10 Best Folding Bike for Commuting [2022]

There is nothing more practical than a folding bicycle when you want to keep your belongings in front of you or make getting around town easier. It is also ideal for traveling, discovering sites over several kilometers that are not necessarily accessible by car.

But as many manufacturers have understood, more and more different models are appearing on the market, hence the need to clearly identify the product that we are going to elect among all this crowd.

With this in mind, you would do well to examine the strengths and weaknesses in terms of size, suspensions, speeds, or even brakes.

One of the items in this review, the Cyrusher® XF700 , is strong enough to support up to 300 kg of load. While the Teamyy 26 Inches incorporates a good number of speeds and weighs barely 17 kg.

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10 Best Folding Bike for Commuting [2022]

MOONCOOL Folding Bikes 7 Speed 20 Inch,

This mountain bike with an aluminum alloy frame and solid magnesium alloy spokes demonstrates good resistance in the mountains, steep terrain and forest. In this type of environment, you still benefit from comfort thanks to the complete suspension, the non-slip switch and its shockproof system. Moreover, since the model supports up to 300 kg of load, your 75 kg will hardly be felt on it, and even less the 50 kg templates.

MOONCOOL Folding Bikes 7 Speed 20 Inch, Portable Folding...
  • ★ 7-SPEED FOLDING BIKES : It features a 7-speed rear derailleur, double disc brakes, adjustable...
  • ★ FOLDABLE DESIGN: The foldable design allows you to easily carry and store the folding bicycle....

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This is one of the easiest specimens to handle: to speed up or slow down, just turn the handle. You don’t even have to pedal when starting uphill again. The product incorporates 21 speeds in all to cope with all kinds of possible situations: steep slopes, semi-steep, flat terrain, and more.

The autonomy of the 36V * 10.4 AH Lithium battery is also remarkable. Some users claim that they were able to travel twenty kilometers on extremely bumpy terrain just by using half of it. Battery that can be recharged up to 500 times before giving up the ghost. The operation is also very easy.

With this bike, you can evolve on slippery surfaces, tackle slopes, descents without fear of injuring yourself by pushing on the anti-slip switch and applying the solid mechanical brakes.


Robust design: The whole is made of aluminum, an ultra resistant metal, but at the same time light to facilitate the transport of this machine. It can thus be abused without falling out of service overnight.

Gear shifting within everyone’s reach: The handle for shifting gears smoothes movement and transition from one gear to another.

Quality battery: It not only has a long lifespan, but also a more than satisfactory autonomy.


Notice not available in French: The user guide is not written in French, which would tend to complicate the assembly and use of the computer for new buyers. To obtain it, you have to contact the designer.

Outroad 26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike,

Unlike most folding bikes that we have encountered, this one has several very practical options such as a storage case in the front or an LED lamp to light you up after dark.

This multifunctional model rolls on any type of road and terrain. It also easily reaches 25 km / h and can be set to 7 different steering modes depending on whether you are climbing a mountain, starting a descent, or driving flat. The two-wheeler is ideal for this type of environment and for camping.

Outroad 26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike, 21 Speed Full...
115 Reviews
Outroad 26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike, 21 Speed Full...
  • ✔Free pedals and comfortable seat include in package. The weight of the mountain bike is 39 Lbs....
  • ✔A foldable mountain bike with 26-inch wheels, 17-inch frame, 6-spoke fashion rims, safer and...

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Either way, the padded seat will put you at ease. Thanks to its robust frame with excellent finishes, it withstands all driving conditions. The folding system is accessible to everyone and can be done in a few minutes.

The lithium-ion battery holds up well, according to buyer reviews. They would charge it twice a week, doing about 30 km a day, which is handy.

As a folding bike, this one does a lot more than is asked of it. It barely weighs when it comes to transporting it with its net weight of 17 kg for a 39 “* 37 ″ * 17” model when folded. You can put it in the trunk, or in a bag and carry it as hand luggage.


A well-equipped bike: You can ride safely day and night on this bike with LED lighting and you can do without a shoulder strap if your things fit in its storage pocket.

