9 Best Electric Bikes for Seniors [ 2022 Updated ]

To get around town cheaply and effortlessly, there is nothing more efficient than electric bikes. In addition, these means of transport of a new kind will allow you to limit your carbon footprint.

There are many e-bikes on offer in our buying guide, so you may find it difficult to make an objective choice. To avoid getting lost in trivia, we recommend the following two options.

If you are looking for a designer bike that is light, yet sturdy, the Laiozyen Electric Bike 26 ″ e-Bike Folding MTB 36V is a good alternative. The number of its gears can reach 21.

Then we have Speedrid Electric Bike, 2021 26 Plus / 26/20 Electric MTB tireswhich is renowned for the fact that it can resist rust. With this bike, you will benefit from a 21-speed transmission.

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9 Best Electric Bikes for Seniors [ 2022 Updated ]

To help you find the model that fits your intended use of this device, we’ve rounded up some better products in the list that follows. You can make your choice while considering the category of the article that suits you.

AVANTREK Cybertrack 200 Electric Bike

As for a classic bicycle, the choice of an electric model is made according to the size of the frame as well as the wheels, its design, the materials which constitute it, the braking and the price. By doing so, you can be sure that the model you are going to order will perfectly meet your expectations.

AVANTREK Cybertrack 200 Electric Bike for Adults, 1.5X...
  • 1.5X FASTER CHARGE: Equipped with 3A fast charger to fully charge a 480Wh battery in 3- 4 hours. The...
  • 500W BRUSHLESS MOTOR: With 750W of peak output and 55Nm of torque for all of your on-road and...

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Adapting to people measuring over 1.75 m, this model is equipped with a 26-inch frame. Also note that this is the size of its wheels. In terms of weight, this bike weighs 23.7 kg. Design level, it combines elegance and sobriety.

Indeed, the black that the manufacturer has chosen is very pleasant to look at. In addition, this bike is completely homogeneous. As for the gearbox, it is a geared version with a number of gears amounting to 21.

In addition, the selector is in the form of a trigger. Safe, know that this model is equipped with a disc braking system.

Easy to store, it is perfectly foldable. As an electric bicycle, it is equipped with an 8 Ah battery which develops a voltage of 36 Volts. Incidentally, the charger is included in the purchase.


Easy to assemble: Considering the height of the frame, this bike will be easy to assemble. In addition, know that the saddle and the handlebars are perfectly adjustable.

Easy to use: By using the handle which is set up by the manufacturer, you can drive in electric mode. As a result, you will no longer need to pedal, which is very practical, especially for races in the city.

Can be unbridled: The simple fact of unplugging the white wire from the box which is located at the level of the saddle will be enough to unbrid it.


An unstable headlight: A few shakes will be enough to knock down the LED headlight which is located on the front of the bike.

A bad braking system: Given the ineffectiveness of the entire braking system, its use is limited to urban use.

A fairly small frame: Considering the size of the frame, this bike will not adapt to a person measuring more than 1.75m.

VIVI Electric Bike for Adults, 

For some, the design of the bike is just a detail while for others, it is presented as a real purchase criterion. That said, be aware that most of the time we will have to work in public spaces, hence the usefulness of taking this point into account.

VIVI Electric Bike for Adults, 350W/500W Folding Electric...
  • 【FOLDING ELECTRIC BIKE】: VIVI folding electric Bike adopts lightweight aluminum alloy...
  • 【PREMIUM CONFIGURATION】: Double shock absorption, give you a comfortable riding experience when...

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Boasting a nice design, this bike is quite elegant. This is made possible by its white finish. In addition, the LED headlight adds a real touch of modernity. Well designed, this bike is made of aluminum. This material is above all renowned for its lightness, but also for its quality to resist against rust. Quite imposing in nature, this model is equipped with two 26-inch wheels. In addition, the rims have a double wall which is also made of aluminum. As for the tire, the latter has an anti-slip device as well as a structure that adapts to all types of terrain.

On the mechanical side, you will be entitled to disc brakes as well as a 21-speed transmission. As for the engine, its engine develops a power of 250 Watts. Moreover, know that it is powered by a 36 Volt Lithium ion battery and developing an intensity of 8Ah.


