10 Best Elliptical For Short Person [2022 Updated]

Do you want to keep fit but don’t want to join the gym and winter days heavily limits the enthusiasm to leave the house to play sports?

The solution is to buy a short stride elliptical , the new trend for fitness enthusiasts.

We check best ellipticals for short people. When looking for an elliptical machine, there are important things to be considered, especially if you’re not a tall person.

For example, for a short person, the best elliptical is one with a shorter step length. If the length of the step is too long, you won’t be comfortable, but may injure yourself.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an elliptical product is its step length. (The stiffest distance between the two pedals is your running gait, basically).

While everybody is doing a lot today about 20 or 21-inch steps longer – if you’re shorter, it may not feel as good for you.

It’s likely that you’re stressed on the elliptical. The ideal elliptical for a shorter person is likely to be about 18-inch. However, this presents a problem.

Comparison Table- Best Elliptical For Short Person


Item Name

Key Features

 Check Price

Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 Elliptical
  • Longer stride

  • Ergonomic design

  • Innovative Cardio Compass display 

 Proform Smart-Strider Elliptical
  • SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance

  • 18 Workout Apps

  • Soft Touch Upper-Body Grip

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical
  • 7” HD Interactive Touchscreen Display

  • 24 Digital Resistance Levels

  • Vertical SpaceSaver Design

 MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical
  • 8-Level Magnetic Resistance

  • 13. 5-inch stride length

  • 330 lbs user capacity

BH Fitness XS8 Elliptical
  • 20" Stride Length 

  • 325 lbs user capacity

  • 12-built-in programs


10 Best Elliptical For Short Person [2021 Edition]

Do you love fitness so much that you can never stop working out? Here are our buying tips for you to facilitate the comparison of the best offers at the moment.

Many cheaper elliptical trainers give you shorter steps – 14 to 18 inches. And that step may feel ok – but the machine’s quality is poor.

If you’re short, it’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing a shorter elliptical one, but end up being a poorly constructed machine.

So what can you do? What can you do?

You have certainly thought of equipping a corner of your living room with useful tools for your daily exercise.

How about looking with us to find the best elliptical for a short person who best suits you?

This page offers 3 elliptical options for short people (plus a bonus option) (around 5 foot 3 inches and under). So let’s dive in. So let’s dive in.

Rank # 1 : HARISON E3800 Elliptical Machine

The inertial system with a 27 kg flywheel and 24 resistance levels places it among the best elliptical bikes for home use that can be found on the market.

Its dimensions are within the average, so it will not be difficult to find a place in the house, while the self-generating power system eliminates the inconvenient inconvenience of having to connect it to the electrical outlet every time.

In addition, it is equipped with a control panel with an integrated display on which it will be possible to view the distances traveled, the speed, the time and the consumption of calories, while the heart rate monitor on the handlebar allows you to monitor your heartbeats during exercises.

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  • Built with materials that are strong and light at the same time, the Sportstech CX2 elliptical bike has a Kinomap app that allows you to choose the route to go, alone or in multiplayer mode, reproducing the real conditions of the journey to have the feeling of pedaling in the street.


  • Since it is a technologically advanced tool, the lack of a clear and exhaustive instruction manual is felt, especially with regard to the correct use of the multimedia console supplied.

Rank # 2 : Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic

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Because we like to show our attention to physical fitness to those who come to visit us, but sometimes the need for space in the house forces us to have to neatly store the tool in a corner after use.

This quick stride elliptical from the German brand Kettler offers the salient features we expect to find on an elliptical bike, plus it reduces bulk when folded.

It is equipped with a computer with eight training programs in memory so that you have a guide to balance exercises effectively.

It has a magnetic braking system that adjusts at 16 levels to adjust the intensity of effort in an absolutely personal and gradual way.

This best elliptical for a short person is also equipped with a system for detecting the intensity of cardiac effort, but in this model the pulse detection is done at rest, so once the exercise is finished.

We conclude the review again with a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the model in question.

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If you intend to place your elliptical in a room that you will also use for other purposes, you will find it convenient to be able to close it and thus gain valuable space.


This product is head and shoulders above many others when it comes to quality and number of features. Exemplary, in this sense, the presence of eight integrated training programs thanks to which we can guide our physical activity.



Kettler Skylon 1 is not affordable for all budgets. Such a huge expense is possible only in case of large financial resources or if you really need an almost professional tool.


It will also be resealable, but it’s also really heavy! With its weight of almost 80 kilos, you would do well not to want to constantly move it from one corner of the house to another.

Rank # 3 : EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical

The EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical ranks among the best in terms of quality / price ratio, since with an overall low cost ,

It allows you to train different muscle groups, and improve motor coordination and posture.