A model suitable for all types of terrain: On flat ground, uphill, downhill, its 7 speeds will save you the trouble of pedaling.

An example of comfort: You will feel very comfortable at the controls of this bike no matter how far you have to go every day and you will ride with peace of mind while thinking about its robustness.

Zero bulk: If we were to compare it to its counterparts, its 17 kg make a big difference when it comes to dragging it, or carrying it.


Language barrier: As the user guide is written in languages ​​other than French, and the manufacturer does not speak this language either, at a pinch in English, the assembly and use have caused some difficulties for the users. new buyers.

Eurobike 26 Inch Mountain Bike

The Shimano rear derailleur on this inexpensive bike allows the rider to change gears more comfortably over all 3 levels of assistance. The CE-certified assisted pedaling system saves you the hassle of putting in a lot of effort when climbing a hill. Or to request any adjustment since it engages automatically with the first pedaling.

Eurobike 26 in Mountain Bike Folding Bicycle 21 Speed 3...
  • 21 speed shifting system folding mountain Bike;
  • Folding bicycle is easy to carry and use ,save space; Bike Dimension after fold:37.8*33.5*15.7inches

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Whether you weigh 50 or 70 kg, you can cover a distance of about 40 km with ups and downs and flat without much difficulty and in complete safety thanks to the front brake, also to the drum at the rear. .

You also get a number of benefits from its 250 W brushless motor, starting with the increased power and longer life with occasional use. This technology is also known to limit engine maintenance.

Its 36V 10Ah lithium battery charges in a few hours and holds up well, in particular thanks to small tips such as the use of an economical LED light. It would allow you to cover up to 70 km in optimal conditions.

Harley Davidson fans will particularly appreciate the design of this bike which is quite similar to it and is suitable for climbing or crisscrossing mountain cliffs and rough terrain.


A model designed according to standards: The Book 200 has a Shimano rear derailleur and an assisted pedaling system that simplifies your task considerably.

Product suitable for all sizes: This model is suitable for both men and women and allows everyone to travel several kilometers comfortably.

Recent engine technology: It translates to a longer life, less effort to maintain it and increased performance.


A little heavy: This foldable bike for its size turns out to be a little heavier than average. Some find it very difficult to carry it and lift it to put it in the trunk of the car.

ECOTRIC Electric Bike 500W Foldaway Ebike

Identifying which is the best folding bike on the market is not just a question of aesthetics. If it were just that, this bike would take the top prize. In terms of practicality, it is the perfect compromise for those who want to avoid traffic jams in the city, but who use public transport regularly. With its 6 speeds, it is also a good way to visit a foreign city and to travel by eye without paying for a car and for camping. The stable frame and the low weight of this machine of around 16.1 kg facilitate easy handling. A Shimano twist grip makes it easy to switch from one gear to another.

ECOTRIC Electric Bike 500W Foldaway E Bike 20" Fat Tire...
  • 500W GEAR MOTOR- Brushless geared hub motor Strong power High efficiency Quieter, lighter, smoother....
  • 36V/12.5AH LITHIUM BATTERY- Removable High energy, travel range 19-21 miles in pure electric mode...

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The folding mechanism is accessible to all and simple to perform. The device can then fit in the trunk of any car or stay close to you on public transport such as the bus or train, given its size. More than one consumer test has shown it to match the top performer on that side. So if you don’t know which folding bike to choose, pay attention to that kind of detail.


Competitive price-performance ratio: It is quite difficult to compete with the brand in terms of price, since in the market the product costs the same as a model with a single speed.

Convenient travel bike: Easily transported so you can continue using public transport around town. Its light weight of 16.1 kg has a lot to do with it.

Brake reliability: The model has strong brakes both front and rear in the event of a skid.

Well thought-out folding system: As the pedals, the main frame hinge, and the stem are foldable, storage will only take you a few minutes.


A somewhat bulky bike: This model would be a bit bulky to store, but consumers don’t really mind that.

IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer 20″ Folding City Bike Bicycle 

Knowing how to choose the best folding bikes of 2021 is far from an easy task. To do this, the consumer must identify several characteristics, one of the most important of which is mobility. The steel frame and the 6 gears of this black TRANSFORMER 20 ”are very useful for moving freely in town and enjoying almost unlimited mobility every day. Thanks to it, you can go anywhere and take any means of public transport without any problem. It folds in a few minutes flat, a few seconds for the most seasoned users.

IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer 20" Folding City Bike...
  • 20 - inch folding bicycle designed for commuting and exercising.
  • Shimano 6 speed shifter and derailleur. semi-alloy front and rear V-brake.

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Thanks to the device’s compact size, you also save yourself the trouble of having it stolen from you, as you will have it constantly in front of you. The item only weighs 15kg, which makes it much easier for you to transport.

Its steel frame, aluminum levers and handlebars stand up well to frequent folding and unfolding.


A bike for city trips: This model is ideal for those who do not want to complicate their life with ten speeds and tricky configurations. It does its job well, that is to say, it allows you to get around town easily.

Minimum space requirement: It fits easily in the trunk of a car with other items. Its 15 kg will hardly be felt if you decide to start a walk with the machine under your arm.

A solid example: In the quest for the best folding bike or the best brand of folding bikes, one must pay attention to several details such as the resistance of the two-wheeler vis-à-vis the frequency of use intended for it. Taking a look at the design of this one, we can see that the steel and aluminum alloy selected for the frame and the other parts will last quite a while.


Handlebar locking system not developed : Consumers criticize the poor design of the device. It would be a little too long and fragile, so handle with care.

ZiZZO Ferro 20-inch 29 lbs Light Weight Folding Bike

The Brushless motor on this 24 inch folding bike lasts much longer than average. You will also not experience one-off failures leading you to bring it back to the garage each time. The performance of the bike is multiplied, especially since it is a mountain bike.

ZiZZO Ferro 20-inch 29 lbs Light Weight Folding Bike (Black)
  • High Tensile Steel frame; Folds in seconds and is easy to carry so you never need to leave it...
  • 7 speeds and grip style shifter

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Different accessories are included in the set for the same price, such as a set of tools, a lock, a fender, or a pump to perfect your use of the machine.

The lithium battery is one of the main strengths of this folding electric bicycle. It only takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge it, which is very handy if you find yourself in uncharted waters.

This multifunctional bike is suitable for all uses, whether for touring, or for going to work or to class every morning. It fits easily in the trunk of the car when folded and can even be carried in the hand for more convenience.


Resistant motor: The brushless motor lasts much longer and generates more advanced performance.

Accessories offered with the item: Gifts are available in the delivery package such as a lock, a pump and other utilities while the price of the specimen is practically donated.

Competitive range in the market: It’s not easy to find where to buy the best folding bike the first time. You have to go through many products and identify their strengths before you come across the best brand of folding bikes. The speed at which this model loads, for example, prompts people to grab it.


Price a little excessive: Just looking at the price, you might think that this bike is the most efficient in its category. It costs 10 more than the low-end models. To imagine the gap, there is still something to be discouraged.

How to choose a good folding bike?

The range of folding bikes continues to expand in the city and travel bike market. And at the heart of this plethora of products present in stores and on the web, it is not easy to stop at a choice. How to buy a folding bike with better value for money? The purpose of this guide is to help you define the main characteristics of a folding bike, to give you advice so that you can guide your choices and find where to buy a new folding bike that fully meets your needs.


The question of size is an important criterion, if not “the most important”, when choosing a folding bike. Indeed, the folding bike has no interest if once folded, it remains bulky. Since being compact depends closely on the size of the frame and the diameter of the wheels, you have to take these two factors into consideration but above all find a good compromise in order to have the best folding bike.

If you go through a buying guide for the best folding bikes, you will find that the frame size is unique for this type of bike, and the difference is in the diameter of the wheels which can range from 12 inches to 26 inches. You should know that the smaller the wheels, the more compact the bike. However, this will be to the detriment of the handling, stability and comfort of use of the bike.