Easy to store: Since it is completely foldable, this bike will fit perfectly in the trunk of your car. In addition, the folding presents no difficulty.

Good autonomy: Even when driving entirely electric, the battery can last a very long time. This is made possible thanks to the quality of its manufacture.

All-terrain tires: Not limited to purely urban use, this bike can move on rough terrain. Indeed, it is equipped with all-terrain tires.

A successful design: Due to the beauty of its design, this bike will not leave anyone indifferent.


No instructions for use in French: The instructions are not in French.

No brake lights: Although the brake system is quite effective, it is not connected to a brake light.

Electric Bike, TotGuard Electric Bike for Adults

The Spanish brand Biwbik dedicates this VAE to people who want to save time and money during short trips in town. Starting with the design, that of this model blends easily with the urban landscape.

The designer gave it a classic aesthetic that doesn’t go unnoticed as you squeeze between cars in traffic jams.

Electric Bike, TotGuard Electric Bike for Adults, 26' Ebike...
320 Reviews
Electric Bike, TotGuard Electric Bike for Adults, 26" Ebike...
  • POWERFUL MOTOR&LITHIUM BATTERY: The electric bike for adults adopts a 350W high-speed motor,...
  • FRONT SUSPENSION&DUAL DISC BRAKES: The adult electric bicycles employ a lockable front suspension...

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The Biwbik traveler stands out from most city pedelecs by its minimalist look. Indeed, the manufacturer decided to equip it with 20-inch wheels.

Although they are not suitable for rough trails, this goes a long way in reducing the weight of the set.

The whole thing weighs only 18 kg. Combined with its folding system, this item will not burden you when you put it away or if you plan to carry it on the go.

To accentuate its practicality, the Biwbik has chosen to equip this reference with front and rear mudguards to limit soiling in rainy weather or when you ride in the mud. The front shock absorber takes part in vibration damping to ensure optimal driving.

For the motor, you can count on a 250 W brushless type. Connected to a 36 V Li-ion battery, the torque will deliver a range of around fifty kilometers or even more if you switch to eco mode. The pedaling assistance is also adjustable on 3 levels.


Neat aesthetics: This model presents a look that does not go unnoticed on the roads. Indeed, it embeds an elegant design that appeals to all lovers of electric bikes, men and women.

Folding structure: Thanks to this feature, its transport and storage are simplified. In no time at all, you will be able to reduce its dimensions so that it adapts to your expectations.

An economical concept: When you are not pedaling, the motor automatically switches to standby. Thus, you preserve the condition of the battery, which remains practical on long journeys.

Lightweight: With a weight of around 18 kg, this specimen ranks among the lightest bicycles in its category.


Convenience of the saddle: Users find that the component becomes uncomfortable after about ten kilometers.

750W Electric Bike 4.0 Fat Tire Bike

Apart from the design, power and weight of the bike, its size is also a point that should not be overlooked.

In fact, the more compact the model, the easier it will be to use, but also to store. Measuring 105cm long, 50cm wide and 96cm high, this bike is relatively compact. In addition, it is equipped with two 12-inch wheels.

750W Electric Bike 4.0 Fat Tire Bike with 48V/15AH Battery,...
36 Reviews
750W Electric Bike 4.0 Fat Tire Bike with 48V/15AH Battery,...
  • 【STRONG 750W MOTOR】🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️This electric bicycle is equipped with a 750W high...
  • 【LARGE CAPACITY LITHIUM BATTERY】🔋🔋 At the heart of our electric mountain bike is the...

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That said, be aware that it can support a maximum load of 120 kg. This is made possible by its aluminum structure. Lightweight, this bike weighs only 12 kg.

In addition to that, it folds quite easily, which is very practical especially for its storage. Well-designed, this model is equipped with a disc braking system, a headlight and taillight, a damping device as well as a transmission.

Also note that its dashboard has LED backlighting. This technology adds a touch of modernity to this bike.

In terms of performance, this model is equipped with a 350 Watt motor. As for its power supply, this bike incorporates a lithium ion battery which develops a voltage of 36 volts as well as an intensity of 4.4 ah.