The wide footrests adapt to different physiognomies and gaits, with the possibility of being able to adjust the resistance of the pedals on eight levels based on the physical effort you want to do.

In addition, thanks to the integrated LCD display, you can monitor the calorie consumption, the timing, and the distance traveled, as well as allowing you to adjust the intensity of the training according to your needs.

The steel frame ensures good resistance and the stability necessary to perform workouts in the name of comfort and safety, while the support feet at the base offer perfect grip on any type of surface.

Although the weight of the structure, about 80 kg, and the lack of wheels compromise its portability.

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Thanks to the integrated LCD display it will be possible to adjust the resistance of the pedals on eight different levels and view information relating to time, distance, speed, calories and heart rate.


Our opinion was also positive regarding the safety of use of the tool, which thanks to a solid steel structure and the support feet placed at the base ensures good stability during training.


The model allows you to adjust the height of the platforms according to your physical conformation, in order to make the exercises more comfortable without, however, burdening the joints.

Value for money:

While not the cheapest model on our list, it boasts a quality / price ratio in proportion to what it can offer.



Considering the dimensions of 168 x 73 x 173 cm and the weight of 80 kilograms, it is clear that it is a fairly bulky tool compared to the average, so it will be necessary to have adequate space where it can be placed.

Rank # 4 : HARISON E3800 Elliptical Machine

Characterized by a modern and functional design, the  HARISON E3800 Elliptical Machine is made with high-quality materials, including steel and rigid plastic, to ensure greater durability and make the expense incurred for its purchase more bearable. .

As for the functions, the model is certainly among the most advanced and avant-garde in its category.

These ellipticals with 18 inch stride are equipped with a heart rate monitor with hand pulse sensors integrated on the handlebar that allow you to always keep the heart rate under control during performance.

While the possibility of choosing between 26 preset training programs makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals, who will perform targeted and customizable training according to their needs.

Another interesting feature of this elliptical bike is the integrated Fitness Kinomap & Delightech app, which you can use with the Google Maps program to choose the route to have the feeling of exercising outdoors, or to watch a movie. As you go about your daily training session.

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TheHARISON E3800 Elliptical Machine  has a 24 kg flywheel mass that ensures good stability and a smoother movement of the footpegs, while the magnetic braking system allows a precise and immediate stop of the flywheel without sudden jolts.


Thanks to the integrated Kinomap & Delightech app it will be possible to simulate the real conditions of the itineraries you want to travel, in order to break the monotony that is generally felt when practicing home fitness.

Hand pulse sensors:

It is equipped with a heart rate monitor with hand pulse sensors that detect the heartbeat, so as to constantly monitor the heart’s response to stresses and sustained efforts.

Quality price:

Made with good quality materials, this elliptical has a very sturdy and durable structure that justifies, in part, the high price at which it is sold.



Due to its generous dimensions, equal to 157 x 66 x 167 cm, it is quite bulky and will therefore occupy a considerable space in the house.

Rank # 5 : Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

The Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine, which closes our overview of the best elliptical exercise bikes of 2020, is proposed instead as a space-saving solution that will not occupy excessive space at home thanks to its ultra slim and compact design.

Unlike the other proposals in the ranking, in fact, this best elliptical for a short person has dimensions of 120 x 62 x 160 centimeters.

But despite this, it can withstand up to 150 kg of weight without ever losing stability, and the merit is because of its very structure solid , quick stride elliptical and robust, which improves its performance.

Also in this case, there are hand pulse sensors for heart rate control during workouts, while other useful information, such as walking speed, travel time and calories burned, will be displayed on the backlit LCD display, which ensures good visibility even in the absence of adequate lighting.

In addition, the pedals can be adjusted to three original positions to make the exercises more comfortable, although people taller than six feet have had some difficulty in fully straightening their legs.

See Price and More Reviews On Amazon



The steel and plastic structure offers lightness and solidity, two characteristics that can be useful to those who are looking for an elliptical capable of ensuring a practicality of use suitable for sportsmen of all kinds, from amateurs to professionals.

With Cardio fit app:

Thanks to the application for Android and iOS it will be possible to expand the functions available to you during training, with the possibility of creating a specific route on Google Maps and viewing it in real time in Street View mode.


The installation of the tool is quite simple and fast, also because a very exhaustive and detailed instruction manual is included in the equipment.


Typically, these machines have a bad reputation for being quite loud, but this is not the case as SportPlus’ product features a belt drive system that keeps noise low during use.


Pedal height:

A model that is very comfortable to use, unless you have a stature that exceeds one meter and ninety, because in this case the maximum height of the pedals will not allow you to fully stretch your legs.