The 12-inch wheeled mini-bike or folding bike is the most compact but the least comfortable. It also takes more pedaling to get to a decent pace, which is inconvenient for long distances. The risk of guiding is more present. However, some manufacturers compensate for the size of the wheel by a larger width. On the other hand, bikes with 16 inch and 18 inch wheels are more suitable for short urban journeys, with a net gain in comfort, but also a more noticeable responsiveness and handling.

Between large folding bikes and mini bikes are those with 20 inch wheels. They allow a faster pace, as well as better stability and a better turning radius than with folding bikes with smaller diameter wheels. The 24 to 26 inches are the most popular. Offering the same sensations as normal bikes, however, they give the privileges of a folding bike such as sliding easily into a car trunk when folded.


In general, the suspension arm is the device used to absorb the shocks caused by bumpy roads, in order to guarantee the comfort for the rider. But it is more than that for a folding bike, especially those with an aluminum frame.

Indeed, in the relentless quest for lightness and compact dimensions, manufacturers have opted for an aluminum structure, less heavy, but much more breakable and uncomfortable, as well as small wheels that do not fail to make feel the irregularities of the road. To compensate, they developed a suspension system, like those found on the Bromptons and Moultons. These were also the first bikes equipped with a front and rear damping system in the history of cycling.

For long journeys, or off very flat roads, it is therefore better to favor full-suspension, especially for folding mini-bikes because ergonomics and comfort are improved. On the other hand, you can do without suspensions if you limit yourself to urban use and short trips on very regular grounds.


The number of gears and the transmission system suitable for a folding bicycle depend closely on the use to which it will be assigned. So to be able to choose your bike and the appropriate transmission, ask yourself the questions: why do you need the folding bike, what will it be used for and in what frame or environment, finally how often do you expect the folding bike? ‘use ?

Indeed, for example, if you plan to use it in an urban environment, a belt gearbox is more appropriate, or failing that, a 7 or 8 speed derailleur associated with a simple chainring. For short walks or hikes, an 8-speed folding bike will do the trick, but a double chainring is necessary if the terrain is more hilly.

It is good to note that beyond the conventional chain transmission system, or that with hubs and belt, there is also another transmission system which is the cardan shaft. It is like a propshaft that incorporates a reduction system inside the rear hub. It has the great advantage of not derailing and requires less maintenance than a chain drive. If you’re worried about dirt and grease, this is the drivetrain for you.


Folding bikes do not display a special preference for a particular type of brake. Whether disc (mechanical or hydraulic) or calipers (central, lateral, cantilever or V-Brake), the brake is an accessory like any other on the bike.

Beyond the classic folding bikes, folding bikes with electric assistance are becoming more and more numerous, because there is a real interest which is carried on the model currently. In terms of price comparison, there remains a sizeable investment not only because of the electrical components, but also because of the devices installed to ensure the correct functioning of the assembly. For this type of bicycle, the constraints of use are clearly different than for a normal bicycle. Thus, the brakes have the heavy task of stopping a heavier bike, but also faster.

Thus, for the choice of brakes, base yourself on the weight that the bike will have to support but also on the size of its wheels which influence the stability of the assembly. Progressive braking is therefore recommended to avoid the risk of steering.

How to use a folding bicycle?

Unlike other types of bicycles, the folding model, easily modular, allows its user to benefit from a significant space saving in terms of storage. But how then to handle it well? In this article, we will try to shed some light on the subject.

Protect your model during transport

In case your model comes with a carrying case, be sure not to forget it while traveling. This accessory will allow you to wrap your equipment when folded. It will be used to protect your bike from external contact or shocks which could damage it or cause any malfunction of the mechanisms. Be sure to be careful wearing the set.

Check your bike regularly

Maintaining your folding bike will increase its longevity. Regularly check the mechanisms and cogs of your bike to keep it in good condition at all times. If mechanics are not your thing, call a dealer who will be able to guide you through the various steps to follow.

