5 Best Electronic Darts Targets [2022]

Dart shooting is a game that combines skill and precision. It can also be an entertaining way to pass the time. Alone, in competitions with family or friends, this activity is more and more in vogue. Nowadays, and with the evolution of technology, you no longer need a sheet and a pen to write down scores.

Electronic models are available around every corner. And with the panoply of devices that can be found on the market, you are probably wondering how to choose the best electronic darts targets of 2022.

This product review has been put together to answer that question. Through it we will try to inform you about the most interesting specimens according to the reviews of consumers.

However, if you are in a hurry to buy your gear, the Blitzzauber24 1-16 player could be a good compromise. It stands out for its ease of use, and the Ultrasport 380100000142 for the particularity of its monitor.

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5 Best Electronic Darts Targets [2022]

Digital Scoring Auto Reset Target with 20 Foam Darts, 2 Wrist Bands forTarget Practice,

If you are wondering what is the best electronic darts target on the market, this reference from Blitzzauber24 might give you some answers. Indeed, it has interesting characteristics that allow it to be presented as such, although it is not the cheapest of our selection.

Electronic Shooting Target, Digital Scoring Auto Reset...
  • 【Upgraded Running Shooting Target】 Made of high quality ABS plastic, this newly designed moving...
  • 【Auto-Reset Target & 2 Play Modes】1.In the moving play mode, when all three targets are knocked...

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Ease of use remains its main asset. This equipment is easy to use with its buttons provided with explicit indications to inform you of the available modes and to easily navigate in the control menu.

In terms of functionality, this hardware is provided with 27 games in addition to its 243 variants. It can suit all player profiles. In addition, you will be able to see your results directly on the LCD screen. Thanks to its capacity to accommodate up to 16 players, you can liven up your evenings with small competitions.


Ease of use : handling this model remains easy. It can suit all user profiles, novices or professionals, young and old. In addition, the buttons are easy to access and the various game modes are displayed on the main interface to simplify your choices.

Multiplayer: this device can involve up to 16 players simultaneously: ideal for making a small competition with your guests.


Fragile Darts : Users claimed that the design quality of the darts could have been improved. With that, this model could have claimed the status of the best electronic darts target.

Target Darts Phil Taylor Power Series

For some users, the selection of this type of equipment involves the choice of the brand and a cheap reference. Ultrasport is probably not the best brand of electronic dart targets, however, it is among the most in demand.

Target Darts Phil Taylor Power Series Silver 24G Tungsten...
  • Player Endorsed - Created and developed by Phil 'The Power' Taylor the 16 x World Champion - Power...
  • Precision Milled Barrel Design - The straight barrels offer contemporary radial grooves throughout...

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This reference is a concrete example. This model has a practical design with its LED display which ensures the transmission of results and various indications. Its 38 game modes will allow you to easily select your level and compete against several opponents simultaneously.

This device is also equipped with doors which will serve as protection of the assembly in the event of non-use. They close with a locking system. Darts, on the other hand, come with an additional 100 replacement heads. You can easily replace them if you damage them.


LED display : the score as well as the various information during each game will be displayed on its LED monitor. You will not risk making mistakes in the counting of points.

Practical toilet seat: this system protects the target between two uses. Indeed, it protects your equipment against outdoor activities that could damage it. It also helps protect your equipment from prying eyes.


English manual : some users have come across an assembly manual in English when their items were delivered. You will need to check yours, especially if you are unfamiliar with the language.

Moving Digital Shooting Target with 100 Pcs Foam Darts

The purchase of this item could definitely appeal to those passionate about darts. This is an improved model of the classic version. Indeed, you will see that the design of this product is more advanced thanks to the integration of the electronic system. That said, the article does work with digital sound effects. Also, the volume level is adjustable according to your requirements.

