10 Best Dutch Bike for Long Drive [2022]

Straight from the Netherlands, Dutch bikes are starting to gain ground and are increasingly popular as a form of transport. Indeed, their unparalleled elegance and their long lifespans captivate a large number of cyclists.

Everyone falls in love with this machine, which is as practical as it is efficient, so why not you?

Discover exclusively the best models in our selection, namely the Via Veneto by Canellini Femme Aluminum , a model that surprises with its vintage and particularly elegant design.

As well as the BIWBIK Mod. Gante Lithium ION battery with a range of up to 80 km.

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10 Best Dutch Bike for Long Drive [2022]

Being a great way to manage your daily transport, cycling has become very common in Amsterdam. If you are looking to maintain your health by exercising daily, the Dutch bike can come in handy.

Indeed, this very simplistic means of transport will save you money and it is available in several models. This selection is then made available to enthusiasts of this means of locomotion to find out which is the best Dutch bicycle on the market.

Satori NOIRETTE Plus Bike Bicycle

If there is one sport that we practice on a daily basis, it is walking, but if you want to go further and cover miles while revitalizing your muscles, cycling is also a good compromise. Here, this model for women is perfect for women who like to go for walks outside the house. It is equipped with a TX50 shimano derailleur, rims, frame, aluminum handlebars with adjustable column. And to pedal with ease, it is equipped with a crankset with cassette axle for better support, but this parameter has also been designed to allow women to practice balanced daily.

Satori NOIRETTE Plus Bike Bicycle Aluminium Alloy Handlebar...
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all stem with bar clamp size 31.8mm. Suitable for trekking, touring,...
  • SWEEP BACK DESIGN: 41° sweep angle makes it an ergonomic replacement to the flat handlebars as it...

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For the rest, the aluminum V-brake is strong enough to stop any crazy race, uphill or downhill. Always to gain in convenience: the basket on the front then the rear luggage rack will give you satisfaction for transporting your belongings or carrying a person in the back if necessary.


Lightweight Bike: Weighing only 15 kg, this bike is no problem for its owner when it comes to transporting it or moving it without mounting it.

Affordable: For an item of this quality, the price is greatly reduced while the necessary components are all integrated.


Notice: The manual accompanying this bike is not clear enough.

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser,

To fully enjoy your family walks, nothing better than to equip yourself with a practical and eco-friendly means of transport. And for you, ladies, opt for this KCP bike which is one of the most popular models of the moment. Zoom TR handlebars, REVOSHIFT shifting lever with 6 speeds, PROMAX MQ-419 aluminum rod, and DOUBLE-WALL aluminum alloy 6060T6 rim, everything is installed so that Madame is at ease and perfectly safe. To facilitate installation, around 85% of the components that make up the device are already pre-assembled so as not to cause additional inconvenience.

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser,...
  • Great for casual pavement and bike path riding; 700c wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall
  • Schwinn retro city-style 16-Inch/Small steel frame and Schwinn steel fork are sturdy yet responsive

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Besides the installation which has already been anticipated by the manufacturer, the accessories have not been neglected, among others the mudguard which prevents splashing from reaching the driver during rainy periods. Not to mention its beach design that will hardly leave you indifferent. Despite this style, however, this bike is still ideal for city walks.


Durable : This bike does not betray its components by showing high resistance, even for daily use.

Stylish: The colors and curves on this model make it look appealing to the eyes, anytime and any occasion.


Accessories: It is not possible to attach a baby carrier to this bike.

Extreme Trail Bike Stunt Master : Trail Bike Madness Mega Ramp Bike Stunt Game

For your daily trips or to avoid traffic jams frequently present in the city center, the electric Dutch bike of the BIWBIK brand is the ideal means of transport. It has a pretty vintage design with leather finishes for style lovers. Its white color can appeal to all genres. In addition, this bike has a 3-level assisted pedaling system to facilitate and accelerate movement without tiring the user. But even without assistance, it is easy to pedal this bike on a cycle path.

Extreme Trail Bike Stunt Master : Trail Bike Madness Mega...
  • Tricky tracks with different sort of challenging obstacles
  • Real like trail bike with NOS and acceleration throttle

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In addition, you can store your groceries there thanks to the large basket with cover located at the front of the bike. It can be functional for a long time by being powered by a 36V 12 Ah battery. What’s more, 6 speeds to choose from and V-Brakes front and rear add to the technical advantages of this bike.


Safety: The safety of the BIWBIK Dutch electric bicycle is certified in accordance with European standard 15194.

Night use: You will be able to pedal at night with the front and rear LED lights for improved vision.


The instructions: The instructions concerning the assembly of the components of the bicycle and its assembly are brief. In addition, the instructions are not in French, so it is difficult to fully understand the manual.

How to choose a good Dutch bike?

In your quest to find the best Dutch bike, there are some points you will need to think about before purchasing a specific model. Instead of sticking to a price comparison, evaluate your machine based on its use, the materials used for the frame, the braking systems and the lights.