Functional: Once unpacked, you can ride this bike straight away. Indeed, it will not require any assembly. In addition, the wheels will already be inflated.

Stable: Considering the quality of its suspension, the deformations of the road will be absorbed. Moreover, know that this bike was above all designed for purely urban use.

Foldable: Folding won’t take you much time. In addition, it will not require force. That done, this bike will not take up a lot of space.

Good range: The battery can last up to 25 km, which is a lot, especially for an electric bike of this size. As for recharging, it will not take more than 3 hours.

Solid: Since its frame is completely made of aluminum, this bike will last over time.


Noisy: While driving entirely electric, its motor remains relatively noisy, however, this does not detract from its efficiency.

A plastic fender: Fragile, the fender is made of hard plastic.

ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Bike Bicycle

If you are looking for an electric bike that combines practicality and performance, the eelo 1885 Disc model will meet all your expectations. Portable and foldable, it fits easily in a closet or under a desk. Whether you are a fan of cycling or caravans, it is a machine with which you can easily move.

ECOTRIC 26" Electric Bike Bicycle 350W Large-Capacity...
  • STRONG 350W GEAR MOTOR- This electric bike is an specially design for your daily travel and...
  • POWERFUL 12.5AH REMOVABLE BATTERY-With the 36V 12.5Ah lithium-Ion battery, you can reach a range of...

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With dimensions of 155cm x 60cm x 105cm and 42cm x 52cm when folded, the eelo 1885 electric bicycle can also easily be transported in a boat with little space or a train. Wheel enthusiasts who invest in this bike will be seduced by its driving pleasure.

The eelo 1885 model is equipped with E-Drive electric assistance. Thanks to the presence of such a device, you provide very little effort during pedaling with in particular an accelerator ensuring effective speed control and facilitating starting.

With this smart design, you will have no problem making the trip to your office. You will enjoy playing sports every day and arrive on time and fresh for work.

With a top speed of 25 km / h and a range of between 65 and 80 km, the eelo 1885 is the ideal electric bike to escape daily traffic jams and be on time.


Convenience : Portable and foldable, eelo 1885 is a practical electric bicycle model. It is a machine with which you can easily move by train, boat and car.

Safe driving at night : With its premium quality LED lights, this model ensures you safe driving on an unlit road. You reduce the risk of accidents as this electric bike allows you to be perfectly visible.

Design model : Equipped with alloy rims and a backlit display, the eelo 1885 bike stands out with its very neat look.


Small wheels : The eelo 1885 Disc electric bicycle does not offer a very pleasant behavior on stony roads.

ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Bike Bicycle

The fairer sex also has its place in our product comparison. This is a model presented by one of the most renowned brands in the field: Biwbik. The manufacturer does not fail in its reputation by designing this specimen as elegant as it performs.

ECOTRIC 26" Electric Bike Bicycle 350W Large-Capacity...
  • STRONG 350W GEAR MOTOR- This electric bike is an specially design for your daily travel and...
  • POWERFUL 12.5AH REMOVABLE BATTERY-With the 36V 12.5Ah lithium-Ion battery, you can reach a range of...

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Its sober and refined appearance will give you a special allure on the roads. Its 3 levels of assistance on its pedaling system and its 6 speeds will allow you to find your rhythm according to the type of terrain you are using, flat or uphill. Its 36V / 12Ah battery will accompany you on a journey of 40 to 80 km.

In addition to its vintage look, there are front and rear LED lights for safe riding even at night. For your belongings, you can count on the luggage rack as well as the basket near the handlebars.


Neat design: Users immediately fell in love with this electric bicycle for women. Indeed, it presents a classic look that instantly catches the eye. There is no risk of going unnoticed on the road once on it.

Additional accessories: This model is equipped with a luggage rack at the rear and a basket at the front. They will allow you to transport a significant amount of business safely. It also has mud flaps and a kickstand in the event of a stop.


Quite heavy: Its weight of 26 kg can disturb some especially during power failures in the middle of the journey.

Electric Bike, Sailnovo Electric Bicycle

Even if you plan to climb long bumpy roads, this bike guarantees you a perfectly safe ride thanks to its 28 ” wheels and its aluminum structure. In addition, it is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a fork placed in front. Also, with its 400Wh battery, it shows a considerable range of between 70 to 190 km.