Install your bike when cleaning it

Before you start the actual cleaning, you must first install your bike. If you do not have a support system for it, you can turn it with both wheels in the air or lean it against a wall or a tree. Make sure you have space for all kinds of travel so that you can easily reach the components.

Lubricate the chain

The chain is one of the essential elements that keep your two-wheeler running smoothly. For this, you should not neglect its maintenance. Regular lubrication sessions are then necessary. However, be careful not to have a heavy hand, as the oil will spill on the road and dirty around you. Take a dry cloth. After brushing the chain with lubricant, wipe it off with a rag to remove the excess.

Make the various settings

Adjust the various settings of your bike to easily accommodate your body type, your posture and your driving style for an optimization of the level of comfort. In this case, you need to have tools that are compatible with the screws and cogs of your vehicle if you want to benefit from a practical saving of time.

Bring your equipment during your stay

If you plan to take it with you on your travels by car, the fact that it is foldable will allow you to easily position it in the trunk, unlike standard types which sometimes have to be attached to the roof of the vehicle. However, arrange it so that it does not clutter up the compartment and that you can easily put the rest of your luggage. Don’t forget the cover to protect it from scratches or bumps.

Most popular brands

Folding bicycles have revolutionized the transport of this type of means of transport. Indeed, these models can easily pass through the stairwell and thanks to their lightness, they have been specially designed for city trips. However, before selecting your item, you should consider its characteristics. This is in order to take a specimen which will adapt to your needs. With this in mind, we present here the most recognized brands in the field.

When it comes to bicycles, it is hardly possible not to mention the B’Twin brand. The latter is in fact present throughout the market. This is thanks to its quality products that are both efficient and above all versatile. Indeed, B’Twin is not aimed at a single segment of consumers. The brand targets both men and women and even children. This in order to be able to accompany everyone on any type of terrain.

So that you can have the latest innovations in the field, B’Twin puts all its expertise in the articles it launches. It is in this sense that it presents its folding bikes to you. These stand out for their strength and efficiency. To deploy them, you only need a few seconds. On the other hand, you can take advantage of these machines both in cities and in the countryside.

The Dahon brand is an American brand specializing in the manufacture of folding bicycles. Indeed, Dahon now has more than 30 years of experience in this field. It is therefore not dangerous to trust the products developed by this reference. Among its flagship equipment, we distinguish: complete fender packs, luggage racks, and spare parts of all kinds.

Folding bikes from Dahon are very easily distinguished by their rather unusual design. Some specimens have a fairly low frame. Some equipment is for their part multifunction. But in all cases, Dahon ensured the lightness and robustness of its articles. This is to ensure long-term use.

The Peugeot brand is best known for its quality automobiles. But apart from the manufacture of cars, the brand wanted to broaden its horizons in order to reach a denser clientele. It is in this sense that she embarked on the design of bicycles and all the equipment revolving around this activity.

Peugeot then marketed its own folding bicycles. The latest models are equipped with electric assistance. You will move thanks to it more easily and faster. Plus, folding and unfolding Peugeot items won’t take you long. A simple click and you will be able to have your material.

Brompton items easily stood out in the market thanks to their thoughtful design and the innovation they incorporated. The brand has thus forged an unprecedented worldwide reputation. But apart from these qualities, Brompton products have also been appreciated for their performance in terms of speed and comfort.

Brompton folding bikes have been specially adapted for city trips. Thanks to them, you will be able to circulate better on the roads. Some specimens have for their part been dedicated for trips in the countryside. In all cases, you will have machines that are easy to handle and transport.

The Tilt brand is also one of the most recognized brands in the field of cycling. This is thanks to the creativity it has shown during all its years of existence. Tilt items are all the more appreciated for the ease they bring to their owner. This through devices such as mudguards or crutches.

As for the folding bikes presented by the manufacturer, several consumers have shared their experience. Most claimed the workability of the products they purchased. Several speed levels are at your service in particular to offer you new sensations and allow you to conquer unknown horizons.

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