Moving Digital Shooting Target with 100 Pcs Foam Darts,...
  • 【Upgraded Running Shooting Target】 : The shooting target toy set includes 1 military-style...
  • 【Digital Screen with Scoreboard & Timer】 : Compared with the ordinary target which only has one...

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When using the game, you will have at your disposal 4 LED screens which are very popular for their low power consumption. Inside the doors you will find the dart racks as well as the shelves for the refill tips. It also includes up to 27 games for you to choose from. In order to complete the use of this game, the seller provides 12 spare darts and 12 tips. A cable is also offered to recharge the game.

Recommended for users aged 14 and over, this game can be used by 16 players. It is therefore an entertainment that can be enjoyed with family or friends. In addition, it comes with many functions such as “Game Guard”, “Double in”, “Double out” or even “cybermatch”.


Advanced construction: An electronic system is integrated on this dartboard in order to expand the possibilities of use. Moreover, this model is equipped with a digital sound effect whose volume is adjustable.

Full Set: When you open the doors, you will gain access to the 4 LED screens, dart racks and shelves for refill tips. You also have 12 darts and 12 refills.

Optimized use: It is possible for 16 players to participate at the same time in this entertainment which includes 27 different games.


Fragile Plastic: The area next to the target was made of plastic, so it could get damaged very quickly from the holes caused by the amateur darts.

Hely Cancy Portable Shooting Practice Target Toy Storage Mesh Bag Compatible

If you are still in the market for your model, then don’t rush to answer the question of where to buy the best electronic darts target. Take the time to dwell on the characteristics of this device from Keine Angabe.

Hely Cancy Portable Shooting Practice Target Toy Storage...
  • 【Portable & Standable】 This Portable Mesh Target is portable, equip with a hardboard with velcro...
  • 【Large Capicity】 The Bag Size is 13.5''x 5''x 12'' (Length x Width x Height), easily collects...

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If you have to compare it to other products in our ranking, it is probably the most practical. This particularity is expressed by its two-level feeding mode. Indeed, it can operate using batteries or through a connection to the mains via an adapter. So you won’t have to search for a power outlet to turn it on.

In addition, it has 16 games in addition to its 125 variants. It is equipped with an LCD screen for displaying the scores. The presence of the audible indicators could also be of great help to you in order to receive notifications optimally.


Two power supply modes : This device operates using 3 AAA type batteries. In addition, it is also possible to connect an adapter for connection to the electrical mains. You can then use it at any time, even in the event of a power cut.

Sound effects: the device sends a sound signal to warn the players’ turn. A handy feature for those who tend to get distracted while gaming.


Power supply not supplied : batteries and adapter are not supplied with the equipment. They are sold separately.

EZ2C Targets Dart Board Style 15 (25 Pack)

This professional electronic dart board is suitable for all user profiles. Novices in the field will not encounter any difficulties in handling it thanks to its explicit indications on the buttons and sound assistance.

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This equipment works by inserting electric batteries. Thus, its installation will be simplified, because you will not have to position it near an outlet. With the automatic standby mode after 3 minutes of non-use, you will enjoy a practical saving of energy.

If you are alone at home, you can optimize your performance with the Cyber ​​Match option. This style of training will allow you to level up by selecting the difficulty of your virtual opponent.


Automatic standby : the device goes into stand-by automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity. This feature allows it to effectively reduce its energy consumption.

Cyber ​​Match function: with this mode, you will be able to choose to play in solitaire mode with a virtual opponent. But also you have the possibility to select the level of play according to your performance. This series is probably the best performing in this area among the other models on our list.


Sound indications in English : It is not possible to change the language of voice and sound effects.

Purchase guide

Scoring in the game of darts has always been a task requiring special thought for those unfamiliar with mental arithmetic. From now on, we can count on the electronic target to free us from this ordeal. Certain criteria must be taken into consideration in choosing a suitable model that it is wise to approach a buying guide for the best electronic darts targets.

