s ability to absorb sweat. It isn’t enough to choose one product among many in a buying guide for the best handball jerseys.

You will find several other criteria that come into play in the selection of this type of equipment as well as sound advice in this article.


The size of the product is not different from the one we are used to having for t-shirts in the idea of determining how to buy a handball jersey of the best value for money.

The jersey has a cut that is close to the body, not to say that it is not possible to fit it without affecting the player’s movements. There are street clothes for international sizes 40 to 66 that are similar to street clothes in the US.

If you don’t know your chest measurement or waist measurement, you can use a size guide available on several clothing sales sites.

A chest measurement of 82 to 87 cm and a waist measurement of 71 to 75 cm are the standard measurement for a man in size X. To get to the next size, you have to add about 6-7 cm to each measurement.


Certain areas such as the back or armpits are preferred by manufacturers because of the materials they use to wick away perspiration. This is the case with certain types of material. There is a material that is very light and flexible. The player’s comfort is promoted when he is in his movements.

If your swimsuit is made of a mix of materials, you should pay attention to the percentage and proportion of these. The high-end models are made of the same material as the low-end models. If you were dripping with sweat after a quarter of an hour of a match, it would be uncomfortable.

If you’re wearing a fitted jersey, it’s important that you don’t stick to your skin because a good jersey will put you at ease throughout the game.

Durability and breathability

If you are going match after match, you should choose a jersey that will keep its colors, even if it is washed in the chain.

The flexibility of the fabric is just as important as the movement of the ball in a volleyball match. It’s important to find a jersey that’s tough enough to go with you for many years to come and stay in good condition.

If you are wondering where to buy a new jersey like this, start by looking at a price comparison. It is possible to get dirty easily, but it is maintained in the same way.

It is the kind of fabric that does notwrinkle, so it will save you money on ironing. You don’t have to worry about wearing out the fabric quickly because you can wash it well by hand.

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