Electric Bike, Sailnovo Electric Bicycle with 18.5mph...
  • PARAMETERS: 350W Powerful electric bikes with a 36V built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery(5-6h...
  • INDIVIDUALIZED DESIGN: With color block looking, sports style, streamlined matte surface, this...

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Likewise, so that you can evaluate your cycling performance with very precise data, you will only have to refer to its LCD screen. Associated with 3 sensors, this display shows a brief summary of your sporting achievements, such as the speed covered, the pedaling frequency and the gear change.

You can also adjust all the data presented on the screen using a removable remote control. In addition, be aware that depending on your preferences in terms of colors, this bike is also available in red and gray.


Practical: This model accompanies you throughout your cycling journey through 5 modes of assistance, each just as practical as the next.

Adjustable: With this bike, the speed with which you ride can at any time be adjusted to 10 different levels according to your pedaling habits.

Safe: Its manufacturer has taken care to enhance driving safety from a front mounted fork and hydraulic disc brakes.


Maintenance: Due to its white coloring, this model gets dirty more easily in muddy road conditions, hence the importance of regular maintenance.

Electric Bike, TotGuard 27.5″ Electric Bike

This electric bike is a perfect ally for those looking for a practical means of transport to cover a long journey. Thanks to its 48 V / 17Ah lithium battery, you will be able to enjoy an excellent range of 60 to 80 km.

Electric Bike, TotGuard 27.5" Electric Bike for Adults 500W...
  • STRONG POWER: 500W Powerful e bikes for adults electric with built-in 48V 10Ah rechargeable...
  • INGENIOUS DESIGN: Larger 27.5" tires for riding with less effort; lockable aluminum suspension fork...

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In addition, although this machine requires a lot of power to operate, its 1000 Watt brushless motor has been designed to reduce uncontrolled skidding.

In addition, depending on your pedaling habits, the decision is up to you to choose between the 7 driving speeds offered. In this regard, note that this bike can go up to a maximum speed of 40-45 km / h.

Likewise, you can use it with only the pedals, with the electric power without a pedal or with the 2 modes of movement at the same time. In addition, as a guarantee of quality and safety, this electric bicycle has received CE and EN15194 certification.


Safe: With its 1000 Watt brushless motor, this bike has considerable riding power, while remaining within the maximum limit.

Versatile: This model provides you with 3 different modes of movement, either with electric power, or with the pedals, or with both at the same time.

Long range: It is not necessary to recharge the battery of this device all the time, as it promises an increased range of 60-80 km.


Instructions for use: This article is unfortunately not delivered with a manual written in French.

SOHOO 48V500W13Ah 26″ Step-

This machine allows you to achieve great energy savings when you use it to tackle your daily commute. In addition, so that you can keep an eye on your level of performance, it offers 5 very practical assistance modes.

To do this, it is equipped with an LCD screen that can be controlled from a remote control and 3 sensors intended to evaluate your speed and your pedaling frequency. In addition, even if you plan to embark on a long bike ride, this model has a great range of 40-90 km.

SOHOO 48V500W13Ah 26" Step-Thru/Step Over Beach Cruiser...
  • 🚴‍♀️ Inspired by those long rides up and down the coast, this electric beach cruiser design...
  • 🚴‍♀️ One-piece Step-Over / Step-Thru high-quality aluminum alloy frame + enhanced Shock...

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Added to that, it gives you the most comfortable seat through its 40mm cushioned saddle, which keeps you away from back problems. In addition, be aware that this machine uses a hydraulic disc brake as a means of damping that you can activate when you arrive at your destination.


Solid: Even on rough terrain, the wheels on this model are not prone to punctures due to their large 28 ” size.

Practical: Added to 3 sensors, its LCD screen gives you the means to monitor all your sporting exploits, such as your pedaling frequency.

Safe: This machine is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake intended to dampen or stop without losing a single second the system in complete safety.


Price: It is worth revising your budget well before getting this model, because the cost at which it is put on sale is not given to everyone.

Buying guide – How to choose a good electric bike?