Purchase guide


The first thing to consider when evaluating how to choose the best Dutch bikes for 2021 is what you want to use them for. In case you plan to ride your bike on your own, it would be better to go for models with only one equipment which is none other than the mudguards. These are curved metal bands that partially cover the wheels of the bike to protect the occupant and passers-by from splashing water.

To transport handbags or all your shopping, a Dutch bike equipped with a luggage rack will do the trick. Rear-mounted steel luggage racks are a great choice, as they can withstand all kinds of loads from 25 to 60 kg.

Dutch bikes are also a means of transport that can carry one to eight children at the same time. Depending on the age and weight of your child, it is up to you to take the appropriate precautions for your needs, such as using a seat support or attaching the seat to the handlebars.

The materials used

To enjoy your machine for years to come, before you start figuring out which Dutch bike to choose, carefully study the frame materials. Generally, the models you will find on the market are made from two very distinct materials: steel and aluminum. To help you make the most informed decision possible, we have taken the liberty of comparing these two elements. First, Dutch steel bikes are devices with the particularity of deforming and quickly regaining their shape. These capabilities make steel models comfortable transportation along the route.

For an equal distribution of the forces mobilized by its occupant, frames made of fine steel tubes are a better alternative. This ability to distribute the forces equitably is explained by the fact that the models in stainless steel tube are both brazed and sleeved.

As long as you plan to use sporty Dutch bikes, those made from a lightweight steel alloy such as Chromium Molybdenum allow you to relaunch the machine with ease due to its easier to move ribs.

Also through this buying guide for the best Dutch bikes, know that the aluminum models are suitable both for roads in poor condition and for straight journeys without slope. Unlike steel models, they are much lighter and usually come cheaply, but still require regular maintenance due to the suspensions (a fork and a suspended seat post) that make up their designs.

Braking systems and lights

Also to situate yourself on where to buy the best Dutch bike, also pay your attention to the brake systems. Not requiring any specific adjustment to compensate for the wear of the pads, the brakes integrated into the hub are recommended for summer periods. Since these brakes can be guided by backpedaling, their maintenance is considerably reduced. Then, a lighter and more efficient alternative, V-Brakes are unfortunately limited in performance during rainy periods. For fairly heavy loads and steep terrain, we suggest you turn to hydraulic brakes, ideal on hiking trips.

Considering the lights will also give you some light on how to buy a better value for money Dutch bike. Adapted for urban uses, battery-powered lights are lighter options although you will need to put in spare cartridges. For greener alternatives, all you have to do is turn to rechargeable lights on a USB socket. In addition, the dynamos integrated in the hub provide particularly powerful lighting which is identifiable by motorists over 500 meters away. They also allow its user to enjoy a silent energy source to ride in peace both day and night. In short, it’s up to you to compare the different models found on the market according to your needs.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Why a Dutch bike?

Since these machines are specifically designed to give you a straight look, they provide saddle and back comfort. Due to their large wheels of around 28 inches, Dutch bikes considerably reduce the pedaling efforts often encountered with classic models. Among other things, the wheels will raise its occupant so that all motorists can see you to ensure a safe journey. Dutch bikes are also very popular because of their ability to carry heavy loads or particularly bulky items. However, be sure to consider how much a Dutch bike weighs for a good compromise between the weight of the device and yours.

Q2: How to repair a flat dutch bicycle tire?

First, you will have to completely deflate the tire of your machine by unscrewing the metal ring placed below the valve cap. Then, remove the tire and the inner tube using a tire remover. Once this is done, to locate the puncture, inflate until you hear a hissing sound. Sand the location of the puncture with sandpaper and apply a film of fine glue from the patch. Once it is dry, re-inflate the inner tube and reinstall the tire in its original location.

Q3: How to inflate a Dutch bicycle?

Tire inflation is highly recommended to reduce the risk of punctures. This process should be applied once every two weeks, making sure to follow the pressure stipulated on the sidewall of the tire faithfully. For some models with less robust wheels, it is a good idea to inflate the tires before each use, or you may end up with weakened or cracked sidewalls. Note, however, that the tires of Dutch bikes are generally reinforced with treads to avoid any risk of punctures.

Q4: How to disassemble the rear wheel of a Dutch bicycle?

To avoid having to worry about where to buy a new Dutch bike, learn how to maintain it by following our advice. To remove the rear wheel, the first step is to unscrew the screw that secures the frame to the dropout of the brake placed on the hub. Then, you will have to remove the nut placed on the left allowing the adjustment of the parallelism downstream of the tire. By purchasing a tire changer, you will have to uninstall the wheel in question. Using a specific tool intended to move the rear frame away from the machine, all you have to do is separate the tire from its location.

Q5: How to choose the size of my dutch bike?

To find which brand of Dutch bikes to choose and the one that matches your body type, you will need to refer to your crotch height. To do this, measure the distance from the floor to your perineum by spreading your feet about 15 cm apart and standing with your back to the wall. On a Dutch bike with a fixed seat post, reduce the result by the value of 25 cm. As an example, suppose your inseam height is 80cm. You only have to reduce this value by 25 cm and you get 55 cm. In this sense, the size of the model indicated for this person is 55 cm.

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