Rank # 6 : ProForm 150I Elliptical

For many, the best elliptical for a short person of 2021, the ProForm 150I Elliptical, is one of the best-selling Kettler ellipticals currently.

The quality of the German brand makes it a robust and stable tool, suitable for intensive and semi-professional use.

It is ideal for sculpting thighs and buttocks, but with these ellipticals with 18 inch stride it is possible to train all the muscles, getting excellent results.

However, it is advisable to remember not to overdo it. The exercises on the elliptical bike are demanding and it is advisable to start with brief sessions of a quarter of an hour if you are not trained.

The change of the effort in this model is manual. The same athlete who uses it establishes the intensity of the exercise before starting the training by choosing one of the eight magnetic braking levels available.

The pulse meter is located directly on the handlebars and calculates the cardiac effort automatically, signaling it on the display in order to independently calibrate the intensity of the exercise.

Every self-respecting review must provide the reader with a list of the strengths and weaknesses of each product, and our guide to choosing the best elliptical trainer is no exception.

Analyze them thoroughly to understand if this is the model for you. In case, deciding where to buy the product is easy, just click on the link below.

See Price and More Reviews On Amazon


Value for money:

If the Kettle Axos Cross has dominated our ranking, it is primarily for the excellent quality / price ratio. In fact, with a low cost, you can take home an almost professional quality tool.


As with most German branded products, this elliptical is also really sturdy and well made and should last a long time without giving you any particular problems.


This short stride elliptical is equipped with a number of useful features to make the most of every workout. Furthermore, the user himself determines the strength of the magnetic braking, dosing the training according to preference.



Unfortunately, this elliptical is not foldable, so it will always remain quite bulky even when not in use.

Buying Guide – Best Elliptical for Short People

How to train?

This chamber bicycle, as these best elliptical for short person were once defined, owes its name to the type of movement that is performed while pedaling, not rotating but forming ellipses.

To complete the picture, there are the two handles that swing back and forth and that make the exercise complete for the whole body, since besides the legs, all the muscles of the trunk and arms are stressed.

The management of the training passes through the presence of a computer that allows the complete customization of the type of training, changing the type and resistance of the pedaling, inclination and duration of the session.

The computer also keeps track of all workouts, times and, sometimes, through an ad hoc sensor, the heart rate.

By comparing the prices of ellipticals on the market, you notice that there are also quite notable differences.

This is because some have more developed electronics, as with models with electromagnetic resistance, which are equipped with a motor in correspondence with the flywheel (i.e. the wheel) which allows you to electronically change the resistance of the pedals to make tiring pedaling.

Lower prices ellipticals allow you to achieve this effect with a knob, the rotation of which affects the intensity of pedaling.

More programs, more fun

The on-board computer is the real beating heart of the elliptical and it is in this aspect that you must pay the utmost attention.

The major difference between an excellent product and a sufficient one is in fact given by many pre-installed training programs.

This aspect is what most differentiates the magnetic models from the electromagnetic ones, in favor of the latter, which have programs to customize every single aspect of the training, also changing it during the course and allowing you to alternate heavier and more relaxing sessions at the within the same pedaling cycle.

The size of the display and the wealth of information provided, such as maximum speed reached, average speed, calories burned, kilometers traveled and heart rate, are all discriminating that makes the elliptical more complete (and expensive).


The information on the training you are doing, besides allowing you to monitor your physical state and monitor important values for health, also has significant value in terms of motivation.

Getting results of a certain type and being gratified for the effort made are excellent incentives to continue training and try, from time to time, to improve what we have done previously and reach new goals.

Also, because of this aspect, by comparing the best brands on the market, choose a model that is comfortable during use that best suits your measurements .

It can be stored easily, especially if the space in your apartment is limited. Here, know that there are also resealable models of the best elliptical for a short person on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions- Best Elliptical For Short Person

1) Why does my elliptical make squeaky sounds?

Your elliptical can squeak due to loss or improperly installed screws. When putting the unit together, make sure the screws are tightened and that there are no loose ones. Even not over-tighten the screw.

2) Is an elliptical ideal for people who want to reduce belly fat?

Cardio drills are the most effective way to lose weight on your stomach. An elliptical purchased according to your body’s needs will provide intense cardio. As a result, it is optimal.

Is it worth buying an elliptical?

Ellipticals are high-performance workout machines with low impact. Your workout can be safe and efficient by an elliptical trainer and you can tone your entire body with one machine.

How long should the elliptical last?

It would be helpful if you consider your elliptical durability for your daily training. These trainers can last up to 20 years. It can also depend on your use and how you handle it.

How long should you run on an elliptical to lose weight?