The type

Before you can answer how to buy a better value electronic dart board, it is essential to know the types of products available so that you can make a choice easily.

There are generally three categories of targets on the market. The traditional ones require a steel dart tip for more weight and thus ensure a good encrustation in the target. Those that are magnetic use the force of magnetism to hang the spikes provided for this purpose. Finally, electronic targets which employ the plastic tips to trigger an internal electronic circuit.

Preceding a price comparison, the barrel or the grip area of ​​the dart deserves special attention. They are mainly made of brass, silver or tungsten. Those in tungsten are the most appreciated in the professional field because of their lightness and their delicacy. The higher the rate of this material, the higher the quality of the dart. The other two materials are prized for their best value, but tend to deteriorate with repeated contact.


Whether it is intended for family or professional use, adopting a correct mounting of the target is our advice. This process allows you to be assessed under more realistic conditions and to test your skills.

The accessory must be located precisely 172.72 centimeters above the ground, or exactly 68 inches. This height is measured from the center of the target until it touches the ground. The firing point is located 2.37 meters from the target. A line will be drawn at this distance for a shooting margin. The diameter of the target must be close to the regulatory 451 millimeters.

The accessories

Manufacturers each time embrace an innovation in their products by adding accessories to grab the attention of buyers. User preferences for accessories determine where to purchase a new electronic dart target.

There are many ways to play darts. Sometimes, some platforms offer more than ten game modes to vary the pleasures.

To take advantage of the strength of electronics, it is also possible to benefit from a model equipped with a speaker which announces the score with even a few animations. In this case a volume control would be a good option. An LED display offers the possibility to see the details of the scores. In addition, the maximum number of players allowed is 8 players, so a pack equipped with a fairly large set of darts is preferred.

Most popular brands

Classic dart targets are gradually giving way to electronic models. These are appreciated for their practicality and ease of use. However, you have to sort through the countless products on the market. To make things easier for you, we are going to tell you about several well-known brands in the field.

Unicorn is one of the benchmark brands for electronic darts targets. It relies above all on the quality of its products to face the competition. The brand manufactures all the essential accessories for darts games. This is the case for targets, fins and darts. On the other hand, Unicorn did not limit itself in this area. Indeed, the firm offers a wide variety of items, ranging from slippers to cushions and bed sets for children. It also manufactures bags, pencil cases, mugs and many more.

Harrows is at the top of the list of reference brands in the darts game. It has even become an institution for the players. The brand has been present on the market for many years. It specializes in the manufacture of darts and targets of superior quality. Over the years, Harrows has built a worldwide reputation. Champions of this discipline only use articles from this brand. Customers have the choice between traditional and electronic equipment.

It is an association of traders who cooperated to create a large distribution company. It is a French brand which devotes most of its activities to the sale of food products. It invested in the field of mobile telephony in 2007. The following year, it became the leader on the French market. Despite the competition in the field, LeClerc continues to top the list of busiest supermarkets. The brand has given its name to several product brands to strengthen its notoriety. Today, the sign sells electronic dart targets.

Ultrasport has specialized in the manufacture of outdoor recreation and sports equipment. The brand puts all its know-how for the benefit of its customers. To facilitate the accessibility of its products, the brand has decided to offer the exclusive sale of its products to Amazon. Over the years, Ultrasport has perfected its articles and offered new products. Regarding sports equipment, the brand offers ellipticals, weight training and running equipment. High-quality trampolines and electronic dart targets are among the recreational equipment. The firm also offers sportswear, camping and hiking equipment.

Oneconcept is known throughout the world for its household appliances and materials. The brand has set itself the goal of offering only high quality products. Among the brand’s products, there are all kinds of kitchen utensils, washing machines and lamps. The brand also designs various toys and games such as electronic dart targets, musical instruments, interior fittings and many others. All Oneconception products are easily accessible, as the purchase is made on the internet. With a few clicks, the buyer can find and buy the product they need.

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