E-bikes can be of great help, especially if you plan to use this form of transportation for your daily commute. This buying guide for the best electric bikes will therefore offer you a great help so that you can buy the model that you are completely satisfied with.


Knowing what type of motorization you want for your electric bike should make it easier to figure out how to buy an electric bike that is better value for money. There are therefore 3 types of VAE: the one with the engine at the front, the other with the engine at the rear, and the last with the engine in the crankset.

The front engine provides optimum weight distribution as well as better traction. Handling and stability are thus improved. This type of system also allows the installation of a transmission in the hub, or a gearbox, thus facilitating movement in town.

The rear motor, thanks to its ability to be associated with a derailleur, allows higher speeds to be reached and greater engine power to be obtained. This type of installation is especially suitable for bikes intended for hiking, or trekking.

The motor in the crankset is, for its part, more intended for sports pedelecs. It is indeed more powerful and can also be associated with a derailleur or a gearbox. However, by using a price comparison, you will find that bikes using this system are often more expensive.


Most pedelecs at the moment have batteries built into the frame. Thanks to this system, it is more difficult to guess that it is an electric bicycle. This discretion is also sought after by many users.

Installed on the central part of the bike, the weight distribution will be optimized, and you will then benefit from a better balance. Removable batteries make recharging easier, so you don’t have to park your bike near an electrical outlet.

A battery is of course quite heavy, but its weight may vary, depending on the model. Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, for example, weigh on average 3 kg. Their lifespan is also much longer (with approximately 800 charge cycles), and they do not suffer from the memory effect.

The weight

This weight is decisive because a too heavy bike will require a lot of effort on your part despite the electric assistance. It will also be less handy. Our advice would therefore be to opt for a lighter model in order to limit the effort required.

The weight of electric bikes on the market varies between 9 kg (for sports models, for example) and 30 kg. On average, the models offered weigh between 17 and 25 kg, for the most part.

Since lightness is a difficult goal for manufacturers to achieve (due to the materials to be used for the frames and batteries), it is normal that the lightest models are also the most expensive.

So, when looking for where to buy a new electric bike, don’t forget to check its weight.

How to use an electric bicycle?

If you want to move with great freedom, at a lower cost and without effort in the city, the use of electric bikes interests you.

This state-of-the-art means of transport will allow you to limit your carbon footprint. It designates an ideal alternative for you who plan to take care of your health.

Indeed, this device also called electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) turns out to be equipped with a motor which facilitates the business for its user.

However, you need to master all of its characteristics before you can use it properly. This is also necessary for you to benefit from its many advantages.

Know the autonomy of the bike

You should know that the total distance you can cover with your e-bike without having to recharge the battery is called the range.

This turns out to be influenced by a large number of factors. We can cite weight, resistance, level of pedaling assistance, driving mode, outside temperature and all the rest.

Knowing how to remove the battery

Remember that the battery lock on your bike is at its rear left. This tool allows you to lock or disconnect it when needed. To unlock it, insert the key in the lock and turn it to the left. Then use the handle to remove the battery. However, be sure to remove the key after the procedure to avoid losing it.

Charging the battery

When using this device, be aware that you can charge its battery using a charger supplied with it. Charging can be done whether you are on the bike or not. Locate the feed point which is covered with a plastic cap and slide it off. While charging, you will notice an amber light. Once your accumulator is completely full, it will turn green.

Switching pedal assistance on and off

This electric pedaling assistance designates a system allowing the motor to supplement your efforts and reduce fatigue. It depends on the speed of rotation of the pedals and the speed of the movement of the bicycle.

As soon as you turn on the control panel, this function returns to the last position used. Increase or decrease its power using the arrow keys included in this device. You can also turn it off by setting it to “0”.

Maintain the electric bike

It is advisable to check your bike regularly by carrying out its first maintenance in the first three months and the second after one year. It is thus necessary to check the pressure and the profile of the tires as well as the wear of the brakes.

Make a fine adjustment every now and then and clean the pedal sensor with a sponge and lukewarm water. Do not forget to lubricate the chain and have it repaired immediately if there is a blow in the wheel.

And to refurbish your bike, first remove any dirt with a brush and then wash it in hot water. However, it is imperative to be careful not to wet the battery.

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