When you want to lose weight with an elliptical machine, it is recommended that you spend at least 150 minutes of workouts per week. We can also achieve this by 30 minutes a day or 5 days a week. How much weight you lose depends on the hard work you do. You can therefore use these elliptical machines according to your body’s needs.

Is elliptical good for your knees?

Elliptical machines are an ideal choice for low-impact activities and full-body training. Doing ellipticals is a great way to cure knee pain.

They offer aerobic activity with low impact and can be used as an alternative for running or jogging.

Someone with joint pain or knee pain may rely on these machines to produce effective results. They are good at healing from problems with your knees.

Do elliptical machines help lose belly fat?

Belly fat is one of the most difficult to lose. It requires many cardio training sessions. You can lose bowel fat when using the machine, but you should make sure you work out to lose belly fat for most days of the week.

Why should I consider the stride length?

The length of an elliptical step can be fixed or variable. If you choose a shorter length, you’re going to feel like climbing the stairs. If the path is longer, you will feel of gliding.

Is better to go fast or slow on an elliptical?

The elliptical pace should be constant. If you go extremely quickly, your resistance level is too low. You will spend more time on the elliptical to brand the same amount of calories with more resistance for a shorter time.

Conversely, if you struggle to move your pedals slowly, you will exercise too quickly without getting a beneficial training.

How much height do you need for an elliptical?

With each elliptical brand having a unique step in height, it is conservative to estimate that the highest user in your home will require an additional 12 inches of clearance. For example, a 6-foot person will comfortably use a 7-foot high Precor elliptical.

Can you adjust the stride on an elliptical?

Many ellipticals are now using power change to change the user’s length. To adjust the elliptical step on this design, turn the clockwise adjustable button while it is pulled out until the change arm pivots free.

What is a good stride length for elliptical?

I have shown a length of 20 inches to comfortably fit most users. And what this means is that 20 centimeters is the step length that people of most heights can use easily.

Many elliptical manufacturers report that people with a length of 20 inches between 5’3′′ and 6′′ can use an elliptical.

What should my stride length be on an elliptical?

A person should usually use an elliptical 5-foot-3 or shorter with a length of stride between 16 and 18 inches.

I do not recommend an elliptical with a length of only 14 inches for most users. Users between 5-foot-3 and 5-foot-7 should select an elliptical with an elliptical length of 18 to 20 inches.

What is stride length for a short person?

The University of Wyoming reports about 2,000 steps per mile, so the average step length is 2.6 feet, or approximately 31 inches.

For shorter people, the “average” may not be as high as 18 inches for someone 5 feet tall.

Does a shorter stride mean more steps?

A longer step covers a mile with fewer steps and shorter steps require more frequency. Regardless of the distance and the weight, the total amount of work (force times) is similar, and so are the caloric costs.

How many steps in a mile?

How many mile steps? An average person has about 2.1 to 2.5 feet of stride. It takes over 2,000 steps to 1 mile and 10,000 steps are almost 5 miles away.

A sedentary person can only take between 1,000 and 3,000 steps a day on average.

What is a good stride length for walking?

I measured the length of the step between heels and heels and determines how far you go with each step.

On average, according to Arizona State University Extension, one man’s step length is 2.5 feet or 30 inches. The average length of a woman’s step is 2.2 feet, or 26.4 inches, the school reports.

How do I set my stride length on Fitbit?

1. Click the gear icon from the fitbit.com dashboard. > Settings.
2. Click Personal Information.
3. Find Stride Length and click Edit under Advanced Settings.
4. Click Set Your Own and adjust the length of your step.
5. Click Send and sync device.

Are shorter strides better?

When you make smaller steps, you’re more likely to land underneath your body with your leg and that will make you run longer, more quickly, smoothly and efficiently, explains Wight. Shorter steps can help prevent running pain and injury. It’s all about body mechanics.

Conclusion – Best Elliptical For Short Person

Finally, here is this year’s Best Elliptical For Short Person models. Each one has a stride length that is ideal for people who are shorter in stature.

Measure your current weight, length and gym space before you check the ellipticals. This tells you the exact range of these factors.

When the brand new elliptical is finished, start burning all those extra calories!

Take advantage of its wide range of resistance standards, training programmes, over-dimensional pedals and other comfortable features for a productive session.

Make sure no last-minute precautions are left. For example, keep a friend up when the elliptical is difficult to install and requires additional help.

Sometimes you can also hire a professional from the manufacturer.

Certain features of each can appeal to your workout requirements more than others.

If you’ve used either of these computers, please share your thoughts with us. Also, let us know if you think any elliptical machines were left off the list.

People, that’s all. It was a difficult attempt on my side to serve you with a list of the best short person elliptical.

If you liked this article, please don’t forget to share it with your friends, then make it known to me in the following comment section.

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